Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 6

Rat Saw God

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on UPN

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  • The best episode in this season so far. I really enjoy it. There were a lot of amazing turns in it.

    This was the best episode in this season so far. It had some surprising turns and it really let me hope of some other great episodes in the future. So the first thing I was surprised, also when not that much, was that Keith Mars didn’t win the sheriff’s election. But I think it’s good that way. The second part is that Logan and Duncan are friends again, so that they even share a suite together. And the third and maybe biggest surprise was that Veronica in some kind joined forces with one of her biggest opponents Clarence Wiedman. Well in some kind they were a great team. They can reach each others performance easily.
    Logan in jail again, but this time shorter than the last time. Well it will be interesting to know if he really was it. I’m not quite sure of what I think yet. It really could be both. So maybe he’s a killer too. Well then there would be the genes.
    An other point of the story was that Veronicas father learns a lot about his daughter life. I was surprised, that Keith really tries to threaten Aaron Echolls. I mean Aaron obviously tried to kill his daughter twice and he almost killed him. Well it might be not the best tactic, especially after we know Aaron still can pull some strings out of the jail.
    So I really don’t understand why the sheriff isn’t pushing the investigation of the school bus. When he could solve the mystery why all those kids had to die, he really could make some points in the poorer parts of the city. And even the rich ones, would like him for that – I mean when someone (even if it was one of their best friends) really hired a contractor to kill a witness in his trial and some innocent kids were killed because of that, they just want him to be looked away for ever. It’s just my opinion, but I think I’m right at this point here.
    The only thing I really didn’t understand was what the dead rats were doing in that bus. The last scene, when Keith breaks in to take a look for himself. It really confused me.
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