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Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 5

President Evil

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2006 on UPN
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    The Veronica Mars Season 3 Dossier: Episodes 5-8

    In the next four episodes of Season 3, Veronica continues adjusting to college life... and the main plot takes a turn for the downright troubling.

  • Episode Summary

    When the illegal casino Veronica frequents is robbed, she must track down the thief to recover the necklace Lilly gave her years before.

    Meanwhile, Dean O'Dell's stepson is dying of cancer and needs Keith to track down his biological father for a transplant (with Cliff's help), and Wallace fears he may flunk out of his most important class.moreless

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    • Too many far-fetched storylines in this episode, and somehow most of them get tied up neatly.

      I liked this episode, but it wasn't one of the better ones. Of coure, I like seeing Veronica get the best of the bad guys, but it was just too neat and easy for her to find out who pulled the casino robbery. And the little touch of having the crooked campus guard's uppity little daughter being nasty to Veronica was a bit too much for me.

      As for Wallace's little cheating episode, I found most of this impossible to believe. First of all, it's hard to believe a little liberal arts college like this would have a serious engineering program. Second, no freshman takes any engineering classes, you have to take chemistry and physics and math first and maybe in your second year you would take a general engineering class. There is no way a freshman would be in a mechanical eng class. Sorry. Third, if you got caught buying a test, you would be expelled! Then they would go after the guy that sold it, but nothing happened to Max. They didn't even force Wallace to give up the guy's name, as far as we can tell.

      I won't even go into the storyline of the guy who wouldn't donate bone marrow to save his son....

      But, I will say I enjoyed it for what it was, Super Veronica saves the day. Again.moreless
    • Still trying to track down the campus rapist, Veronica gets slightly sidetracked when she winds up in the middle of a robbery and has a very special gift stolen.

      This was a great episode. I liked that we got to see more of Weevil, and a little more of Wallace. Seeing more of Keith and the entire thing with the Dean was entertaining. The robbery mystery was a good one, especially by bringing in the sentimental value of the necklace and the mention of Lilly. At the end of the episode, when Veronica finally manages to track down the guy on the ATM photo with Claire, I was really surprised by the info, hehe. Can't say I can tell where exactly this is going, but that's why I love this series, always keeps you guessing.moreless
    • I don\\\'t think that was one of the best...

      This eppy was kinda interesting but it wasn\\\'t what I was expecting from a show like veronica mars. Thinking at the other two seasons I thought that it\\\'ll be fantastic but ... hey not everything can be perfect. In the beginning when that girl doesn\\\'t tell veronica that the guy was her boyfriend, and the fact that they couldn\\\'t get another actor for the substitute so they had to put to Lucky( from season 2) a wig and some glasses it\\\'s just extremely weird thinking at this show. Veronica doesn\\\'t trust weevil even if he\\\'s her friend, when she got crazy about \\\"oh, the necklace that lily gave to her\\\" I was just \\\"girl get a pillow and choke yourself\\\". When the father of the dean\\\'s stepson was acting so incredibly awful; it was so unbelievable since the man said that he wanted to be part of his son\\\'s life. Maybe the only thing that made me keep watching this episode was the sceriff Lamb; when he arrested weevil he was so funny. In conclusion, even if Veronica Mars is one of my favourite shows I\\\'ll have to give it an eight(just because there was logan in the episode too) and this shoul seriously make the writers start thinking to improve the storyline maybe.moreless
    • Veronica's working her mojo again

      I missed the typical Veronica Mars private eye style in the first episodes of this season, but finally she's back and kicking ass again.

      Too bad that the guy had to steal Lily's necklace, of course Veronica was gonna go off and hunt him until she got him.

      I agree with what another review said: There needs to be more Weevil this season, we haven't seen enough! And it was sad that Veronica thought he had something to do with the robbery and turned her back on him after they had been working together so great since the beginning of the show...

      Also, I loved Veronica's obsession with Lily's neckless and the scene when she ripped it off that stupid kids' neck was great!moreless
    • Solid, but this show's done better.

      While the \"mystery\" for this show is really nothing special, and while there is some completely out of chacter behavior on Wallace\'s part, this is still a solid episode.

      It\'s always nice to see the Weevil and Veronica characters work together/collide, but the plot the writers devised for his appearance in this episode seems a little forced. However, I love that the writers reminded us of Lily again. Without her murder, Veronica would be a very different person now, and the necklace getting stolen really revealed to us how much she meant to Veronica. The redeaming moment for me in this episode? The use of Johnny Cash\'s song Busted. The finest use of music on this show yet this season.moreless
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    Robert Ri'chard


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    Michael B. Silver

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    Blake Shields


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (7)

      • When Veronica goes to see Weevil at the station, Sheriff Lamb pretends to be a robot while talking to her. You can hear an off-stage extra say "Hey, Sheriff's doing the robot. I'm gonna get my camera phone."

      • Veronica and Keith engage Cliff's help to "act" a casting audition. Daran Norris, who plays Cliff, is actually a well-accomplished voice actor.

      • When the poker game is first held up, Veronica turns to face the masked robbers. As she does, her black hair falls over her neck. When they cut away and back to Veronica again, her hair is pushed back over her shoulder, revealing her necklace.

      • Alimony is what the higher earning ex-spouses pay to their lower earning ex-spouses until they get married so there is no reason why Dean O'Dell's wife would get alimony.

      • Veronica and Logan dress as Meg and Jack White, of the White Stripes.

      • Veronica gives her email address as veronica.mars@hearstcollege.org. However, colleges and universities use the suffix .edu; .org is used by non-profit organizations.

      • The necklace the little girl is wearing is down inside her shirt when she approaches Veronica's car, but when Veronica reaches out to reclaim it, it is hanging over her shirt.

    • QUOTES (13)

      • Lamb: (to Weevil) Hey, what do you say we do your Miranda Rights in harmony this time? I'll take lead. You take tenor?
        Logan: Is it still called déjà vu when something happens more than twice, or is that something different? I'll have to look that up.

      • Veronica: (to Weevil) Hope you don't mind. One of the cockroaches let me in.

      • Claire: You're that girl, the girl who made a scene in the quad. You cleared the Pi Sigs.
        Veronica: Yeah, that's me.
        Claire: So, what's this to you, anyway?
        Veronica: Crimes against women? It's a hobby.

      • Keith: You remember the job?
        Veronica: Pretend to be your receptionist. I just wish I had some life experience to draw from.

      • Veronica: Where's Lilly's necklace?
        Weevil: Someone left a bracelet in my bed last week. Oh, wait, uh, was it a hoop earring?
        Veronica: I'm not playing with you.
        Weevil: Don't you get it? I have no idea what you're talking about.
        Veronica: Oh, you don't, huh? Let me spell it out. I tell you about a working on-campus casino. Six hours later, it's held up by a guy your size wearing a mask who happens to be covered in a thin film of drywall dust and the stench of Drakkar cologne.
        Weevil: My cologne stinks? So, all this play I've been getting is from pure sex appeal?

      • Veronica: D'you theenk I meessed anyting?
        Harrison: Well, one thing. Proof.
        Veronica: Not quite true. Look what I have.
        Harrison: Prints? The witnesses said the hold-up men wore gloves.
        Veronica: Yeah, but you wouldn't believe how much hair is inside these masks. It's kind of gross, actually. It's like a sack of DNA. So, I'll trade you. This bag for my necklace.
        Harrison: I'll need a day to get your necklace back.
        Veronica: Yeah, that's not gonna do it.
        (Sound of sirens)
        Harrison: What did you do?
        Veronica: Say hallo to my leettle friend.

      • Veronica: Hi. Any idea how this gum got from your mouth to that chair?
        Bratty Little Girl: I thought this was supposed to be a good school. Shouldn't you be, like, smart?

      • Veronica: Eli Navarro has been in and out of juvenile detention since he was thirteen years old. By the time he turned sixteen, he was the leader of the Pacific Coast Highway Bike Club. By his count, he's spent more than seven hundred days in juvenile detention facilities. He's currently on parole after assaulting the PCH gang leader who replaced him.
        Timothy: Veronica, this was an oral presentation, not show and tell.
        Veronica: Dr. Landry said we were allowed audiovisual aids. He's both. Audio—
        Weevil: Yo.
        Veronica: And visual.
        Timothy: Fine, I'll let it slide.

      • Weevil: Hey, word to the wise. You got a boyfriend? Use the short leash.
        Veronica: As hard as this may be to believe, the women of Hearst aren't close to the top of my worries about Logan.
        Weevil: Wait, wait, wait. What? You're dating Logan again? After the way he treated Lilly?
        Veronica: This is news? Man, the prison grapevine blows.

      • O'Dell: You're going to need to trace her call, right?
        Keith: Probably, yeah.
        O'Dell: How do you plan on keeping her on the line? I can say half a sentence and get her to yell at me for three hours.

      • Veronica: Look tough.
        Logan: Always.

      • Veronica: Hello, Square One. Nice to see you again.

      • Weevil: Hey, Joe College!
        Logan: José Lunchpail!

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (7)