Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 16

Un-American Graffiti

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 01, 2007 on UPN

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  • Veronica is hired to investigate what seems to be a hate crime. Logan invites Veronica to a party he's throwing for Parker's birthday, and Wallace encourages Pizz to "go all in" and reveal his feelings to Veronica once and for all.

    This episode by far made the season. Just how Piz showed his feeling to Veronica by kissing her like that and how he finished her sentence right after was amazing. The music scheme for that moment was perfect. even when wallace asked what happened and piz just said "i went all in" plus how veronica chased after him and when Veronica kisses piz in front of the elevator and at that moment the elevator door opens and logan sees them you can see that logan's heart broke and veronica felt bad. The rest of the episode was just nothing compared to the ending.
  • It was an ok episode, but they can do better.

    I usually enjoy the cases in this show. But this one was an exception. Some redneck vandalizing a restaurant isn't something I would call interesting. As the case wasn't that fulfilling, I concentrated on the relationship drama instead. Mac and Max were so cute together that I forgot Bronson even existed. Did the writers forget too? You'd think that there would be some sign of him, because Mac was there. The situation will probably lead to Mac having to make a decision between the two guys. Then there was the couple with the least chemistry ever: Logan and Parker. They somehow mysteriously got together and suddenly Logan is throwing her a birthday party? Excuse me, did I miss something? Ok, maybe that happened when we weren't looking but when did Logan turn into such a goody-boy? The cake thing was incredibly cheesy in my opinion. I thought that I wouldn't like Parker/Logan and I was right. Veronica and Piz weren't so bad (I was surprised about that). I have nothing against Piz, he's a nice guy and all but I really didn't see anything between him and V before. But their kiss was actually quite sweet. Too bad that Piz is going to get hurt anyway, because he's just a rebound for Veronica. I don't mind Logan and Veronica having a little fun on the side, as long as they realize that in the end they are 'meant to be' (sorry for the cheesy line). So overall, this episode wasn't the best but it was worth watching.
  • excellent! so funny when she hit the boys with the paint balls

    i loved it! the boys were so funny when she hit them. when piz kissed her it was sweet! but the kiss near the elevator looked weird as if they were pullin each other to tight or somethin. it was so cheesy when logan had his face and parkers on the cake. my fave part is when the boy goes knailing clemmins was sweet and then she hits him.
  • The third season comes back from the long hiatus - the long anticipated launch into the last few episodes - and nothing really happens.

    The long break is over, Veronica Mars finally comes back, this time with self-contained episodes. And is the first one a big, witty, intelligent nail-biter? Hardly.
    Veronica investigates a hate crime that she solves in about 25 minutes featuring a lot of politcal correctness, true American values and a quite some ethical behaviour. Come on, this has nothing to do with "thought-provoking", but with hammering home cliché morals.
    Keith is on the second case of the evening, letting his unmotivated deputies check local bars for minors. When Keith finds that Veronica faked some IDs to get her friends into said bars, there was a lot of potential for some strong scenes between Keith and Veronica, but the one and a half scenes covering that aspect were very weak indeed, a slap on the fingers from Keith, and Veronica is good to go.
    Which left the party, which was the only part worth watching in this episode. It covered the last 10 minutes, had nothing to do with the rest of the episode and needed a bit of backstory on the characters to really enjoy - meaning, if the idea was to bring in new viewers with the stand alone approach - this episode failed.
  • This episode was mediocre until the party scene. At which point, I was reminded just how wonderful Veronica Mars is. I didn't think the writers would be able to get me to root for Piz but as usual I underestimated the just how good the writers are.

    So, the terrorism mystery was mediocre although decent, the Keith scenes were charming and funny, but the ending turns this merely average episode into a great one.

    Before the party scene, I was a devote Logan. Veronica fan. I hated the idea of Veronica and Piz and thought that it was a going to a major mistake. Now I see how wrong I was.

    The way that the scene was played was just perfect -- from Wallace telling Veronica to be nice, to Veronica's rejection of Piz, to Logan catching them at the elevator. I loved how Piz stopped Veronica by kissing her -- the poker metaphor of "all in" was great. After all, it made a lot of sense -- what did he have to lose by just kissing her instead? The acting was just great -- Veronica moving from shocked to realizing that maybe she shouldn't have been so hasty about rejecting Piz. The way it ended with Logan seeing them at the end was a bit cheesey but so well acted -- Logan's facial expressions perfectly replace all need for words -- that you felt like it was okay for Veronica to move on with Piz.

    I'm just so amazed by how great those last few minutes of the episode are. After being to treated to such a perfect performance, I don't think I'll have any trouble seeing Piz and Veronica together.
  • Loved it! Finally, some sparks in Veronica's love life!

    I love Veronica Mars with or without the love drama, but I must admit some drama helps :)) I've always been against Piz and Veronica as a couple but after this episode I might be coming around. Logan as a perfect boyfriend to...Parker is very disturbing to me. It's like Veronica fixed Logan, and now Parker is getting all the benefits. But the "love square" is definitely gonna be entertaining.
  • Thoughts of the episode...

    One of my favorites!! This episode to me is one of the best. For the first time I completely gave up on Logan and Veronica. Don't get me wrong the Logan and Veronica relationships was basically why I have been so excited about the show but lets face it, it's over. Especially after Parker, Logan is not as amazing for Veronica as most of us thought. I usually hate the party scenes in any show. They tend to go on an on. I lose interest in the plot most of the time. However this episode I loved it. There was just so much going on. From the beginning of the episode I thought that Veronica and Piz would get together just because she seemed to finally see him not just as a goofy friend and he finally let out his feelings for her. The kiss on the balcony makes me want more! I am so happy that he finally got the confidence to do something to further the relationship! The only thing that I believe could have made it a little better was if Logan looked even a little hurt when he got off the elevator. He just seemed like he knew that they would get together but he didn't care too much. The mystery of the episode wasn't my personal favorite but it wasn't that bad. It made sense for this time with people judging others. I think it also gave people knowledge that not people of certain ethnic backgrounds are terrorists. This episode may be controversial to some but I think the makers of Veronica Mars handled it perfectly.
  • Veronica is back after the worst hiatus ever.

    Ok so this episode wasn't as dreadful as I had expected. The switch to a standalone format for these last 5 episodes (probably ever) of the season is still ridiculous. I thought the MotW was pretty dull, and the woman whom played the daughter could not act to save her life. Also the mother had a terrible accent; she sounded more Russian come Italian than like someone from the Middle East. I want a MotW that isn't so straight forward and PC. The mystery itself was a tad jumpy, and I didn't feel as though we were covering any new ground here. It was just boring I guess; although the episode itself wasn't awful by any means. I loved all the callbacks and Mac/Max! Dick is amusing for the most part, but he seriously contributes nothing to any episode other than silly jokes. He needs some decent story lines or get rid of him, he's stealing screentime from characters I care about. And why on earth did Veronica drink from anything Dick had? He put GHB in his girlfriends drink for goodness sake. These writers have some serious continuity issues. Now onto happier things... Wallace! How much do I love him, let me count the ways. It has been a long while and I liked the dynamic between he and Piz. I was pleased to see Wallace telling Veronica not to lead Piz on... I'm glad he didn't encourage Piz to go after Ronnie. I thought that's what a true friend would do, especially since Ronnie is still hung up on Logan. More Wallace in the future please!

    Parker was basically non-existent here. I could take or leave her I think, unless she impresses me in a future episode. What the hell has happened to Logan? He's lost his spark, I do hope JD is playing him this way on purpose. Speaking of what the hell... the faces on a cake! YIKES. I think Logan is attempting to convince himself he is over Veronica, this is the only explanation for the cheesiness of said cake. Either that or he has been castrated, let's hope it's the former. The Piz and Veronica kiss. While I have issues with the idea of someone forcing themselves on someone who has told them to back off, I didn't think it was as awful as I had imagined. Piz is clearly rebound and I felt bad for Logan having to witness Veronica kissing her brother, since that's what they feel like to me. It's just incredibly wrong. I hope that future episodes are much better, because this episode just didn't cut it. Better mysteries and less melodrama please.

    O MAN O MAN i just watched this episode it was good. The beginning was ok but the end FANTASTIC. i mean i love logan and veronica together but thats not going to happen (tear) but piz and veronica make a great couple to and i hope they get together. Its sad only in that we all know logan and veronica still have feelings for each other. I have been watching this show since it firts started and i never get tired of it. It is fantastic watch this show and you will deff love it and get hooked forever!
  • Season three comes with an up again, finally!

    I loved the first season, loved the second season. And almost love this third one! It's very good, very bad, all at the same time. Something I really like are the small cases, that are solved around every sixth episode. Now "Un-American Graffiti" was a very witty (as always) episode, which, though it gets a little annoying, that every case is connected to the people on the campus, was able to impress me in many different ways. It included some very exciting character development. Finally Veronica is over Logan. It also had the beloved characters from the earlier seasons included. If the show continues this way, I would be happy to see it back this fall!
  • It's finally back!

    So I thought this episode was okay. Nothing spectacular but nothing too horrible either. I thought the mystery was good, not one of my favourites though.
    Logan kind of bothered me in this ep which was weird, I've never not enjoyed his scenes before. His relationship with Parker is too lovey dovey for me and I don't like it. It's obvious to me that he still has feelings for Veronica, you can not get over someone that you feel that strongly about that quick. I really hate how they're rushing into this serious relationship. The birthday party was ok but that cake? Oh, that was horrible, and kinda cheesy lol. This kinda shocked me, but I actually liked Piz. In every episode he's been in so far, I've disliked him but there was something about him in this episode. I really like the Piz/Wallace friendship. I do think that Veronica/Piz is just a rebound, you could tell she felt left out at the party. She could see how happy Logan&Parker were and that everyone else was coupled up. So I don't blame her for going after Piz. It's obvious that he's really into her so why not? Really interested as to how their relationship plays out in the next few episodes. The ending was weird though when Logan seen them kiss and the look he gave Veronica. I have no doubt that he's jealous, and I've always got the feeling that he didn't like Piz, so I'm sure he won't be happy about their relationship.
    I thought Mac/Max were really cute. What happened to Bronson though? I liked him. I also really liked the Mac/Logan scenes, I really liked their banter, more please!
    I like Dick but I thought he was annoying in this episode, he just seems to do the same things every episode! It's really great to see Keith as Sheriff again.
    The funniest part of the episode for me was the poster on Piz's dorm room, Mars Attacks! Hilarious!
    Next week should be interesting, as I said really looking forward to how the Veronica/Piz storyline plays out.
  • dick is always a dick, but veronica and logan need to get back together

    Well well well... to be honest both Logan and Veronica seemd happyer then ever, but i dont care i im an old fashin fan that loves veronica and i mean stalker kinda fan (I do not stalk her) but im kinda thinking that if i cant have her (me and my girlfrind talked it over and she dident wanna share me with her) Then Logan should have her because is such a cool guy he reminds me of myself you know. Dick was a dick as usual the whole kindof "meettwogirlsonmyspace" dilemma is a good lesson ya know. Keth did a very fine thing there busting those deps. for doing a lousy job. well all and all this was a good episode thogh i hope to see veronica ad logan getting back together soon. -peace-
  • After a long hiatus, Veronica comes back...with a vengance!

    The trailers hyped this episode up real good, but I thought it wouldn't live up to my expectations. Boy, I remember the days when I had faith in Rob Thomas. The faith is now restored. "Un-American Graffiti" was back to season 1 roots, with not nesessarily the best storyline, but an interesting one, seeming that it touched on some very important topics, rasism, terrorism, among other things. and character development galore. Oh yeah, EVERYONE'S IN THIS EPISODE! Wallace, Mac, Parker, Piz, yeah, the whole gang! But the most interesting part of this episode was at the end, at Parker's birthday party that Logan hosted. I think that Veronica and Logan still have some unfinished business, especially after all the awkwardness. I mean, Logan on Veronica's cake for goodness sake! And the ending! Oh wow! I thought it was about time Piz should do something, and he did. The expression on Logan's face after he'd seen them kiss was woah, and I can't wait for the next episode!
  • Fantastic!!

    I think that this episode was great. And the best part was on the end when Piz and Veronica kissed.. I hope they will become an couple. Its was funny when the two girls from "myspece" closed the door so Dck couldn't come out. You know that in real life that Dick is married?
  • PIZONICA is born!

    VMARS IS BACK! VMARS IS BACK! I was so happy the show came back and I heard the ratings sucked so that's nothing to be shocked at. But let's just talk about the episode. I loved the self-contained episodes idea. It works for a show like Veronica Mars. Oftentimes, the long arcs seemed uneven and just plained confusing, but this week's terrorist-themed mystery was cool and highly engaging. I loved Parker's party and I love how Piz and Veronica finally kissed. The kiss of the century I say. I've been waiting for this since the beginning of the season. She fell for him and it completely worked.

    For my complete review, head to my site:

  • Not sure if this was an episode to set up the next few, or if it was just a 'throwaway' (I guess calls them 'fillers').

    This is the second time in recent recollection that they ended a long story arc (who killed the dean, the rapist, etc.) then came back after a break without any reference to all the drama of the last several weeks before the break.

    This was a good, multi-plot episode, so I've got to give 'em credit, but I would like to see more continuity between story arcs.

    Sometimes Veronica Mars tries to sneak in a jab at what the writers think is some sort of social injustice they want to bring to the audience. In this case, they made the younger brother of a disabled Iraq war veteran stereotypically white, and who denied the Middle-Eastern family the very rights his brother was defending in the war. The writers use irony frequently, but in this case tempered it by painting the employee as potentially being extreme in his own views, which aggravated the kid's motives.

    Overall a good episode, but until we see fallout from Veronica and Piz's kiss in front of um.. what's his name, and the firing of all the deputies, we won't know if this was a big set up episode, or just a filler episode.
  • I didn't like the episode.

    It wasn't a good episode... the thing about arabian, was sucks... what really saved this episode was the final 7 minutes. Thank god! Veronica gave a chance to Piz, i was waiting for that since the beginning of 3rd season. When they kissed for the second time, i was thinking: "where the hell is Logan, he might see this!"... and tcharammmmmmmm Logan saw them kissing, i just love it!!!! the two myspace girls kickin Dick's ass was awesome hahaha. What about Mac? Will she star dating the geek guy? I can't wait for the next Tuesday, and find out what will happen between V., Piz and Logan.
  • Finnaly!

    I've been wanting the Veronica and Piz thing to happen for a really, really long time. I am so glad that it finally did. Logan was okay but the whole "on agian-off agian" thing was getting boaring for me. I'm really happy that both Logan and Veronica were able to move on right now.

    As for the mini-mystery, it was, well, mini. Influentual still the same but I can't wait till we get some bigger mysteries!
  • Absolutely perfect!! Loved the look on Logan's face.

    Oh my gosh! I loved this episode so much!! I wasn't too too impressed in the beginning but it was definitely still interesting. I am not going to lie I really wanted Veronica not to go to the party because I really want her with Logan but after watching it all I am so happy she went. I have liked Piz from the beginning of the season and thought that he and Veronica would be cute together, even though I love her with Logan. I love that Veronica went after him, that made the ending so much better, because it shows that she is also interested in him. I am so looking forward to next weeks episode because I really want to see what happens with Veronica and Piz.


  • well well

    Okay, I have to admit seeing Veronica and Piz kissing wasn't quite as awful as I had imagined and it actually made more sense than I would have thought. But there's no way I'm switching to team Pizronica. Seeing Logan's and Veronica's face at the end of the episode was enough for me to pull all my LoVe supportive powers together and root for my all time favourite couple. I really really don't want it to end like that. It's so obvious that Logan is not over her and that she has a hard time dealing with him and Parker. No wonder she's trying to distract herself. Veronica is always acting so impulsively when it comes to guys. Remember when she kissed Logan for the first time? Or Leo? And now Piz? You won't believe it, but I seriously almost cried when the elevator closed. It's like the saddest LoVe scenes always end with an elevator door closing...

    Apart from the really tragic Parker/Logan/Veronica/Piz-debacle, this episode was really good. It had some hilarious moments and all the characters finally had some quality lines again. It was classic! If that's how standalone episodes are gonna be, then I might not be all against them...
    Still, I would really miss the mystery arcs. I liked that I so often didn't have a clue what was going on :D

    I can't wait for next week and thinking about the season/series finale makes me anxious!

    And once again: Go, team LoVe!!
  • There's hope yet.

    Not bad of an episode. I actually enjoyed it, it shows the feelings that LoVe still have for each other, but are trying there bests to move on. Logan with Parker, making her birthday wishes come true, and Veronica with Piz, who seems to finally get a shot. There maybe hope yet for a season four. I actually am looking forward to next weeks episode. From the paralyzed teen in the beginning to the Logan leaving the room after seeing Veronica and Piz kiss, which leaves Veronica watching him walk away. This episode was better than I thought it would be…
  • One of the best episodes from season 3

    well this episode was soo glad piz and veronica finally got together their cute. but the ending with logan seeing them was way too weird...its soo obvious those 2 arent over each other. and i have no idea wats going on with mac and max i thought she had a boyfriend. the mystery was good..kinda felt like season 1 agian. i really ho.1pe the last 4 episodes continue to be this good
  • Okay, that ending was BANANAS!!!!

    The episode was really good. Coming back after a long break, i didnt realized how much i missed the show and how good the show really is. This was perfect because it didnt go into a big mystery or anything, just a little case to ease back into the show and alot of laughs. Dick was on the top of his game. Funny stuff. And, Wallace he made the episode. Tells Piz you gotta to all in. And then tells Veronica to stop playin' with Piz. Piz said like this night couldnt get any better and Veronica said maybe it can, or something to that effect, i was like "no she didnt". Then elevator doors open and theres Logan. Craziness, thats how you bring back a show.
  • So no more big mysteries, just one episode mysteries only.

    With only a month worth of episodes to go, it seems as though they're just giving us one-hit-wonder mysteries. And if they do it in episodes like this one, that's just fine by me. I don't know if I want Veronica and Piz to stay together. But gosh darn it aren't they cute. This episode had had another cute potential couple in Mac and Max.

    I liked how Keith used the crappy fake IDs of Piz and Wallace to catch his cops doing a bad jobs. And jay to Sacks for standing by Keith instead of the cops not doing their jobs.

    I liked the episode's mystery. It was topical, it had lots of twists and turns, it reminded us how small a town Neptune is, it brought back a reminder of an older episode, in short, it had everything a good Veronica Mars mystery is supposed to have.
  • Veronica Mars is back and better then ever! Finally a good episode that feels like the classic of season 1. I do hope the final 4 episode each have this similar feel.

    This is what I'm talking about!

    Veronica Mars returns with a GOOD EPISODE! After a slew of... well not so good episodes, VM has made it clear it wants to return for a fourth season.

    I wanna say I was glad to see Mac and Wallace actually get a story, rather then a cameo. Piz and Parker are finally growing on me, and Logan's lack of lines was a nice turn of events, his character is becoming watchable.

    The main story line with the terrorist stuff I enjoyed, a very rich and watchable storyline that didn't take to much complecation, it went back to season 1 and we got the PI stuff that was missing from this season. It Felt like a Veronica Mars episode.

    Logan and Parker... well I dunno, I kind of like them together and I kind of don't. I think for the both, it is a good time for them to be together. They both have gone through some crappy stuff and now they are happy.

    Piz and Veronica... don't get me started! v.v

    Dick, haha, he is ALWAYS great for a good laugh. Though I still wish they would do more with him and Mac and the whole Beaver thing. I just feel there was no conclusion for either of them - and his death was such a big thing. It just feels like everyone forgot...

    Keith, I like him as sheirff, but I'm not sure if he'll last. I enjoy that he cares and he confronted Veronica, but he still feels out of place.

    All in all, great episode. If the final 4 are all like this, then I will be VERY happy. Come on VM!

    Next week - I dunno... I hope they don't spend it all on Veronica and Piz...

    Oh! And I loved the South Park reff!
  • Thank God Veronica Mars is Back and Im a true Patriotic fan that loves this show. Speaking of LoVe goes for a stumble.

    This episode in the best way possibile was really long but great. It didint seem like an hour, but it was maybe its becaue I havnt seen it since Febuary. Veronica inspects a hate crime on a Middle eastern family. I liked this storyline but like that past few episodes like the Pregnancy, Hookers it takes a controversial issue and is able to make you think which Im happy Veronica Mars is able too do and still be fun. Speaking of Fun this had great lines Logan: sign an autograph. The whole Veronica flirting with that man loved it hilarious ohh man I think this was one of the best humorus episodes this season. Keiths deputys start to feel thrented. also captures Wallace and Piz in the act of using Veronica's fake IDs. This was the first episode that had everybody in it excluding Weevil. Even though it might of been 8- 10 miniutes the Birthday party scenes would of still been a good episode. Mac and Max are flirting and Parker and Logan are much closer then I expected. Seriously we need to find wallace a girl or maybe bring Jackie back in the picture? Piz was great but honestly I think we should get Parker out of the picture at least I actually like Piz. As usual Dick is being A dick and gets duped. Overall an excellent episode and loved it!
  • You knew it was going to happen.......

    What do I mean by that:

    1. Keith is now sheriff with deputies that Lamb hired. Lamb was a lazy sheriff who was also a bit dishonest. Show he was bound to hire incompetant. lazy, and dishonest deputies. Now that Keith is Sherrif again he has to deal with the level of incompetance that Lamb immersed himself in. Just how deep does it go?

    2. Veronica and Piz was just a matter of time. As much as I love Veronica and Logan together apart they are even more fun. I say give Piz a chance. He ain't gonna last but he is a least fun to watch.

    Ok other thoughts:

    1. No Weevil? 2. Pairing up Mac with the dude who got set up with the prostitute was inspired.

    3. Loved that the best fake ids came from Veronica. 4. The Muslim plot was passible not pefect but not mind blowingly stupid either. Predictable yes, but predictable isn't always bad. Oh and I did like the fact that racist boy didn't go all huggy weepy lets hug. That would have annoyed me. That level of hate doesn't go away easy. Did however like how the dad wasn't quite as.....I want to say sterotypical muslim man but I also don't want to say that so I'll go with stern and unyealding as he was originally made out to be in the begiing.

    5. I like Wallace and Piz are becoming friends. 6. Like the Logan and Parker thing. I think Logan is trying to have a "normal" relationship. Normal is the watchword after all. It's not going to last mind you but I think its kinda fun in a sugary sweet I can feel the cavity forming already way.

    Ok I think I got it all down.
  • Veronica is hired by a Middle Eastern Family who owns a restaurant that is being vandilized. Keith shakes things up at the Sheriff's Department when he challenges his deputy's to help deter the underage drinking at local bars.

    Veronica Mars finally returns after a 2 month hiatus. Wee-hoo good ridance to you crappy Pussycat Dolls reality show. Anyways it was very refreshing to have this beloved show back and by no means for myself at least did it disappoint. Veronica gets hired by a middle eastern couple running a restaurant they are being threatened and vandalized. Also Keith exercises his power as acting sheriff by cracking down on underage drinking after a kid is paralyzed stumbling out of a bar. The bar is run by a shady guy who isn't very strict on his standars for id's as it seems he either doesn't care about the fakes or just can't spot them. Veronica eventually tracks down the vandil who is the brother of a soldier who served in Iraq and is irate after he receives some anti american propoganda. It turns he was retaliating to this artwork done by a man who the couple is employing despite the fact is student visa has expired. Veronica arranges for the couple to speak to the man in an effort to stop all this but the vandil wants no part of this. The woman makes her husband realize the way the vandil is acting is the way the father is acting towards her own daughter and her jewish boyfriend. The connection allows him to see the error of his ways. Meanwhile Keith catches Piz and Wallace drinking at a bar and as punishment uses them to catch one of his deputy's who is going against his cracking down policy. Keith fires the man and tells anyone who has a problem with him they can quit and walk out the door. Later on Veronica attends the party Logan is throwing for Parker for her 19th birthday. At first it is quite ackward for Veronica seeing Parker and Logan together and so happy but later she has words with Piz. Earlier Wallace makes Piz realize he just has to go for it already with Veronica and go all in. He does so and tries to make a dramatic exit. But Veronica soon follows and Logan spots them for an ackward yet dramatic ending. All in all a pretty good episode that weaved everyone together well (minus Weevil) and had 2 solid interesting storylines. Can't wait for next week's episode.
  • It's back and not forgotten

    It was a solid episode. Veronica is her same witty self but Sheriff Mars was a buzz kill. The one problem I have with the episode, in fact the only problem I’ve ever had with the show, is although Veronica is quite the jokester with her smart remarks, she made one remark about firemen basically calling them dumb. I'm a fireman and it consists of a lot of training and quick thinking. You have to be at your best at all times because it's not only my life at risk but maybe yours, Veronica.
  • After a long hiatus, Veronica Mars is back with an episode about racial intolerance, fake ID's, and about 30% more Piz.

    Veronica Mars - "Un-American Graffiti" (Season 3, Episode 16)

    I'm reviewing this in REAL-TIME! Woo-Hoo! I'm just going write down some gut reactions and thoughts, so when it sounds disjointed don't be surprised.

    I saw the teaser already in a leak on YouTube. The first part with Logan in the lunchroom was a nice little scene. And, hey, it's longer too. And that scene with the paintballs, overly dramatic music and slo-mo tuck and roll is still ridiculous.

    Sheriff Lamb still lives on in the credits!

    I don't care about either "mystery" plot this week. The racial profiling thing is just lame. The other, with the kid getting hit, may have legs ... we will see. (Looking back, it didn't.)

    "Keep up, Towelie!" :P

    MySpace is finally mentioned. Is there any teen pop-culture stereotype that hasn't been used yet? MySpace = Teen Ratings, right?

    I don't like Keith as the Sheriff. He's too-much plot device and not enough Keith.

    20 minutes in and still no Piz.

    Oh, there he is. And he's looking as trendy as ever. Nice shorts, buddy!

    "Here's 20 bucks that says you can whip my ass and like it!" HAHA! Piz, you have finally made me laugh.

    (Local) Nice Pirates of the Carribbean/WalMart commercial. A family is pushing a shopping cart through a pirate ship in mid-battle. This is actually a pretty accurate depiction of shopping at WalMart.

    Keith delivers the moral. Veronica sulks. And she looks hot while doing it.

    Wow, every time I hear the accent on the Arab mother I cringe.

    This episode is toeing the Anti-American line. Please don't cross it... (Looking back, it didn't)

    Great "Mars Attacks" poster!

    That generic deputy just delivered a very Lamb-esque line. If only Lamb could have delivered it himself.

    I need to say this again: I don't like Keith as the Sheriff. He's too-much plot device and not enough Keith.

    That redneck is a terrible actor. He talks like Trent from Daria, but isn't nearly as cool.

    Dick rules.

    "You can spend half-time in my private box." HAHA! Gotta love suggestive dialog!

    I in no way feel bad for Veronica about Logan and the party.

    This doesn't have the season three vibe. It feels like season two filler.

    Poor Dick. I feel his pain!

    Piz is PRETENDING to be Veronica's boyfriend at her request... Hmm...

    Piz proves he indeed has testosterone! Nicely done!

    "Are you sure about that?" Oh, Veronica. That really came out of nowhere. You just know Logan is thinking, "HIM?! You seriously like HIM?!?!"

    Fade to black, episode's done.

    Final Thoughts: You know something is wonky when Piz delivers the best line of the episode. The mysteries were both poorly done and ultimately pointless, and my fears of self-contained mysteries came to pass. These mysteries should have been just that: contained. That said, there were some great one-liners, and I ultimately liked the parts of the episode that weren't central to the mystery plots. And I must end by saying that Piz was entertaining. Still pointless in the ultimate scheme of things, but entertaining. As I said somewhere above, "Un-American Graffiti" came off to me like a season-two filler episode -- and considering what we've seen so far this year, that's not such a bad thing.

    7/10 (5/10 for the mystery plots, 8/10 for everything else)