Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 6

Rat Saw God

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on UPN

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  • One very memorable scene in an otherwise average episode

    To me this episode wasn't very special, with that one exception. One of many favourite scenes of Veronica Mars actually.

    Scene set in jail with Logan meeting his if-you-can't-afford-a-lawyer lawyer Clifford McCormack (the shows recurring guest star Daran Norris) after again be arrested for the murder of Felix. Veronica phones Cliff for a favour, and Logan get to see one of Cliff's specaialities and not to mention get a glimse of how Veronica gets her information as he recognise the e-mail adress Cliff gives the World-Telekom operator.

    Daran Norris have several memorable scenes in the show, but this is probably the one I'll always remember him by. A very talented recurring actor and a very good role overall.
  • Veronica is shocked when a dying Abel Koontz shows up asking for her help in finding his missing daughter before he dies. Logan is reunited with his father when he his arrested for Felix's murder, and Keith waits for the results of the election.

    Veronica is shocked when a dying Abel Koontz shows up asking for her help in finding his missing daughter before he dies.

    Meanwhile, Logan is reunited with his father when he his arrested for Felix's murder, and Keith waits for the results of the election.
    wow how hot is dick?! oh and of course logan..
  • Veroinca is hired by a dying Abel Koontz to track down his daugher Amelia. Logan is arrested for Felix's murder and sees his dad. Wallace is finding himself in Chicago with his dad.

    I loved this episode though I must agree I do miss Wallace. Seeing Joss was great!!! I know ppl like the character he played n I don\\\'t blame that girl form America\\\'s Next Top Model for hating him. lol The only problem I have with this is that Logan was already charged and tried for Felix\\\'s murder. Wouldn\\\'t arresting him again be double jeapordy? Big mistakes like that are the things soap operas do.
  • It's pronounced ih-'bee-thuh for god's sake.

    Really, it is.

    It's kind of annoying really, that a show that can be so good, stuffs up something like this. I blame the Vengaboys for releasing that stupid song. It sounds like they are singing 'We're going to eat pizza'.

    Love the series, but seriously, this stuff can't be allowed to happen.
  • Joss Whedon

    WOW, two guest appearance in one season so far of top notch writers/producers. What does this mean for the show. That finally we have the tide turned on the mindless drivel of TV and those who are demi-gods of the cinema have come down to lend and boost a show. Maybe this will finally give this show the boost from other fan bases. Its time that it is recognized for being one of the better written shows out there. PLEASE JOSS write a story for the show!
  • Just about every storyline develops in this ep. (includes recap)

    This episode is a great example of why I love this series. Just about every storyline develops even if its just in small ways.

    The race for sheriff is decided.

    The rivalry between the 09ers and the Weevile's biker gang gets heated (quite literally) when Logan is arrested for Felix's murder. And the question asked in a past episode, is Weevile really still in charge? continues to get asked when the other gang members insist on retribution.

    The dying Abel Koontz asks Veronica to find his missing daughter.

    Wallace is still AWOL.

    Logan continues to be the funniest person on the show. Even as his fall from grace continues.

    And finnally, the major mystery continues to unfold as Keith discovers that Veronica might truly have been the intended target of the bus crash and confronts Aaron in jail. (I really loved Keith during the scene.)

    All in all, a great episode.
  • Veronica helps Abel find his daughter.

    Once again the creators of Veronica mars put out another decent episode. I thought that it was really nice of Veronica to help the dying Abel find his daughter so he could say goodbye. I tought that it was really sad that Veronica found his daughter but she was murdered but I think that it was good that Veronica found her. It was really disappointing that Keith was not elected sheiff but you can not say you did not see that one coming. I want to know why a person came forward to point his finger at Logan for killing Felix. It was funny that Logan was in the same cell as his father.
  • Awesome.

    This episode was great. Except for the part about Logan getting arrested for Felix's murder. Under the Fifth Ammendment of the Constitution, they can't do that. Logan has already been tried, and cleared of the crime. Other than that mishap, the episode was really good. 49% of Neptune may still like Keith Mars, but the other 51% just haven't opened their eyes yet.
  • Weidman + Veronica

    I really like Kane software's security boss Weidman. He is surrounded in mystery and we still don't know what role Kane Software plays in the whole thing. I liked the fact that this episode was related to the crash. At some points during season one the writers got away from the murder and let Veronica take on a couple of high school cases first. This season seems to be sticking a little bit better to the overall story of the season. Logan meets up with his father again in jail as he was arrested for the murder of Felix. He eventually makes bail, but I didn't see the scene with his father being needed. I didn't like Logan for the first part of season one, then he got with Veronica and I liked him a lot, and now I'm back to not liking him again. Duncan is taking a back role this season and Wallace is taking a couple of episodes off to be with his Dad somewhere else. Even with the loss of some pretty big names and Logans return to being hated by everyone - the show still finds a way to keep me pulled in. Very interested to see if they can pull out this storyline over the entire season.
  • Great episode, full of new developments...

    This episode it's like the turning point so far of te story.

    Logan and Duncan get together and forget there differences and continue there friendship. I love the last scenes when Veronica walks in Duncan apartment and lay on top of Logan thinking that it was Duncan. Jajajaj, very funny...

    Hated the scene of Logan and his father, come on it was unnecesary. His father doesnt even deserve to see Logan, anymore.

    I understanded that Keith was very preocupied for Veronica's well being and the photo he needed was a very funny fact.

    VM rules, it's great that it's gonna be after Gilmore...
  • Veronica helps a dying Abel Koontz find his missing daughter and runs into an old enemy. The sheriff's race is decided and Logan is arrested for Felix's murder. Logan also sees someone he hasn't spoken to in a long time.

    I had started to get a little worried about VM, as the first few episodes of the season weren't quite up to par with season one. However, this episode really got some interesting stuff going. I loved seeing all the people from the Lilly mystery returning, like Weidman and Koontz. It seemed like it really tied up at least some of the loose ends from S1. Logan was great in this episode too, and his conversation with Aaron was heartbreaking. Although I think Aaron is a lying completely, I would be very interested in seeing if his accusation gets to the public, or at least to Duncan or Veronica. Joss Whedon was great in his little role, and the ANTM girl wasn't even that cringe-worthy. All in all, quite a satisfying episode.
  • great episode with 2 guests appearing on the show, and lots of past characters coming back

    I thought this episode was great. Sadly Keith lost the Mayoral election, however, don't rule him out of helping Neptune and solving the crimes. He's looking into the bus that they have risen out of the ocean. Abel Koontz comes back asking for help while he's dying, and we find out that his daugther is dead. It was so sad but sweet when Veronica lied to him and said she was on his way, knowing he only had a day or two to live. Clarence Weedman popping up in the motel room after Veronica was a heart stopper, but made the episode so great. Another mystery to solve, who really killed Abel's daughter. Is it really the diplomat boyfriend? I'm not sure if that storyline is closed yet. But all in all a great episode with lots of information and gripping scenes.
  • An episode that defines season 2.

    I think season 2 is not only about the bus crash. Obviously it is the backbone of the season and it is going to be the end game, but next to that, this season deals with the fallout from season 1's revelations and happenings.

    This episode is a prime example of that: the episode's "higher goal" is to investigate the bus crash but during that, lots of things are happening.

    I loved this episode, and that would be the first reason. Loved the amount of season 1 elements. Clarence Wiedman, Aaron Echolls, Abel Koontz... they were awesome. I especially loved Logan being locked up with Aaron - it was bound to happen, and it finally did. I found it somewhat surprising that Aaron still claims that he didn't kill Lily. And even more surprising that he believes he has a strong case - that he will find a way out of the prison.

    Clarence's involvment was great. Abel appearing at Veronica's at the beginning of the episode was unforeseen and I liked that storyline alot. It started off like any other favour Veronica would do for a random person but ended up being rather dark and twisted - the definition of noir. You mix that with the teen drama and you get classic Veronica Mars.

    Plenty of other things happened too. Keith losing the election while wasn't a surprise it wasn't set up as one(it happened right at the beginning); after the previous episode it was obvious. Keith is not willing to get his hands dirty,whereas Lamb is. Cliff doing Veronica a favor infront of Logan = win. Also, featuring Joss Whedon.... win. Veronica faking a photo gallery picture for his father... win. And really, there were lots of small moments like that.

    The occasional comic relief was great in this episode, so was the rest of it; by the end I did feel sorry for Abel Koontz and it really felt that the plot progressed alot; with style. Bottomline is that I loved this episode, "exactly why I watch this show".
  • The best episode in this season so far. I really enjoy it. There were a lot of amazing turns in it.

    This was the best episode in this season so far. It had some surprising turns and it really let me hope of some other great episodes in the future. So the first thing I was surprised, also when not that much, was that Keith Mars didn’t win the sheriff’s election. But I think it’s good that way. The second part is that Logan and Duncan are friends again, so that they even share a suite together. And the third and maybe biggest surprise was that Veronica in some kind joined forces with one of her biggest opponents Clarence Wiedman. Well in some kind they were a great team. They can reach each others performance easily.
    Logan in jail again, but this time shorter than the last time. Well it will be interesting to know if he really was it. I’m not quite sure of what I think yet. It really could be both. So maybe he’s a killer too. Well then there would be the genes.
    An other point of the story was that Veronicas father learns a lot about his daughter life. I was surprised, that Keith really tries to threaten Aaron Echolls. I mean Aaron obviously tried to kill his daughter twice and he almost killed him. Well it might be not the best tactic, especially after we know Aaron still can pull some strings out of the jail.
    So I really don’t understand why the sheriff isn’t pushing the investigation of the school bus. When he could solve the mystery why all those kids had to die, he really could make some points in the poorer parts of the city. And even the rich ones, would like him for that – I mean when someone (even if it was one of their best friends) really hired a contractor to kill a witness in his trial and some innocent kids were killed because of that, they just want him to be looked away for ever. It’s just my opinion, but I think I’m right at this point here.
    The only thing I really didn’t understand was what the dead rats were doing in that bus. The last scene, when Keith breaks in to take a look for himself. It really confused me.
  • Don't known if I should have used 'exciting' for this cleverly plotted episode. (Includes recap of episode)

    In this exciting and cleverly plotted episode many things happen. Results of the sheriff election are confirmed, Abel Kootnz and Clarence Wiedman return, a father-son reunion is made, and more clues are discovered.
    Veronica is still saddened by the abscence of Wallace who is with his biological dad but has sent her his new e-mail address to keep in touch and is also upset over her dad losing the election. She goes to Mars Investigations and there at the door finds a drunken and health fading Abel Kootnz who needs Veronica to help find his daughter before he dies.
    Logan is again charged with the murder of Felix after the passing motorist from the night of the murder comes forward and Logan is acting like an uncaring and sarcastic dweeb over it. When he's at the county jail, he comes face-to-face with his convicted dad Aaron Echollos who tells Logan that Duncan was responsible for Lilly's murder and not him which Logan doesn't buy. Meanwhile, Weevil and his gang set fire to Logan's house out of anger over Logan getting bail over Felix's murder and Duncan takes him in, much to Veronica's displeasure.
    Veronica also teams up with her enemy Clarence Weidman to find Kootnz's daughter, Amelia and end up finding her dead at a motel in an ice cooler. So, Veronica lies to Abel on his deathbed saying that Amelia is in the Himalayas and trying to get to Neptune and tells him she's happy much to Abel's happiness.
    Meanwhile there are many questions to be answered. Will Wallace come back soon? What is it that Keith discovers on the ruined bus and is it the cause of the crash? and who was it that really murdered Felix?
    When Veronica discovered Amelia's body and Clarence showed up in the motel room I really got scared and thought it was him. And will Logan ever take his charges seriously now that Weevil and his gang want him to pay for the murder? It was great to have Harry Hamlin back for this episode. I had a feeling he'd appear again since Veronica discovered his character, Aaron and murder victim, Curly were old chums. And when will Sheriff Lamb stop being conceded and a know it all? And when will they bring back Kyle Gallner who plays Cassidy 'Beaver' Casablancas and have Guttenberg back as Woody Goodman? And Cliff returns to bring his comic side, his and Veronica's phone converstation was quite funny.
    As for next week's episode , it looks pretty intense and has grabbed my attention and anxiousness to see it. All in all, this was an awesome episode that has made the show keep up to its standards that make it superb.
  • Lots of Logan, Yay! Lots of sad Logan, Boo!

    I thought this was a good episode lots of things going and lots of shocking moments.
    Clarence Weidman was good and i didn't find him that scary this episode even when he hung the guy out of the window (
    Lots of Logan which is always a good thing even though nothing seemed to be going well for him - arrested for a crime (which i believe he didn't commit), stuck in a jail cell with his murdering dad (who unbelievably tried to blame Duncan, whatever!) and then his house got burned down but at least he got a cuddle from Veronica, even though she 'supposedly' thought it was Duncan, hmm im not buying that although i am a LoVe shipper so i wouldn't want to.
    Although one thing i am annoyed about is it seems like they're definetly not going to bring back Charisma Charpenter which i think is shame as she didn't really get to do much, apart from make out with Jason Dohring, Lucky Girl!
    I'm actually kind of glad Keith didn't become sherrif coz that would kind of ruin the point the show although i don't know how long i can continue watching Lamb as sherrif because he is just such a jackass.
    Apart from a few nitpicks this was an overall good episode but then any episode of 'Veronica Mars' is enjoyable just because it's 'Veronica Mars' and also the many scenes with Jason Dohring.
  • So what didn't happen in this episode?? There's practically more going on in this one episode than the entire first season! But is that a good thing?

    I'm not going to list everything that happened this week. If you saw it, you know. There's shocking discoveries in just about every scene. The Veronica and Clarance team was just as great to watch as I would have hoped. Clarance is just great. But I must say, the plot twist in the Amelia story was a little more predictable than what I think the show writers are capable of.

    And then there's the rest of the story. So much happened with Logan and I loved all the scenes with Cliff. Aaron was great as well, and then of course there's Joss. He didn't come off quite as mean as I think was intended, but I'll forgive him because it's Joss. Kevin Smith certainly did a better job from the second episode.

    And then there's Keith who's acting more like his daughter in this episode. Keith has far less limitations than Veronica in going after the facts, so it's nice to see him really get involved in the the bus crash mystery.
  • What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

    OK. First of all.

    GIA: What do you think about Dick?
    Veronica: ....
    Veronica: Oh, Dick Casablancas? Haha! How could the writers get away with this?(Well, this ain't the first time they do a joke like this, but... wow... I rofl'd). Onto the episode: a masterpiece, that's what it was. A nice amount of callback to season 1 which connects the current storylines with season 1's.

    I wanted to mention it in my previous review, but forgot to. Anyway the last episode showed how Keith tried to play nice and clean instead of playing dirty like Lamb, and the results are in: Keith lost the election. Only by 1 percent, but he did. So yes. The world is unfair.

    Anyways, in a nutshell:

    Logan's arrested
    Logan meets up with Aaron
    Aaron still denies he killed Lily
    Keith finds out about Curly's handwriting
    Abel Koontz visits Veronica
    Veronica tracks down the now-dead Amelia Veronica teams up with her season 1 nemesis, Clarence
    Logan's house is burnt down by Weevil and co
    Logan moves in with Duncan
    Keith finds a rat under a seat of the bus that crashed
    Oh! And Joss Whedon guest stars! HA!

    That's about it . Lots of things going on, lots of developments, suspense from start to finish, really well done.

    I like dark toned episodes - like this one. Noir and Veronica Mars are amazing together, so yea, that alone sold this episode to me. The little things in this episode were actualyl what made it a perfect 10 for me. Just some examples : Cliff returning and doing a favour for Veronica right infront of Logan. Veronica faking a picture just to calm Keith down. Veronica's one sided conversations with Wallace, etc

    The occasional comic relief that you except from a VM episode was of course present and It was probably even better than usual. Veronica thinking Logan is Duncan, The Dick joke, Logan's TiVo comment, the receptionist(Naughty doesn't have an O in it)..and the list goes on..

    Season 2 is just a masterpiece so far, I'd say the season average is around 9.5 right now.
  • How much did this one rock?!

    When you get the return of Harry Hamlin, Able Koontz (Am I spelling that right? Who knows?), and nasty security guy AND an appearance from Joss Whedon, you know you're in for something pretty special. Well okay, you knows it's sweeps, but still.
    Plot- who cares? (Although it was great as ever) Weevil's back! (Ithink he was in the last ep, but hardly- here there's loooooooooooots of him!) Finally we get some progression of the Felix murder case; Daddy Mars was right- the writers like him poor, and there's the death of someone we've seen before! (Don't worry, it's no one too important).
    The comedy's back on form also, after a slight lapse last time- Logan talking about being on a video link with Martha Stewart, Veronica suggesting the evil Kane security guy calls himself to escort her out of the building, and the public defender guy's reading of Logan's statements in the witness report: "that *expletive* *racial expletive* *expletive* had it coming". High-larious!
    Also very cool was Veronica playing a double handed tag-team for Joss Whedon, and his junior was pretty great.
    Then there was the pretty devestating heartbreak at Koontz' bedside, where Veronica comes through as the incredible girl we know she is.
    Finally the ending- pretty dam wierd. It's possible my copy of the ending was wrong, but I'm pretty sure that was a rat stuck to the bottom of a seat in the bus- and that would make sense in the context of the ep title, if nothing else. Pretty strange, but I get the feeling, pretty important.
    All in all, Rob Thomas and friends pulled out all the stops here for an excellent episode- it takes a week of no Veronica to really realize it tuely is the best show on television, and compared to Lost's rather lacklustre offering this week- another castaway dies, and it has exactly nothing to do with the island's mystery- why the hell bother? If there were any justice in the world, Veronica would be the show that's a constant fixture in the top ten nielsons ratings, and Lost would be the one struggling away at- what is it?- 90, 99? Still, at least it's up from last year!
  • Definitely the best episode of the season. Great reveals, great set ups as usual. It's only going to get better and better.

    I was priveleged enough to be on set when the filmed parts of this episode. Nine hours of shooting for the party scene at Duncan's house shown at the beginning where Logan was arrested.

    I thought that it was classic teaming up Clarence with Veronica. It was great how despite their different methods, they seemed to mesh so well.

    Finally, the rat taped to the bottom of the seat at the end of the episode. Was that where Veronica was sitting? It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. All signs definitely point to someone wanting to off Veronica. I'd like to see if something develops when and if Meg awakens.
  • So many things happened in this episode it is going to take a while to figure out how everything is connected.

    Veronica is missing her some Wallice and so am I. The episode was just no the same. There is so much that happened this episode. Keith lost the race for Sheriff. But continued to investigate the bomb crash. Kontz daughter was murdered by a former boyfriend. I have no idea if that conection is going to be linked to another mystery. Keith in the final moments of the show was investigating the bus and it looks like he found remnince of a bomb. Logan got arrested again for Felix's murder because the person who gave the anoynomus tip came forward. So Weevile decided to burn his house down, so now Logan is bunking with Duncan. This situation provided the best scene of the night with Vernoica ploing on to of who she presumed was Duncan but was actually Logan. Previews for Next week I think is going to be a tearjerker.