Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 10

Show Me the Monkey

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2007 on UPN
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Veronica and Mac help campus researchers locate a missing monkey who was allegedly stolen by animal rights activists. Meanwhile, Keith is approached by Mindy O'Dell, who claims her husband's death was murder, not suicide. And in the aftermath of his breakup with Veronica, Logan turns to Dick for advice.moreless

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  • Veronica and Mac help campus researchers locate a missing monkey who was allegedly stolen by animal rights activists. Keith is approached by Mindy O'Dell, who claims her husband's death was murder, not suicide.moreless

    Veronica and Mac help campus researchers locate a missing monkey who was allegedly stolen by animal rights activists.

    Meanwhile, Keith is approached by Mindy O'Dell, who claims her husband's death was murder, not suicide. And in the aftermath of his breakup with Veronica, Logan turns to Dick for advice. hmm an interesting episode
  • Finally, the third season is put on the right track.

    [Mild spoilers are contained in this review.]

    So far, the third season has had average mysteries, hilarious quotes, and good storylines. It's been good, not GREAT.

    This episode switched things around.

    First of all, the mystery was about animal rights, and I'm a HUGE animal lover. If I went to Hearst, I'd join PHAT in a second.

    The person who stole the monkey in the end really just came out of left field, and I love the unexpected.

    Then, the whole LoVe, Piz, thing. Brilliant! Piz is actually a great character, and perfect to fit in with the LoVe storyline. I love how they had him part of it again, but what he said totally backfired on him because he pushed Veronica to get back with Logan, and he didn't even know it. It was just... perfect, really. LoVe's back together, but yet they managed to fit Piz in. It's hard to explain, but I just love the whole plot. (I'm a huge LoVe fan, but I still like Piz... This kinda puts everything together.)

    Mac's new boyfriend seems okay, although I was kind of hoping they would go around the cliche of her leaving and coming back to kiss him. It would have been much better if she just left. Another thing is that I wish they mentioned Cassidy; or at least it was implied that that was the reason why she didn't want to go out with anyone else. But, I got the feeling they tried to imply that she just doesn't like hanging around people much instead. Maybe I'm wrong, though, I dunno.

    Keith's story was also great. They threw some Weevil in there, which was good because I love his character, and I want him in more episodes. I loved the twist with Veronica's "How to Plan the Perfect Murder" paper, although I actually saw it coming. (Sort of; but still, nice touch. Even if it was a little expected, it was brilliant.)

    For Logan's storyline... well, when they first went to the scene when they were in the car, I thought they were just kissing, but then he'd push her away or something. But, then I realized what happened and was like, "...Oh." I didn't like that at all, because I enjoyed that Logan was so out of it and just kind of depressed.. I mean, I do love Logan. He's my favourite character. But it was nice to see that Veronica meant so much to him. (Also, loved Dick's part. After the end of the first episode of season three, I just started to enjoy his character a lot more.)

    Wish Wallace was in this episode, but they have so many characters, it's sometimes hard to fit them all in. He'll probably be back next week.

    Also, totally hilarious quotes. "Garden State was never a book." "It wasn't? So much for that paper."

    The charm is back on Veronica Mars. Watch this episode!moreless
  • We're talking monkey, as in touch my. Veronica solves the case of the missing monkey, with the other two Angels. How Mac got her groove back.

    Yes, Veronica solves the aforementioned case of the missing monkey. With a little help from the other Angels, the girls which we like to call Parker and Mac. Because Mac is back, and she got her groove back. I know I missed her in the beginning of the season, and I'm glad she's back in full glory. The monkey mystery was entertaining. The PHAT people were nice new characters to introduce (think about the photoshoot), and there is lots and lots of humanity in Veronica. Interesting to see she didn't tell who "kidnapped" (or shall I say monkey-napped) dear Oscar. Also, some nice appearances from loved characters. Mac, of course, and a very happy Parker. Even Weevil made a short appearance (not long enough though). Dick's pictures proved to be very "entertaining", and Logan was mopey.

    Yeah, I loved this episode. Only one thing: Where's Wallace??? We haven't seen a lot of Veronica's BFF, and I really don't like that. Anyone with me on the Free Wallace Front (I need a more catchy abbreviation)??

    Therefore, 9.5/10moreless
  • Veronica's back!

    Now that the little break is over we have Veronica back and taking names. In this episode she gets a case involving the break in and theft of a few lab animals including a monkey. While investigating the monkey-napping she and Mac end up hanging out with an on campus animal rights group and Mac ends up getting a boyfriend. It's about time for that. I really like the character and thought she was underused the last bit of the season.

    The main mystery for the show now is the death of Dean O'Dell. Veronica's father has taken the case of the apparent suicide and has already uncovered clues as to who may have done it. The connection to the "perfect murder" paper that Veronica wrote is a nice touch but one I saw coming a mile away.

    I'm excited for the rest of the season and now I just have to hope there is a rest of the season and maybe even a new season after that.moreless
  • Monkey gets stolen, Veronica and Mac become P.H.A.T and Mac gets a boyfriend.

    This is a very good episode, and we are starting the new story arc. The question on everyones mind is who killed the O'Dell. Keith found evidence that makes him believe that he was murdered. Veronica showed up how caring she can be by not telling the other scientists who sole the monkey which was cool. Veronica, also hung with her gal pals, and had some fun. I liked that Mac is with a guy finally after the whole Beaver fiasco, but the writters need to develop the Veronica Piz relationship, because it is obvious Piz likes her, and for a character that is as observant as Veronica, she can't be so oblivious to his feelings. Overall it is a very good episode, and if you didn't catch it, watch it on youtube NOW! (btw, no more using Canada for jokes because someday us Canadians will get VERY angry, and theres only so many times Americans can use that before it gets completely boring) (to set the record straight only a few people on the east coast say aboot, instead of about)moreless
Michael Mitchell

Michael Mitchell

Bronson Pope

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Eric Jungmann

Eric Jungmann

Gil Thomas Pardy

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Linara Washington

Linara Washington

Pauline Elliot

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Patrick Fabian

Patrick Fabian

Professor Hank Landry

Recurring Role

David Tom

David Tom

Chip Diller

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Jaime Ray Newman

Jaime Ray Newman

Mindy O'Dell

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: The lab assistant says "The only way to conclusively prove test results is through an autopsy." When performed on animals, however, the procedure is called a necropsy.

    • The song that Veronica plays to show that the room is Canadian is "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies, who are a Canadian rock group.

    • The character who was ultimately found responsible for the disappearance of the monkey was named Gil Thomas Pardy. This becomes Gil T. Pardy, or Guilty Party.

    • When Veronica and Mac help PHAT with the letter campaign, a person asks if they'll "lick (stamps) or stuff (envelopes)". However, the stamps they use are the sticker type that you peel off a sheet.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Parker: (To Mac) Single. (To Veronica) Single and in the rebound. Just so you know, we are approaching critical pathetic mass if the girl who most wants to host gentlemen callers is the most recent victim of a sexual assault! We should be out there! Or at the very least not barring them from coming to us!

    • Parker: It's a new day. No more games, no more waiting around. I'm ready to be wooed!
      Veronica: Amen, sister! (she pauses) That was supporting, not joining. I do not want to be wooed.

    • Bronson: So, um... some of us are going to grab a bite, if you want to come along.
      Mac: I'm good. I had some mints.

    • Veronica: You look sad. You and your friend Weevil have a fight or something?
      Keith: Just thinking, if I was going to get drunk and shoot myself, I'd probably drink the good stuff first.
      Veronica: Sheesh. Good thing we don't have any good stuff.

    • Veronica: Any idea who would wanna nab.. What's his name again?
      Pauline: He's not a pet. We don't name them or wrap squeaky toys up for Christmas. His research i.d. number is 25, and yes I know exactly who stole him. It was those damn phat kids.
      Veronica: Because I take it monkeys are delicious, and dude girth challenged is the preferred nomenclature.

    • Mac: Veronica.
      Veronica: Mac. And the people coming to take me away.
      Mac: Veronica Mars, Pauline Elliott and Gil Thomas Pardy. They're missing a monkey.
      Gil: And twenty rats.
      Veronica: We're talking "monkey" as in...
      Mac: "Touch my."
      Pauline: It's not just any monkey.
      Veronica: Please tell me he plays piano.
      Pauline: Twenty-five is a genetically altered capuchin monkey. Its uptake-inhibitor proteins have been coded to allow us to monitor cholesterol breakdown at a cellular level. ...And he can play "Chopsticks."
      Veronica: Excellent.

    • (Veronica is listlessly playing with her breakfast, watching Logan at one of the counters.)
      Veronica:(voiceover) Logan Echolls, don't you get it? Ex-boyfriend — that's your new title. It comes with certain restrictions. This is my food court time. You're not a breakfast person. You're not even an early-lunch kind of guy. Can't we just agree this is Veronica time?

    • Piz: These guys were all like, "as long as she's got a pair of..." You know, it was indelicate.
      Veronica: What's indelicate about shoes?

    • Veronica: I joined the NRA after they covered you in Guns magazine!
      Parker: Oh! I loved that article.
      Mac: Totally! The Second Amendment is, like, my favorite.

    • Bronson: You should've seen me before I quit Green Peace and the Sierra Club.
      Mac: Geez, why you so down on people raping the planet?

    • Mac: So, how's it going?
      Veronica: I'm trying to keep an open mind. You?
      Mac: I think I've been around the world, and I want my room back. This just isn't my scene. Can you manage Ultimate Boy Quest 2007 solo?
      Veronica: He didn't show. Okay, everybody, Canada's closing! Sorry. Border-control issues.

    • Mac: I prefer most of the people on my floor not in my room.

    • Bronson: Your friend seems pretty gung ho.
      Mac: Veronica? She played pee wee soccer; she made her own penalty card so she could red card players she didn't like.

    • Veronica: Someone was doe-eyed, tongue-tied, and dare I say twitterpated.

    • Dick: So what… You're just going to mope around like the guy in… What's that book when the guy's mom dies and he comes back to Jersey? And he's got that motorcycle sidecar?
      Logan: Garden State was never a book.
      Dick: It wasn't? Oops… So much for that paper. But, if this were a book, the theme of my essay would be the symbolism of how your character had his man parts ripped off by the Veronica Mars character.
      Logan: My man parts are intact.
      Dick: Show me.
      Logan: You're going to have to take my word for it.
      Dick: I mean symbolically. We're young, single men in our sexual prime. And the only reason we're not out there going hog wild is because of your feelings? What are we on The View? Am I Rosie O'Donnell?

    • Veronica: (discussing rats showing up at Bronson's house) Like, in a tiny van with a sob story about needing a place to crash?

    • Mac: Does this say cruelty free?
      Parker: It says… I've given up… don't look at me.

    • Mac: I just can't wait for that moment when you're in a tree going "Here monkey, monkey!" and holding out a banana and then the branch breaks and hilarity ensues.
      Veronica: Uh, if there's hilarity, I charge extra.

    • Mac: Wow… this is one trashed lab. All it's missing is a big hole in the wall shaped like the Hulk.

    • Veronica: You should hire someone to do this.
      Keith: You're lucky I'm not a farmer, you'd be out plowing a field.

    • Lab assistant: The only way to conclusively prove test results is through an autopsy.
      Veronica: So that monkey good life includes a blindfold and a last smoke?

    • Veronica: According to the PHAT website, we should stay away from fur, obviously, down, leather.
      Mac: The one day I feel like wearing a leather miniskirt!
      Veronica: If it ever had a face or a parent, you can't wear it.
      Mac: So my mollusk shoes are cool?

  • NOTES (2)

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Veronica: We're talking 'monkey' as in...
      Mac: 'Touch my.'

      This is a reference to Sprockets from Saturday Night Live where Dieter, played by Mike Myers, would offer to let guests on the show touch Klaus, his pet monkey.

    • Veronica: Just a regular, vegan J.F.K. looking for his Mackie O.

      This is a reference to President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie O, only here Veronica uses the nickname that was given to her after her second marriage to Greek millionaire Aristoteles Onassis.

    • Dick: You need help, I'm offering. Nothing too major, just baby steps. Just, please, let me help you.

      "Help me help you" is a popular line by Tom Cruise's character in the movie Jerry Maguire (1996).

    • Veronica: Someone was doe-eyed, tongue-tied, and dare I say twitterpated.

      This is a reference to the movie Bambi (1942). A 'doe' is a dear and 'twitterpated' is the term the old owl uses to describe someone who has fallen in love in springtime.

    • Dick: What are we on The View? Am I Rosie O'Donnell?

      The View is a daytime television talk show that features a panel of women as co-hosts, one of which is Rosie O'Donnell (at the time of this episode's airing).

    • Mac: Wow, this is one trashed lab. All that's missing is a big whole in the wall shaped like the Hulk.
      This is a reference to the Marvel Comic The Incredible Hulk, that has been made into many films. In the most recent movie the Hulk was show to destroy the lab he worked in, including smashing through its walls.

    • Veronica: Hey Mac, and they're coming to take me away.

      "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" is a 1966 novelty song by Napoleon XIV, also known as Jerry Samuels, re-issued by Warner Bros. Records in 1973.

    • Bronson: Your friend seems pretty gung-ho.

      Gung-ho is a Chinese expression, used by sailors, meaning "all together." In English, it is used as an adjective which means "enthusiastic."

    • Character Name: Ed Argent

      The name of the fictional rock star, Ed Argent, is an allusion to real-life, conservative rock musician Ted Nugent.

    • Veronica: All we need is one more angel and we got a show.

      This alludes to the '70s ABC show Charlie's Angels.

    • Episode Title: Show Me the Monkey

      This is from the expression "Show me the money!" which was said by Tom Cruise's character in the 1996 movie, Jerry Maguire.