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  • Season 1 Episode 5: You Think You Know Somebody

  • When Veronica is yelling at Troy about his past, he closes the locker at one point and the scene cuts to her right after and she says "Don't even!" but the locker is still open. Scene cuts back to Troy and the locker is closed again. In fact, you can even hear the locker slam on the part where we can see it open when it cuts to Veronica.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: The Wrath of Con

  • Goof

    When Veronica said to Carl "It must be the hair... Blonde." there is shot showing Carl and Veronica's profile, you can clearly see her lips moving, but there is no sound.

  • The black and white image of Lilly that is shown before Logan's video is the actual audition head shot of Amanda Seyfried (who plays Lilly).

  • In the scene where Veronica infiltrates the video game place she joins is the first person shooter (FPS) game Unreal Championship for the Xbox, wherein one sees from one's character's point of view. It is impossible then for three people (her and the 2 other guys) to play a multiplayer FPS match on a single screen without the screen being divided (split screen).

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Meet John Smith

  • In the scene where Veronica and Justin are following the third John Smith to the Adult Arcade, part of a wireless microphone can be seen on the back of actor Bobby Edner as he hurries out of Veronica's car chasing after John Smith at the parking lot.

  • In the video store note the large poster of "Matrix Reloaded". Joel Silver, one of the show's executive producers, is a producer of the film, which was released the previous year.

  • When Justin approaches his father who just pulled into the driveway, the daylight is sunny and bright. They cut to commercial, but when they come back, the lighting has changed. It is dark as if the sun has been setting for a while, but supposedly only moments had passed.

  • The scholarship letter gets sent to a bunch of John Smiths. However, if Justin's dad is now "Julia," she never should have been sent the letter.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Credit Where Credit's Due

  • In the Pilot, the lockers, lunch tables, and hallways are different from the ones in this episode and the succeeding episodes. The whole layout of the school changes starting from this episode.

  • The Neptune Pirates sign at the beginning of the episode says "Oceanside Pirates." Oceanside High School is real high school in California near San Diego and their school team's name is the Pirates.

  • In the scene where Weevil visits his grandmother after being released from prison and talks to Veronica you can see the microphone above them for a moment.

  • While at the diner with her father, Veronica tells Sheriff Lamb "smell ya later." This leads her father to ask "smell ya later?" While the camera is on him we clearly see Veronica put her hat back on. Then when the camera is back on her the hat is nowhere to be seen.

  • In the final scene of this episode when Veronica is entering the sheriff's station by climbing some steps, you can see the shadow of the camera clearly on the ground.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • Veronica's Le Baron plates are 6BLA504.
    Mars Investigation's phone number are 555-0137.

  • Veronica's dog in this pilot is different from the one seen in the series. This one is a brown and white American Bulldog, while the later one is a brown American Pit Bull Terrier. When the show got picked up, they decided to recast Backup. This was done to avoid dealing with Backup One's dog trainer, as their lack of preparation for the pilot shoots delayed production a lot.

  • Text of the note from Veronica's mother:
    I have to leave for awhile.
    I'll be back for you someday.
    Love Always,

  • When Keith is bending over Lily's body, you see Veronica's arm appear on the right side of the screen and then fly up to her face. The next shot is of Veronica running and coming to a stop, seeing Lily's body, and covering her face with her hands in shock.

  • The laptop used by Veronica in this episode changes from scene to scene and even between shots within a single scene. In the scene where Veronica zooms into the photo of her mother's car, it's a Dell computer as the lid or the sides of the laptop are visible. However, as the keyboard and the screen is shown, it's clearly an Apple PowerBook.

    The Dell is also used in the scene where Celeste Kane visits Mars Investigations and the Apple can be seen when Veronica first downloads the photos taken at the Camelot motel from her camera.

  • The word "snitch" written on the duct tape on Wallace's chest was actually misspelled--it read "snich." According to the pilot script posted on creator Rob Thomas' website, this mistake is intentional.

  • The Mars' apartment was different in the pilot to how it would appear subsequently. The front door, size and layout of the apartment change. In the pilot, the kitchen has a wall partition between it and the lounge area which disappears later.

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