Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 20

The Bitch is Back

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 22, 2007 on UPN

Episode Recap

Mars Investigations - Logan tells Veronica about the existence of a video of her and Piz having sex. A horrified Veronica say's it's not possible because other being naked and fooling around a bit, Piz and her haven't had sex yet. Logan gives her a copy of the video and admits to beating up Piz because he believes Piz is responsible for the video. An angry Veronica asks why Logan is involved and says she doesn't believe Piz would do something like that. After Logan leaves and Keith goes home to make dinner, a disbelieving Veronica watches the video. Hearst College, Piz's dorm room - Veronica sees Wallace helping Piz down the hallway to their room. Wallace is worked up and wants to go have a 'conversation' with Logan. Piz doesn't know why Logan beat him up until Veronica tells him about the video. Piz denies videotaping them and is hurt that she would think he would do something like that. Veronica says she doesn't think he made it, but doesn't understand how it happened. Neptune Grand, Presidential suite - An upset Parker arrives to talk to Logan. Parker ends up breaking up with Logan because it's obvious he is still in love with Veronica. Logan tries to argue they are just friends to no avail. On the way to the elevator, an upset Parker passes Veronica and tells her that Logan is all hers. Veronica enters the suite and tells Dick to stick around and then goes to Logan's room. An angry Veronica tells Logan that Piz is having trouble breathing and has five stitches over his eye. Logan again tries the friendship argument with no success. Veronica says they are no longer friends - he is out of her life forever. In the living room, Veronica inspects Dick's computer and discovers the email came from Chip Diller. Veronica also finds Dick forwarded the e-mail to everyone in his address book. Dick's only excuse is that it was instinct - he always forwards good porn. Hearst College, somewhere outside - Weevil, who has seen the video, catches up to Veronica to offer his help for whatever she is going to do. An embarrassed Veronica says there is a good chance she will take him up on his offer. Hearst College, food court - Veronica sees everyone watching her as she enters and it feels just like high school all over again. She walks up to Chip and questions him. He says he doesn't know, and doesn't care, who sent him the video. Veronica: You don't care now, but holy crap! Are you gonna care when I start to get my revenge on - you'll be doing all sorts of carin'. Veronica leaves and doesn't get far before a worried Chip catches up to her and admits he received the video from Domonick Desante. Hearst College, Domonick's dorm room - Veronica confronts Domonick who denies knowing who sent him the video. He brushes off Veronica's threats and shuts the door on her. Somewhere in Neptune - Domonick and his date leave a restaurant and he's telling her he doesn't know why his credit card was rejected and he will pay her back for dinner. When they turn a corner, they see his car up on concrete blocks and the tires are gone. Weevil walks by and suggests he must have some bad karma. Hearst College, Domonick's dorm room - Domonick returns to his room and is exasperated when the lights go on when he flips the light switch. Veronica who is sitting in a dark corner, turns on a lamp, and suggests he's having a bad day. Dominic goes to attack her, but stops when Veronica's threatens him with her taser. He finally gives her the name Goyra Sorokin and tells her not to tell Goyra where she got the name. Hearst College, Goyra's dorm room - Veronica meets Goyra as he is coming back to his room from taking a shower. He is very blasé about Veronica confronting him and her threats. Veronica tells him to talk to Domonick about what she is capable of. He suggests she get a lawyer if she has proof he planted a camera. Veronica is further angered when he disrobes in front of her and invites her to stay for a drink. Hearst College, Piz's dorm room - Piz is strumming a guitar while Veronica is at her computer listening to a bug she planted in Goyra's room. She hears Goyra talking to someone on the phone about pledges picking up their instructions at the north quad newspaper stand. Neither Veronica nor Piz know of any fraternities that do a late spring rush. Hearst College, North Quad - Veronica is taking surveillance pictures of everyone taking a newspaper from the newspaper box. She is wondering who these mystery pledges are and what do they have to do with her public humiliation. She is surprised to see Wallace is one of the pledges. Veronica runs and catches up to Wallace. She tells Wallace she was taking surveillance photos of the newspaper box he just used. He dodges her question of whether he is pledging a fraternity and what he is doing on that side of campus. He is saved further questioning when Veronica gets a phone call. Hearst College, hallway - A professor gives Wallace a note that he found on his front door that morning that was addressed to Wallace. Sheriff's office - Veronica has to deliver a clean uniform to her Dad because he dropped salad on his pants and stained them. He is going to be doing an interview for the Neptune Register in a few days, but the photographer is due to arrive shortly. Mars residence - Wallace arrives to tell Veronica about the The Castle and how he thinks it is behind her video. He tells her he was tapped to join and until recently he didn't think they were involved. But, a couple days ago, he lied to a girl that wanted to hang out with him by telling her he had a study night at his professor's house. This morning his professor delivered a message for him from The Castle. They knew where he was and it makes sense they were monitoring him the same way they got the video of Veronica. Veronica asks him for names, but he has not met a single person, not even another pledge. He says everything is done using messages. Wallace has decided not to join The Castle but changes him mind to help Veronica find out who they are. If they can't get names, they will get pictures using a camera pen. Wallace gives Veronica a newspaper article on The Castle he found when he researched them. Hearst College, library - Veronica talks to Nish, the author of the newspaper article. She tells Veronica what she knows which is not much. No one knows what they do or who they are but getting tapped is a ticket to wealth, power and prestige. A group of women tried to sue them since only men get tapped to join, but they didn't know who to sue. Neptune, parking lot - A car drives up and Wallace gets in the trunk. Veronica follows in her car. Neptune, warehouse somewhere - Wallace gets out of trunk and given instructions on where to go and what to do. Inside Unit 499, he is addressed as 3, ordered to strip to his underwear, leave his clothes outside the door, put an electric collar around his neck and sit in a chair. The only other thing in the room is a video camera. He is startled by a loud scream. He is told to tell the truth because there are no secrets in The Castle because it keeps them honest. If he lies, another pledge brother will pay the price. The voice asks about Rashard Rucker and the night in Chicago when they ran over a homeless man. Wallace admits his father committed a crime to help him. His electric collar delivers him a shock when another pledge lies. The voice asks about the item that was in his pocket. Wallace says it is just a pen but the scream of another pledge say's they don't believe him. Wallace comes staggering out of the building in his underwear. Veronica meets him and walks him to her car. Mars residence - Wallace tells Veronica that they knew about the camera and when he wouldn't talk anymore, he was told him to get out. He thinks he knows the name of one of the other pledges. The voice slipped up one time and instead of calling him 3, his basketball number, it called him 2400. He remembers a newspaper article on a student who got a perfect 2400 on his SAT. Veronica reviews her pictures and confirms 2400 is one of the pledges. She will now follow him. Hearst College, food court - Veronica walks past Domonick who is sitting at a table with his arm in a cast. Veronica joins Piz at a table. A guy from a nearby table starts making rude comments to Veronica. Piz politely tries to get him to stop while Veronica goes for her taser. Piz stops her and they head outside to escape the heckling, although Veronica would prefer to stay and inflict some pain. Neptune Grand, Presidential Suite - Dick congratulates Logan on his beat down of Piz. He thinks Logan messed up Piz real good. Pemberton Estates, a gated community - Veronica follows 2400, who was picked up in a parking lot by a stretch limo and chauffeured to a mansion. All the curtains in the house are drawn and she can't get any pictures of their faces. She heads around back, climbs the fence in the back yard and enters the house using the dog door. While crawling through the dog door, she catches her sweater on a screw in the door and tears a hole in it. She moves around inside the house and is shocked to discover a large painting of Lilly on the wall. She is frozen by the sight until approaching voices break her out her reverie. She ducks into a room and hides behind the window curtains. The voices belong to Jake Kane and Goyra who enter the room. Jake says he likes the look of the pledges but notes they are one short. Goyra tells him that he caught one of the pledges sneaking in a camera. He also says the confessions are getting worse every year and hands Jake a disk. Jake transfers the contents of the disk onto his computer and then shreds the disk. After they go back to induction, Veronica comes out of hiding and looks up to see a picture of Duncan on the wall looking down on her. Veronica steals the hard drive from Jake's computer. Pemberton Estates, Kane residence - Keith is talking to Jake and Clarence about a break-in at the house. Jake says someone broke in and stole his hard drive that contained five years of programming code that will revolutionize the industry. Clarence says there is no security system yet because they have only been there a month. Keith looks around the house, checks out the dog door and finds a thread caught on a screw. He surmises it was the entry point. Keith talks to the next door neighbor, Mr. Harvey, because Keith noticed he has security cameras in his backyard. The owner allows him to view his DVR recordings from the security cameras from the previous night. They show a small girl climbing the back wall as she is leaving. Keith is allowed to take the DVR for evidence. Pemberton Estates, entry gates - Ex-deputy Gills is working the front gates of the community and is uncooperative when Keith asks who signed in the night before. He is still bitter about being fired by Keith. Hearst College, outside - Veronica asks Mac to help break Jake's password on the hard drive. Mac tells her that they would have to use a supercomputer to have a chance at cracking the password in a reasonable amount of time. Mars residence - Keith searches Veronica's room. He finds a sweater, with a hole, that matches the thread he found at the Kane residence. Pemberton Estates, entry gates - Clarence approaches a security guard to ask about license plate numbers. Hearst College, computer room - Weevil lets Veronica and Mac into the room that holds the Hearst college supercomputer. They hook up the hard drive and start a program to crack the password. Pemberton Estates, Harvey residence - Clarence approaches Mr. Harvey to ask about Keith's visit earlier in the day. Mars residence - Veronica comes home to see her room ripped apart. Keith asks her about the break-in at the Kane mansion. Veronica denies doing it but Keith shows her the sweater with the hole in it. He wants to know what is going on, but Veronica can't tell him because then he would never look at her the same again. Veronica leaves to spend the night at Mac's. Pemberton Estates, Kane residence - Clarence tells Jake that Veronica was the person who broke in. An angry Jake tells Clarence to arrange it so he never sees Veronica again in his lifetime. Clarence asks Jake if that is the best option. Sheriff's office - Keith is doing his interview with the reporter from the Neptune Register. Jake, Clarence and the county prosecutor barge in and demand that Keith arrest Veronica. They know her car was signed in at the gatehouse at the time of the break-in, that she is small enough to fit in the dog door and that a small girl was seen on the neighbor's security system DVR. The prosecutor wants the DVR but Keith won't give it up without a judge's order. The prosecutor promises to be back soon with a court order. Hearst College, computer room - Veronica doesn't answer her phone when Keith calls. Time is running short because they have to be done before a 9:00 AM cl@ss is schedule to arrive. Sheriff's office - Keith leaves a message telling Veronica things have hit the fan and he really needs to talk to her. After hanging up, he goes into the evidence room and erases the DVR using a large magnet from an audio speaker that is also being stored in the room. Hearst College, computer room - The hard drive password is cracked. Veronica is surprised to discover the drive contains the names of all the members of The Castle, not just that year's pledge cl@ss. Sheriff's office - The prosecutor arrives with a judge's order for the DVR. Keith has Leo retrieve it from the evidence room. Mars residence - The hard drive has confessions from all members since inception. It has 20 years of transcriptions, 30 years of audio and 30 years of video confessions. Veronica explains to Mac they do confessions so nobody spills The Castle's secrets. Veronica and Mac are shocked when they watch Goyra's confession. He was at his Dad's mountain cabin, getting high one night when he saw his dad and uncle drive up. He hid and saw them take a couple bodies out of the trunk, cut them up and take them down to the boat in a couple of hefty bags. Veronica decides to let Goyra keeps his secrets rather than release it as revenge for her public humiliation. Hearst College - Veronica gives Nish a list with the name of every member of The Castle to help with her lawsuit. A happy Nish tells Veronica this is going to make a lot of powerful men very unhappy. Veronica says it won't be the first time. Hearst College, food court - Logan tries to apologize to Veronica but she tells him he owes the apology to Piz, not her. Goyra interrupts to return the listening device she planted in his room and to tell her she is a real bitch. Logan is confused when Veronica doesn't react to Goyra rude comments. Logan starts towards Goyra, but Veronica stops him and tells him to leave Goyra alone because he is mob connected. Logan still goes after Goyra, beats him up and demands he apologize to Veronica. Veronica doesn't want an apology from him - she just takes her pen camera back from him. Goyra tells Logan he is going to die, but Logan laughs off the threat. Before Logan leaves, he apologizes to Piz who has just arrived. Kane residence - Clarence lets Veronica into the house. Jake dials the sheriff when Veronica tells him she came to return his hard drive. Veronica tells him that if she is arrested, everything on the hard drive goes public. Jake doesn't believe she's had time to crack the password in a day but is proved wrong when she recites the confessions of various people, including his. Veronica also wants her Dad left out of it, but Jake says it's too late. Veronica is confused. Mars residence - Veronica comes home and Keith is behaving as if nothing is wrong and has prepared gumbo for supper. The next day Veronica wakes up find a newspaper article about Keith being charged for destroying evidence. Veronica is upset that her actions have ruined her Dad's chances in the election which is being held that day. Polling booth - Veronica votes for her Dad, leaves the building and walks down the street in the rain.