Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 6

Rat Saw God

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • When Veronica is doing the video chat, the preview window of her own video shows what the camera for the TV show records and not what the webcam records. You can even see the webcam clipped to the notebook in the preview window.

    • At the motel, we don't see Veronica's room number for the first room she buys, but we see that the rooms on the sides are #109 and #111, meaning her room is #110. #110 is the number of her apartment and the number on the locker used for fake IDs in the episode "Clash of the Tritons".

  • Quotes

    • Veronica: (voiceover) At least, at the end of the day, I get to curl up with my adorable, honest boyfriend.
      (Veronica lies on top of Logan thinking it's Duncan)
      Logan: It's the sweater, isn't it? Chicks can't resist argyle.
      Veronica: Please let go of me.
      Logan: Ever the tease.

    • Veronica: Cliff, come on, you owe me.
      Cliff: I owe you? Who unconfiscated all your fake college IDs?
      Veronica: Who got the Lincoln out of your ex's name?
      Cliff: Well, who helped put that lien against Lee's Walk-In Donut?
      Veronica: And who proved that stripper was color-blind?
      Cliff: Okay, who am I calling and what am I giving them?

    • Logan: And what exactly did I say, huh?
      Cliff: 'The expletive racial expletive had it maternal expletive coming.'

    • Logan: So, my tax dollars at work. Where were you, getting thirds at the Crazy Girls lunch buffet?
      Cliff: Actually, they discontinued the buffet. Some health code thing. Okay, my name is Cliff, I'll be your if-you-cannot-afford-an-attorney attorney. So. What are you trying to prove?
      Logan: Um... my innocence?

    • Aaron: Now, did you come all the way out here just to give me that tough-guy speech?
      Keith: No, I came all the way out here to show you how easily I can get to you.

    • Veronica: I'm looking for someone.
      Motel Manager: Well if it's me, congratulations. Otherwise, unless you get lucky at the Gas-n-Sip, your options are pretty limited around here.

    • (after Keith loses out to Lamb in the election)
      Keith: Well, we'll get them in 2010, folks! Thanks for all the good work.
      Cliff: Ah, look on the bright side, 49% of Neptune still likes you.

    • (Veronica catches motel manager googling something)
      Veronica: Actually, there's no 'o' in 'naughty'.
      Motel manager: It's 'knotty' with a 'k' like a pine. It's research.
      Veronica: Knotty schoolgirls. What will they think of next?

    • Logan: They gave me a lawyer.
      Aaron: A real lawyer, not some public servant with a mail-order diploma and a three hundred dollar suit.
      Cliff: Two for five hundred, actually, but your point remains valid.

    • Veronica: (voiceover) Ibiza. I'd follow up in person, but Dad's pretty conservative about fact-finding trips abroad.

    • Officer: Number four, step forward!
      Logan: Oh, wow, I'm stunned. You like me! You really like me! Well first, I'd just like to say the other, uh, nominees are all such wonderfully gifted criminals. And I wanna thank my agent, and my publicist, for always shooting me from the left side.

    • Veronica: Well, to begin with, my colleague is an unbearable Nazi who couldn't find his own ass with a mirror and a miner's hat.

    • Veronica: Wow. Where'd you learn that interrogation technique?
      Clarence Wiedman: Harvard. That's a pretty convincing hysterical routine you got. Where'd you learn that?
      Veronica: Watching cheerleading tryout results.

    • Hector: Seriously, Bro. People are saying stuff, man.
      Weevil: What do you mean, 'stuff'?
      Hector: I mean, my little brother, the other day, asked me if it's true that PCH stands for Panty Club for Homos.

    • Dick: Wait, did I miss a state proposition or something? Is it now a crime to kill a Mexican?

    • Deputy Sachs: Sheriff would like to have a word with you.
      Logan: And I'd like to be the cream filling of an Olsen twins sandwich, but...

    • Dick: Dude. My stepmom?
      Logan: I'm a total piece of crap.
      Dick: Better you than the cable guy, I guess. And I'd be lying to say if I never perved on your mom while she was prancin' around the pool in that hardly there bikini of hers.
      Logan: Great. So no hard feelings?
      Dick: No, she gave me a few.

    • Veronica: Congrats on your old man. Guess that makes you like Neptune's first daughter? Are you ready for all the parade waving and ribbon cutting?
      Gia: I thought I'd go more Bush twins style. You know, public drunkenness, sluttiness, and minor scandals. Speaking of which, what do you think about Dick?
      Veronica: Uhhh... Casablancas, I assume. Well, what can I say? Dick is just... Dick.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Company name: Lariat Rental Car

      Veronica gains information from Amelia DeLongpre's rental car company, the fictitious 'Lariat Rental Car'. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully nearly always rented their cars on The X-Files at 'Lariat Rental Car'.

    • Logan: Seriously though, I was reading The Third Wheel: A Beginner's Guide...

      There is no such book but he could have been alluding to the 2002 movie The Third Wheel starring Luke Wilson, Denise Richards and Ben Affleck.

    • Veronica: World-Telecom. I texted you the number I need run. Nothing melts an operator's heart like an overwrought Fred MacMurray. You're a stud, Cliff.

      Fred MacMurray was a Hollywood actor whose most famous role was that of the slightly stammering Steve Douglas, the widowed patriarch of three sons on the CBS TV series, My Three Sons.

    • Logan: You like me. You really like me.

      This is a quote that Sally Field famously said during her acceptance speech when she won the Academy Award.

    • Episode Title: Rat Saw God

      Allusion to the novel Rats Saw God by series creator Rob Thomas.

    • Aaron: You know, if they'd give you enough press, you'd find a way to put me on the grassy knoll.

      The official story of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has him shot by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, from the Book Depository building in Dealey Plaza. However, many conspiracy theorists claim there was at least one other shooter, and perhaps the most popular theory puts a shooter on the grassy knoll overlooking the assassination site.

    • Logan: Best thing about two days in jail? Two days worth of Ellen on the TiVo.

      A reference to Ellen DeGeneres' hit daytime talk show.