Veronica Mars

Season 1 Episode 11

Silence of the Lamb

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2005 on UPN

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  • I\'d be lying if I said I liked this episode. There were some great points, but all in all - it was just a piece of junk with a great performance of Mac!

    First the storyline. OK, I get the copycat murders, but why team Keith up with Lamb? I mean, there were cases before, much more important in my opinion, and were left alone to Sheriff\'s Department to deal with, not to Keith. So this was a surprise, not a pleasant one. I expected more dirt out of Lamb mouth also.
    What also struck me as impossible was Veronica\'s sudden cash miracle - Get-A-Dirt-opalooza. I mean, after watching her I don\'t think she would go that far for anyone. Not even to crash an 09er spirit.
    And - what am I, a pep? I mean come one, \"girl falls for a boy?\" How cheesy is that, how not-Veronica to think? Leo was maybe a breeze of fresh air, but definitely the kind of air Veronica breathes. She couldn\'t simply fall for Leo so quickly, it took her a crashed spirit to hook up with Troy the last time, so forgive me if I\'m not buying this.
    Too little Wallace in the episode, and of course Weevil helping her out - gosh.
    Not enough good lines, although I have to give writers credit for Twilight Zone. Don\'t really see the Thomas Harris reference, sorry.
    What I liked about it was Mac. Interesting plot, although I didn’t really understand that part about money (I mean, if the shop went broke, why didn\'t her father buy it again with the switch money? unless he did and he was still working in it just for fun... yeah, good one!). Mac was a nice change and real friend to Veronica - not Lilly type. I like the character, I hope she will be back someday.
    However, the music compensated for at least part of the episode - it was well chosen to illustrate all situations Mac or Veronica were in.
    But I am waiting for episodes resembling the first 5 or 6 - gripping and emotional, unraveling the mystery bit by bit.
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