Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 6

Rat Saw God

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on UPN

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  • Don't known if I should have used 'exciting' for this cleverly plotted episode. (Includes recap of episode)

    In this exciting and cleverly plotted episode many things happen. Results of the sheriff election are confirmed, Abel Kootnz and Clarence Wiedman return, a father-son reunion is made, and more clues are discovered.
    Veronica is still saddened by the abscence of Wallace who is with his biological dad but has sent her his new e-mail address to keep in touch and is also upset over her dad losing the election. She goes to Mars Investigations and there at the door finds a drunken and health fading Abel Kootnz who needs Veronica to help find his daughter before he dies.
    Logan is again charged with the murder of Felix after the passing motorist from the night of the murder comes forward and Logan is acting like an uncaring and sarcastic dweeb over it. When he's at the county jail, he comes face-to-face with his convicted dad Aaron Echollos who tells Logan that Duncan was responsible for Lilly's murder and not him which Logan doesn't buy. Meanwhile, Weevil and his gang set fire to Logan's house out of anger over Logan getting bail over Felix's murder and Duncan takes him in, much to Veronica's displeasure.
    Veronica also teams up with her enemy Clarence Weidman to find Kootnz's daughter, Amelia and end up finding her dead at a motel in an ice cooler. So, Veronica lies to Abel on his deathbed saying that Amelia is in the Himalayas and trying to get to Neptune and tells him she's happy much to Abel's happiness.
    Meanwhile there are many questions to be answered. Will Wallace come back soon? What is it that Keith discovers on the ruined bus and is it the cause of the crash? and who was it that really murdered Felix?
    When Veronica discovered Amelia's body and Clarence showed up in the motel room I really got scared and thought it was him. And will Logan ever take his charges seriously now that Weevil and his gang want him to pay for the murder? It was great to have Harry Hamlin back for this episode. I had a feeling he'd appear again since Veronica discovered his character, Aaron and murder victim, Curly were old chums. And when will Sheriff Lamb stop being conceded and a know it all? And when will they bring back Kyle Gallner who plays Cassidy 'Beaver' Casablancas and have Guttenberg back as Woody Goodman? And Cliff returns to bring his comic side, his and Veronica's phone converstation was quite funny.
    As for next week's episode , it looks pretty intense and has grabbed my attention and anxiousness to see it. All in all, this was an awesome episode that has made the show keep up to its standards that make it superb.