Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 16

The Rapes of Graff

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on UPN

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  • Oh, Hannah

    While accompanying Wallace to Hearst College, she runs into her ex, Troy Vandergraff, who enlists her help when he is accused of date rape. Meanwhile, Keith helps Cliff with a personal problem involving a prostitute, and Logan makes a decision regarding his relationship with Hannah.

    I really enjoyed the Hannah / Logan apsect of the show while it lasted. Normally Veronica is what I want to see on the screen, but I was actually very interested in that love story. The Dad sends her away to boarding school at the end of the episode, which effectivly writers her out of the show. With Season 2 drawing to a close I do wonder if Logan will remain in the main cast for season 3. I don't see him being able to get into Hearst College and with Wallace all ready on the way there I think that is where we are going to be finding Veronica in the next season.

    The case there was good and I think it sets up well if Veronica does go there. The writers kind of tested the water in this episode as a "Here is what to expect" from season three. I thought the beginning of the episode dragged on a little bit but it picked up towards the end. The bus crash has tailed off for a few episodes now and I fully expect it to pick up here with the last six episodes of the season coming up.
  • Don't read the guide if you don't want spoilers for Season 3!!!!!

    First of all: many have complained that the previous epuisode's cliffhanger was never resolved.

    Guys, it was. Well, it wasn't really a cliffhanger to start with. The previous episode proved it that Logan had feelings for Hannah despite all. So when he agrees to stay away from her, he breaks his own(and obviously Hannah's) heart which is the horrible thing he told Veronica. It's easy to guess that he did because at the start of THIS episode, Veronica questions Logan if he told Hannah yet. Now with that out of the way - onto the episode. It was fantastic, 35 minutes of great character study and 10 minutes of storyline progresion. While it was one of the season's least storyline related episodes(much like the previous 2), the epidoci storyline proved to be very strong with Troy returning.

    Many has said that Troy leaving so sudden was anticlimatic and out of character... now, he's back and his character gets a proper conclusion. I liked both his exit and return.

    I enjoyed the investigation and wow- it didn't even get solved ! So there's something to think about...

    The ending of the episode was definitely a surprise . Now without the PREVIOUSLY ON segment (which are left out on the DVD's) it can be confusing, but basically, Danny Boyd, the guy who veronica sees at the end is the guy with the scar on his stomach who led V into the Fitzpatrick nest a couple episodes ago.

    I'm loving the way the whole bus crash thing is going down. Though it has been neglected a little in the past 3 episodes, it's back in the focus again after a good amount of character study.

    Poor Logan.
  • While accompanying Wallace to Hearst College, she runs into her ex, Troy Vandergraff, who enlists her help when he is accused of date rape. Logan makes a decision regarding his relationship with Hannah.

    While accompanying Wallace to Hearst College, she runs into her ex, Troy Vandergraff, who enlists her help when he is accused of date rape.
    Meanwhile, Keith helps Cliff with a personal problem involving a prostitute, and Logan makes a decision regarding his relationship with Hannah. yupyyyyyy troy is back!! yeeeey...

    Troy: OK. Let me start over. Three statements, one false. My name is Troy. I was a bad boy when we dated, but after a year of private school, therapy, quitting drugs and dumping my loose cannon ex-girlfriend, I've changed into a, more or less, good boy...and I communicate telepathically with all denizens of the sea.
    Veronica: Right. So how long before I catch you talking to a manatee?
    Troy: And you have changed...not at all.
    Veronica: You know me. Same old, same old
  • Troy is back and Rape is involved! Logan is saved!

    Veronica ends up getting dragged to go to the hearst openhouse to tour the campus and at meeting everyone she see's troy, and is not too happy about it. After a lame party, Veronica tries to help a girls solve who raped her and cut her hair. Veronica never solves this case, but it is a lead into the next season, and also shows that Veronica will in fact be going to hearst with Wallace. Logan gets off free and he tells Hannah everything that went down because he starts to like her. They start to make out and implied that they will be having sex (to my favorite song which ruined it by the way) and dr. griffith walks in and stops it, and sends hannah to vermont to all the LoVe shippers excitement. Madison and Lamb get caught in an elevator getting pretty intimate and Cliff's briefcase is stolen by a hooker.
  • this was a great chapter

    I think we all loved the way Veronica was treating Troy, even if i think she was a little hard at the beginning, we could see that even if she didnt trust him, she still tries to put the best of her, just to prove his inocent, i hope that we see more of Troy, his a caracter with a good background history for the show and he will ad more material to the show.
  • Great.

    Loved seeing Troy back again at least for one episode this season. He left so abruptly before that now it finally feels like there\'s at least some sort of resolution between him and Veronica. Also set up more possible explorations with his character that I hoped are tapped into next season. Speaking of next season, we get a glimpse at what is believed to be the main mystery for season 3 which is the rapes at Hearst College. Nice use of foreshadowing. Also, have to love the reference to Kristen Bell\'s Emmy snub. Overall another great episode of Veronica Mars.
  • I believe we just got a glimpse of Season Three's mystery!

    This episode gave me much hope for a season three of Veronica Mars on the new CB network. Think about it - there's a serial rapist on the loose at Hearst and Veronica doesn't uncover who it is! And no matter how much Veronica protests, we all know she's going to wind up there, right? Otherwise, they'd have to pretty much write off Weasel, Lamb and her father - and that's not going to happen.

    My prediction: Veronica goes to Hearst and right around November sweeps, someone she's befriended over the past few episodes either gets raped & shaved or has a roomate/friend/sorority sister who just got raped & shaved.
  • Veronica gets my sassy points

    I enjoyed watching Veronica Mars going head to head with collage students. No surprise that she holds her on and even used my favorite weapon of choise, the taser gun. She definately gets many points for sassy in the episode. It lets me know that next year will be no problem for Veronica in collage.
  • Weak!

    Sure, it's a decent little mystery and I must second the notion that it is very 'season one.' However, does anyone remember how the 'quick and the wed' ended? Didn't logan bust into Java the hut to reveal what horrible act he executed?
    This never seemed to happen as far as 'rapes of graff' are concerned. Do these writers talk to each other? Do they get coffee at the same starbucks? Perhaps they could share some notes.
  • Pure Veronica Mars!

    I really liked this episode. It kinda had a Season 1 feel to it, which I really loved. The whole Troy thing had me happy, because I love seeing old characters come back. Troy raping someone? I dont think so, and I truely didnt believe that he did. But the main storyline was very interesting. I felt bad for all the girls that gotten raped and whose hair got shaved off. All for frickin points?! I was glad when Veronica tasered the beer man at the beginning. He deserved it. It made me not wanna go to Hearst! But I'm glad the girls finally got some kinda justice. I was so mad when Hannah got taken away to boarding school! I know Logan was pissed off! But this episode left me wanting more! ...which is a good thing!
  • Not the best of the season, but a better episode of recent times.

    Veronica checks out the local college… and in typical Veronica style she can’t go anywhere without someone asking for her help. This time it is Troy… whatever his last name is, the dude Veronica dated briefly in the first season who turned out to be a drug addict. Anyways, he’s accused of date rape and begs Veronica for help. Meanwhile Logan dumps Hannah in exchange for her father dropping his testimony, and Keith helps Cliff whose briefcase (containing Logan’s case files) has been stolen by a hooker. And Wallace was in there too…

    I don’t like the way Wallace seems to have been relegated to the role of lackey, but it doesn’t much look like they are changing that anytime this season. For the first time this season I felt sorry for Logan as he asks Hannah for forgiveness for what he did… then I wanted to slap her when she did.

    Still something of a filler episode, but far better than the previous two episodes. I thoroughly enjoyed Veronica’s sassiness and use of her taser and giving all them nasty college boys what for. She already has made herself some nice enemies for if she decides to go to college in Neptune. (which of course we know she will… assuming there’s a season 3)

    As we are heading towards the end of the season the show is starting to focus more and more on the unsolved mysteries of the season, and thank goodness for that. Only a few more hints were dropped, but the story is moving along and they seem now to be trying to link them together. I look forward to the end of the season when hopefully all our questions are answered.
  • The most fun episode in a long time.

    I know the mystery of the week was about rape, but darn it - I was practically smiling the whole time, because it is such a fun episode.

    This is a special episode for grieving Arrested Development fans, because Micheal Cera and Alia Shawkat are prominent in the episode. Cera is the nice and affable tour guide. Shawkat is the rape victim with a shaved head. And for VM fans who didn't watch Arrested Development's doomed but brillant season, Cera and Shawkat gave a subtle shout out to VM as "off-network high school private eye drama censored by FOX."

    And what a bonus that we also get Troy (Ashton Ashmore) back. I think his exit episode last season was the first time we saw the show's potential emotional impact. If you remember, her then-bf Troy zeroed in on her snoopy nature and because of that, she's doomed to have no permanent bf because she doesn't let a man keep secrets to himself. Even if Troy turned out to be a bad boy, he left with a sting of undeniable truth.

    If Veronica was unhappy to see him again, I don't think it was because solely of his betrayal (she did screw up his plans eventually), rather it was because he saw through her that probably hurts the most. That's my opinion anyway. So when Troy is accused for the date-rape, there's a tricky role in store for our girl Veronica. Can she trust him?

    From the man from the past, the episode is also about a glimpse into Veronica's future: Hearst College (or is it university?). She's saying she doesn't want to go there, but that school institution is clearly in need of a good sleuth. Besides, Wallace is psyched to go there and Papa Mars wants her daughter to be only 10 exits away. And come on, she already got enemies there; it's like home sweet home.

    Okay, the fun part. I was laughing out loud when Kirsten Bell attempted a clinch for an Emmy nomination by spilling some tears in a wig store. UH, UPN and Emmy Awards go together like George W. Bush and "I'm sorry. I made a mistake." I also dig the scene where she says "Dad - your hooker's here." And what about Sheriff Lamb's next campaign slogan "She's 18. It's Legal." And finally, 30 points for Veronica's sassiness. Don't mess with the girl, she's got taser.
  • great episode, good mystery of the week, superb keith-lamb scene.. also made me like hannah - just a little bit.

    it was a great episode, even though not much was revealed on the two big season mysteries. Yet, the mystery of the week was good, veronica was awesome and wallace helps her a little bit as usual.. i especially loved this week's keith-lamb interaction. keith makes a poster with lamb snuggling madison on which he wrote "it's legal, she's 18". hee. he should use that as a banner in the elections! for the first time i felt sympathy for hannah. yeah i couldn't share logan with anyone :) yet still they managed to get me like the hannah-logan relationship.. i wonder where it will lead..
  • Not The Best Ever,But...

    This was definetly not the best veronica episode ever,not even close to best of this season,but it had a few points that i liked a lot:
    1)they're turning Hannah and Logan to a modern day Romeo and Juilette,with a twist (Romeo is slightly evil).
    2)they're setting up for Veronica going to college,near by,which will allow the show to remain almost the same.

    and even though it wasn't the main issue of the episode, they still managed to throw in another piece of the bus crash puzzle...and i like how they're doing it...little by little,more suspects are being added,keeping us on edge,and guessing as to "who done it"?

    All and All...a good episode
  • Troy's back, (Hannah)Hysteria, Veronica's making enemies...The good old days are back!

    So, while "Versatile Toppings" and "The Quick and the Wed" were ok, this episode - in my opinion - was a huge improvement. Veronica's having a multi-day tour around Hearst by some Dean-guy (I don't know if I heard his name right, but whatevs) whom would make a great regular character next season...and in a lying-get-to-know-each-other Troy appears. After a frat party, he's being accused of raping a girl and shaving her head afterwards etc. (if you want to know more about the episode just watch the rerun Tuesday). The main plot in this episode was great; I liked the renaissancish chemistry between Veronica and Troy, and the fact that the Veronica from last year (who made enemies, in like, every episode) isn't long-gone. The subplot with Keith and Cliff was hilarious and Madison/Lamb is a typical "omg-situation". The sub-sub-plot with Hannah and Logan was very sad (while I hated Hannah in "Ain't No...Enough", I actually like her now). Logan shouldn't have dumped her just because Veronica made a comment about their relationship, and just when you think everything's gonna be alright; there's boardingschool. So, to conclude, I really liked this episode.
  • Rape Rampage!

    Veronica goes on a tour of a college with Wallace only to run into her ex-boyfriend Troy. Trouble ensues when Troy is accused of rape. Is troy innocent, or up to his old tricks?

    Of course Veronica gets to the bottom of it and randomly tasers a man mostly for jokes.

    The episode was pretty much filler until she solves the season's big mysteries. Only a few clues were unveiled.
  • Veronica\'s ex-boyfriend turns to her for help when he is accused of date rape.

    Veronica\'s ex-boyfriend turns to her for help when he is accused of date rape. cant wait to watch it!
    Veronica\'s ex-boyfriend turns to her for help when he is accused of date rape. cant wait to watch it!
    Veronica\'s ex-boyfriend turns to her for help when he is accused of date rape. cant wait to watch it!