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    i love this show gutted it was over and loved the movie too
  • Ok show

    It's CSI for teenagers.

    Between the teenage drama and "which boy do I like best" kinda stuff, most episode plots are ok (I mean, way better than CSI, but they win in terms of quantity). If you like that kind of crime puzzle shows, this is a winner. The drama is bearable and most of the time blends in with the crimey part.

    The other negative point I have to address is the constant rape theme. It marks a mild presence in the first 2 seasons, but omg do they abuse it in the third season. Ok, let's just say the third season is the most probable reason why it was cancelled. They exploited that which was already overexploited and changed the trademarked theme song from the "let's rock" mode to the "hey, babe, come here, let's make a baby" mode. So, yes, apart from that, it was fun.

    It's not the best show I've seen, but it's ok.
  • bring it back now

    Bring back veronica mars on tv
  • Unforgettable

    Out of the many shows I have watched, this is definitely one of the best, if not best. Now with the movie and novels, the short-lived show is making a small comeback.
  • Perfect

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this show, was perfect. I wish it had gone longer, but I am really looking forward to the movie :)
  • Veronica mars best show EVER

    Veronica Mars is one of the best shows in tv

    i love the relationship between Logan and Veronica they are perfect together!

    can't wait for the movie
  • Funny and smart

    I just love a show where there's a girl who's not all looks and no brains. For some reason I never really liked Kristen Bell. And this is weird because I had never seen anything with her on it. But after a Veronica Mars marathon I need to watch her other work. HUUUGE girl crush.

    Veronica Mars is an exciting series about a girl solving crimes while trying to live her "normal" teenage life. Every season has one bigger plot line and then basically each episode has it's own smaller thing going on.

    Looking forward to the Veronica Mars movie. The series ended too suddenly. Hopefully the movie is going to give some sort of closure.
  • MOVIE!

    We're going to get a Veronica Mars movie, everyone!!! Heck yeah!!!
  • Huge Fan!

    Veronica Mars is a clever, exciting comedy about a young private detective who works alongside her father to solve crimes. When I first heard the description, I was very sceptical about it, but after the first episode I was hooked. I own all three seasons and have watched every episode many times.

    Veronica is a relatable, loveable character, as are the others in this show. Each season centres around a major crime that has taken place, and each episode is rich with witty dialogue and captivating plots which slowly untangle the major crime.

    There has never been a show similar to it, and there never will be again.
  • Similar to Veronica Mars

    Someone recommended a series that they described as a sillier version of Veronica Mars called "The Bar Series". Looked pretty funny.
  • WTF? I'm angry!!!

    Why was this show cancelled? So stupid decision...!
  • WTF...

    WTF happen on the last episode.....HOPE U ALL DIE for taking this tv serie off. WTF why cant u guys make just 2 more freaking episode. Stupid f.. people. taking off good series just like Firefly..
  • So many great shows were canceled over the last year. This was one that really was great, and had a bright future imo.

    Acting and writing were 9+ and the storyline did well from going from a high school sleuth into a college one. Very great, and it was leading into having Veronica going into the FBI. A nice transitional show with great surprises and well, I don't know what else to say. If you haven't seen the series, do. Great stuff. There are rumors that they will make a movie...these rumors are what brought me here to do a review. Like another great show that was cancelled, firefly, I think a movie that will put a period on the end of an unfinished sentence would be wonderful. :D
  • Follow up!?!?!?

    I love this show. To this very day I have to sit down and watch it if it comes on, and I wish there could be a follow up movie. The way the show ended just left every viewer asking, "what if...?" Why not give us some more of the sassy Veronica Mars we know and love?
  • Beverly Hills 90210 meets Magnum, P.I. mixed with a little bit of Twin Peeks

    I tuned in to Veronica Mars by pure chance and I am so glad I did. From the first minute I was hooked, and I couldn’t wait to find out who the killer of Lilly Kane was and who raped Veronica Mars.

    Sure there were some not so good episodes during the season, but it was amazing how the writers came up with new cases for the young blond and match them with the main story arc. Really well done, guys!

    But the main attraction of this show is Kristen Bell. She plays the cute and funny P.I. so well; it is just a delight to watch her, especially her witty remarks and her unique way of punishing people is just awesome and would make even Josh Wheadon proud.

    I hope Rob Thomas and Jed Seidel can come up with a new and equally exciting story arc other the next season.
  • Veronica Mars....A Show that Will Stand the Test of Time

    There has been no show that has stayed with me the way Veronica Mars has long after it has ended...its dialogue, the characters, its original take on is a show that I will watch off and on for the rest of my life.

    I was intrigued as soon as I heard Veronica say in the pilot, "you want to know how I lost my virginity? So do I..." but it was mid first season that I knew this was something special. The heart of the show, I believe, is the relationship between Veronica and Keith, which really comes to fruition in the 1st season finale and the start of season 2, and Kristen and Enrico bring a tenderness and depth to their portrayal of father and daughter who are sometimes at odds but always have each others backs that has never been seen before or since.

    Veronica Mars does something that is incredibly difficult to pull off: it creates a mystery arc that it sustains with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing ( and more importantly, interested), which is already difficult enough...but it does the nearly has that arc and mystery pay off in the end..and it pays off in spades!

    Veronica Mars greatest achievement though may be that it follows a season as inspired as its 1st with what some argue is an even better season 2, continuing its superior writing with a season and mystery that is connected somewhat to the 1st but stands on its own: it does not make the classic mistake of making the 2nd season of a successful show feel like just more episodes of the 1st, I'll be honest, I didn't think they would be able to do was I pleasantly surprised.

    Thre you have it, my diatribe about Veronica Mars.... it is a show I cannot recommend highly enough. The combination of clever, original writing (of which no other show can hold a candle to, with the possible exception of DEXTER) and a cast so perfectly chosen you can't imagine anyone else playing these roles, led of course by the mercurial Kristen Bell, who infuses Veronica with such heart and grace, snark and wit, that had this show been on a major network, I truly believe Kristen would have nominated for, and deserved to win, emmy awards. She is that good. I guess you could say I'm a fan! haha

    Side note: My favourite episode is Season 2's "Not Pictured" , the season finale that I would put up against anything on television, past or present, for pure drama, writing, and performance. Period.

    cheers, Kevin

  • Partners in crime...worth my time!

    Nothing is cooler than to hear about a family business be successful, but it's also great role play with "Veronica Mars". This show to me is similar to those documentaries, sci fi action shows, and an updated version of x files where we as citizens get to experience a paranormal activity. Except, VM is our head navigator through our crazy journey with the show. Being a detective does not look easy... and I'll assume being "V.M." isn't either.
  • Veronica Mars Another Great Show.

    Another excellent show that I couldn't stop watching!!
  • Love this show!

    I couldn't stop watching this show once I started, I loved it and am on my second time viewing the entire series I wish they would've given us at least a couple rap up episodes so we knew how everything ended, this show should have never been cut but then it seems all the good shows end and the crap ones remain.... like all the science fiction series out now I hate them I'd like to see more shows like this taking up time slots
  • The one show you MUST watch before you die.


    Veronica Mars. She's intelligent, witty, somewhat rude. Extremely loyal to those she loves. Insecure, but tough. Believe it or not: This show nailed it. They made a realistic female character who was not just a sidekick, but the main character. Veronica is not perfect, but that is why we love her. I love her as much for her sometimes unjust anger outbursts and her trust issues as for her charm and intelligence.

    It's refreshing to see a show with a female star that is NOT mostly about boys. Veronica stands her own ground. She dates, she's not afraid to show it - this show deals with teenage romance in a great and realistic way. No moralistic "do not have sex" and no over-the top "sex sells" scenes. It's great to see Veronica kick ass, and the interactions (along with the plot) are the best things about this show. The interactions between Veronica and Wallace, not to mention Veronica and her father - one of the best parent/child relations ever written for tv. And, the one relationship to trumph them all: Logan and Veronica.

    Fans focus so much on that relationship, and it's very important to me that it is in no way the main plot of the series - like so many other shows with female leads. But it does become an important part. There is no way to explain that relationship. It redefined what relationships should be like. Since I found Logan, no real men can compare. At the same time, his character is also very realistic - and he's got just the look that sometimes makes you think of a grown man and sometimes a sweet little child. The relationship is truly as epic as Logan explained it in season 2.

    Veronica Mars is the one show that has it all - a wonderful story, well-written and realistic characters, great actors. You won't realize what television should be like unless you dive into this show. Do it. You will NOT regret. It sometimes asks political questions, but not in an intrusive or moralistic way. It is funny, at the same time it deals with serious matters - such as murder, rape, mental illness, child abuse and betrayal - amongst other things. No character is black or white. The twists will leave you breathless.

  • Veronica Mars is about a girl who's best friend whas murderd.She goes on in life trying to live out her life as best as she can. She already found out who murderd her best friend lily kane.She is attending Hearst college with some new and old charters.

    Veronica Mars is a really good show. What i really love about it is the mystery and how the charters really fit well together. Also how much logan and veroica are such a good couple on screen. I mean it's beautiful how well they fit together it really is. Veronica Mars keeps you hooked you always want to know what will next. This show is good. The writing is great you know the can be serious one minute and make a joke the next. And it'll all just fit in prefectly. Even though i fell that some of the eposides in the second season wen't as good as they were in the fist one so i'm hoping to see some of that brought back in the third season. But other than that the show is really good.
  • More than a classic.

    Words can't express how much I admire and love this show. Seriously, every time I think about it I am at a loss for words. This was the show that was so underrate by the audience that I can't believe. Meanwhile, it developed a cult following beyond my expectations. This was the one show that will never forget in my life.

    I remember having this on DVD and putting it aside saying that I will watch it one day, but I kept putting it off. I kept hearing from other people how great it was and I finally picked it up - and damn, I was bedazzled.

    I went through the first first in two-three weeks, an episode per day, and that was the best way to watch it, to fully appreciate each episode. Rob Thomas, the main writer, did a brilliant job. The storyline during the first season kept me interested and at the edge of my seat the entire time. And I have to admit - I never suspected until the very end who was Lily's killer. To add more to the already wonderful series, the actors were amazing. Kristen Bell did amazingly in the role of Veronica, and so did her the secondary characters, but really she was the main thing. Also, I can totally see why they showed more of Amanda Seyfriend - she was great as flashback Lily.

    Thinking that there was no way season two could top season one, I went ahead to watch that one as well. And really, I don't even know what words to use to describe my fascination with the show after that season. It was even more cleverly plotted and tied together than I could imagine. I love the season-long plots with slow revelations throughout the season. After the first two seasons, I knew I would always think of this show as one of the best I have ever seen.

    Season three introduced a different format, but it was just as great as the first two. Maybe it wasn't as amazing as the first two, but it was still superb and it never made my doubt my love for this show (does this sound strange in any way?). And then the show was canceled. I will truly never forgive the CW for canceling this show. Holding onto such cr*p as those teen shows and canceling this one? Really, I lost all respect I ever had for this network.
  • A friend got me onto this show about a week ago i have now seen all 3 season am bery disappointed only 3 seasons but the most dissapointment was logan and veronica wasnt together at the end they was a awesome couple and they ruined it for me

    A friend got me onto this show about a week ago i have now seen all 3 season am bery disappointed only 3 seasons but the most dissapointment was logan and veronica wasnt together at the end they was a awesome couple and they ruined it for me...all in all was a very good show tho just am so bummed logan and veronica wernt together would be nice if they made a movie and got them together til the end then i would walk away a happy customer oh well will just have to continue bein disappointed. Would rate the show highly tho
  • Perfect mix of the grim and gritty.

    An undiscovered masterpiece which makes it even more fabulous in the sea of teen dramas overburdened by various ships and predictable lame storyline. The brilliance and the cynicism of Veronica Mars cannot be compared to the sea of cheesy high school soap operas we are exposed to daily. What's real in this show is that every character is complicated and has layers in their personality. The bad guy isn't all bad, and the good guy isn't so great either. There's just this gray area - just the way people are.

    One thing is certain this show is not for intelligence impaired people
  • It was Nancy Drew, minus the dull parts, plus intelligence and a striking love story. It was one of my favorite shows.

    As soon as Veronica Mars first opened her mouth I knew we would get a long just fine. She told the story of her life, the murder of her best friend and all the other drama with just the perfect mixture of cool intelligence and passion. She was smart. She was cool. She had a hate relationship with her dead bestfriend's boyfriend, whom was really hot. She interacted with mc-gangs and spied on men cheating on their wives. I really liked this girl. I really wish that Veronica Mars had not been cancelled so soon. I wanted to see how her life turned out, and what was so great about the show is that I found almost all of the characters (at least those from season 1 and 2) really interesting, never-minding if I liked them or not. I wanted to see how it turned out. Veronica Mars was a great show!
  • Humorous, fun to watch, educational in a way and very interesting.

    Well, when i saw my first episode of Veronica Mars i was hooked.
    The show has a major plot over the season , full with unexpected plot twist and a very interesting end. But what makes the show so good in my point of view is the smaller stories each episode with a small addition to the main plot. Also Kristin Bell is perfectly casted for as Veronica and acts very good. Also the other actors are all very convincing as the characters they play. So if you are looking for a fun show to watch , i seriously recommend Veronica mars , the plot is awesome , the acting fits the characters very well and there is tons of humour in it. So definitely watch this show!!
  • The day TV died.

    When the CW cancelled Gilmore Girls AND Veronica Mars two years ago, they really killed the only two decent shows they had.

    I mean, what's not to like about Veronica Mars? The storylines were just awesome, the cast was brilliant and the dialogues were so clever and funny. When I see that some shows like 7th Heaven, 90210, Gossip Girl (no offense for the fans) and so many others are renewed over and over again I really don't understand why VM didn't get another shot. There were still so many stories to tell. It looked like Rob Thomas was planning a flash forward so that Veronica was already a FBI agent.
    That would have been so cool.
    And what about Vinnie being a sherif? Keith being a PI again? Dick and Mac getting closer? Wallace becoming a Doctor Without Border?
    And more importantly what about Veronica and Logan?

    Yes, the show was great from beginning to end but I still feel a little bitter about the fact that Veronica and Logan didn't get back together at the end. At least not officially because the way they looked at each other in the cafeteria left no doubt as to how they felt for each other.

    This couple is certainly one of the best ever seen on TV along with Luke and Lorelai and Tony and Ziva (IMO). Logan was so right when he said that their story was epic.
    That's what I liked about them. Things were not easy between them. They hurt each other a lot, but their passion was so dense.
    They deserved a better ending.

    Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that a movie/TV movie will someday come out. That would be a great reward for the devoted and faitfhful fans but also for the show itself that deserved a decent closure.
  • Best show ever?

    I loved this show. I loved the characters, I cared for the sidekicks, I got engaged in their (clever and hilarious, btw!) jokes, problems, lives... and I miss them like I'd miss friends that aren't around anymore.
    (Honestly - this role is the best one Enrico Colantoni ever did. He is absolutely WONDERFUL as Chief Mars!)

    Logan and Veronica were perfectly imperfect for eachother and I adored how they were seemingly so different, but still fit together like two pieces of the same entity. Fantastic acting on both their parts!

    I adored the storylines - how there was always a bigger plot to solve, but that life went on and Veronica kept busy with her PI'ing and with being a teenager. She pissed me off sometimes, with her stubbornness, but it was understandable all the way up to season three which I didn't like nearly as much as the first two ones (thus bringing the grade down from what had been a solid 10+ with several gold stars) and I just can and could not stand Piz.

    After viewing this show from beginning to end SO many times, I still haven't come to terms with it ending so absuptly when there was so obviously a need and a market for at least one more season. It was the best show ever and I still miss it dearly.
  • The greatest show that no one ever saw. **SPOILERS WITHIN**

    Unfortunately, I was one of those people. I mean, it was on UPN, which sucked, and was transferred over to the CW, which sucks a wee bit less. I did watch the third season when it came to CW, but by then it was too late. Everything was, pretty much, already ruined. So, I bought seasons 1 and 2 and fell in LoVe. The main premise of this show was to chronicle the sleuthing skills of one Veronica Mars, a high school student who helps her ousted sheriff turned detective, dad run a modest PI business. She also helps her friends with sticky situations and expect the same in return.
    Veronica lives in Neptune, CA with her dad. Her boyfriend, Duncan Kane, dumped her with no explanation. It's revealed later, that he thought they were siblings, which wasn't true. Her best friend and Duncan's sister, Lilly, is murdered and haunts Vee till the end of season 1. Her drunken mother took off after having an affair with her boyfriend's dad. Her best friend Wallace is her sidekick and helps with most of the mysteries.Then, there's Logan..Mmmmmmore about him later. Veronica spends season 1 trying to solve Lilly's murder and a fuzzy night at a party that left her sexually assaulted. Veronica's secret to solving a mystery really isn't a mystery. She just goes around accusing everyone until she gets to the guilty party. She's even glossed over her actual rapist because she took her eye off the ball in order to accept a less hurtful explanation of the night she can't remember.
    The LoVe I have for this show doesn't stem from Veronica's sleuthing adventures, but LoVe, itself. Logan Echolls is the son of an A-list actor named Aaron. At first, we're not sure why he's such a jerk but it becomes clear after we get a taste of Aaron. Logan goes from friend, to frenemy, to friend and lover and the vicious cycle continued through 3 seasons. After Logan's mom "jumps" off the Coronado bridge, he refuses to believe she's dead due to the lack of a corpse. He asks Veronica to help find his mom and she accepts the challenge. They never find Lynn, dead or alive, so we never really know. After this, LoVe blossoms. Logan becomes completely enamored. Veronica? Not so much. She accused him of murdering Lilly, had him locked up, and dumped him. Still not sure if she ever apologized for that, but she never thinks she's wrong. So..whatever. They get back together and she dumps him again, only to get back together with Donutcan. They share a great amount heartpounding, awkward moments throughout season 2. Most notably: the beautiful yet, uncomfortable dance in Plan B, where it's obvious that Logan's still got it bad for Veronica. Also, the drunken confession of one Logan Echolls to Veronica, as he swills champagne from the bottle, claiming that their relationship was epic(which it is). She runs off and leaves Logan crushed. And let's not forget the morning after when Veronica returns to the scene to find that not only does Logan not remember his most beautiful, sincere moment, but he bedded down a tramp. Logan saves her life (1 of many times) and they get back together. Veronica's growing mistrust and high expectations ruined LoVe. Logan got tired of not being a priority, or even an afterthought and broke up with Veronica. While on break, Logan slept with Veronica's nemesis, Madison Sinclair. After finding out, she breaks up with Logan. This time, for good. Logan told Veronica in season 1 that he wanted her to trust him. She lied and said she did. That was a week before she accused him of murdering Lilly. Truth is, from my POV, she never really trusted him and may have never really loved him. She never actually said the words. Now, we'll never know. :'(
  • Veronica Mars - watched it, love it, want more!!!

    I have just hired all the DVDs and watched Veronica Mars - all 3 Seasons back to back. I don't know why I didn't watch it before, I didn't know what I was missing. Now its ended, I feel a void for the characters, like lost friends.

    I LOVE Veronica Mars and now my life is incomplete - every girl needs a little Logan in their life.

    Bring back Season 4 but make it more about the college years, I think the fans need closure! I want to know whether Keith Mars was convicted and won the election. I know there was more to come in the storyline of Logan and the "connected" Castle member. I cannot live not knowing whether Logan and Veronica ended up sorting out their "epic love". Surely Piz and Parker belong together?

    Bring it back!!!
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