Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 20

The Bitch is Back

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 22, 2007 on UPN

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  • Late Fan Who's Wondering Why IT Ended After 3 Seasons.

    The cancelling of this show is for me just further proof that "Pet Rocks" didn't die, they just became tv exec's. What a bunch of idiots to have ended this show after 3 seasons without a fight for better ratings.
  • Consistently great show from beginning to end

    Consistently great show from the pilot to the series finale.

    Unlike many series that "jump the shark," Veronica Mars finishes on a high note.

    So sad however to see it come to a premature end, like so many other great or at least above average series, such as "Firefly" "Jericho" "Terra Nova"

    Thank god "Veronica Mars, the Movie" is in pre-production!
  • Why do all the good ones have to come to an end?

    Why do all the good ones have to come to an end? I loved both Veronica Mars and Cupid (both CW shows). I love the idea of watching her grow up then head off to the FBI. I love relating to her. Found this on Netflix and have been addicted ever since. They should have hulu, NBC, or ABC pick this up and finish it. Or even Marvel or DC. Someone should just pay for it and finish filming it. The crime noir feminine lead here rocks. I can't wait until Netflix and hulu (ie the fans) are the ones who get to choose what airs and what gets cut. That's how Chuck got saved, the fans (and Facebook/Twitter).
  • The perfect ending for a perfect show.

    Here it is. The end of Veronica Mars. After 3 awesome years of too many emotions one can handle, the inevitable happens and this little show I came to love so much ends.

    I can see why most people thought this episode was disappointing but I beg to differ. Life goes on and that's what 'The B*tch is Back' shows us. It all begins from where the previous episode left off. Logan tells Veronica about her sex tape, now very popular among her classmates and she has one last mystery on her hands. After the reappearance of some familiar faces like Jake Kane and Clarence Wiedman, and a secret society (you can't go wrong with them), the mystery is solved but not without some serious consequences. Keith is charged for erasing evidence and this reflects on his race for sheriff. Veronica votes for him, and moves on, walking in the rain.

    It's hard to explain but life goes on and so does Veronica. She still has problems to solve and people to help and that's what makes this episode so good. Yeah, it's not a happy ending, but how often in life do we really have them? 'The B*tch is Back' (awesome title, by the way) marks the end of a very short era with everything I love about Veronica Mars. Funny quotes? Check. Mystery to solve? Check. Veronica, Keith and the whole gang? Check, check, check. A heart-breaking ending with a noir feel to it? Check. The writing is Veronica as we know it and the acting doesn't let you down. Most importantly, it gives you hope that Veronica isn't over just because the show is.

    Maybe this won't make sense, but in my opinion this is what the show represents and any other ending wouldn't do justice to it.
  • An excellent ending to an excellent show. Not as an ending of the story about Veronica, but as an episode catching the very essence of both Veronica and the tv-show Veronica Mars in one single episode and as a season finale.

    The final episode of Veronica Mars, as I don't count the season 4 FBI pitched one, and what a great episode it is. I love the way they used Veronica's reputation and determination for everything in this one. And while the show never should have ended this early, it went out with a bang.

    Spoiler alert. Review only intended for those who has seen this episode!

    Memorable instant classic scenes:

    Veronica and Dick in Logan's suite.

    Just the expression in Dick's face when Veronica tell him to stay put as they are gonna talk after she's talked to Logan, is so telling of his respect for Veronica.

    Then when she calls for him, and the way he asks "What's up V?" with alot softer voice than usual, it's pure magic. It's then quickly followed by the brilliant Veronica qoute "After all these years, do you not instinctively fear me?"

    Veronica and Weevil at Hearst, outside.

    This scene might not be great on its own, but it gives such a great inside into their mutual friendship and adds to the great dialogue of this episode with:

    Veronica: "Can you please shiv me?"
    Weevil: "I didn't see the whole thing, all right?"
    Veronica: "Seriously, just bash me in the head with your boot or something"
    Weevil: "I don't know what you plan on doing, but I'm offering my help. Whatever you need, I'm in"
    Veronica: "There's a good chance I'm going to take you up on that"

    Veronica and Chip food court at Hearst:

    I love this scene. The way Chip starts out all cool and trying to be funny, but knowing Veronica a while now he ends up running after her giving up where he got the e-mail after her treat of revenge "You don't care now. But holy crap, are you gonna care when I start to get my revenge on. You'll be doing all sorts of caring."

    And the scene ending is so great. Veronica walking away, while Chip begging to know they are ok, and praying she will not come after him. Veronica starts smiling. Excellence.

    Unlike Dick and Chip, Domonick still don't know who he's dealing with. Veronica pays him a visit looking to know where he got the e-mail, but he blows her off.

    Then we fast forward 30 seconds to get the scene:

    Veronica singing at Domonick's room after his credit card is rejected at resturant date and his car on blocks without tires outside:

    "Because you had a bad day You're taking one down
    You sing a sad"

    Taser freezing Domonick movement towards her, and then she's quite casually asks

    "Anxious to find out how far I'll go? Or are you ready to give me that name?"

    It's so typically Veronica-played, it's impossible to dislike.

    Logan and Veronica in food court at Hearst, interupted by Gory.

    This entire scene is amazing.
    Logan apologising to Veronica, who tells him to go away as she's meeting Piz and it's btw him Logan should apologise to.
    Gory comes over delivering mic and mouths off insulting her.
    Veronica holding back because of what she knows about Gory's confessions and connections.
    Logan about to go after him, Veronica recognising the look on Logan and stops him explaining he's connected connected and Logan understands as it didn't seem like her to shrug it off.
    Logan once again apologising to Veronica for his fists against Piz, while Veronica says "it's a noble gesture, but it will take some time this time."
    Logan still beats up Gory, despite his newfound knowledge about connection.
    Then the last Veronica Mars-episode reference to the pilot, as Logan asks if Veronica would like to hear Gory apologise, like Weevil in the pilot wanted Logan to apologise.
    The Gory death treat, and Logan smilingly admitting he'll die. Some day.
    The first Veronica look.
    Piz has arrived and Logan apologising to him.

    Then those looks, speaking louder than a thousand words. Veronica looking at Logan. Piz looking at Veronica. Veronica hardly looking at Piz. My interpretation of the scene ending is this: Both Piz and Veronica now knows there's no chance in hell they'll make it. They both know despite what Logan did to Piz, Logan and Veronica has something Piz can't compete with.

    Then add to this episode those early Logan and Veronica moments both at Mars Investigation and Logan's room at the suite. Add Parker with Logan and with Veronica. Add the father-daughter scenes between Keith and Veronica, especially the very last one. Add those Wallace-Veronica scenes and how Wallace goes undercover into The Castle for her. Add the new big The Castle angle, including the return of Jake Kane. Add Mac and Veronica managing to get into the harddrive, getting all sorts of disturbing info. Add the evidence tempering, and the leak of that into to the press on election day.

    This episode is so filled with Veronica Mars excellence. Sassy comments, great dialogue, classic scenes, revenge-seeking Veronica, investigating, excellent use of Veronica's reputation among those who knows her revenges, the build-up of a new main story possibility with The Castle, friendship favours, the usual Veronica Mars allusions, fury fists and so on and so forth.

    This was the 2nd half of a last day double episode airing, but as a episode this one stands out as one of the greatest ever for me. It was also the very last episode of Veronica Mars as they didn't get renewed for a new season. A huge mistake in my book. The result is we never got to take part in how the story went for Veronica, but I love the fact the staff didn't make an easy ending to the story despite knowing very well this could be it for Veronica Mars as a show. It was never supposed to end here, and it's a shame it did.

    There has been heavy romours of a Veronica Mars movie coming to make an end to the story, much like Dawson's Creek did. I'm not sure it's possible to make an appropiate end for Veronica Mars with just a movie, but if they decide to do so I just prey they make it with Veronica still at Hearst and forget about the FBI angle they pitched for season 4. There's still just to much Veronica has to do in college to wrap up the story in a credible way.

    When it comes to the TV show, Veronica walking alone away from the polling station in the rain is the final scene of an excellent show. Somehow it just seems fitting for the outcast girl we once got to know, but we still got robbed by those deciding to cut the show.

    At least they went out with so much on screen magic, so true to the characters and so true to the heart of the show. Veronica Mars, you are truly missed.
  • 'Tis the end.

    As I'm writing this, I'm overcome with sadness about the ending of the series. Sure, it's been years since it ended, but only now I've gotten to watch it all the way through. It gives me great sadness to see a show with so much to give already snuffed out. It joins the ranks of several other short-running shows that were better than 75% of shows ever made in the USA.

    First of all, I'd like to note that I've enjoyed the entire run of the series and I have never thought it went down in quality. The idea of splitting mysteries during a season was great for me, so this season worked just fine.

    Moving on to the actual episode, I couldn't wait to find out who was the person that taped Veronica and Piz having sex. Of course, it wasn't just one person. I think I even saw a little potential in this episode for a season or at least half-season mystery... wouldn't it be great? Anyway, I loved each part of the episode... the tough as nails Veronica that we always knew didn't care who she would stomp on to get to the truth, and I loved that. They don't know who they're playing with?

    It was sweet to see Wallace go on that torture trip just to help out Veronica, it really shows how far a friendship can go. As for the end of the relationship between Logan and Parker, I didn't really care. I thought I'd be okay with the breakup between Veronica and Logan, but for some reason I will always like them. Even at the end I didn't care for the sweet Piz and instead would have loved to see Veronica back with Logan. But that's fairytales.

    Veronica's adventure at the Kane mansion was thrilling to watch because I was afraid she'd get caught. The pictures of Lily and Duncan just added a little flashback to the wonderful two seasons, and it was great to see Jake Kane back, even though I never liked him. It was bittersweet to see how Keith protected his daughter at the risk of losing his position as a sheriff. Also, if the show had gone on, I would have loved to see him back at the private investigator spot and carrying on with Veronica's second year of college, or at least the FBI thing that the writer kept hinting on.

    It is truly sad to see such an amazing show end. I can only hope one day a revival happens.
  • No no no no no no!!!

    Ok, again, No, No, No, No, No, No!!!! This is what I mean by series enders that just don't feel right. Which complete shocked me because the episode before this one was so good. I have always loved Weevil and it was about time we got more of him. But we are suppose to be talking about this episode. If its not the series finale then it actually wasn't bad. But for a series ender this was a complete peice of crap. I will admitt I loved have Jake Crane and Clarence Wiedman back, I have missed then from the first couple seasons. Other then that I felt the episode really had no point. Truely sad to see such a fun, witty, and truely captivating show end like this. So Please CW, Do Not CANCEL THIS SHOW!! Or atleast give us an ending we truely disserve. :(
  • The end of an era but one that doesn't really end at all and we're left to wonder- Rob- if you knew it was ending why didn't you end it...*spoilers*

    This episode is the final for the series ever. For those uneducated they pretty much knew it wasn't coming back when the episode was made. Face it we were lucky enough to have a 3rd season at all a 4th would have required a miracle... The plot... so the mystery of the week was Veronica being caught on camera with new boyfriend Piz in a compromising position... she sets out to find out who did it and in the process comes accross some very convieniently place characters from the past. So here's where it gets stupid. Her and Logan have their, oh I don't know millionth fight when he goes to beat up Piz for taping Veronica naked and she tells him he's out of her life FOREVER this time. Cut to end of scene they are smiling at each other in a way that would have LoVe fans sqealing in excitement. Way to commit Veronica. Here I'd just like to point out that Logan is completely insane... like someone should really lock him up for the amount of brooding and violence he partakes in. So much aside from my absolute disgust at the Veronica/ Logan sequences in this episode what also dissapointed me was the fact that all of these people had been introduced or re-introduced as if there was going to be another season or a movie (Much in the same way theres going to be a Deadwood movie *still waiting*). The ending is up in the air and with no conclusion to any of it leaves me wondering why even bother. The show should go out with a bang and this left with a whimper... As an episode that is going somewhere this is great, another great story ark with familiar characters (The Kanes, Clarence- even with the noticable lack of Celeste)but as a SERIES finale it does nothing. It makes it even more complex and wherever Rob Thomas wanted the show to go I'm sure it wasn't here...
  • Dissapointment.

    I was trully dissapointed with the series finale. It wasn't a bad episode but it didn't feel like a finale it was just another episode.I think you can't finish a show with a topic introduced a couple of episodes before the end.The finale's from the previous two seasons where exciting and you never see what's coming on the other hand this one didn't have any excitemet whatsoever and was preddictable and a bit boring. The whole cast (except Veronica) was useless this episode I mean everyone help in their own ways but I think they weren't effective at all specially Piz and Weevil. Besides through out the whole show we see Veronica being an independent cool girl with lots of courage and iniciative and this episode she needed help from everyone in order to save herself. The whole Jake ,Wiedman comeback was a silly excuse to bring something from the past to the episode but wasn't effective. Besides it would have been much more interesting that they do something about the Fitzpatricks'-
    Kendall storyline which was left kind of inconclusive , maybe they do something in the movie with that topic. Parker,Dick: useless and where was Vinnie Van Lowe ? Nevertheless , I loved this show I think it was very cool and from now on I am officialy in love with Kristen Bell hahaha.I will miss the show but not the finale. I really hope they make a movie cause the show lacks a closure.
  • thats it

    it feels unfinished to me... i need more... i mean what happens? Does she stay with Piz or get back with Logan? I need answers. The last look that she gives Logan just makes me think that there is so much more there. Don't get me wrong, Piz is great but not for her. Like Logan stated earlier in the season "their love is EPIC"... well lets finish the epic love story. I do have to admit though it was pretty ballsie of Logan to pretty much lay the castel guy out even though she let him know that he was "connected".
  • final ep

    okay, i just re-watched this on trouble recently and i thought that this was quite a sad ep as it was the series finale and i i loved this show, beucase kirsten was in it, her silly scarcastic lines, and things that basicly makes kirsten bell, but i felt that the CW were wrong to cancel this show as it had a large number of views, but it was just the time it was put on and the day, it was hard to watch my favorite dectective show come to an end, exspecailly as it didnt tell us what would happen to the veronica, or piz, logan or anyone, it ending with kirsten walking through the rain after making her vote, it say who won or anything so i thought that this was not only had a pointless ending but heartbreaking having to watch the final episode of one of my favorite shows which i have followed for a number of years.
  • no clear ending

    i have to say i was really dissapointed with this episode although it was the last ever it end on a clifhanger with no ending which i found frustrating but it did give the viewer chance to make there own ending up.
    i had hopped that this series would end with veronica and logan getting back together or with ducan coming back although in hind sight that proberbley wouldnt happen since he kidnapped that baby of his and all. it would have been nice to have a clear ending for such a good show. it deserved a better ending than it got
  • The end of an era.

    Okay, it's over. My favourite show, my favourite character, it's all over. Comic books, direct2dvd movies are always a possibility, but nothing is certain and.... that sucks. Besides, this is a tv show, and it works best as a tv show.

    This episode - the worst finale anyone can ever have. No, it wasn't bad. It was the opposite. No, it wasn't earth shaterring-ly good. It was superb. BUT. It brought back so many old memories and set up new storylines that actually had connections with those memories... you get what I mean, right?

    This finale seemed to be like a callback to season 1, and a reminder that not everything is clear, still. The Kanes' are at it again with some sort of secret group. Now that was really creepy and brought back, for the first time in season 3, the noir. The show once again felt like what it was in the first 2 seasons: a teenage drama with dark secrets in the background that are definitely not suitable for teenagers.

    Teamwork. Just like in Spit and Eggs, it was present here too. Veronica , Wallace, Mac working closely together, meanwhile Logan and Keith trying to cover for Veronica ....without her knowledge or request.

    Okay, I just LOVED the contrast between Piz and Logan.

    Piz's reaction to people making fun of Veronica: "let's just leave them". Logan's: Punch, kick, one-liner.

    And it's not hard to guess whose reaction Mrs. Taser likes better...

    This makes it obvious. Piz and Veronica will break up, even if it wasn't shown to us.

    Keith destroying evidence of Veronica breaking into the Kane's - prioceless. But also costs his career.. once again(and so we are back to season 1. The Kane's are at it again and Keith's just a regular detective).

    A full circle - alternative title for the finale(though , The B*tch is back basically means the same)

    In a very twisted way, it was suitable for a series finale. But still, it shouldn't have been.

    Listening to Rob Thomas' commentary, I almost felt like crying. He had some amazing plans for this show.

    But CW screwed it all up.

    The FBI pilot was half baked, but what does one except? Rob Thomas only wanted to reach FBI by season 6. And man - imagine it. The most spectacular and epic evolution of a show, ever. From a high school drama to and FBI drama. But we'll never see that. Granted, 3 seasons is better than nothing. I respect that. I also respect the entire cast and crew. Especially Kristen "Be-mine" Bell and Rob Thomas, wow, these two... geniuses.

    I'll miss this fantastic piece of entertainment, and I hope you'll too. I hope everyone who watched this show had as much fun with it as I did. At least.

    Bon Voyage, Veronica!
  • A cliff-hanger with no ending

    I hate when this happens, shows get canceled and its life isn't fulfilled. I love watching Veronica Mars because it has all the elements of a good crime-solving show as well as a teen drama. The finale though it nearly gave me a heart-attack it also gave me a place to end the story. I say this with all the vagueness in the world because although it gave a good stopping point leaving the answers unanswered and only hinted at was cruel to viewers. At the end of a story you want an ending not the beginning of another story! It was quite obvious that Veronica and Logan would get back together but I didn't see it happen so it isn't a done deal. Mr. Mars probably wouldn't win the election for the Sheriff, which was foreshadowed by the rainy conditions in the closing scene, however it was never followed through. Regardless, Sheriff Mars loosing the position once again was a terrible ending to hint because that is not a happily ever after ending that all shows need in order to leave a good after-taste.
  • as the title hints veronicas out to discover why? and how? she was caught in an compromising postion THE **** IS BLACK a series ends and the CW drowns in pitty !!!

    there are no ways to say how dissapointed i was to hear ronnie had been cancelled CW has some serious issues flat out insane executives first everwood now ronnie yes ill never get over it... here we have a clear manifest of why the show needed closure and why kristen embodied an heroine like no other .. sassy, sexy, smart and original although hitting a wall these season VERONICA MARS managed to be the show that never was in the sense it was not giving true respect for what it was... puzzling to find a secreat society in care of JAKE KANE and a desperate and clear display of love for a daughter WHAT HAPPENED !!!! LOVE ??? piZ? mac ?? wallace?? dic??? you CW !!! YOU !!!!
  • Two-folded experience: disappointment and relief bundled into one episode!

    My experience with this last episode was two-fold. I was disappointed because the show is over in general and also because there are so many questions which are left unanswered! I think the most pressing question of all is: Why did "The Castle" give a rats-behind about humiliating V? Was that all the work of the Kane family, because they "knew" that she had helped with Duncan's escape? I think it's safe to say what V's and Keith's destinies are from a professional stand-point, but what about their personal lives? Keith needs a love-interest in his life and so does V. In my books, Logan is her man, even if it's hard. I realize that the plot of this show did not permit this to happen, but it's incredibly sad nevertheless. If relationships were easy, where would the fun be in them?

    On the other hand, I was relieved that this episode was the last, because I can finally have some closure to this series. I've been so caught up in this storyline, it's sickening. Yes, there are many unknows that I want answers to, but time heals all wounds and I can finally stop being upset about things like Logan and V not being a couple.

    On another note, I started watching this show a lot later than most people, but in the relatively short time in which I watched this entire series, I completely fell for its characters and storyline. I think most of the credit has to go to the writers in creating V's, Keith's and Logan's character, as well as to the actors for portraying them so naturely. V's relationship with both of these characters is simply unique. I don't think V or Logan in particular could have been cast any better. She and Logan both stay so true to their character's nature/soul that I would probably shed tears if I met them in real life and they weren't really like their characters in the show. Props to the both of you for making this show so heart-breaking to watch!
  • Ok, so I just had the weirdest Jericho-esque version of a deja vu.

    Let me start by saying that I love that series. Original and true characters in great stories awesomely brought to life.

    When I first watched it it lost me somewhere during season two. I can't recall the reasons why I stopped watching it. Part of the reason was, that it was aired in Germany at awesome times like wednesday night at 1am. Great way to kill a show. Anyway... Now I got myself the whole thing on DVD and could finally watch it in english and leave the german dubbing behind. Don't get me wrong, the dubbing was good but always stuff get lost in translation, nothing you can do. That is part of why I was so keen to further develop my english so i guess i have to be thankful in a way. But back on topic. The final episode, like the whole series, was great. I loved it from the beginning to the end. But when it was over I had the "they got to be me kidding me!!" feeling I already had when I watched the, then, last episode of Jericho. It's like a cliffhanger that will never get solved.
  • As the end of Veronica's first year of college draws to a close, a sex tape of Veronica and Piz is realesed. This leads Piz to get beaten up by Logan and Veronica goes all the way down the rabbit whole of The Castle and it leads her to Jake Kane.

    Series Finale, Tear. I love all Veronica Mars episodes but this was my favourite one. It was jam packed full of drama, comedy, tery moments and a fight. What's not to love? It started off from the word go, when Logan tells Veronica about the tape. When Veronica follows all the clues from Chip, Dominic, Gory, Wallace and 2400 it leads her to where no one expected Jake Kane. But, why is he back? I guess we'll never know since it got axed. Anger aside, it was still a great episode and Rob should be proud of accomplishing a show with such integrity. But I still see it as a great season final, but a crappy series finale. i can't beleive it is gone!
  • The final episode of Veronica Mars, in which Veronica deals with a sex tape of her and Piz, the upcoming elections, an undercover society and a familiar face.

    I'm going to start by saying how much I'll miss Veronica Mars. It is one of my favorite shows and has met its untimely end. Always amusing, Veronica Mars stretched the boundaries. Fans argue that during this season, the show was different than the 2 other seasons, but the only thing I can say is - I still loved it. This was a great episode, but as a series finale it left much up to be decided on by the viewer. It is an excellent example of a great Veronica Mars episode. There have been better, but this well represents the series. As always, the phenomenal cast did a phenomenal job throughout the episode. Goodbye Veronica Mars and even if I dont surely know - I hope to see u in a season 4.
  • In the series finale, Veronica faces the aftermath of a sex-tape leakage and tries to work out who is behind it...

    What a rubbish way to end such a great show! It wasn't even a proper ending. Ive read alot of stuff that says it ends on a cliffhanger but it wasnt even that. It just ended. Badly.
    Glad to see Veronica and Piz together though. I never liked Logan. Ever. Not even a tiny bit. Hes a jerk all the time, although I did like how he stood up for Veronica at the end. The guy he pummled totally had it coming lol.
    The episode did have an interesting story line, with Jake Kane being back and a bit of a father/daughter yelling match but it seemed like they had either more than one story or a really long story that could have taken a couple of episodes but, realising there was only one episode left, it was just all squashed together to make a slightly complicated episode. As a last ever episode it could have been done so much better.
    Overall, not too great as far as Veronica episodes go.
  • The final episode of Veronica Mars, in which Veronica deals with a sex tape of her and Piz, the upcoming elections, an undercover society and a familiar face.

    I'm going to start this out by saying how much I will miss Veronica Mars. It is one of my favorite and has met its untimely end. Always poignant and amusing, Veronica Mars stretched the boundaries. Fans argue that during this season, the show was different than the previous seasons, but I still loved it. This was a great episode, but as a series finale it left much up to be decided on by the viewer. It is an excellent example of a great Veronica Mars episode. There have been better, but this well represents the series. As always, the phenomenal cast did a phenomenal job throughout the episode. Goodbye Veronica Mars I have shed many a tear over your demise and am praying for continuation in some form.
  • Always great.

    A great episode, but not a season finale episode, coz we need to know what happened to Logan and Veronica, and Veronica and Piz, and who won the election ??? A lot of questions not answered, so for that im not very happy :(

    But this was definetely one of the best shows ever, all episodes were amazing ou at least great, a lot of drama, action, comedy, suspense, just a lot of everything, with great actors and a great story, all the time.

    Everyone that was a part of this show should be very proud of working in such a special tv show.
  • What is the point of ending a series with a cliffhanger?

    I don't quite understand the logic in, 1) Ending this show at all, and 2) Ending on a cliffhanger. The series is over with little to no hope of a why end in a cliffhanger? Even the First Two Seasons tied up the final mystery and left little, if no, hint of loose ends.
    I would be extremely happy if this turns in to a spinoff (I heard rumors of a show about her FBI internship and\or job) but its doubtful, so why end it in a cliffhanger when you can tie it up as nicely as life allows?
    Aside from all of this, I just want to say that the cast and crew did a wonderful job on this show 3 years running and I appreciate all of their hard work and talent. Special thanks to Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni for a great show.
  • My heart is broken.

    & Yet again, another one bites the dust. Seriously, my heart hurts. Watching this episode was so bittersweet for me I'm not sure when I'll have the emotional distance to review it properly, but I can at least honor it with my thoughts. Whether or not anyone else reads this, or agrees, or whatever, is not the point. OK, no more emotional evasiveness. I loved seeing Jake & Mr Scarypants back. The terror that I experienced seeing Lily's picture was akin to a really good horror flic. Wow. & I loved his new house. Really nice. Much better then the old one. No pun intended there, lol. Duncan's portrait was beautiful. It captured or someone with cool eyes captured that angelic light in his eyes. That inner intensity. Logan has it too. Darker, but Whew, he has it with the added sex appeal that makes women of all ages swoon. Seriously, OK, new topic, sorry about that. LOGAN. (I've been feeling super guilty about this since the show started. Isn't it wrong to lust after someone so much younger? That one could have babysat? OK, I'm an ageist. If that's how it's spelled.) Nevertheless, the young man is hot. & a super actor. I've spoken with so many women, between 18-40 and they all agree, Jason Dohring is frigging amazing. Arggg. I hope he is put on another drama so I get to see him every week. Kristen Bell. My imaginary girl. I'll miss you. You as VM did a phenomenal job this past 3 seasons. Of course you have been great in the other work I've seen of yours, but damn. VM was a great character. Quotes upon Quotes, jokes upon jokes, the verbal play and dancing was marvelous. A young Queen is Miss Kristen Bell. I have no doubts concerning your future. I will just miss you like hell in VM. I'll miss her. She was/is, a wonderful person. Question, since fictional characters don't actually live, & don't actually die, even if killed off, but become real to us anyway as a part of our lives, how sad for us not to know what will happen to her. Or them. How do we mourn? **** I have to stop writing this . I never acknowledged or gave the praise to Francis Capra, Percy Diggs, or, my hero, Enrico Colantoni. I'll come back after I'm not so loopy & give love to you & the rest of the cast. Such a sad day. OK, & yes, I waited 2 months to watch the last episode cause I couldn't admit it was really over. Yes, this is denial land.
  • I want this show back!

    Well, I chose "painful to watch" because this is the show's last episode (and I know it was written as a season finale). This is sad. I love this show, Veronica Mars, and I still can't believe it's over.

    Wow! I don't even know how to begin. It was like a complete cycle. I mean, in the first season we had the Kane family and we ended, now, seeing the Kanes again and all this like "back to high school". It was a very great episode. Veronica's sex tape; Logan fighting for Veronica; Keith investigating his own daughter and then, covering her up; the "Castle"; Wallace and Mac; Keith being charged; and the elections.

    I can conclude saying that CW was stupid. Cancelling this show was the worst idea they could have had.
  • The Dawn Ostroff is Back!!

    I have to disagree with the review by d_e_s. This episode was a superb SEASON finale. It set up so many great possibilities for the fourth season. However, Dawn Ostroff and the other executives at the network weren't able to notice since they had their heads stuck so far up their....well, you know. Rob Thomas clearly wrote this as a SEASON finale and not a SERIES finale. As a LoVe fan, I was disappointed that they did not give Rob Thomas a chance to write the happy ending for Logan and Veronica that he had always promised the fans. The episode was one of the best of the series. It gets a 10.0. Look at Dick for example. He was finally starting to deal with Cassidy's death. Also, I couldn't wait to see Veronica black mailing some judge with the info from Jake's hard drive in order to set her father free. Sure we would have to put up with Vinnie Van Lowe as sheriff but it would have provided lots of comedy. Also, Logan would have had the mob after him next season. Veronica would have to go save her man. And we all knew that Chris Lowell wasn't returning to the show next season so we would be spared anymore Veronica and Piz ickiness (though I admit their lack of chemistry did provide some squeamish comedy.) However, the suits at The CW get a 1.0. Actually, that's too high for then. Congratulations CW! You just lost 3 million fans.
  • The series finale of Veronica Mars

    I know many Veronica Mars fans will disagree with me, but I am so disappointed I feel like I could cry. I have just heard that Veronica Mars has officially been cancelled. With that in mind, this episode takes on a very different cast in my mind.

    To me, there was no resolution of any kind in this episode. Will Veronica and Logan ever get back together? Is there still any hope for them? We all know they still love each other, they just weren't always right for each other. I am a firm fan in the Logan and Veronica camp. Logan is tough and has been through a lot, but he loves Veronica, maybe more than he should. He's willing to do anything for her. He's been through a lot, and to me he is (or was) one of the most compelling characters on the show. He was by turns bitter and angry, but still stuck up for his friends, even to his own detriment.

    What does Veronica's future hold? Is PIZ really the right guy for her?! I'm bitter, because if this was the SERIES FINALE, I wanted to see Veronica and Logan get back together, Veronica's dad get out of the legal trouble he's in, and I wanted a more positive ending for what has been a fantastic show. I also wanted to know what kind of future the fantastic supporting cast Weevil (what was with the credit card scheme?!), Mac, and Wallace had in store for them.

    To do this to such a fantastic show, and to end it on such a note, just makes me sick to my stomach. I'm just so disappointed. To me, a series finale should tie up all the loose ends--or at least most of them. This was not a series finale; it felt like just one more episode in the season. So forgive me for giving this episode such a horrible rating, but as a series finale for such a fantastic show, it was a disappointment in every way.
  • The last episode of Veronica Mars...or is it?

    This was SUCH a good episode and shows the stupid stupid CW why it should renew VMars. This episode showed the character of Veronica. She's definetely not just a pretty face. She's one smart Veronica. The sex tape fiasco was interesting and I was shocked when I saw Lilly. I was like, "What the..." But then it was Jake. I HATE him. The whole second half of this hour was the best of the series. I mean, come on, Keith covering up for his daughter. What a great daddy. Even though it might have cost him his career. Also Veronica voting was awesome and walked down the rainy street. What a great way to end the season with a rainy day. Symbolism? Maybe. But still, the dynamic of it all was fantastic. Great job, Veronica. We will miss you greatly.
  • Once again, Rob Thomas and Co. deliver another fine hour of television that surpasses almost everything the other networks best shows have to offer!

    The final episode of Veronica Mars - hopefully not! The CW, much like the WB before it (and to a lesser extent, UPN) have destroyed one of the smartest, funniest, intriguing, best written and most unique show since 'Twin Peaks'. This episode, much like some of the classics from the first season, features fantastic writing, excellent and exciting character development as well as being able to tie up loose ends while introducing some brand new story threads - how many shows can do that so flawlessly? Unfortunately, not too many! One can only hope that the miscreants at The CW will reconsider their most silly error and renew Veronica Mars for a fourth season - in either the current format or the rumoured FBI spin - or at the very least create a telemovie that will give our favourite characters the proper send-off that they deserve. Rob Thomas, the cast and crew and perhaps most importantly, the fans, have been robbed and royally screwed and for what, I wonder? Another awful, by the books reality series that costs nothing (yes, we're all aware of the reasoning behind the success of reality TV) that will have no enduring characters and provide viewers with no excitement or originality in their otherwise pathetic televisual week. So long Veronica and CO- you will be sorely missed, but long remembered!
  • I loved this episode! I'm desperatly hoping this isn't the end! This is my favorite show on right now! I loved that they used Wallace, and Mac.

    The episode starts out with Logan telling Veronica that there is a video of Veronica and Piz naked. Then Veronica asks why he is all bloody! He tells her he beat up piz. Veronica defends Piz and says there is no way he did that to her. Veronica says its none of his business and that logan can't be in her life anymore. Then he leaves and she watches the video. Then she goes and sees piz and he is all black and blue and has no idea why logan came and beat him up. He thinks its because of what he said at the beach the other day and that he probably still likes Veronica. Then Veronica tells him about the video, and asks him if he made the video. He says no, how can you think I would do that. She believes him. Wallace is really mad at Logan for beating up Piz and wants to go talk to him. Veronica says she will take care of it. Then she goes to see Logan again as PArker is leaving Logans house after breaking up with him. Veronica tells dick not to leave she needs to talk to him. Then she yells at logan for what he did to Piz and he tries to say sorry, she says he needs to tell that to piz. Then she talks to Dick about who sent him the video, at first he doesn't want to help, but she remind him that he should be afraid of her. He tells veronica not to worry about the video it just made her stock go up! Then he helps, it was chip diller who sent the video. She tracks down him, and totally insults him when he won't help, but warns him he'll be sorry. As she is walking away he races after her and gives her a name, then asks if they are ok? She just keeps walking. Once she finds the next guy, he refuses to say who sent him the video. She messes with his credit and gets weevil to steal his tires while he's on a date. Then Veronica waits for him in his bedroom and sings "So you had a bad day, taking one down." Then shows the taser gun. He finally gives her a name. When she finds the guy he admits to making the video, and he drops his towel and tells her to stay for a drink and stop **** She leaves. She manages to leave a bug in his room and finds out he is part of a skulls like group at Hearst. She starts tracking them and finds out Wallace is being recruited. Wallace agrees to go under cover to find out more info about the group, but doesn't get far because they find the camera in his pen. Veronica follows a different recruit to this nice house and breaks into the house, to see a painting of Lily cane on the wall. Then she sees Jake cane talking to the recruits and she sees a hard drive. She steals the hard drive. Unfortunately the neighbor had a video camera that taped he climing the fence. Her dad realizes it's Veronica that broke into the house, and so does Clarence Wedmon, kanes security. Veronica tries to unencript the harddrive with mac, but it's taking awhile. They finally crack it and have all the files on the group. Keith mars destroys the video of veronica breaking in to save her. Veronica visits Jake kane and gives him back his hard drive, he starts to call the police, she tells him not to, because she knows whats on the hard drive. He says shw couldn't have cracked the drive in only two days. Then she starts to tell him stuff on the drive. She says to leave her father out of everything, but he says its too late. Then she leaves, then next morning in the newspaper she sees that her father is being charged, with evidence being destroyed. Then she goes to vote for her dad in the election.
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