Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 6

Rat Saw God

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on UPN

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  • What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

    OK. First of all.

    GIA: What do you think about Dick?
    Veronica: ....
    Veronica: Oh, Dick Casablancas? Haha! How could the writers get away with this?(Well, this ain't the first time they do a joke like this, but... wow... I rofl'd). Onto the episode: a masterpiece, that's what it was. A nice amount of callback to season 1 which connects the current storylines with season 1's.

    I wanted to mention it in my previous review, but forgot to. Anyway the last episode showed how Keith tried to play nice and clean instead of playing dirty like Lamb, and the results are in: Keith lost the election. Only by 1 percent, but he did. So yes. The world is unfair.

    Anyways, in a nutshell:

    Logan's arrested
    Logan meets up with Aaron
    Aaron still denies he killed Lily
    Keith finds out about Curly's handwriting
    Abel Koontz visits Veronica
    Veronica tracks down the now-dead Amelia Veronica teams up with her season 1 nemesis, Clarence
    Logan's house is burnt down by Weevil and co
    Logan moves in with Duncan
    Keith finds a rat under a seat of the bus that crashed
    Oh! And Joss Whedon guest stars! HA!

    That's about it . Lots of things going on, lots of developments, suspense from start to finish, really well done.

    I like dark toned episodes - like this one. Noir and Veronica Mars are amazing together, so yea, that alone sold this episode to me. The little things in this episode were actualyl what made it a perfect 10 for me. Just some examples : Cliff returning and doing a favour for Veronica right infront of Logan. Veronica faking a picture just to calm Keith down. Veronica's one sided conversations with Wallace, etc

    The occasional comic relief that you except from a VM episode was of course present and It was probably even better than usual. Veronica thinking Logan is Duncan, The Dick joke, Logan's TiVo comment, the receptionist(Naughty doesn't have an O in it)..and the list goes on..

    Season 2 is just a masterpiece so far, I'd say the season average is around 9.5 right now.
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