Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 6

Rat Saw God

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on UPN

Episode Recap

Mars residence – Veronica, Keith and some of their supporters, including Cliff, are watching the election results on the TV. The race for sheriff is neck and neck and everyone is tense. Veronica misses Wallace who is finding himself with his dad in Chicago. Cliff breaks her reverie.
CLIFF: Uh, you're out of cocktail weenies, and I'm out of cocktail.
VERONICA: We're out of gin.
CLIFF: I'm not particular.

The TV announces that Lamb is pulling ahead.

Sheriff's department – A man approaches a confident Lamb as he watches the results. He says that he was the man who called in the night Felix was killed on the bridge. He is not the man Logan saw.

Neptune Grand Hotel, Presidential Suite – There's a party going on. Logan and Dick literally bump into each other.
DICK: Dude. My stepmom?
LOGAN: I'm a total piece of crap.
DICK: Better you than the cable guy, I guess.

Logan is less comfortable when Dick admits to lusting after Lynn but isn't in a position to object.

Mars residence – The news calls the election for Lamb. Keith thanks the supporters. Veronica complains that they should have made the tape of the explosion public but Keith still doesn't want to jeopardise the investigation. Veronica is not convinced that there will be one with Lamb in charge. Keith tells her to go to her boyfriend's party and that Cliff will look after him.
CLIFF: Right. I promise to hold his hair back if he has to make sick in the toilet.

Neptune Grand Hotel, Presidential Suite – Dick brings Gia up-to-date on the Casablancas family drama. Big Dick has fled the country and is looking at ten to fifteen years if he comes back. Dick is looking after Cassidy as their real mom has her own family. Gia sees Veronica arrive and excuses herself. They chat about the election and Gia asks what she thinks about Dick. Veronica is non-committal. Deputy Sacks enters and approaches Logan, telling him that the sheriff wants a word with him. Logan is jackassy and demands to be arrested. He is and taken away in handcuffs.

Mars residence – Keith calls Lamb to concede but Lamb, in his office with Logan, tells Sacks to take a message. Keith asks Sacks about the bus. The deputy confirms that it has been raised and examined.

Mars Investigations – Veronica, on her way in to prevent a surprise, is surprised to find a wino in the corridor. It's Abel Koontz. She helps him into the office. He wants to find his daughter, Amelia, before he dies. As they enter the office, balloon and confetti fall from the ceiling. Veronica settles Koontz on the couch, then finds a hospital that will take him. She agrees to look for Amelia only because he begs her.

Sheriff's department – Logan is in a line-up.
LOGAN: Oh, wow, I'm stunned. You like me! You really like me! Well first, I'd just like to say the other, uh, nominees are all such wonderfully gifted criminals. And I wanna thank my agent and my publicist, for always shooting me from the left side.
Lamb is amused but warns Logan to get a lawyer. Logan tells him to get the first sober public defend who walks in, put the bail on his black AmEx and call him a limo. Lamb threatens to block bail by naming him a flight risk.

Loyola Marymount University – Veronica recalls that Amelia was close with her boyfriend and calls on him. Mike tells Veronica that he and Amelia went to Ibiza together. She ditched him there, disappearing under a sea of foam and taking his phone cards. He has no idea where she is, and neither does her former roommate, who is surprised that Amelia went to Ibiza. She describes Amelia as not being the Girls Gone Wild type and says she had to be coerced into joining a Greek booze cruise the year before. As following up in Ibiza would be vetoed by Keith, Veronica gets the phone card numbers from Mike.

Mars residence – Veronica hits the big Ibiza website, listing Amelia as a missing friend with a sick father and asking for information.

Sheriff's department – Cliff meets Logan in an interrogation room. Cliff tells him that having a public defender will make Logan appear like an arrogant jackass, and further, that if the witness's story holds, Logan will go to trial where his family name will do him no favours with a jury. Logan says the witness is lying. The witness alleges that Logan, with knife in hand, was ranting over Felix's body. Logan asks what he said.
CLIFF: The expletive racial expletive had it maternal expletive coming.
Cliff adds that the witness says Logan threatened to kill him. They are interrupted by a call from Veronica.
VERONICA: Cliffy. Need a quick favour.
CLIFF: No can do. I'm right in the middle--
VERONICA: Cliff, come on, you owe me.
CLIFF: I owe you? Who unconfiscated all your fake college IDs?
VERONICA: Who got the Lincoln out of your ex's name?
CLIFF: Well, who helped put that lien against Lee's Walk-In Donut?
VERONICA: And who proved that stripper was colour-blind?
CLIFF: Okay, who am I calling and what am I giving them?

Veronica asks Cliff to get information on one of the phone card numbers. Logan calls the phone company and, impersonating Fred MacMurray and recycling the plot of Thelma and Louise, which Logan recognises, he gets the information and has it forwarded to Veronica. He tells Logan to get a real lawyer, or three.

Mars residence – Amelia's last call was made from a phone in Neptune the previous week.

Sheriff's department – Lamb puts Logan in a cell with Aaron, who was transferred from County, and another prisoner. Logan is stunned to see his father, whom he has not visited except to process his emancipation. Aaron denies murdering Lilly. He alleges that a ranting and raving Duncan found him and Lilly together arguing and that Aaron left. As for Veronica, he says he just snapped. He sees that Logan does not believe him and acknowledges that a jury probably won't either but says that whilst his life might be over, Logan shouldn't throw his away. He urges Logan to let his lawyers help him.
AARON: A real lawyer, not some public servant with a mail-order diploma and a three hundred dollar suit.
CLIFF: Two for five hundred, actually, but your point remains valid. You. You got bail. Let's go.
LOGAN: Bail? What? How? You said, you said my name wouldn't buy me--
CLIFF: Judge Bloom and I schvitz at the same gym. I'll be billing you for a case of cohibas and a four-handed Thai massage. There's also the matter of a two hundred thousand dollar bond, so: chip, how 'bout you thank me by takin' the old block's advice? Get a new lawyer.
LOGAN: Well, you're kinda winnin' me over.

Neptune streets – Veronica finds the phone Amelia used. It is opposite Kane Software.

Kane Software – Clarence Wiedman walks into his unattended office to find Veronica sitting at his desk.
VERONICA: What are you the head of again? This is it? I would've thought that helping your billionaire boss cover up his daughter's murder woulda snagged you a better office. Or at least a plaque.
Veronica asks about Amelia. Wideman says she didn't not use the phone box to call him and he has no further interest in her.

Neptune High School, hallway – Duncan and Dick are talking when Weevil and a couple of PCHers stop by to suggest they should be visiting Logan in jail as a witness has come forward. Dick is a dick.
Wait...did I miss a state proposition or something? Is it now a crime to kill a Mexican?
One of Weevil's guys lashes out but Duncan leads Dick away from trouble. The bikers grumble and are joined by Hector with news that Logan got bail. Hector tells Weevil their reputation is suffering and Weevil agrees that it is time to do something about Logan. Elsewhere, Veronica joins Duncan and Dick and is reminded about the need to get IDs for a drinking session. She leaves them to call Amelia's roommate to find out who's ID she used for the Greek booze cruise. It was her that of her cousin, Margot Schnell.

Mars residence – Veronica discovers that "Margot" rented a car at Lariat Rental Car at San Diego airport.

Neptune streets – Lamb is taking Logan home.
LOGAN: The best thing about two days in jail? Two days' worth of Ellen on the TiVo. That's sweet viewing.
Lamb isn't listening, hearing information about Logan's house on the radio.

Echolls residence - The house is in flames. Out of the car, both Logan and Lamb stare at the destruction.
LAMB: That's gonna mess up your TiVo.

Lariat Rental Car – Veronica pretends to be a friend of Margot's to get information about the car that was rented from Douglas, employee of the month (and the spitting image of Joss Whedon). He tells her it was a LeSabre.
VERONICA: And what did they call that awesome colour? It was...
DOUGLAS: White? That's called white.

She leaves but waits for him to go, replaced by another assistant, and re-enters in a different jacket and with glasses. Having seen Douglas chew out the assistant, Veronica pretends to have left her laptop in the LeSabre and that she has to get it back or her jackass of a colleague will succeed in getting her promotion. Veronica suggests he is like Douglas, whose employee of the month picture is behind the assistant. The ruse works and Veronica gets information on where the car was two days previously.

Sheriff's department – Keith wants an update on the bus crash. Lamb snidely tells him to leave it to the sheriff's department and that maybe he should worry less about it and more about Veronica. Keith doesn't understand. Lamb tells him about Veronica's name being written on the hand of a man washed up on the beach and that she was brought in for questioning.

Palm Tree Lodge motel – Veronica arrives at a sleazy motel in Waverley. She speaks to the manager, who is intent on his computer.
VERONICA: Actually, there's no "o" in "naughty."
MANAGER: It's "knotty" with a "k" like in pine. I-i-it's research.
VERONICA: Knotty schoolgirls. What will they think of next?

The manager confirms that Amelia got a room a couple of days ago. Veronica asks to see the room. The manager tells her that it's $30 for a room. Veronica pays and searches the room. She jumps when her cell rings. It's Keith. He demands to know where she is. She lies and tells him she is in a funny little art gallery. He tells her to send a picture and that when she comes home, she can tell him about the dead guy on the beach. She tells him she kept it from him because she didn't want to worry him. She tells him that the body was of a man named Curly Moran and of her suspicions that he crashed the bus at the behest of Aaron Echolls to silence her evidence. She's trying to figure it out to stop from going insane and avoid obsessing. Keith says they will talk when she gets home. Veronica sets the pictures in the room up as if in an art gallery and photographs herself in front of them. She sends it to Keith. While doing so, her computer picks up Amelia's Palm Pilot, which she notes has a range of 30 feet. She asks to see the rooms on either side. The manager makes her pay for both of them but she finds nothing. While considering matters, she hears an ice machine. She opens it and rummages, finding a human hand. She rushes back to the first room to use her phone. Wiedman arrives and shuts the door. Veronica freezes but he tells her that Amelia called wanting another quarter of a million which he paid with marked bills. She was supposed to leave the country until the Kane legal issues were settled but the marked bills turned up at the motel. They both go to see the manager who responds to Wiedman's threat and reveals that Amelia checked in with a man, a man whose description Veronica believes is familiar. Wiedman tells her to let him take care of reporting the body.

Sheriff's department – Aaron is led into an interrogation room. Keith is waiting. It's an unofficial visit. Keith says Aaron is looking good. Aaron has a lot of free time, has gotten his psychology degree and is reading the Russian masters.
AARON: So, did you come out here to talk self-improvement?
KEITH: I'm here because of my daughter.
AARON: Oh, well, now that's funny: so am I.

Keith mentions that with a former employee his turning up and the bus, saying he worries for Veronica's safety. Aaron mocks Keith for thinking he has something to do with the crash. Keith says it doesn't matter. If anything happens to Veronica, Aaron will pay for it and the visit was to prove how easy it would be for Keith to get to him.

Loyola Marymount University – Mike opens the door to Veronica and Wiedman grabs him, gags him and hangs him out the window. Mike denies that he has seen Amelia recently or that he killed her and Veronica screams her objections. They leave Mike and walk down the hallway.
VERONICA: Wow. Where'd you learn that interrogation technique?
WIEDMAN: Harvard. That's a pretty convincing hysterical routine you got. Where'd you learn that?
VERONICA: Watching cheerleading tryout results.

Wiedman says Mike is telling the truth because no one is that good a liar.

Neptune High School, lunch area – Logan is showing off an ankle tag to Dick when Weevil and some of the PCHers approach him. Weevil has an eviction notice in his hand. Logan has bought his grandmother's house as his house "burned quite unexpectedly." Weevil is furious and when Logan insults his home as a roach motel, he attacks. A teacher breaks up the fight.

Mars residence – As Veronica writes an email to Wallace, she is contacted by someone who knew Amelia in Ibiza and provides a picture. Veronica says Amelia's been found. The girl says she hopes Amelia is not still with her boyfriend as he was a really good liar. This causes Veronica to email the picture to the manager of the Palm Tree Lodge motel to verify that Mike, who is in the picture, is the man Amelia was with. The manager identifies a different man in the picture and the girl from Europe confirms that this is the man she was referring to. Veronica gets his name and calls Wiedman. The man is Carlos Mercado. He is the son of an Argentine diplomat. Wiedman says some of the marked money has turned up in Las Vegas and he will take care of it.
VERONICA: What are you gonna do?
WIEDMAN: You know the drill, Veronica. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Hospital – Veronica learns from a nurse that Koontz only has a day or two.
VERONICA VOICEOVER: How do you tell a dying man that the daughter he was looking for is gone? That the millions he sacrificed his own life to give her only led to her death?
Veronica lies and tells him that she is snowbound in the Himalayas but trying to get to him.

Neptune Grand Hotel, Presidential Suite – Veronica is happy to return be able to curl up to her "adorable, honest boyfriend." She sees an argyle-shirted body lying on the sofa, a magazine over his face. She climbs on top of him and snuggles. He puts his arms around her.
LOGAN: It's the sweater, isn't it? Chicks can't resist argyle.
VERONICA: Please let go of me.
LOGAN: Ever the tease.

Veronica scrambles up as Duncan enters the room. She demands to know why he's there. She is shocked to learn that Duncan has invited him to stay since he lost his home.

Garage – Keith breaks into the place where the bus is being kept. He climbs aboard, looking around. A guard enters and Keith drops to the floor. While there he notices something under the seat. It is a dead rat, duct-taped to the bottom of a seat.
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