Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 12

Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2006 on UPN

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  • Veronica Helps Wallace

    Wallace's hopes of escaping his trouble in Chicago are dashed when Rashard's uncle accuses him in the press of a hit and run. Meanwhile, Weevil has Veronica bug a church confessional to smoke out the traitor in his bike gang.

    Two parts to the episode - one I was motivated to watch and the other that I was forced to sit through. Veronica helping out Wallace was cool and seeing Wallace on the screen again was a big part to me liking that portion of the episode. It didn't really "grip" me but I was excited to have his character back on the show. Veronica has to help him because he is now being framed for the crime of being the person responsible for hitting the homeless man when he was back in Chicago. The girl that liked him before he left returns too - even helps Veronica and Wallace distract the superstar basketball player long enough for Veronica to get his phone, which allowed the Dad to find the witness that was paid off. Good conclusion to that storyline.

    I have not been a fan of the Weevil / Logan storyline from the beginning so hopefully that will come to an end now. Weevil is being kicked out of his own group after one of them catches him coming out of Logan's apartment and tells the rest of the team. The entire bugging the confessional and all that was meaningless to me because I was never into the storyline to begin with.
  • Keith :"It's weird. But I except it to make more sense soon"

    Wallace centric episodes are rare, but when they come around they are pretty good. Not "outstanding", but good. Veronica's and Wallace's relationship is really great, this is really the thing that makes episodes like tick; Wallace on his own is far less exciting.

    So naturally what im trying to say is that I enjoyed the Veronica / Wallace moments alot. I was surprised how long Jackie was neglected, loved her involvment in this episode. Hmm, Weevil and Lgoan working together was nice and Weevil being kicked out of his team was shocking and probably the best scene of the episode. It's time for Weevil's revenge now. I'm really impressed how the bus crash and last year's cliffhanger is affecting the show in so many ways,yet not making it feel dull.

    Basically every character is involved with at least one aspect of the consequences, and heck , the knifing might even be related to the bus crash.

    But also this is the point where the plot was starting to get a little too complicated,especially if you are watching the DVD's which don't have the "Previously on Veronica Mars" sequences.

    Despite all the major developments, this episode felt like a "cooldown" episode which was obviously excepted after concluding a major arc. Perhaps because Veronica wasn't personally involved with anything, it was mostly the supporting charcters that had shined. The Cliffhangers: Okay, while it wasn't emphasised, but Woody told Gia not to take the bus.

    Terrance Cook is arrested. Hmm. he's been pretty much in the background but, what you know.
  • Wallace's hopes of escaping his trouble in Chicago are dashed when Rashard's uncle accuses him in the press of a hit and run. Meanwhile, Weevil has Veronica bug a church confessional to smoke out the traitor in his bike gang.

    Wallace's hopes of escaping his trouble in Chicago are dashed when Rashard's uncle accuses him in the press of a hit and run.
    Meanwhile, Weevil has Veronica bug a church confessional to smoke out the traitor in his bike gang. finally a step into LoVe's relationship!

    Logan: Look, Veronica, can you just once save my butt without comment? Veronica: No. Because saving your butt with comment, it just... it works better for me.
  • Veronica Mars...I wouldn\'t send her to hell for that episode:)

    Another fantastic episode of Veronica Mars. Loved the Weevil-Logan pairing. Such hate turns into great comedy. Still her Sneaky self, Veronica made this episode work with her sereptitious nature and love for what she does. The end scence, when Weevil was being outcast by the PCH-ers was definetely a pivotal moment...And finally, the mystery of who really did kill Felix is solved. And not even by the likes of Veronica...? Here\'s to Weevil...a not so crash hot looking Weevil after the PCHers played pinyata with his face.

    Definetely an episode that will change things. It will be interesting to see if the case is really closed...or whether it will be opened again due to further evidence. Is someone going to get framed?

    Anyway, In closing, another great episode of Veronica Mars. Keep up the quips Ronnie:)
  • Veronica and Wallace are having a "back togheter" Private eye session. Trying to save Wallace from faulse accuses. Funny Logan and Weewil scene's and even video taping of a church!

    I love how Veronica and Wallace were working togheter again, and how they teamed up with Jackie to bring Rashard down. Wallace, however still won't go out with Jackie and hooks up with Jane

    Logan and Weewil meet up to find a plan how to get down the betrayer among the PCH'ers. They have found a link between the irish and the PCH'ers. The Saint Mary's church. And the ask Veronica for helph.

    Other then that; Weewill gets busted coopearting with Logan and the PCH'ers beet him up and trow his bike in the water. Veronica and Wallace cleans wallaces record and Jackies dad is arrested for something with the bus crash!

  • wallace is accused of a hit-and-run when he was with some basketball friends.

    Wallace couldnt have done the hit and run! its not like innocent Wallace! Keith steals interrogation tapes from the evidence room and hears Lamb interview Dick, Beaver, and Gia. We learn that Molly Fitzpatrick was dating Felix. Weevil knows that the Fitzpatricks are dealing out drugs to the PCH'ers to sell at the school. Weevil confronts thumper about it and thumper tells Weevil that he knows that hes been meeting with Logan. thumper threatens Weevil with a video on his cellphone of Weevil beating up Curly Moran. Veronica finds out that Terrence Cook and Mrs. Dumas met at Java the Hut before the bus crash and he is brought in for questioning.
  • Holy... how do they do it...?

    Just amazing...

    The writers just set up so many plot twists its insane. Weevil's lost almost everything he's had, Terrence Cook and Steve Guttenberg might be involved with the bus crash. Logan asks Veronica if he knows where Duncan is ( it's really good that they didn't throw him out of the story completely).

    Honestly, I never thought that the bus story would be as compelling as the first season, but they did it. This season is great - and man, it's so much better than lost... I can't wait to see how crazy this pans out...
  • Important Episode!!!

    This may not have been the most dialog driven episode, but man, was it important.

    With Weevil getting kicked out of the gang, Thumper taking over and beginning dealings with the Fitzpatricks, the video of Curly getting beat up and Jackie's dad getting taken is almost to much to handle.

    oh yeah, and Steve Guttenberg telling his daughter not to get on the bus...ah, coinencidence? i think not. it is looking more and more like Woody has a big part to do with the bus crash, but for the life of me, i can not find a reason he would want that...

    I keep thinking, "Will there ever be an episode that sucks?" And every week I am pleasantly surprised to find out that I have been proved wrong. Each show is just as good, if not better than the last one. This weeks episode was no exception. I loved the whole confessional bugging plot and how Veronica at first says how unethical it would be, but in the end, ends up doing it anyway. It seems like something like that happens almost every week. I just can't wait until tonight so I can watch the new episode. I am very excited.
  • Excellent! I thought it would be hard for them to get any better than last episode, but I was proven wrong!

    Last week's episode was so great and surprising, I thought they would have a hard time this week trying to make an episode as good as the last. But again, the writers continue to amaze me with their plot progressing story-lines. Although last week's "Donut Run" was much more suspensful, "Rashard and Wallace Go To White Castle" had a lot of information advancing all of the many story-lines going on. While Weevil and Logan team up again trying to find Felix's real killer, Weevil's gang turned on him and dumped his motercycle in the ocean forcing him to ride the bus to school the next morning with cuts and bruises on his face. It was a bit predictable at times(Jackie being part of the plan against Rashard). I would have never thought that except for the last episode also kept part of Veronica's plan from the audience to keep us guessing til the end. New information regarding the bus crash was also brought up in the episode, (Keith stole the interrogation tapes of the bus crash from the Evidence Room after tricking Inga). And The mayor and Jackie's dad are now being questioned for involvement in the bus crash.
    Even though Weevil is sometimes hard to love due to his meanness toward others, I have to admit I felt very sorry for him while his gang hung him by the wrists and took punches at him. At one point, I wondered if we was even going to live through it. With Duncan gone, I hope to see more of Logan and Veronica teaming up rather than ripping on one another. I like Logan when he's with her, she makes him a much more likeable character.
  • A return to form

    After a brief struggle last week, the show returned to the top of it's game. Almost every plot thread (that I can think of) was advanced. Some greatly. We got more hints on the bus crash and Keith has taken a much more active role in investigating it. Logan and Weevil uncover who actually killed Felix and it costs Weevil almost everything he had. In addition, there is not much they can do to actually act on the information at this point. Oh, I thought of one plot line we got no new information on... Beaver's plan. I did miss Mac. More MAC!
  • Wallace is blamed for a tragic hit and run in Chicago. He wasn't driving but can Veronica prove that? Weevil and Logan are teaming up to find out who really killed Felix, but the PCHers aren't having it. Keith is investigating the bus crash.

    Great episode and it finally had to do with the two big mysteries of the show. I'm glad that we had forward movement of both combined with an episode mostly about Wallace and Rob Thomas hit it out of the park again. Loved the character development of Jackie and although small it may be we had a Logan\Veronica "meeting". Can't wait to see more.
  • Jolly Good Show!

    Given the enormity of all that went on in the previous episode, I was sure that this would be nothing but filler. I was pleased to discover that I was wrong and that the episode turned out to be both entertaining and filled with important plot points. We return to the bus crash storyline, see some developments in the ‘who killed Felix’ mystery and finally get to see more of Wallace. Thank goodness for that because I missed him. What I found to be the biggest downside of the episode was the predictability in parts. Veronica’s style is now a bit too familiar for there to be any huge surprises. But hey… I love this series, so I’ll take the little surprises.
  • Some really important stuff happens here. Live goes on with Duncan gone.

    The thing that wondered me most was that there was no more police, FBI or something else around about Duncan and the kidnapping thing. I mean we all remember the words of the nice FBI lady last time. “Kidnapping cases don’t go away!”
    So this time Veronica is back in her usual business, so she helps Weevil, Logan and Wallace all at once.
    The thing with Wallace was nice and I like the idea that Veronica got a new friend at the police of Neptune.
    The other storyline with Weevil and Logan was a bit disturbing. After all we knew Weevil got trouble with his gang, but that he didn’t notice anything at all. Somehow I can’t believe that. I mean he was still the boss. When all the guys are doing business with the enemy and in all this time they don’t stand up against their boss, who’s trying to destroy their business? I simply can’t understand that. But we all how quite an impression what will happen next… Veronica has the evidence and so Weevil will hit back at his guys. I’m sure of that.

    It was also interesting to see that Keith is finally investigating the bus crash after all. I think that it will be the big finale this season and I so hope it will be huge again.
  • Shocking moments and sympathy for the devil

    This episode was well-crafted and contained a number of jaw-dropping moments. Veronica\'s tasks are getting a little more serious than catching Joe Shmo having an affair. Her investigations are getting a little more risky, the people involved have more to lose. The person involved in this episode is Wallace, and he\'s trying to save both his freedom and his good name, as he is framed for a hit-and-run that was actually done by a basketball hot-shot in Chicago. However, all of his and Veronica\'s attempts to get near said hot-shot are thwarted by his controlling uncle.
    Veronica\'s having to think a little farther ahead due to some unpredicted encounters, and her trap to catch the bad guy gets a little more complicated than normal. When I saw Jackie fraternizing with the hot-shot, I wanted to hit her, but it wasn\'t until after the bad guy was caught that it was revealed that she was just a part of the plan. This tactic was good for two reasons: one, it made Jackie somewhat likeable, and two, it was one of those oh my god! moments that I love so much. The second oh my god! moment occurred when the PCHers turned on Weevil, but this was a bad oh my god. Not only was I not expecting a revolt, but for a couple minutes there, I thought Weevil was a goner. Luckily, he\'s still alive, but he lost a lot of blood, friends, and pride. I think this marks a big turning point for our friend Weevil. Now, he\'s got no one to turn to. Maybe his truce with Logan will turn into actual friendship, if Logan is capable of that.
    I was glad to see the bus crash was not the central theme of this episode, although it did reveal another possible suspect: our dear Mayor of Neptune. But as he has not appeared on the show much, I\'d like to see more explanation of his possible role in the \"accident.\" In addition, Jackie\'s father was also brought in for questioning on the matter. I predict that now Jackie and Veronica are starting to not hate each other and bonding over the loss of Wallace (to a Veronica look-alike even!) they may even start to become friends, but I have a feeling Veronica will betray Jackie to get some dirt on dear ol daddy. We\'ll just have to wait and see.