Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 6

Rat Saw God

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on UPN

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  • Veronica helps a dying Abel Koontz find his missing daughter and runs into an old enemy. The sheriff's race is decided and Logan is arrested for Felix's murder. Logan also sees someone he hasn't spoken to in a long time.

    I had started to get a little worried about VM, as the first few episodes of the season weren't quite up to par with season one. However, this episode really got some interesting stuff going. I loved seeing all the people from the Lilly mystery returning, like Weidman and Koontz. It seemed like it really tied up at least some of the loose ends from S1. Logan was great in this episode too, and his conversation with Aaron was heartbreaking. Although I think Aaron is a lying completely, I would be very interested in seeing if his accusation gets to the public, or at least to Duncan or Veronica. Joss Whedon was great in his little role, and the ANTM girl wasn't even that cringe-worthy. All in all, quite a satisfying episode.