Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 9

Spit & Eggs

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2006 on UPN
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Episode Summary

After the campus rapist anonymously announces the location of his next rape, Veronica hires her friends to help her track him down, but is shocked when she discovers the rapist's identity.

Meanwhile, Logan makes a drastic decision about his future with Veronica, and Dean O'Dell hires Keith to prove that his wife is unfaithful.moreless

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  • TV excellence

    This episode takes Veronica Mars to the hights of the show. Emotions, suspense and the solving of the 3rd long lasting main case. It also reveals the 4th main case.

    It's rare for me to give these huge episode scores, despite I might rate the show itself high. A season of good, but not great, episodes, might still be a great season for me, as the individual episodes are less important for me than the feel the show gives me in the long run. It's still very rewarding each time an episode catch the essence of a show like this episode does for Veronica Mars.moreless
  • Right here, right now.

    Easily the best episode since Season One finale. The best episodes of VM are always the ones with conclusions. 1x21, 1x22, 2x12, 2x22 and now 3x9.

    Many people tend to underrate the 3rd season for being "different" and "out of character"

    I disagree, I think this season is very logical, and a neccessery stepstone for the show(even though it turned out to be the final season, it was never really intended to be that, I think Rob Thomas meant this season to be some sort of transitional season)

    Anyway, onto the episode: Fantastic start (in medias res) I always loved this from kind of episode start, it was used alot in Alias, and I got the same feeling here. A huge WTF? and then the excitement, trying to put together the puzzles as the episode progresses "How did Veronica end up there?"

    One more thing about the beginning: Fatboy Slim's Right Here, Right Now. GREAT!!! Rob Thomas knows how to choose music for the show, this is no exception. Fantastic adrelaine pumping song.

    The episode could be titled "endings and beginnings" as the rapist's revealed but a new mystery rises.

    The conclusion of who the rapist was was a let down for some, but for me, it was fine. Honestly, it was never really the "Who", it was always the "How to catch him"

    Honestly, people who wished it was someone we know would've been the most disappointed if it turned out to be Logan for example.

    Cuz that would have just made no sense at all. All of the show's main characters are developed to a level where twists like this wouldn't work.

    And the very few new characters there are... well... one's been raped alrady, the other's an incredibly insecure guy; no thanks.

    So, I was happy with the rather uknown but still, always there in the background kind of guy. The greatest scene was Veronica confronting Mercer (or the other way around) once again, Kristen Bell gives an amazingly realistic performance.... wow, she never ceases to impress me. And it was rather suspensful, too. Then, the revelation that Moe was working with Mercer - that was like the icing on the top. Cyrus finds out his wife cheating with Landry, and not so much later Cyrus is dead. Oh, there you have another mystery. Also, loved the "teamwork" in the episode, with basically everyone doing something important. Especialyl loved Logan getting himself arrested just so he can get back at Mercer... wow, just wow. Loved that scene. Overall, fantastic episode with suspense, revelations and some great "teamwork" which makes this show tick.moreless
  • This is exactly the reason why so many people love this show including myself. Classic VM with extra excitement and emotions. My favourite episode followed by the 2 previous seasons finales.moreless

    Fantastic episode could not belive it wasn't even the season finale. Good judgement on revealing the campus rapist before they ran out of interesting storylines. This episode truly had something for everyone and i can't imagine anyone sitting through it without their heartrate speeding up. I know if Veronica had of stopped breathing during the eppy i probably would have forgotten to myself. I love how all the characters are involved annd Jason Dohrings brilliant acting made me fall in love with Logan even more when he was talking to Veronica near the beginning of the episode. The icing on the cake though has to be at the very end with the confrontation between Logan and the rapist, just one look at Logans face shows you his intentions and this is precisely why we all love Logan.moreless
  • Awesome episode. Veronica discovers who the rapist is.

    I really loved this episode. It was one of the best that I have seen in a while. I did not expect Mercer to be the serial rapists. At first I thought he might have been, but them I changed my mind. My favorite scene in this episode was when Logan took a bat to the policemen's car. I thought that was so funny. He ended up in the same jail cell as Mercer and Moe. I loved the look on Logan's face as soon as he walked in. Another reason why I liked this episode so much is because we got see Mac, Weevil, and Wallace. We really haven't seen them that much this season. I liked at the end of the episode the showed what the next mystery is. I can't wait to find out who did it.moreless
  • The Rapist Revealed

    I thought that it was a nice change to wrap up a storyline mid-season. I was a little disappointed that they'd already fingered the bad guy in a prior episode, but still the opening was gripping and the ending was well worth the wait.

    Veronica Mars at it's best. What the hell the network think it is doing by cancelling this cult classic. I enjoyed it while it lasted. Veronica Mars you will be missed. I LOVE YOU X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Xmoreless
Andrew McClain

Andrew McClain

Moe Slater

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Charlie Koznick

Charlie Koznick

Andrew "Drew" Barndale

Guest Star

Cher Ferreyra

Cher Ferreyra


Guest Star

Brandon Hillock

Brandon Hillock

Deputy Jerry Sacks

Recurring Role

Ryan Devlin

Ryan Devlin

Mercer Hayes

Recurring Role

David Tom

David Tom

Chip Diller

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In this episode, Parker is surprised that Veronica wants to take a bunch of drinks testing coasters. So Veronica answers: "I suddenly find myself with free time and in need of a project".

      She said something similar to Wallace in Season 2 Episode 12 ("Rashard And Wallace Go To The White House") when she agrees on helping Wallace for his problem with Rashard: "My boyfriend just fled the country with his dead ex-girlfriend's baby. I need a project."

    • When Moe drugs Veronica this is the third time she unknowingly ingests GHB. The first time was at Shelly Pomroy's party and the second time was in Of Vice and Men, when she had her hair shaved.

    • In the scene where Veronica scratches Mercer's cheek, when he looks in the mirror the scratch is on the other side.

    • On the coaster given to see if drinks have been drugged, you can see the logo CW. The CW is the network of Veronica Mars.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Veronica: (to Logan) Hey handsome.
      Dick: Not in front of him. He's the jealous type.

    • Veronica: (voiceover, talking about Logan) Ah. So the boy can still smile. Seems like a week since I've seen his teeth.

    • Drew: (to Veronica) Looky here. It's my favorite drink tosser. I'm so happy you came to Hearst.
      Wallace: Seriously, does anyone like you?

    • Logan: I can't do this anymore, Veronica. No, I've been thinking, and, uh... this isn't working. You know, I don't think I quite measure up to the person that you want me to be and... and I just can't take feeling like a disappointment anymore.
      Veronica: Logan, I don't--
      Logan: Hey, let me get this out, okay? The other thing... you told me you weren't built to let people help you.
      Veronica: That's not exactly what I said.
      Logan: It's close. And you know what? I'm not built to stand on the sidelines. I don't know, I think we have a choice. And I think we can take a tough but survivable amount of pain now... or stay together and deal with unbearable pain later. So, I vote for the pain now. But I'm always here... if you need anything. (he kisses her on the forehead) But you never need anything.

    • Mercer: Unicorns? Really? Well, we'll definitely be needing some mood music. You know, techno has a bad reputation, but I think it's undeserved. Groan if you disagree. Good. We're on the same page. It's unfortunate that when you wake up, all you'll know is that your hair is gone...because it's gonna be good. I'd wager your best ever. And it's a me thing, I'm sorry to say. I...have no patience. I mean, if I'd met you in a bar or at a party, I would have had you back here and on your back in an hour. But that's an hour of my life I would have never had back, an hour of listening to you talk about unicorns and your high-school boyfriend and how you hate the taste of beer. I'm just taking what you would have happily given. I mean, that's hardly a crime.

    • Wallace: And if you see a really cute girl and you want to dance with her?
      Veronica: Dance. Just know that your libido caused some girl to get raped.
      Wallace: That kinda takes the fun out of it.
      Veronica: Hey, it's your life.
      Wallace: Since when?
      Veronica: See? You give me a hard time, I'm less enthusiastic about giving you the little 'thanks for helping' presents I made for everybody this afternoon.

    • Landry: What an enlightening weekend I had. You learn a lot about people when you read their 'Plan a Perfect Murder' papers. I must say, I'm a little frightened to appear before you today, and it's not just that a good half-dozen of you offed me. A chainsaw, Biggles? Really?

    • Dean O'Dell: Hot damn, I'm back in business. What would I do if you ever left me?
      Weevil: Call human resources and have them send a replacement?

    • Veronica: Hi, Bonnie. So, where's your boyfriend tonight?
      Bonnie: Do you see a ring?
      Dick: Hey Veronica. Where's your boyfriend tonight? Oh wait, I'm so sorry. You don't have one anymore. Bummer.

    • Mac: Are you freaking kidding me? The Pi Sig mega apocalypse? Hump the furniture, party back to the Stone Age, 50 keg bacchanalia?
      Veronica: Sounds fun, right?
      Mac: Will they let me in? I think all the glitter has come off my 'porn star' tube top.

    • Veronica: Howdy boys. Anyone up for going to a Pi Sig blowout? Beer and ladies and music and other stuff guys like, I'm sure. Fast cars, loose slots, electronic gadgetry, televised sports, pornography. Nothing? None of this grabs you?

    • Moe: I don't exactly know how to put this. It's the sort of thing that makes me hate being a resident advisor, but I have to ask. Someone has been leaving a surprise in the third stall every day for the past two weeks. This person apparently never learned how to flush and it's my amateur medical opinion that he's suffering from what must be a terminal disease. So?
      Wallace: Not guilty, man.
      Piz: Third stall stage right or stage left?
      Moe: Stage right.
      Piz: Yeah, not guilty either.

    • Veronica: Great job, Dick. I'm sure you won that debate.
      Logan: Well he's a master debater.

    • Keith: Soup? You know how I feel about soup. It's a side dish.
      Veronica: There's a meat loaf in the oven.
      Keith: Now we're talking.

    • Veronica: Going somewhere?
      Keith: Oh, very good number one daughter. You might make a detective yet.

    • Veronica: I'm not looking for a pity party.
      Wallace: That's good, cause I always get stuck blowing up the pity balloons.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Keith: Oh, very good, Number One Daughter. You might make a detective yet.

      Keith plays on Earl Derr Biggers' fictional character 'Charlie Chan' who referred to 'Lee Chan' as 'Number One Son'. The Chinese-American detective 'Charlie Chan' was created in 1923, and have since been portrayed in numerous movies, television-adaptions, books and radio plays just to mention a few medias. Most of which was made in the 1930s and 1940s when 'Charlie Chan' had his peak.

    • Mindy: You know, maybe someday we'll have sex and you won't be stoned. I swear I'm having an affair with Annie Hall.

      Annie Hall (1977) is a movie by Woody Allen in which Diane Keaton portrays the titular character, ditzy but exuberant Annie who loves life. Being stoned is also a key thing in the movie.

    • Tim Foyle: Are we Starsky and Butch?
      Veronica: Cagney and Pasty!
      This alludes to the ABC show Starsky & Hutch and the CBS show Cagney & Lacey.

    • Mac: Resistance is futile.

      This is a famous phrase used by the alien race of the Borg in the Star Trek universe.