Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 5

President Evil

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2006 on UPN

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  • Too many far-fetched storylines in this episode, and somehow most of them get tied up neatly.

    I liked this episode, but it wasn't one of the better ones. Of coure, I like seeing Veronica get the best of the bad guys, but it was just too neat and easy for her to find out who pulled the casino robbery. And the little touch of having the crooked campus guard's uppity little daughter being nasty to Veronica was a bit too much for me.

    As for Wallace's little cheating episode, I found most of this impossible to believe. First of all, it's hard to believe a little liberal arts college like this would have a serious engineering program. Second, no freshman takes any engineering classes, you have to take chemistry and physics and math first and maybe in your second year you would take a general engineering class. There is no way a freshman would be in a mechanical eng class. Sorry. Third, if you got caught buying a test, you would be expelled! Then they would go after the guy that sold it, but nothing happened to Max. They didn't even force Wallace to give up the guy's name, as far as we can tell.

    I won't even go into the storyline of the guy who wouldn't donate bone marrow to save his son....

    But, I will say I enjoyed it for what it was, Super Veronica saves the day. Again.
  • Still trying to track down the campus rapist, Veronica gets slightly sidetracked when she winds up in the middle of a robbery and has a very special gift stolen.

    This was a great episode. I liked that we got to see more of Weevil, and a little more of Wallace. Seeing more of Keith and the entire thing with the Dean was entertaining. The robbery mystery was a good one, especially by bringing in the sentimental value of the necklace and the mention of Lilly. At the end of the episode, when Veronica finally manages to track down the guy on the ATM photo with Claire, I was really surprised by the info, hehe. Can't say I can tell where exactly this is going, but that's why I love this series, always keeps you guessing.
  • I don\\\'t think that was one of the best...

    This eppy was kinda interesting but it wasn\\\'t what I was expecting from a show like veronica mars. Thinking at the other two seasons I thought that it\\\'ll be fantastic but ... hey not everything can be perfect. In the beginning when that girl doesn\\\'t tell veronica that the guy was her boyfriend, and the fact that they couldn\\\'t get another actor for the substitute so they had to put to Lucky( from season 2) a wig and some glasses it\\\'s just extremely weird thinking at this show. Veronica doesn\\\'t trust weevil even if he\\\'s her friend, when she got crazy about \\\"oh, the necklace that lily gave to her\\\" I was just \\\"girl get a pillow and choke yourself\\\". When the father of the dean\\\'s stepson was acting so incredibly awful; it was so unbelievable since the man said that he wanted to be part of his son\\\'s life. Maybe the only thing that made me keep watching this episode was the sceriff Lamb; when he arrested weevil he was so funny. In conclusion, even if Veronica Mars is one of my favourite shows I\\\'ll have to give it an eight(just because there was logan in the episode too) and this shoul seriously make the writers start thinking to improve the storyline maybe.
  • Veronica's working her mojo again

    I missed the typical Veronica Mars private eye style in the first episodes of this season, but finally she's back and kicking ass again.
    Too bad that the guy had to steal Lily's necklace, of course Veronica was gonna go off and hunt him until she got him.

    I agree with what another review said: There needs to be more Weevil this season, we haven't seen enough! And it was sad that Veronica thought he had something to do with the robbery and turned her back on him after they had been working together so great since the beginning of the show...

    Also, I loved Veronica's obsession with Lily's neckless and the scene when she ripped it off that stupid kids' neck was great!
  • Solid, but this show's done better.

    While the \"mystery\" for this show is really nothing special, and while there is some completely out of chacter behavior on Wallace\'s part, this is still a solid episode.

    It\'s always nice to see the Weevil and Veronica characters work together/collide, but the plot the writers devised for his appearance in this episode seems a little forced. However, I love that the writers reminded us of Lily again. Without her murder, Veronica would be a very different person now, and the necklace getting stolen really revealed to us how much she meant to Veronica. The redeaming moment for me in this episode? The use of Johnny Cash\'s song Busted. The finest use of music on this show yet this season.
  • I really liked this epesode mostly because it was personal.

    The hostage was great. Weevil was an obvious choise but I like that it turned out to be the security guys. I have been saying Claire is the rapist for a while. I know know she isn't but something creepy is up with her. I liked the whole neclace thing because it was so personal. I wished there were flashbacks. I miss flashbacks. Veronica and Logan are so cute. This is one of my favorite epesdoes this season even if this is not my favorite season. The epesode had a very noir feel to it. The music wass also great. Overall it was a great epesode.
  • Yeah for Weavle...

    I was a little worried about the show when they decided to lose the season long mystery and go for three shorter ones but I think that it is working fine. I am looking forward to finding out who has been doing the rapes on campus and moving on to the new mystery.
    The return of Weavle this episode was good but I wish he weren't being used as the scapegoat once more. I liked the idea of him working for Keith Mars but they shot down that one in the one episode. I hope they give him more than just a little pop up here and there. Plus Veronica should say she was sorry for how she treated him. She seems to be the only one on his side most of the time and it was sad to see her turn on him as well.
  • Some of the best episodes of Veronica Mars mid-season are those that have interesting sub-plots while revealing another enigmatic piece of the bigger puzzle - this one fits into that category. Will contain spoilers.

    I enjoy Veronica Mars; it's intelligent television, but still entertaining.

    I live the mysteries, I like the character interactions, and I particularly like the slow reveal of elements of the main mysteries.

    Some interesting elements to this episode.

    Weevil was set up & accused of theft - even Veronica believed it was him. I had to agree with him on this too, after all they've been through together, I think she was too quick to believe it was him.

    Wallace cheated, and was caught. There will be consequences. But he needs more interaction with Veronica. He's too seperate at the moment. (And don't get me started on Mac, where is she??).

    Good side story for Mars snr, & while I have currently fogotten his name, the solicitor is always good value too.

    Other things I liked - Veronica not being swayed by little girl who just saw her dad arrested - she just whipped that necklace off & went.

    And of course the twist at the end. Things are never straightforward.
  • Veronica's on the case when two masked men rob an illegal casino and take the necklace Lilly gave her with them.

    A pretty standard outing for Veronica, with some unexpected behavior from Wallace. It's always nice to get Sheriff Lamb and Weevil back in the mix (and I love watching Veronica antagonize that T.A.), but other than that, this wasn't the most exciting installment yet. Veronica solves the case, as usual, but she's still on the tail of that rapist. As the twist at the end reveals, the information both Veronica and the police have about the rapist's pattern has been corrupted; it seems that Claire and some of her ultra-feminist friends decided to up the ante by faking her rape, trying to cast suspicion on the lampoon editors and the frat house in the process. It bothered me in this episode to see Wallace cheating. The Wallace we've seen is a pretty honest guy; why is he all of a sudden willing to fork over 200 bucks for a test and its answers? Also, have we ever seen before the character who seduces him away from studying in order to party? Where was Piz, who Wallace seems to have struck up a friendship with? It bothers me quite a lot, actually, that Wallace is tempted into cheating by a black friend, when the role of "smarmy bad influence" is not the most three-dimensional role and could have been taken by anyone. Of course, the introduction of such a storyline is ridiculous anyway. I just don't see what the point is, and shame on the writers for doing that to the Wallace we know and love. Surely they could come up with something better for Wallace to do in this episode than cheat on a test.
  • Oh no! Veronica's necklace goes missing and the 'reforming' Weevil is prime suspect numero uno.

    I like this show a great deal, but this episode was not my favorite. The whole mistrust of friends, wondering whether one truly did change or not, and so on, is beginning to take a toll on my nerves. It happened first season with the stolen credit cards, second season with the Magic Mountain money as well as Thumper's death (both of which he was at least partly responsible for). With Weevil being a con it is easy to have multiple unlawful offenses help fill in an episode or two, but the way it is handled is always the same: immediate suspicion, proof that contrasts with what Weevil says, another lead, uncovered is just so trite.

    Weevil's shock at Veronica's reinstated relationship with Logan is a high point, but the episode is simply decent and watchable, no more and no less.
  • Veronica cracks the case, but only for the day

    Veronica is part of the on-campus Venetian casino holdup and takes it personally when the necklace that Lilly gave her is stolen. Weevil is blamed for the heist but claims frame-up. Keith helps the Dean of Hearst College track down his wife\'s ex-husband to help his step-son, who needs a bone marrow transplant. Wallace is caught cheating on an exam. The serial rapist case takes an unexpected turn when the guy in the ATM photo proves to be the latest victim\'s boyfriend. Good to see a smaller case inside of the season-running one, I loved the last two seasons.
  • Awesome man!

    Ok this episode is awesome! Veroica still attempts to find out who raped Claire but in the end she finds out that the guy Claire was with was her boy friend. I stillc an't see how Claire could not know that guy! Very weird! I'm so psyched to see what happens! Anyway! Wallace needs help with his studies so he pays someone to give him a reviewer and the answers to the reviewer... it cost him a total of $200, but I sure it is worth it. The dean gets Keith to work on a case for him regarding his son, wife and his wife's ex-husband. There has been a robbery at the casino and teh robbers took Lilly's neckalce tahtw as with Veronica. Veronica first thought it was Weevil and Weevilw as infact framed for doing the crime. But in the end it was actually one of the new cops who knew Weevils criminal record and decided to frame Weevil. But when they catch him teh necklace isn't with him. The cops daughter comes and she has Lilly's necklace. She comes near Veronica and shouts at her. Veronica sees the necklace around the tlittle girls neck and decides to take it from her. Overall this show was awesome! I totally loved it! I just wish they showed Pizz.
  • "Call Cliff and get off!" LOL

    That was one of the many great one-liners for this fantastic Veronica Mars episode. These are the episodes I miss. Veronica goes to the casino Halloween Party and when it gets held up by two men in masks, Veronica gets her necklace that Lily gave to her taken away. Now you know that's trouble. Meanwhile Keith helps the top dog, the principal of Hearst college and his wife to help their "son" from dying by calling in the "father" to give a bone marrow transplant. That only was pretty interesting, especially at the end. But I've learned from my previous reviews that I'm not going to spoil anyone! But the real deal holy field happened at the end. (Ok, now I'm gonna spoil. LOL) Veronica thinks that Weevil had something to do with the heist because of the evidence she found. The scene in Weevil's apartment is harrowing and tense because of what these two characters have been through. I was in a 50/50 situation, on one hand I believe V, the other I believe that Weevil's backing down from the life of crime. But.....DA-DA-DA....turns out it wasn't him, but someone trying to set him up. Veronica finds her necklace, in a ironic and hilarious scene, Wallace gets in trouble because of his cheating on a test, the rapist mystery still unfolds, in Veronica style. ;) This episode, along with some hilarious one-liners, brings us to the Veronica Mars we know and love. FANTASTIC!
  • "Hello square one. Nice to see you again."

    First of all, did you really think the identity of the Hearst serial rapist would be that easy to solve? This is Veronica Mars and while I love the show a great deal, the whole guy is caught on an ATM camera would have been far too easy for Veronica. No, I think there's some huge complications coming up for this plotline, though it seems as if we only have about four more episodes to solve this. It makes me wonder if Veronica will get too close to the truth and bcome a victim herself...

    Meanwhile, Keith is asked by the Dean to find the biological father of his stepson. The stepson has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant only the father can prvoide. Its interesting to see the Dean be one step ahead of Keith and Lamb with the kidnapping of the father and putting him through the surgery whether he wants it or not. Interesting to see how far he'll go for a member of his own family. I do wonder if Veronica will use this as leverage to save Wallace down the road. If there was one plotline that didn't grab my attention it was the Wallace has to cheat in order to keep his head above water. Veronica has been good about avoiding the trappings of the cliche plotline and this one was pretty cliche.

    What did work best was pretty much anything with Weevil. From his being the visual aid for Veronica's class presentation to his being the prime supsect in the robbery, pretty much everything with Weevil worked.
  • Veronica Does it again!

    In the 5th episode of the 3rd season of Veronica Mars entitled "President Evil", Veronica gets her necklace stolen by crooks who rob the underground gambling ring in one of the dorms at Hearst College. That necklace is very special to Veronica because it was Lilly Kane's necklace. I love how the writers gave the title episode a spin on the Resident Evil game series and movies. I felt a little bothered when Veronica accused Weevil of the crimes based on his dark past. Veronica solves the mystery when she finds out that it was the campus rent-a-cops who robbed the entire place. Veronica brings the lovable Backup to protect her when she confronts the guy. I love how she gave a nod to Scarface with the famous line Say Hello to my little friend while pulling out her bug mic. Other storylines include Wallace struggling in his Mechanical Engineering class, Weevil arrested for the crime that he didn't commit, Lamb being his usual incompetant self, Keith searching for a deadbeat dad while his son is dying because he needs a bone marrow transplant, and much more. Mac, Parker, and Piz are nowhere to be seen in this episode. Overall still a good episode that was pretty funny as well as interesting. STAY TUNED!
  • Weavel didn't know that she is dating Logan again. The casino that Logan was gambling at gets held up necklace that Lilly gave V gets taken. she swears vengence. Wallace cheats on his mech. eng. exam & gets caught? ATM guy is victim's b/f in the rape

    Excellent Episode. Very much standard VM. This is my first review and MAN is it hard to narrow down the details in the episode summary. I love that VM is always very detailed orientated and keeps fans captivated every episode with more clues to the big mystery (that Claire's b/f is the guy in the ATM photo and she pretended that she didn't know him)...why does she looked ruffied if she new him??? and solved mysteries. The only thing that erked me slightly was that Veronica accused Weavel of stealing her necklace. Doesn't she know how much he cared about Lilly? Why would he do something like that especially to Veronica who he seems to consider a good and trusted fan. I wonder if Wallace got in trouble for cheating...they kinda let that go, will it be in the next episode? hmmm I haven't checked the spoilers yet. I hope this review was okay for my first :)