Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 20

The Bitch is Back

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 22, 2007 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • After Logan beats up Gory pretty bad for insulting Veronica, he asks her if she wants to "hear her friend apologize" and she says "I'm not interested in his apology".

      A similar exchange took place in the pilot episode. When Weevil tries to get Logan to apologize to Veronica for breaking one of her car headlights, she says "I don't want his apology".

  • Quotes

    • Logan: Hey.
      Veronica: You need to walk away.
      Logan: Just... I need to apologize.
      Veronica: Great. Apology accepted. Now go. I'm meeting Piz, who, by the way, is the one you should be apologizing to.
      Logan: I am sorry, Veronica. I thought... well, you know what I thought.

    • (Logan suspects Piz of taping himself and Veronica having sex)
      Logan: Aren't we trying to be friends? As your friend, I was angry at what happened to you. Someone's always supposed to pay, right? Isn't that the rule we live by?
      Veronica: We tried to be friends, and it didn't work. This is the moment, Logan, right now, where it's just done. You're out of my life forever. (she leaves his room)

    • Parker: Just so you know. The best way to show that you're still in love with your ex-girlfriend is to beat up her new boyfriend.
      Logan: Parker, you're--
      Parker: You're an idiot.
      Logan: What?
      Parker: 'Parker, you're an idiot'.
      Logan: No, that's not what I was gonna say.
      Parker: I know. You were going for something nice. The truth is that I am an idiot.
      Logan: You're not. There's just a lot to this that you don't understand.
      Parker: Like why I kept thinking that I mean something to you when it's always been Veronica? (Logan remains silent) Wow. You should have seen that expression. It totally sold you out.
      Logan: Are you gonna listen to me at all--
      Parker: No! I look at you, and I know you love her.

    • Dick: (about Logan wrongfully beating up Piz) Sometimes a random ass-kicking's a good thing. Keeps everyone else in line.

    • Chip: What do you want?
      Veronica: Who sent you that video?
      Chip: Don't know, don't care.
      Veronica: You don't care now. But holy crap! Are you gonna care when I start to get my revenge on. You'll be doing all sorts of carin'.

    • Mac: Let me explain something, Veronica. I own the most powerful personal computer on campus. There is no personal computer faster or better than mine at Hearst. And using this incredible computer of mine, it will take twenty years to crack Jake Kane's password on this hard drive.
      Veronica: So how do we do it?
      Mac: You're like Kirk in Wrath of Khan. You refuse to believe in the no-win scenario.
      Veronica: You're like one of the nerds from Revenge of the Nerds with your Star Trek references.

    • Logan: Veronica, there's something you should know. There's a video of you. Dick got a hold of it somehow.
      Veronica: Am I singing karaoke?
      Logan: No, it's you and Piz having sex.
      Veronica: Unless it's a video from the future, that's not possible.

    • Keith: Prepare for gumbo. How do I find the time to make gumbo you ask? I make time.
      Veronica: You know I love you right? More than anything.
      Keith: Of course, honey. I never doubted. Eat.

    • Gory: If you have proof that I'm involved in some way, maybe you should get a lawyer. If you don't, maybe you should just stay and have a drink.
      Veronica: Yeah. I'm definitely gonna need a drink. Perhaps twelve. I don't know, how many does it usually take for a girl to find you not gross?

    • Veronica: Where did you get the video of me?
      Domonick: I don't know what you're talking about.
      Veronica: Your pubescent snickering tells me differently.
      Domonick: Someone sent it to me.
      Veronica: You should tell me who. Or I can assume that it originated from you.
      Domonick: You can assume whatever position you'd like.
      Veronica: I'm thinking choke hold, you gasping for your last breath.
      Domonick: Shh, shh, shh, sweetheart, sweetheart. You are so much hotter with the sound off.
      Veronica: You'll really be better off giving me that name.
      Domonick: Yeah. Well, I guess I need to go quiver in fear now, so. See ya.
      Veronica: Okay, then.

    • Veronica: Hey, Nish. I've got a present for you.
      Nish: You're transferring?
      Veronica: A list. The names of every member of the Castle. All men. You think this will help with that lawsuit?
      Nish: Oh, my God. Politicians. Tycoons. Celebrities. This is gold. You're gonna make some very powerful men very unhappy.
      Veronica: Won't be the first time.

    • Veronica: (to Keith) And you thought a photo of you in your boxers would hurt your lead in the polls?

    • Piz: You know, you're adorable when you surveil.

    • Veronica: You forwarded it to your whole address book?
      Dick: It was instinct. I always forward porn when it's good.
      Veronica: You are going to be so popular in Hell.

    • Piz: I promise you, karma is going to take care of that guy for you.
      Veronica: I know. I'll run him over with my karma.

    • Veronica: (to Dick) After all these years, do you not instinctively fear me? Maybe you should write yourself a note.

    • Veronica: (to Dick) It's like you're this giant jackass piñata begging for someone to beat the candy out of you.

    • Veronica: (to Wallace) If you ever need a kidney, I've got one with your name on it. No questions asked.

  • Notes

    • "Watch where you're going blondie," the title of this deleted scene, is said by Leo to Veronica after she bumps into him in the sherriff's station. "Damn women drivers." Leo pulls her aside to let her know he saw the sex tape. She begs him not to tell her dad. "It will kill him. And if it doesn't, he'll track down the person responsible and kill them." Leo promises not to say anything.

      Being over time on the final episode, they had to make a decision to cut one of two scenes. This scene or the scene where Veronica and Piz are taunted by a guy in the food court. In the end Rob Thomas decided that although this deleted scene was more essential to the plot, the cafeteria scene was more essential to the characters. It was important to see how Piz would defend Veronica, as opposed to how Logan aggressively defends her at the end of the episode.

    • Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III, Jason Dohring, Francis Capra, Ryan Hansen, Tina Majorino, Michael Muhney, Max Greenfield, Amanda Noret, Brandon Hillock and Christopher B. Duncan are the only stars and guest stars to appear in every season.

      Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni are the only starts to appear in every episode.

    • Music:

      "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter
      "It Never Rains In Southern California" by Albert Hammond
      "It's a Curse" by Wolf Parade
      "Set Out Running" by Neko Case & Her Boyfriends

  • Allusions

    • Hearst Castle:
      The secret society at Hearst College is called "the Castle." This is based on William Randolph Hearst's famous estate that was called Hearst's Castle.

    • Episode Title: The Bitch is Back
      "The Bitch Is Back" is a song by Elton John, written with Bernie Taupin. It was the second single released from his 1974 album Caribou.