Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 16

Un-American Graffiti

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 01, 2007 on UPN

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  • It was an ok episode, but they can do better.

    I usually enjoy the cases in this show. But this one was an exception. Some redneck vandalizing a restaurant isn't something I would call interesting. As the case wasn't that fulfilling, I concentrated on the relationship drama instead. Mac and Max were so cute together that I forgot Bronson even existed. Did the writers forget too? You'd think that there would be some sign of him, because Mac was there. The situation will probably lead to Mac having to make a decision between the two guys. Then there was the couple with the least chemistry ever: Logan and Parker. They somehow mysteriously got together and suddenly Logan is throwing her a birthday party? Excuse me, did I miss something? Ok, maybe that happened when we weren't looking but when did Logan turn into such a goody-boy? The cake thing was incredibly cheesy in my opinion. I thought that I wouldn't like Parker/Logan and I was right. Veronica and Piz weren't so bad (I was surprised about that). I have nothing against Piz, he's a nice guy and all but I really didn't see anything between him and V before. But their kiss was actually quite sweet. Too bad that Piz is going to get hurt anyway, because he's just a rebound for Veronica. I don't mind Logan and Veronica having a little fun on the side, as long as they realize that in the end they are 'meant to be' (sorry for the cheesy line). So overall, this episode wasn't the best but it was worth watching.