Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 9

Spit & Eggs

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2006 on UPN

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  • TV excellence

    This episode takes Veronica Mars to the hights of the show. Emotions, suspense and the solving of the 3rd long lasting main case. It also reveals the 4th main case.

    It's rare for me to give these huge episode scores, despite I might rate the show itself high. A season of good, but not great, episodes, might still be a great season for me, as the individual episodes are less important for me than the feel the show gives me in the long run. It's still very rewarding each time an episode catch the essence of a show like this episode does for Veronica Mars.
  • Right here, right now.

    Easily the best episode since Season One finale. The best episodes of VM are always the ones with conclusions. 1x21, 1x22, 2x12, 2x22 and now 3x9.

    Many people tend to underrate the 3rd season for being "different" and "out of character"

    I disagree, I think this season is very logical, and a neccessery stepstone for the show(even though it turned out to be the final season, it was never really intended to be that, I think Rob Thomas meant this season to be some sort of transitional season)

    Anyway, onto the episode: Fantastic start (in medias res) I always loved this from kind of episode start, it was used alot in Alias, and I got the same feeling here. A huge WTF? and then the excitement, trying to put together the puzzles as the episode progresses "How did Veronica end up there?"

    One more thing about the beginning: Fatboy Slim's Right Here, Right Now. GREAT!!! Rob Thomas knows how to choose music for the show, this is no exception. Fantastic adrelaine pumping song.

    The episode could be titled "endings and beginnings" as the rapist's revealed but a new mystery rises.

    The conclusion of who the rapist was was a let down for some, but for me, it was fine. Honestly, it was never really the "Who", it was always the "How to catch him"

    Honestly, people who wished it was someone we know would've been the most disappointed if it turned out to be Logan for example.

    Cuz that would have just made no sense at all. All of the show's main characters are developed to a level where twists like this wouldn't work.

    And the very few new characters there are... well... one's been raped alrady, the other's an incredibly insecure guy; no thanks.

    So, I was happy with the rather uknown but still, always there in the background kind of guy. The greatest scene was Veronica confronting Mercer (or the other way around) once again, Kristen Bell gives an amazingly realistic performance.... wow, she never ceases to impress me. And it was rather suspensful, too. Then, the revelation that Moe was working with Mercer - that was like the icing on the top. Cyrus finds out his wife cheating with Landry, and not so much later Cyrus is dead. Oh, there you have another mystery. Also, loved the "teamwork" in the episode, with basically everyone doing something important. Especialyl loved Logan getting himself arrested just so he can get back at Mercer... wow, just wow. Loved that scene. Overall, fantastic episode with suspense, revelations and some great "teamwork" which makes this show tick.
  • This is exactly the reason why so many people love this show including myself. Classic VM with extra excitement and emotions. My favourite episode followed by the 2 previous seasons finales.

    Fantastic episode could not belive it wasn't even the season finale. Good judgement on revealing the campus rapist before they ran out of interesting storylines. This episode truly had something for everyone and i can't imagine anyone sitting through it without their heartrate speeding up. I know if Veronica had of stopped breathing during the eppy i probably would have forgotten to myself. I love how all the characters are involved annd Jason Dohrings brilliant acting made me fall in love with Logan even more when he was talking to Veronica near the beginning of the episode. The icing on the cake though has to be at the very end with the confrontation between Logan and the rapist, just one look at Logans face shows you his intentions and this is precisely why we all love Logan.
  • Awesome episode. Veronica discovers who the rapist is.

    I really loved this episode. It was one of the best that I have seen in a while. I did not expect Mercer to be the serial rapists. At first I thought he might have been, but them I changed my mind. My favorite scene in this episode was when Logan took a bat to the policemen's car. I thought that was so funny. He ended up in the same jail cell as Mercer and Moe. I loved the look on Logan's face as soon as he walked in. Another reason why I liked this episode so much is because we got see Mac, Weevil, and Wallace. We really haven't seen them that much this season. I liked at the end of the episode the showed what the next mystery is. I can't wait to find out who did it.
  • The Rapist Revealed

    I thought that it was a nice change to wrap up a storyline mid-season. I was a little disappointed that they'd already fingered the bad guy in a prior episode, but still the opening was gripping and the ending was well worth the wait.
    Veronica Mars at it's best. What the hell the network think it is doing by cancelling this cult classic. I enjoyed it while it lasted. Veronica Mars you will be missed. I LOVE YOU X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
  • Is it just me or was this episode a little confusing?

    Veronica cleared Mercer's name and Logan was his alibi during the summer. How is it that he is the rapist? I still love Veronica and always will, but I think they could have done a little better with this conclusion. Dean O'Dell's murder is classic. I think it was someone in the soroity house, but that is just a guess.
  • This well-written midseason finale wrapped up several season-long storylines while bringing up a few burning questions about what we can expect in future episodes. (spoilers)

    After a string of below average (but well worth watching) episodes, "Spit and Eggs" provides a much deserved VM fix by wrapping up a couple Season 3 mysteries and creating new ones. The frat battle comes to a head, creating even more campus tension, in the face of which the campus rapist slips up and is nailed by (who else?) Veronica and her allies.

    The story structure, like in several other episodes, begins with an exciting scene from the episode's dramatic climax, then takes us to "two days earlier," where we witness the events leading up to Veronica's chase scene. The writers plot this type of story quite well, and this episode is no exception. The plot flows naturally throughout the episode, and the conclusion unfolds in a captivating ending that lesser series might mishandle (perhaps by having Keith or Logan save the day). It's hard to understand what exactly provoked Moe's allegiance, but Mercer's revelatory monologue explains his motivation in an eerily rational way.

    Veronica and Logan's relationship has seemed oddly strained since Season 2, so their awkward breakup was no surprise. Fortunately, Logan is still around to add to the love story angle...and this point is driven home by the great scene at the end where Logan gets himself thrown into jail to play the anti-hero once again.

    Dean O'Dell's storyline came to a depressing end this week, but in all, the episode reminded me what is great about Veronica Mars, and I only hope the rest of the season is as exemplary of the series.
  • Very amazing

    To me, this was one of the most exciting and on-edge eppisodes of the whole entire season, I found it more entertaining then the series finale because it had so much action, and while each eppisode has drama and mystery, this one really was an awsome example of how amazing Veronica Mars is.
  • Very amazing

    To me, this was one of the most exciting and on-edge eppisodes of the whole entire season, I found it more entertaining then the series finale because it had so much action, and while each eppisode has drama and mystery, this one really was an awsome example of how amazing Veronica Mars is.
  • The Hearst Rapist is Revealed!

    Spit & Eggs is probably the best episode of season three (maybe even the series) and is the conclusion to the Hearst rapist story arc. Overall it was very tightly plotted and I throughly enjoyed the arc once I realized the clues. Mercer and Moe are our rapists, here are the clues...
    The whole Prisoner Guard experiment in 'My Big Fat Greek Rush Week' was a setup for the motive and a reason as to why Moe and Mercer would conspire to rape women. I mean Moe seems fairly decent, why on earth would he go along with Mercer? He looked all happy and bashful when Veronica gave him her number so why would such a 'nice' person get involved in such a crime. And here we have our reason:

    The Horshack (the prisoner who got picked on) and Rafe relationship (mean guard) in MBFGRW was serving as a parallel to the Moe Mercer relationship, that obviously grew out of their time together in the experiment the year before. Moe tells Wallace in MBFGRW that the experiment is 'life changing' and we see why eventually... Logan tells Veronica in 'Hi Infidelity' that Horshack was caught taking two tests in an exam, a second test for Rafe; this is odd considering how obviously abusive Rafe was towards Horshack in particular. Horshack also tells Wallace at the end of MBFGRW that Rafes treatment of him was no big deal, which Wallace also finds strange. As with Moe and Mercer they now have formed a strange co-dependance born out of that experiment - where Rafe is the dominant manipulative one and Horshack the submissive ''slave'' doing what he is told no matter how immoral the act (although cheating is evidently not nearly as bad as rape).

    In Spit and Eggs Moe is seen as the submissve part of the duo, always doing what Mercer says and when Mercer exerts his dominance he hits Moe and calls him 'prisoner'. There we have our confirmation on this. The Rafe/Horshack parallel is the setup for Moe/Mercer. It is also a way of us seeing Moe/Mercers early relationship only projected through two different people. And it gives us the reason/motive for Moe in particular, he wants to do as Mercer says to please him: Mercer is arrogant and charming and Moe has hero-worship issues relating to the experiment and probably gets some masochistic pleasure out of Mercers abuse. Thus this is realistically why Moe would help Mercer rape women.
    Mercer on the other hand is misogynistic and cruel which we see evidence for separately - most notably when he teases that guy with a stutter - making clear he was always innately capable of such cruelty (and eventually rape). He just needed help, which Moe gave him thanks to the Prisoner/Guard experiment.

    So that is the basis for the arc and Spit & Eggs does an awesome job of laying out these remaining clues. I loved the bad dance Piz did as a distraction at the party, I also loved the longing stares between Logan and Veronica. They were obviously still very hurt by the break up and speaking of the break up... it was beautiful. Truly one of the most sincere and heart wrenching break ups I've seen on television. I loved that moment in the shower, where Veronica finally let's go of the pain she's been holding onto, I knew she wasn't fine - the random staring into space and affirmations were proof enough. This episode was excellent in all respects, plot, emotion, action etc. Just brilliant.
  • After the campus rapist anonymously announces the location of his next rape, Veronica hires her friends to help her track him down, but is shocked when she discovers the rapist's identity. Logan makes a drastic decision about his future with Veronica.

    After the campus rapist anonymously announces the location of his next rape, Veronica hires her friends to help her track him down, but is shocked when she discovers the rapist's identity.

    Meanwhile, Logan makes a drastic decision about his future with Veronica, and Dean O'Dell hires Keith to prove that his wife is unfaithful.
  • Veronica tries to prevent the rapist from reaching his next victim.

    I absolutely loved this episode. If I didn't love this show before, which I did, this episode did the trick. Veronica enlists the help of her friends to try and stop the serial rapist. Parts of it, as always, were very funny, but it was more serious than previous episodes. I was sad that LoVe broke up, but I think that just added to the drama. It sort of set the mood for how this episode would be.

    Wow. Mercer is sick. I found it so intense, pervy and strangely intruiging when he was talking to his victim. It was disgustng, though, when Veronica used a nail gun on him. Good, though, since he deserved it.

    I totally did not see that Moe (or whatever his name is) as being Mercer's friend. That was an awesome twist. Giving Veronica a spiked drink. The hair was nasty, but it definately gave the full effect. I like that she used the rape whistle and was saved by Mac's roomate, whose name seems to have escaped me. It was great.

    Logan was funny when he smashed the police car. Now, who shot Dean O'Dell???
  • Logan breaks up with Veronica, leaving her with enough time to solve the mystery of the rapes. But this will bring her closer to the gates of danger then ever before. Meanwhile, Cyrus thinks Mindy is cheating on him.

    With 'Spit & Eggs' Rob Thomas made a point. Quality does have to suffer to get high ratings. This is without a doubt the worsted mysteryfinale made (though we had only three) by him, but that doesn't make it an bad episode. Even better, it's full of action, great scenes, shocking twists and an nice cliffhanger, but then I'm not refering to the Cyrus murder, because that is just lame. Seriously "What are you doing here?" is the most pronounced line by people who are about to die in movies, why use it in an brilliant (seriously brilliant) serie like VM? I don't know. I don't even know why there aren't that many suspects, I don't even know why we needed an new big mystery so badly. Couldn't it wait untill the next episode? Would it really make this one less better? I doubt it. To be honest, I don't give this episode a ten because it has Dean O'Dell killed. Don't get me wrong, it's an big episode and satisfying and everything, but I just don't think it was necessary to kill off the dean in order to get people to watch after the winter break. Rob is an brilliant writer, I think he could've done better then he did now.
  • This one was exciting! The beginning was very touchful and the rest.. so intensive. Great! But.. It was hard for V and Logan to be together, but it would be harder not to be! I really hope they will get back together till the end of the season!

    This third season wasn't so exciting as the second one, but with this episode I think things will get better. And the next case should be bigger than the previous ones. It is great to have one big mistery during the every-episode-cases.

    I didn't like Logan's decision, but he's right - Veronica was acting badly with him recently.
    And I don't want to see V with someone else actually. ;)
    Hope Weevil will not be accused again! He's a nice guy too.
  • This was just a great episode!

    What a heartbreaking beginning, when Logan breaks up with Veronica. I have to say, I disagree with him that it's better to have some pain now vs. lots of pain later, but I think he'll realize that himself soon enough.

    And of, course, the ending... Logan again, showing that he loves Veronica and always will. I laughed out loud when I realized what he was doing by smashing up the police cruiser. I think Mercer and Moe are in for a world of pain that they've never imagined.

    That leaves the middle of the episode, which was fast-paced and action packed. Veronica is on the trail of the rapist, and recruits her friends to help her at the PiSig party, and she eventually does find the rapist, but not in the way that she wanted. Also, the Dean finds out about his wife's cheating, and then gets murdered. There are so many candidates for who could have murdered him... that makes a good next mystery for Veronica to solve!

    I'm looking forward to the rest of the season!
  • the end....yeah....all I need to say.....

    Okay, so, I loved this episode! I rewatched it tonight and had forgotten some things about it. ... ... ... I never forgot the ending, though ... ... ... When Logan gets out of his car, makes sure the cops see him, and then beats their car with a baseball bat, just so they will put him in the jail cell with Mercer and Moe. I loved that! I think that even though Logan's character is sometimes a complete jackass, he is so sweet and charming and he really looks out for Veronica, since she seems to have this thing about not needing to be looked after, he does it in a way that is loving, where he can still protect her, even from herself. I just think this episode shows how much the characters actually love and rely on each other ... ... ... even more than either of them realizes.

    Great episode!
  • This was the best episode of 3 season:) it reminded me why i ADORE veronica mars :D

    After the campus rapist anonymously announces the location of his next rape, Veronica hires her friends to help her track him down, but is shocked when she discovers the rapist\'s identity. Meanwhile, Logan makes a drastic decision about his future with Veronica, and Dean O\'Dell hires Keith to prove that his wife is unfaithful. Veronica: Hey Bonnie. Where\'s your boyfriend tonight?
    Bonnie: Do you see a ring?
    Dick: Hey Veronica. Where\'s your boyfriend tonight? Oh wait, I\'m so sorry. You don\'t have one anymore. Bummer. Mercer: Hey there, Parker is it?
    Parker: Going somewhere?
    Mercer: Yeah, as a matter of fact.
    Parker: Where is she?
    Mercer: Woah!
    Parker: RAPE, RAPE, RAPE, RAPE!
  • I'm just getting around to reviewing this one, so I'm a little fuzzy on what happened (EXACTLY) but it was a great one.

    Logan kicks some ass, Veronica gets in some SERIOUS trouble. Mac and Wallace help out which ends up being sort of funny. Veronica's one liners are just about as good as ever - actually I think they're a little better. The story with the Dean is pretty tragic and the end of his story this episode was very satisfying. Everything about this episode was satisfying actually. After watching this episode, I feel that the series has really grown into something great. The High School years were great - season 1 was amazing and despite a few characters in season 2, that season was great too - but season 3 is more amazing. This episode is proof enough.
  • So the first 3rd season mystery arc is wrapped and it goes out in style. Although, ONE thing set me off.

    So throughout all of season 3, we've been getting hints of who the rapist is. One person who was strongly clued was Mercer. Of course, I never suspected him for the simple fact that he was being hinted throughout the whole arc. Veronica Mars is known for just surprising you at the very last minute and the murderer is someone wasn't even in your train of thought. Althought it failed to surprise me, this episode was still edgy and thrilling.

    Veronica broke up with Logan and tried to maintain her normal behavior. If you know Veronica's personality, her breakdown in the shower would've been one of the saddest moments on VM for you. It definitely was for me. I also loved everyone's reaction to the news. Honestly, one of my favorite parts of the episode was probably one of the small meaningless moments no one cares about. Veronica ultimately doubting that a whistle could save her life during her conversation was the reason why this particular moment was my fav. Done guessing... Anyway, I swear, when Parker's head came peeking from out of her room, my heart rate ran up to about twice the normal rate.

    This is definitely one of those episodes that makes Veronica Mars a cult favorite. I'm glad that they settled the whole rape arc in justice while still continuing the story. If you don't know what I mean, then you definitely have to tune in episode. ;)
  • Best Episode of 2006

    What's not to love about this episode?
    Mystery-solving, chase sequences, Veronica testing if drinks are wet... This episode has it all. And the ratings reflected that. Here's to a season 4!

    After the campus rapist anonymously announces the location of his next rape, Veronica hires her friends to help her track him down, but is shocked when she discovers the rapist's identity.
    Meanwhile, Logan makes a drastic decision about his future with Veronica, and Dean O'Dell hires Keith to prove that his wife is unfaithful. Favorite quotes:
    Piz: Hey guys, what's the word? Is it...Avuncular? No? Just a shot in the dark.
    Veronica: Great job, Dick. I'm sure you won that debate.
    Logan: Well he's a master debater.

    I think with this episode season 3 has finally kicked off
  • Season threes first story arc goes out with a boom!

    Wow! So far for me season 3 was really lame if you don't look at episode 1 of the season... However, this eppi on the other hand is real Veronica Mars stuff... Just all 100% Veronica Mars! Starting off with Veronica finding out someone will be raped at the party and the following storyline gives you a real excited feel... 1 hour after I saw this eppi I was still in shock... It includes some really good quotes, my fav is: All the gliter has fallen off my porn star tube top!
  • Wow..One story wrapped up and another one has just begun.

    Well, I never saw it coming. Two guys working together and just when we thought Mercer had been cleared.

    I loved the ending with Logan getting himself arrested so he could give his own brand of justice to those two. I am looking forward to finding out exactly what happened in that cell.

    Then to realize that the new mystery was going to be who killed the dean. I liked his character, although he was becoming a pain to both Keith and Veronica. So who killed him, his wife, the professor, the opponents to of the Greeks or someone else who we have not even seen yet?

    Only a few more weeks until we get to dive into the new case.....
  • Things are getting a bit confusing.i sure dont remember who the rapist is..which episode??? no i dont think i like season 3 of veronica mars. The story is kinda lame..sorry!

    After the campus rapist anonymously announces the location of his next rape, Veronica hires her friends to help her track him down, but is shocked when she discovers the rapist's identity.

    Meanwhile, Logan makes a drastic decision about his future with Veronica, and Dean O'Dell hires Keith to prove that his wife is unfaithful.
  • OMG no more LoVe. but they make a great couple atleast the rapist is revealed and im sure Logan will take care of him.

    OMG i cant believe that Logan broke up with Veronica! they are so clearly still in love with each other. he looked so sexy at the end when he was put in the cell and you just knew sparks were gonna fly. not sure about Veronicas attitude the morning ater. earlire in the episode she was distraught in the shower when Logan broke up with her but the morning after being attacked and almost raped by people she knew and shes fine. seems a bit wierd. atleast she solved the case and now shes got another one to work on.
  • Rape mystery solved. Muder mystery unfolds. A relationship ended...or has it? Will a new romance unfold??? Oh how the plot has thickened.....

    I LOVED this episode. It was just what the viewers needed; a huge mystery solved mid season and a new mystery to keep us hooked. The ending had a nice touch with Logan's arrest. I like his character and how the writers portray him. I love the whole Logan and Veronica romance but I think the writers are swaying towards a certain Piz....I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  • Break ups, murders, parties and unicorns.

    I really loved this episode, I thought it was better than Not Pictured although not quite up to Leave it to Beaver standards (although I doubt there will ever be an episode quite like that.) I think having 3 shorter mysteries this season was definitely the way to go, I think if the rapes had went on for 21 episodes it definitely would have dragged as a storyline as well as being horrific. I mean the season one and two arcs was trying to discover the culprit of a crime that had already been comitted while the rapes were ongoing. I did think this episode seemed a litte rushed, only a bit cos I loved how fast paced it was but I think another episode or more about the rape cases in previous ones might have helped a bit.

    OK so Veronica and Logan...*sniff* much as I love them together, I think Logan did the right thing, besides LoVe isn't LoVe without drama and angst. If we LoVers know anything its that no one writes songs about the ones that come easy. I think the break up really gave Veronica the jolt she needed cos she definitely had been unfairly treating Logan (omg when she paused last episode when he asked if she loved him then didnt really sell it) and wasnt taking his phone calls and stuff. I was glad to see how thrown she was by it, her stony silences and the shower scene really convinced me that she does love him, cos to me it seemed a bit one sided for a while. There's clearly hope for them.

    Also I got all swoony when Logan damaged the police car to be put in a cell with Mercer and Moe. I love it when Logan punches people, especially for Veronica!

    I liked that Mercer and Moe were behind it, I really did not have any theories at all about who was the culprit this time around, maybe because there was no motive behind the rapes as such, but I thought it was done really well, the whole chase scene and being drugged by Moe was very tense. It even managed to be a comic (although deeply disturbing) when Mercer was like "Unicorns? Really?"

    I thought that Veronica was being stupid going on her own. I know that's who she is and we couldn't have an epic concluding VM episode without Veronica diving in head first but still. Even if she had have went on her own and got the girl out of the room but why did she stay there, leaving them both in danger? Or if she'd attempted to ring Logan who although is less with the guns, would have been closer than her dad. But that could just be my love of having Logan save Veronica.

    Sad to see the Dean dead, I thought he was a good character, quite amusing. I think that the perfect murder papers could come into play. Obvious suspects for the moment are Prof Landry, Dean's wife and I'm going to throw Tim into the mix just cos he creeps me out (he's Lucky for Christ's sake), has that criminology thing going on, and we saw in this ep that he has quite the violent temper. Of course them being the obvious ones means that the chances of it being any of them are low. Final thoughts; great season arc and fantastic episode to finish it. Loved having the gang back together (yay! Mac!)and cant wait to see what happens next, although apparently we have to. Stupid hiatus. Also do you think Charlie, Logan's half brother will be back at some point in the season? Well Piz ever declare his feelings for the apparently dense Veronica? Will Weevil be given his own storyline or a decent part to play this season? Well keep watching guys!
  • It was a great episode.

    We found out that Mercyer was the rapist and Moe was the wingman. It was a really great reveal about who the rapist is. It is the first time that the big mystery had two people as the bad guy. It was really sad how Logan broke up with Veronica. He cares about Veronica so much. Logan knew that it would hurt really bad the break up with Veronica. He wants to deal with the pain not rather than later. My favortie part in the episode was at the end when Logan goes to get arrested by smashing the cops car with the baseball bat. He wants to kick Mercyer and Moe's butts. He thought that he was his friend and he goes and beats up Veronica. Logan is so mad. IT is so great. Can not wait until the next episode
  • not the best finale

    I think it wasn't the best they could do. i thought at the end of the episode that it was good but not awsome like the other finals. The bad guys were predictible and nothing compare to the bad guy at the second season finale , he was totally unpredictible. how could the good guy Beaver be the bad guy only because nobody took him for granted. I think that they wanted to do a mix of the two bad guys at the other season finales but it wasn't the best they could do.

    I think that the thing that they're doing by cutting the season in 3 stories isn't good, I prefered the whole season with a case because it wasn't enough 9 episodes to study the case.
  • We find the rapist and now the new mystery begins...

    I think out of all the shows that are doing the holiday hiatus this is the one that has pulled it off the best. The episode was a mini season finale that gave us all the answers and left us with a few more questions and the excitement that soon we will have more.
    I loved the fact that they brought all the supporting cast back for this one. One of the weak points to the beginning of the season was the lack of Wallace and Mac. Having them play a role in the end even though it was a little small was a nice touch.
    On the identity of the rapist... I won't spoil it here for the folks that haven't seen the episode... it was a suprise and a clever idea. Plus Logan at the end was one of the best scenes ever in the show.
    And now we come to the next whodunnit. A character has been killed and, I'm sad to say, it was one I had come to like over the course of the season so far.
    I can't wait for the next batch of episodes and I really hope the CW has the smarts to pick this show up for the whole season and for season four.
  • One of the most shocking episodes this season

    In this episode of Veronica Mars there is a party and someone will be drugged and raped. Veronica begins investigating, along with the gang, but it doesn't look like what it seems! In fact the person who is tricked was Veronica. Shocking, nail bitting and full of suspense! I can't wait till the next episode! Veronica Mars rocks!
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