Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 6

Rat Saw God

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on UPN

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  • How much did this one rock?!

    When you get the return of Harry Hamlin, Able Koontz (Am I spelling that right? Who knows?), and nasty security guy AND an appearance from Joss Whedon, you know you're in for something pretty special. Well okay, you knows it's sweeps, but still.
    Plot- who cares? (Although it was great as ever) Weevil's back! (Ithink he was in the last ep, but hardly- here there's loooooooooooots of him!) Finally we get some progression of the Felix murder case; Daddy Mars was right- the writers like him poor, and there's the death of someone we've seen before! (Don't worry, it's no one too important).
    The comedy's back on form also, after a slight lapse last time- Logan talking about being on a video link with Martha Stewart, Veronica suggesting the evil Kane security guy calls himself to escort her out of the building, and the public defender guy's reading of Logan's statements in the witness report: "that *expletive* *racial expletive* *expletive* had it coming". High-larious!
    Also very cool was Veronica playing a double handed tag-team for Joss Whedon, and his junior was pretty great.
    Then there was the pretty devestating heartbreak at Koontz' bedside, where Veronica comes through as the incredible girl we know she is.
    Finally the ending- pretty dam wierd. It's possible my copy of the ending was wrong, but I'm pretty sure that was a rat stuck to the bottom of a seat in the bus- and that would make sense in the context of the ep title, if nothing else. Pretty strange, but I get the feeling, pretty important.
    All in all, Rob Thomas and friends pulled out all the stops here for an excellent episode- it takes a week of no Veronica to really realize it tuely is the best show on television, and compared to Lost's rather lacklustre offering this week- another castaway dies, and it has exactly nothing to do with the island's mystery- why the hell bother? If there were any justice in the world, Veronica would be the show that's a constant fixture in the top ten nielsons ratings, and Lost would be the one struggling away at- what is it?- 90, 99? Still, at least it's up from last year!