Veronica Mars

Season 1 Episode 11

Silence of the Lamb

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2005 on UPN

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  • After setting up a new business helping classmates dig up dirt on their parents, Veronica uncovers a huge revelation about her friend "Mac". Keith must team up with Sheriff Lamb to track down a serial killer.

    After setting up a new business helping classmates dig up dirt on their parents, Veronica uncovers a huge revelation about her friend "Mac" which leaves her wondering if some information is best left unknown.Meanwhile, Keith must team up with Sheriff Lamb to track down a serial killer.

    cute episode
    Veronica: You're teaming up with Lamb? Keith: It's a bitter pill, I know, but they're paying me my normal hourly. Veronica: And Lamb agreed to this? His head didn't explode? Keith: The mayor didn't give him a choice. I'm the closest thing they have to an E-String Strangler authority. And it's a big priority for the mayor. A killer preying on partying college girls tends to kill the spring break business. Veronica: So this is all about tourist revenue? God bless America.
  • I\'d be lying if I said I liked this episode. There were some great points, but all in all - it was just a piece of junk with a great performance of Mac!

    First the storyline. OK, I get the copycat murders, but why team Keith up with Lamb? I mean, there were cases before, much more important in my opinion, and were left alone to Sheriff\'s Department to deal with, not to Keith. So this was a surprise, not a pleasant one. I expected more dirt out of Lamb mouth also.
    What also struck me as impossible was Veronica\'s sudden cash miracle - Get-A-Dirt-opalooza. I mean, after watching her I don\'t think she would go that far for anyone. Not even to crash an 09er spirit.
    And - what am I, a pep? I mean come one, \"girl falls for a boy?\" How cheesy is that, how not-Veronica to think? Leo was maybe a breeze of fresh air, but definitely the kind of air Veronica breathes. She couldn\'t simply fall for Leo so quickly, it took her a crashed spirit to hook up with Troy the last time, so forgive me if I\'m not buying this.
    Too little Wallace in the episode, and of course Weevil helping her out - gosh.
    Not enough good lines, although I have to give writers credit for Twilight Zone. Don\'t really see the Thomas Harris reference, sorry.
    What I liked about it was Mac. Interesting plot, although I didn’t really understand that part about money (I mean, if the shop went broke, why didn\'t her father buy it again with the switch money? unless he did and he was still working in it just for fun... yeah, good one!). Mac was a nice change and real friend to Veronica - not Lilly type. I like the character, I hope she will be back someday.
    However, the music compensated for at least part of the episode - it was well chosen to illustrate all situations Mac or Veronica were in.
    But I am waiting for episodes resembling the first 5 or 6 - gripping and emotional, unraveling the mystery bit by bit.
  • How did I totally forget about this episode? It's really good.

    Veronica starts digging up dirt for her classmate's on their parents. While doing this for Mac Veronica discovers she was switched at birth. Silence of the Lamb is a top rate Veronica Mars, all aspects of the episode are great. Mac's story is well paced nicely thought out and executed perfectly. Mac is a very sweet character and we can really get on board with her story. This episode has the introduction of love interest Leon, who is charming and very cute. The Keith and Sheriff Lamb parts builds quite a allot of tension as well as offering some great comedy at Lamb's expense. It's also nice to see the Lilly murder case re surface after being put on the back burner for the last few episodes. Silence of the Lamb is a special Veronica Mars episode full of the show dramatic charm.
  • Review

    Not one mention of the stabbing that happened in the last episode made me wonder what the writers were thinking. Then I saw that at the last minute this episode and the previous were switched in the season lineup to leave a better cliffhanger. Understandable I suppose, but not the course of action I would have taken. I thought the teen case in this one was really good. Similar to the Wallace case earlier in the year I feel that we really got to know a little bit more about Mac in this episode and I thought her story was really interesting and kind of sad. If the writers can write something to make you feel for a character, they did a very good job here. Keith Mars is the other lead of the show, but I just dont really like him in the scenes without Veronica. There were a few good scenes in this episode with him in it, but for the most part I tune into the show for all the teenage stuff. Perhaps I simply relate to them because I am one of them - but I simply am not feeling any storyline hes got going on. Lots of devolopment in the Lily Kane murder and I was actually surprised by the twist. Some may have seen it coming but I didnt think Clarience would have gotten back to back things fall onto him. I thought it was going to go to someone else. Either way - great episode, but a poor decision by the writers to put it behind Echolls Christmas lowered the grade for me.
  • Diving deeper and deeper

    It's clear that this episode was meant to be aired before Echolls Family Christmas. There's not even a single word on the stabbing from the previous episode. Although it's not much of a problem considering this episode was really strong.

    I like how eventually the show goes back to characters that were introduced a couple of episodes ago. So Mac hires Veronica to investigate her parents because she senses something's not right. And she's correct. It appears Mac and Madison were switched at birth. It's pretty emotional and very well concluded. I like how Mac and her biological mother had this kind of chemistry between them for the whole episode, but they never spoke the truth to eachother despite the fact they both knew.

    The main plot of the episode was really good too. We got a good sense of what Keith was like before the Kane murder. He worked with the sheriff department to track down a serial killer who targets college girls. It was a cool story, and not neccesserely because of the case itself. I liked the dynamics between Sheriff Lamb and Keith. It was great. Meanwhile Veronica takes use of this situation to hang around the Sheriff's office. She kinda seduces a young deputy to sneak in the evidence room to finally find out who called in the tip to arrest Abel Koontz.

    Well, it turned out to be Clarence Wiedman, the man who also made the photos with the crosshair. Not much of a surprise but this just verifies that the Kanes are really involved in the cover up.

    The ending with the music was really good. Mac and her mother making eye contact and Veronica taking revenge on Clarence by sending him similiar pictures to what he made of Veronica. The music was really fitting too.

    Very very good episode, I really enjoyed it.
  • GREAT installment too...

    This episode is very sad and emotional.
    We learn that Mac family is one of the o9ners because she was changed at birth with another baby, a girl that hates her.

    I loved how Veronica finds secrets of parents from people in school and make money out of this, it was all fun. Bu t the Mac thing really was very sad...

    Veronica maybe in the same situation as Mac or something very similar but she doesnt want to know the thruth. If I were her I would have opened that envelope, I think...

    I cannot be true that she is the sister of Duncan, that cannot be...

    Well that's all for VM for now :)
  • My favorite episode of the series ever. Mac shines!

    This episode is very rare. Its rare because Kirsten Bell although great in this episode does not steal the show, like she usually does no that award goes to Tina Majorino who plays computer nerd Mac.

    Veronica gets a new career in uncovering dirt on other students parents. Man, I really wish Veronica went to my school I mean her classmates really underrate her someone steals your lunch money you run to Veronica, and bam they are brought to justice. We see veronica in her office aka The girl\'s bathroom which makes her the female Fonz where Mac walks in, and over hears Veronica conversation with another student which deals with her mom becoming an actress where Veronica gives a shout out to

    Later, Mac comes in Mars Investigations with a proposition to join her in a new company which will use Mac\'s computer skills and Veronica\'s detective skills to rule the world. Unfortunately, Veronica declines. However Mac does use this time to ask Veronica to help her discover whether or not she was adopted. Veronica does this where she discovers that Mac was sitched at birth with rich and nasty Madison Sinclair. She tells Mac, who tries to accept it.

    We really get to see that sweet and strong character that Mac really has. The scene at the end of the episode where Mac sees her birth mom is so touching. This episode really does have you loving Mac. Also when Veronica, Wallace, and Mac crash Madison party its a really funny scene.

    On the flip side, Keith Mars after being approach by the Mayor must team up with Barney Five son, Sherrif Don Lamb. Which shows just how realistic this show really is in showing that idoits do have power cough Bush. The odd Couple must track down a serail killer. The two actors both have great chemistry together, and are indeed great actors. Their scenes together are extremely funny you see how stupid Neptune is for getting rid of Keith, and keeping Lamb.

    The episode also introduces Deputy Leo, veronica future Love slave, or boyfriend, but with the way Veronica treats him I will go with Love Slave who in this episode we discover plays in a band, which Veronica joins him in were Keith bust in with his gun out in a great scene.

    Logan Echolls and Duncan Kane don\'t appear in this episode.

    Overall, this episode is Funny and Great. Its so perfect, and flawless you really can watch this episode again and again.
  • Not really compairable to Silence of the Lambs.

    Judging by the title I actually thought that this episode was going to involve several murders. And not that I mention this, they did. The strangler guy. I can\'t believe I forgot that even though it\'s been only several minutes since I finished watching this Veronica Mars episode.

    I love the bit where she sets up a little business for the students at her school where they can request information about their parents, I\'ve always wondered why she didn\'t do that sooner. From the moment I had access to such an extensive database of information I\'d be selling it on eBay. Not that that\'s allowed, so I don\'t get why Veronica is doing it.

    I really hope I get to see more of Mac and her real family, it\'d be great if she went from the poor life that she has to the life of a true rich kid.

    And yes, like I mentioned before, I had already forgotten about the murders. I never pay any attention to Veronica\'s dead and his storylines, the might look spectaculair and exciting on paper, but they\'re not on the small screen.
  • One good plot, one bad plot

    The plot line with Mac was absolutely phenomenal! Some of the best writing this season, which is saying a lot. It was absolutely bone-chilling the way things played out. It is so unfair that Madison ends up with all the money in the world with rich parents so she's totally spoiled, while Mac ends up with parents who force her to go on camping trips. But her adopted parents still love her, which makes it all that more difficult for her.

    Now, the whole serial killer thing was just boring. It was hard to follow what was going on. And Lamb was as annoying as ever. Although I do like Leo. I hope he's on more often.
  • This is one of my favorite episodes from season 1 just developing Mac's character made me think she would become a regular on Season Two. It sorprised me that did not happened.

    Silence of the Lamb. Is my unforgetable episode. Mac is my favorite non-regular character so this was exactly wat I expected from her, a great story but not too crazy well maybe crazy but well handle, cause it was exciting but not lame.

    I hope Mac becomes a regular next season that would be great.

    Veronica Mars Tuesdays 9/8c on UPN
  • It's never cool to be swapped, no matter what babies say.

    Probably one of the best made episodes, this show really feels like it’s almost there but not entirely.

    I did enjoy this episode a lot and I would call it one of my favourites so far of the show.

    Okay so we meet this girl called Mec…oh wait, we already met her. The girl Mec is one of the millions of kids who ask Veronica for help, she wants to know something about her parents and why they are so weird (like there are normal parents?)

    So anyway, the uninteresting part of the episode was Veronica’s dad having a case, someone is killing girls with a guitar string, of whatever people call those nowadays. I did enjoy Mr Mars a lot, I used to dislike him at the beginning of the show but that seems history now. Also that annoying sheriff got a little character, what was his name again? Lance or something. I love the tension between him and Mr Mars, sadly the case was uninteresting and just plain boring. It turned out to be a fat guy who had a girl in a closet or something, she was trapped in the closet…get it? Trapped. Closet. Err never mind.

    So anyway, Veronica finds out something very unpleasant about Mec’s parents, turns out that she was accidentally swapped at birth with some blond slut. I felt really bad with Mec and that scene where she touches her mothers car was definitely a classic scene, emotional and beautiful. Mec made this episode for me.

    All in all, it was a good episode. But it felt like ‘something’ was missing, but hell. The episode kept me guessing, I enjoyed it more than I thought I was gonna.
  • This was actually the first episode I ever saw... it was so good that I had to keep watching.

    Its probably confusing to all of you fans reading this but somehow i started watching this episode and actually got it....Veronica finds out that Mac was switched at birth with Madison and then tells her and she crashes Madison's party to see the house and everything, then meets Madison's sister err... rather her sister who is actually so much like Mac and looks like her too, later Mac talks to her birth mother who doesnt know that she knows...overall its a really good episode
  • Swap Meet

    An episode which effortlessly balances two engrossing storylines, Keith gets center stage in a mystery and also momentarily returns to work for the sheriff's department.

    In the episode, titled Silence of the Lamb, Keith helps out Sheriff Lamb in investigating the return of a serial killer who wraps guitar wires around his victim's neck. Meanwhile, Veronica unearths evidence that Mac was at the center of a baby-swapping scandal and that she is with the wrong family.

    The serial killer story is excellent, with many possible suspects and a resolution I didn't expect (I originally thought it was hunky detective Leo, prior to the knowledge of his return appearances later this season). I loved the double act between Keith and Lamb and Steve Monroe was excellent as the guitar player/killer.

    I loved the return of Tina Majorino's Mac and she was awesome in this episode. Watching her walk through the hallways of the house she should have been brought up in are heartbreaking and the bitchy Madison Sinclair is enjoyable as the latest in the long line of uber-bitch popular girls we've seen on Veronica Mars.

    This was an excellent hour with two intriguing storylines. The Lilly arc was continued and the start of the Veronica vs Clarence Weidman battle is tense and shocking.
  • Veronica does some detective work for classmates and Keith does some detective work for the Sheriff's Office.

    It's winter in Neptune, and Veronica is doing some detective work for her classmates, finding out dirt about parents...for cash, of course. The scenes where Veronica is handing over her findings are quite humourous, giving Veronica some good lines. In the big world outside, there's a serial killer on the loose, and Keith has been asked to assist the Sheriff's Office with the case, since the serial killer started his spree while Keith was Sheriff. Veronica sees this as an opportunity for him to get at the evidence in the Lilly Kane case, and find out who made the anonymous call giving up Able as Lilly's killer. Keith tells Veronica that he's not going to do that.

    Mac shows up and suggests to Veronica that the two of them could combine their skills - Veronica's digging dirt on parents with Mac's computer skills - to create a website that could provide them both with retirement funds. Veronica says she'll think about it, and then Mac asks Veronica to look into her parents for her; something just isn't right, but she doesn't quite know what. A quick computer search and Veronica has some interesting information - Mac's parents received a one-million-dollar court settlement from the hospital where Mac was born. She looks into it further and finds out that another family received the same settlement from the same hospital at the same time. A newspaper search reveals that the settlement was due to a baby-switching case -- Mac was switched at birth with another baby born the day after her. That baby turns out to be one of what Veronica calls "the 09ers."

    Keith and Sheriff Lamb follow various leads and talk to witnesses in the missing co-eds case, and the scenes with these two add to the character of Keith quite a bit. He's shown to be a much better investigator than the Sheriff - better instincts, better reactions, and better people skills. This story-line really doesn't add anything to the on-going, underlying plotline of Lilly Kane's murder; except in that it gives Veronica an opportunity to visit the Sheriff's office and pilfer the keys to the evidence locker to steal the recording that names Able as the killer.

    Both storylines are eventually resolved, with Keith solving the serial killer case, and Veronica finding out who named Able to the police. But the story that takes up the most time is Mac's story, and while that one was interesting, it wasn't really, in any way, important information that helps advance the Lilly Kane murder story. Which is why I labelled this episode as "filler." I enjoyed the episode and we saw some good character development, but it really didn't do much to move the plot forward. I suppose there had to be some way for Veronica to find out who'd made the phone call, and then there has to be some story around that to make it plausible, which is all that this episode was. But really, the only really necessary fact that comes out of this episode is the name of the phone caller.

    Overall, it was a good episode, I enjoyed it and it had some classic one-liners from Veronica.
  • Jackson: I don't care what they say about you, Veronica Mars. You rock. Veronica: Yes, I do. I also take cash.

    O.k. This episode basically introduces you more into the life of Mac, computer genius. It gives you a good look at bothe sides of the spectrum in Neptune and why things are the way they are. By the end of the episode, you really hate one character (Madison) and you really feel for another (Mac).
  • Veronica: "How do you live a normal life once you find out you were switched at birth?" This is the episode deemed "too dark" to be shown before Christmas, so the network showed it out of order.

    Two weeks is quite a while to go without my favorite show on TV. I thought the time would be well served by being able to catch The Amazing Race during real-time. Sadly, a clip show and two weeks of CBS using real life domestic violence to gain ratings left me hungering even more for a return to the fantasy violence of Veronica Mars. The best part of the show's return, though? It came roaring back with a vengeance.

    From the information I've gathered around the web, this episode was supposed to be aired before "An Echolls Family Christmas", but the airing order was shifted after the show was picked up for a full season. Apparently, the network was trying to stretch the episodes out to run the entire season, and the thinking was that this episode was "too dark" for a pre-holiday airing. I guess I can see why a story about a serial killer who preys on young co-eds might not be considered inspirational. Then again, most religious stories aren't exactly heartwarming (there's that little one about a crucifixion or something…), so I find the obsession with painting happy pictures during the month of December to be rather hypocritical. The only real drawback to the switch in order: you had to assume that the Mackenzie family was incredibly lazy, still having their holiday decorations going full bore. Since I'm equally lazy, that wasn't a major problem for me.

    The best part of this episode was the performance of Enrico Colantoni. I've not always been his biggest fan. There are times I've felt he's really nailed the character of Keith Mars; there have been times I've felt he totally missed the mark. This was the first episode in which he was the major emphasis, and he totally hit it out of the park. He is equally adept as the concerned father and the tough-guy lawman.

    The A plot has Keith being called back in to work for the Sheriff's Department as a consultant on a serial murder case that was supposedly solved during his time as sheriff. At the time, of course, our hero didn't believe the real killer was in jail, but it was important for the mayor and chamber of commerce to sweep it under the rug. While there is no explicit comparison, it occurred to me that this might be the reason he hung on so fiercely to the belief that Jake Kane killed his daughter; he had compromised once, and wasn't about to do it again. Anyway, when another co-ed turns up dead with a guitar string wrapped around her neck—in the same manner as the previous victims—the mayor forces Sheriff Don Lamb to call Keith in on the case. The excitement Colantoni portrays is touching. He makes us feel how much Keith misses real law enforcement work. He even puts Veronica off when she suggests he use this as an opportunity to get more info on Lilly's murder because he just wants to enjoy this chance to get back into the thick of things.

    It's hard to say one scene is "best", but the early scene with Keith Mars explaining the background of the "E-String Strangler" to the assembled deputies does a great job of showing off Colantoni's skills and showing what a self-important jerk Lamb is. As for Colantoni, he is able to switch seamlessly between portraying Keith's skill at his job and his sense of silliness as a person, using goofy character voices and a firm grasp of the facts of the case to get his information across to the deputies. At the same time, Lamb shows how important it is for his own ego to be seen as the Man in Charge. As Keith explains the case, Lamb constantly interjects information that is either completely obvious or completely off-base. In the end, Keith lets him have his way, almost giving him enough rope to let him hang himself. It's a great scene by both Colantoni and Michael Muhney (Sheriff Lamb). Similar scenes are scattered throughout the episode, and I can't say enough about how well the two men work together.

    As the case unfolds, the writers give us a number of possible suspects. I did like the fact that there was not one obvious villain. First, we have the bartender from one of the local college bars. He gives us a chance to see Keith's "bad cop" side, when Mars assaults the guy for making leering comments about Veronica. With that kind of behavior, you have to wonder how many times the ACLU got called in on the Neptune Sheriff's Department under Sheriff Mars. Then, the bartender puts the cops on the tracks of a "videographer" who shoots film for Girls Gone Bad videos. (I guess Girls Gone Wild isn't as free and easy with its trademarks as, say, The Smoking Gun was earlier this season. If I never saw another commercial for that trash, it'd be too soon. I mean, how many people watching old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are going to rush to the phone and order a copy? My local WB station seems to think the numbers are quite high.) At one point, I even started to suspect the young deputy that Veronica used, then fell for.

    During the investigation, Lamb and Keith buddy-movie it over to a local guitar shop. Upon arrival, Keith learns that Lamb has never seen Spinal Tap and declares, "That explains a lot." What exactly does that explain? I've never seen Spinal Tap, and don't really feel the need to run out and remedy the situation either. Anyway, we get a hilarious scene between the gumshoes and the shop owner, who is in the middle of band practice when they show up. The guitarist and Lamb have a hilarious scene in which each insults the masculinity of the other:
    Lamb: "Strapping on a guitar. Does that get rid of feelings of inadequacy?"
    Guitarist: "Does strapping on a gun?"

    In the end, Keith uses his crack skills to nab the killer. I have to admit, it took me three viewings to figure out how he put it all together. I love it when writers expect the audience to be intelligent enough to get by without colored graphics and a map, but this might have pushed it a bit. At one point, the deputies find out that the phone number of the bartender was written on the palm of the latest victim. Everyone rushes off, presumably to nab the guy. Keith detours to make sure Veronica is safe. He finds her playing groupie (complete with short black mini, low-cut black blouse and black choker—what a hottie!) at the practice of the young Deputy Leo's band practice. Before taking off, he notices the sound-proofing that the band has done on its practice space. Immediately, he asks Leo if he has his piece. The two rush off to…the guitar shop! The first two times, I thought, "What the hell?!" After the third viewing, I noticed that during the visit by Keith and Lamb to the shop, the owner had closed off the practice space to talk to the local fuzz, thereby muffling the loud music. That one flew right over my head—twice. Of course, the latest missing girl is stuffed in a crate in the shop. Keith saves her; Leo saves Keith; everything ends up rosy…almost.

    The B plot is a nicely worked piece of writing that appears aimed at providing Veronica her own mystery to solve. The more important reason for the plot, however, is to give the character a way to explore her feelings about her questioned paternity and the nature of the parental bond itself. She stumbles into a cottage industry after digging up dirt on a classmate's parents. The students of Neptune High like nothing more than the idea of trying to blackmail their own parents out of setting rules and enforcing discipline, so Veronica is pulling in the dough. Soon enough, she is approached by Mac of the "purity test" website, who asks Veronica to find some information on her parents. It seems that Mac feels out of place in the home of her "NASCAR and nachos"-loving parents. Veronica quickly discovers the reason for that: Mac was switched at birth with the stuck-up and wealthy Madison Sinclair. This leads to a crisis for Veronica. She actively encourages Mac to forget about it, to decide against learning the truth. This is the way Veronica chose to deal with the questions about her own paternity, and she thinks this is the way people "should" act under the circumstances. Mac is not the kind to back down, however. Not only does she get the information from Veronica, but she talks Veronica and Wallace into accompanying her to Madison's birthday party to see "how the other half lives, especially since I was supposed to be in that half."

    Tina Majorino does a wonderful job showing Mac's toughness and her desire to be someone else. After their arrival at the Sinclair home, Mac wanders off to investigate the trappings of the "other half". This is one of two scenes in the episode where music is used to great effect, with the lyrics of the background music actually being transcribed in the closed captions because they provide another voice to explain the character's situation. As Mac looks at pictures of the Sinclairs' trips to Paris and Egypt, wondering what could have been, the lyrics behind her sing, "Soon we'll see all our troubles disappear underneath its watchful eye." While the music itself does nothing for me personally, the lyrics describe perfectly how Mac is looking for her troubles to disappear by finding out about her "real" family. Her wanderings take her into a magnificent library, where she finds the little girl who is her biological sister. It's amazing how perfectly the little girl (and Mrs. Sinclair) were cast. The two actresses bear an incredible resemblance to Majorino. It's not just the hair and skin coloring, but even the shape of the face is the same on each actress. I was duly impressed.

    Despite learning how much she really does have in common with her "real" family, and how much her biological mother longs to have a connection with her, Mac eventually makes the same decision Veronica made. While it's obvious that she still wants a connection with her biological mother—the scene at the end where the two of them touch hands through a closed window is sad and hopeful at the same time—she realizes that the people who have given her love and care for 17 years are her "real" parents. The sentiment behind the whole thing could have become very melodramatic, but Majorino is talented enough to keep that from happening. She does a wonderful job of showing vulnerability and apprehension without saying a word. In the scene where she returns to the Sinclair home and meets her biological mother, the character's emotions were clearly written on her face. She reminded me of the best moments Alyson Hannigan had on Buffy, that is, the moments when she wasn't being overly saccharin and cutesy. Majorino shows the same kind of vulnerability without being forced to play the same kind of "she's-so-cute" character that often turned me off to Hannigan despite her skill as an actress.

    Interspersed between the A and B plots, Veronica pursues the recording of the anonymous tipster who told the cops Abel Koontz had killed Lilly. This is how she runs into our lovely young Deputy Leo. When bringing her dad food at the sheriff's department, she meets the youngster who asks her to come back and keep him company. The two have a great spark, but Veronica talks herself into using the guy anyway. His affection for a 17-year-old girl was totally like the small-town cops I knew when I was growing up. I remember visiting our local county sheriff's department with the son of one of the deputies when I was 16. One of the 30ish deputies leered at me the entire time, even offering me a beer—at the station, in front of all his colleagues. Just plain weird. I did question the fact that Deputy Leo says that he's only 20. Maybe it's just here, but I've never known of a law enforcement agency that didn't require officers to be at least 21 years old to serve. Now, I've known guys who could barely tie their shoes in high school who became cops in my hometown, but they had to be 21-year-olds who couldn't tie their shoes before they were hired.

    In the end, Veronica uses the guy's hormones and Weevil's acting skills to get into the evidence room and steal the CD—no, not cassette, but CD—of the 911 calls about the Kane murder. The fact that it costs Leo a suspension is hard on her, but I fully believed that Veronica would use anyone to get information about Lilly's murder. What does that say about her? I haven't decided yet.

    What she leaves no doubt about is her fearlessness. After learning that Clarence Weidman, Jake Kane's security man, was the anonymous informant, she goes right after a man of whom she has every reason to be wary. After all, this was the guy who sent pictures of Veronica within a gun sight to Lianne. Rather than be intimidated, Veronica sends identical pictures—with Weidman caught in a gunman's sights—to his work. As the tough guy looks at the pictures, we get another deft musical touch: the lyrics in the background tell him to "put yourself in my place." Was Weidman the killer, or is he covering for a member of the Kane family who did the deed? I can't wait to find out.

    As a final note, the ratings took an upswing this week. I know it's not something we really have to fret about until time to decide if the show will come back next season, but it's still nice to see it improve. This was the first time the show didn't finish last among Tuesday night shows. True, only High School Reunion trailed it, but the show had one of its highest ratings and helped keep UPN ahead of the WB. That's good news.


    Veronica: "Same old story: girl uses boy, girl falls for boy, boy saves girl's dad's life, girl gets what she deserves."

    Veronica: "The last time I crashed an 09er party, I ended up ridiculed, roofied, and woke up missing my underwear. You can imagine how glad I am to be back."

    Wallace to Madison Sinclair: "I came to celebrate your birth, but these two just want to hook up."

    Veronica after learning Mac's first name: "Cindy?"
    Mac in response: "It won out over Barbie."
    [For those who don't know, the British version of the Barbie doll is named Cindy.]

    Keith to Lamb: "I think he's waiting for you to throw your panties."

    Veronica: "The ‘70s and ‘80s weren't pretty decades for people. We've all seen the pictures."

    Veronica to random dirt-digging classmate: "Your mom sued her parents for emancipation when she was 16, and then moved to Hollywood. According to the Internet Movie Database, she went on to play such roles as Trucker's Girlfriend, Screaming Maid, and Bi-Curious Roommate."
    [Another reference to a technological phenomenon—following on the Smoking Gun reference a while back—that I really liked.]

    Veronica in reference to a classmate who looks "like Fivel": "Nobody talks to him. He's poor."

    Lamb to Keith: "You think he's got a girl in there?"
    Keith in reply: "I think he's got a video rental."

    Mac about Madison: "She wouldn't know Monet's Water Lilies unless Revlon named a nail polish after it."