Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 12

There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2007 on UPN

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  • Veronica is hired to find out who slipped a classmate a drug causing her to have a miscarriage against her will, but is distracted by Logan who admits to sleeping with Madison Sinclair. Keith helps Mindy O'Dell when her ex-husband breaks into their house.

    Veronica is hired to find out who slipped a classmate a drug causing her to have a miscarriage against her will, but is distracted by Logan who admits to sleeping with Madison Sinclair.
    Meanwhile, Keith helps Mindy O'Dell when her ex-husband breaks into their house.
    ok logan u should've lied sweetie...and veronica: GIRL u're such a drama queen!!
  • Awesome episode

    I really liked this episode. It was different from the others. Some parts of it were funny. One of my favorite scenes was when Veronica was following Madison. Veronica asked Weevil to steal Madison's brand new car and crush it at the junkyard. I thought that was awesome. I would have done the same thing if I was in Veronica's shoes. Veronica and Logan broke up AGAIN!! I love the two of them together. I wish they can find away to work it out in the end. I've always preferred her with Logan. One thing I didn't like about this episode is there wasn't enough Weevil. And there was no Mac or Wallace. This episode was very well written. And I can't wait to find out what happens next in the Dean O'Dell murder case.
  • The closest any recent episode has come to feeling like season 1 Veronica

    I will be the first to admit Veronica's felt a little off lately. In my opinion, there are two things that have led to this: first, the Veronica/Logan struggles. On again/off again can be fun, but I've lost count of the number of times they've been on/off in this season alone. I wish LoVe could be given a designation and it would remain so for oh maybe 3 episodes. The second disappointment has been the lack of focus on overall mysteries. Obviously, this season does not have the season-long mystery. But the Dean O'Dell murder has hardly been given the amount of time it deserves lately. Not so with this episode. I felt the writers were finally back in touch with the Veronica we became so smitten with in seasons 1 and 2. Who didn't flashback to the young season 1 Veronica in that scene where she follows Madison Sinclair in her car, camera in hand, to the promotional photos UPN released at the beginning of the series? You know the one I mean. VM in her car, hair jammed into a hat, camera in hand, leaning out the window. Yeah, that's what I was reminded of. Keith back in kickass mode. Veronica posing as Hester, Nancy Drew, and whoever else. Weevil stealing a car to crush it. Veronica's nightmares. All these reminded me of previous seasons. Not to mention the great music. At least three times during this episode, I found myself saying "what is that song? I want it." The lack of Wallace concerns me. Other characters have been more prominent than he has, ones that aren't even in the cast! Bring back Wallace, please.

    A big improvement overall. Not as choppy as recent episodes have been and more emphasis on the over-arching storyline give it a point in my book.
  • Pregnant Girl Miscarriage, while Veronica and Logan Break up!

    As usual the show is well written and well portrayed too. I believe that it's for the best that Veronica and Logan Broke up. They really don't belong together, however, it wouldn't surprise me that we'll see more of that relationship, since they've become two of the most popular characters. I'm sure it's possible that they will introduce a better fit for her in future episodes, but I find it hard to see that they will completely end that whole relationship. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I like to see Eli "Weevil" in the shows a little more, but of course that's probably not gonna happen much.
  • Pregnancy, abortion, mercedez, winter break

    The end of Vogan at last? I sure hope so. Their break-ups and get togethers are starting to bore me. It just isn't original anymore, unlike before. If there was another guy who did stand a chance it would be great, but Pizz just ain't doing anything. He doesn't stand a chance against Logan. Duncan did, but Vogan problems are boring! V works on a case with Bonnie who lost her baby. My comments on the case would be, great case I really enjoyed it. The criminal was too obvious though. I got it once they showed her. They could have done better.
  • A great show as always, but I've got a few concerns.

    What's great about this show is that it always surprises me -- and this episode is a pretty good example. The whole photo of her outside the abortion clinic was shocking, as was the reverend's forgiveness of... well if you haven't seen it, I don't want to spoil anything. I will say this: where are Piz and Wallace? And WHY haven't we heard anything about this switched at birth thing since the first season? And Logan needs to do something other than have random sex and then mope around. Because it seems like those have been his two major settings for a while now. And that's no good -- there is so much more Logan to be had.
  • It was enjoyable...but not the best I have seen in the past few months.

    I thought this episode was typical VM. It had lots of great writing, witty banter between Dick and Veronica especially and with Veronica and Weevel as well. Man I wished that Madison's car was turned into a cube, but I think the can of tuna in the a/c is definitely going to be more entertaining in the long run, if we get to see more of Madison. About the main plot in the episode regarding Bonnie's miscarrage, I didn't find it that entertaining. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it and it wasn't full of the plot twists and survaillence that I like so much in the episodes, but it just wasn't very thrilling. The first two seasons as well as the first Mystery arc was much more intense and I definitely got used to that and looked forward to it every week. I think they will get better judging by the overview of next weeks episode, we are bringing in another murder. I hope we get more involved into Dean O'Dell's murder that seems thrilling to me!! Also, I noticed that a lot of people are talking about Piz. I'm very sorry to say that I forgot to mention that in my other review of how awful I felt for Piz after Veronica went back to Logan after their great chat. Anyway, I actually hope Veronica stays single for a while. I think she really needs some time to herself to figure out what kind of man she wants.
  • Good story line, good acting, good drama. What happened to Logan?

    How much did Logan's message on veronica's phone sound like a suicidal goodbye? It's not... because he's there next week but still... her earasing the message before actually listening to it was just a classic "oh-no-my-friend-killed-themselves" mistake. I wish I wish.

    i'm new to the show and this is my first veronica mars review so don't expect too much but this is my opinion.

    I knwo how much veronica hates that girl for the things she did but does anyoen else think that maybe she's over reacting? Or well... maybe not. It depends how you look at it. I really liked this episode but not as much as i liked other ones. The story of the pregnant woman being followed and parents getting letters and pictures is very original ( from what i know) But sometimes i wonder how Keith and veronica DO get away with so much? I don't think most people are really that dumb. But.. some are so you never know. I expecially loved keith's "do you have something to tell me?" when he saw the pictures of her by the clinic! Hillarious!

    Okay well i dont have much else to say but it was a great episode!! :D
  • To be Perfectly Honest I really didnt enjoy this episode.

    Okay Okay great character devolment by Veronica but being the only Male audience member of Veronica mars I really wasnt feeling the LoVe I enjoyed the Dick and Veronica scenes "You do your hair like that to hide the 666 on your scalp" Love it and liekd the beginning of how veronica descriped her ahte for Madison forgot about the Rape ahhh the good ol days of season 1. Logan and Veronica are finally over for at least 3 episodes. The Misscarriage mystery was interesting but talk about a misleading promo stupid CW, Never thought Veroncia was pregnanent to begin with. I was thinking of going on My rant of weres other characters but.... I guess I wont. Back to the Misscariage Mystery The pastor gives forgivness among the Bast friend Cindy who gave RG40 to The Pregnanent girl. Loved the final scene in the rain. The O dell Mystery goes slighty forward I Love Keith but when he has his own storylines I care more about how Veronica responds so when I see the two of them solve crimes together its nice and Keith is defently letting the leash loose on Veronica now that shes in college. (not that there was much lease to begin with) Next episode looks good cant wait.
  • While trying to avoid her feelings over her recent Logan break-up, Veronica tries to help Bonnie, Tim's on-again off-again girlfriend, figure out who slipped her the a morning after pill, which cause her to miscarry.

    This episode was one of the best this season. At first I didn't see how Veronica could be "tortured" by the thought of Logan with Madison, but then when I heard her reasons, my heart broke for her. Yes, they might have been on a break, but there was no excuse for that. I know he tried to use the "it just happened" thing, and it probably would have worked if it had just been any other girl, but it was Madison. Madison, the girl Veronica hates the most. That added to the fact that he just lied to her about it knowing that she has trust issues, made me hope that LoVe take a break for awhile. I did love when Veronica went to Weevil to get Madison's car smashed. That was great.

    I also thought the mystery was good. Bonnie's story was interesting because there were so many people you thought it could be, and it ended up being the person you didn't think it was. I also thought all the references were just great. From Tim's password being Dick Tracey to Veronica saying her name was Hester, the writers were on top of it. I hope the dean's murder will be solved soon. It seems like there might be a break, even if it was just an egg shell, which could point out who the killer is.
  • Veronica investigates a case involving a girl who was slipped a morning after pill, causing her to have a miscarriage.

    Let's start with me saying that I hate Madison. She sucks. I wanted her car to be smashed. Gotta love Weevil for that, right? lol.

    I thought the story with Bonnie was interesting. I love that Veronica used a hissy fit to get into Tim's office (by the way, Tim Foil? Really? lol tinfoil). "...And he's not even my brother, anyway, because my parents just told me I'm adopted" Classic!

    I also liked that they had the use of a pro-life company send Keith pictures of Veronica walking out of the Women's Clinic. "Honey, do you have something you want to tell me?" Sweet! I like that, for me at least, the ending wasn't really predictable. I totally didn't think that it was her friend who gave her the pill. Like, wow.

    Anyways. Awesome. Especially the hissy fit. :P
  • Madison Shaped obstacles and nobody is feeling the LoVe...

    This episode was fantastic. I know the LoVe 'shippers out there won't like it, and I'm a big LoVe 'shipper as well, but I always found their relationship much more interesting when there was an air of contension. They just don't suit being the lovely-dovey couple, a bit of loving wouldn't go amiss of course and I love it when they're fighting but then they get back together - yet, can they overcome the latest Madison shaped obstacle?
    I don't particularly like where they're heading with Logan's character this season, he seems more like a pawn than a main character (don't get me started on Wallace!) but I hope they manage to give Logan more to do than sit around either moping about Veronica and the state of their love-life or feeling guilty for something stupid he's done! Come on writers, we love the LoVe thing, don't disappoint us this season.
  • Are they really over?

    Guys, I know! My reviews of Veronica Mars episodes always start with me questioning LoVe and their latest developments, but this just gotta disturb you. Why can't they just be happy? Logan wants to be with her so badly and she wanted nothing more than him. Why couldn't Madison just shut her stupid little mouth? I totally get why Veronica thought she had to break up with him, it was just faar too much to handle.
    I think the Dean's case is going a little slow and the mystery wasn't the best. But I like that Keith and V are finally doing the digging together again! I missed that!
  • Did anybody else love this episode?

    Personally, I really enjoyed this episode. It wasn't all technical like the other episodes, and it focused more on the emotional, which is always a plus. :D Veronica helps Bonnie (yeah, Bonnie) find out who roofied her with a drug to have a miscarriage. V goes through her preacher father to get some answers, even if he knew about her baby. Specualtions were that it was Tim, Bonnie's baby father *I think, who knows?* who gave it to her, but *DA DA DA!!!* her roommate gave it to her because she was "looking out for her". The ending to the storyline was very entertaining, but the real deal holyfield was the Veronica-being-mad-about-the-Madison-Logan-thing. I felt for her because of everything Madison put her through, but the ending was a complete surprise. After the preacher was "preaching" to his daughter about "anger tearing you down", Veronica does the "soft" thing, as Weevil puts it, and gives it a rest........for now. Nicccccce episode. LOL
  • unrealistic plot

    overall quite an interresting episode, but not very realistic in the detail. I mean, what clinic would subscribe an abortion drug to a girl without confirming that she ist even pregnant??
    And anyway, why did she go to the clinic to buy them - wouldent it have been way easier to get them over the internet? I just dont buy that storyline. And the Veronica/Logan story is starting to get a little boring to - but hopefully they will find a way to solve their problems in a more permanent way - what a shame Veronica didn´t listen to the whole message Logan left her.
  • Shortly, another great episode! But lenghitly, there is a lot to say about this storyline...

    First of all - the mistery. This one was another catching Veronica's case and I love the way people come to her to ask her help. What it is different now - all they are grown up and the cases refer to more complicated sides of life. Especially this one - a girl who got pregnant was caused a miscarriage. And Veronica finds out who did that awful thing. This is actually the first time I really knew who was in the moment I saw the person. So at this point I can say it was predictable.

    About Dean's murder. We found out that Tym also thinks he was murdered, probably because he knew about the affair of his wife. I hated Veronica didn't open the folder with the "Suspects", but now we have another witness. Also in this episode we find out that Tym is not that creepy, as we thought, but that could be misleading. Will see...

    Veronica starts to think about Madison and seeing her in her nightmares, so she could not bare that and breaks up with Logan again. Logan feels awful again, and actually Veronica takes it a little bit easier this time. She thinks Logan should had thought about her feelings before sleeping with Madison. Actually at this point Veronica is angry, but everything looks like she's going to forgive. At least she was forgiving about Madison by not smashing her car, so it would be strange not to be about the man she love.

    It was great to see Weevil in this episode. Again the lack of Wallace and Mac is a little bit annoying. In this episode Veronica is a big manipulator - it made me a big impression how she made the cleaner to open Tym's office and I am starting to think she's going not to a very good direction. It's just a thought.
  • Will Veronica learn the lesson?

    So there was some mystery... yeah, yeah, controversial, abortion, morning after pill, teen pregnancy, individual rights... all that was packed into this episode. But that wasn't the most important thing in the episode.

    The most important thing in this episode, is that Veronica may be able to forgive Logan after all. She listened to the one and only tv preacher who seems honest and sincere as he told his daughter to forgive, and that anger would rip away at her soul. Veronica stood there and listened to that and then ~didn't~ crush Madison's car.

    When Veronica deleted Logan's phone message without listening to it, I thought that was it; but she may still forgive him without even hearing that. She's making small steps, but they're important ones.

    This is the most important story line, in my opinion! I hope Veronica can find it in herself to forgive Logan, to stop being angry with him, and let the past be the past.
  • Veronica is on the case when a formerly pregant girl needs help figuring out who caused her miscairage. Keith further looks into the Dean O'Dell Mystery.

    Tim Foyle's premiscious girlfriend Bonnie shows up and confesses to Veronica she was pregnant but someone caused her to have a miscairage. Veronica jumps right into this case as she is dealing with the aftermath of Madison's bomb that her and Logan hooked up. A strange different side to Logan as he didnt go crazy with Dick to forget about Veronica he actually got sad and drunk and moped. With that being said im really getting sick and tired of this back and forth storyline with them. Although i must admit in this particular episode it was done well with how they showed it affected each character. Veronica in particular as it feuled her to solve Bonnie's problem. Keith also gets an unexpected call to help out Mindy when her ex-husband shows up and causes a disturbance at her house. Someone definitely appears to be lying about the night Dean O' Dell was murdered. This mystery is definitely peaking my interest. But back to the main plot of this episode turns out Bonnie is a preachers daughter however her parents were excited about her pregnancy. Veronica digs deep and discovers an fanatical religious group along with Tim himself might have had something to do with. Turns out it was Bonnie's lifelong best friend who felt she was doing the right thing and saving her from many troubles. Nice to see Weevil keeps showing up but i must say im getting frustrated at the lack of Wallace, Parker, Piz, Mac and Sheriff Lamb.
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