Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 19

Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 22, 2007 on UPN

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  • Too bad that it signals an end to the series

    The episode was cleverly made and was interesting enough, however, it was clearly a season ender and not a series finale.
    its just sad we wont know what happened to the series. I hope the creator does continue with a movie or special which will answer all of the open questions left hanging on the series.
    a highlight of the episode is the attack of logan against piz, showing logan still has strong feelings for veronica.
    the question on weavil's mind as what he will do with the machine and if veronica will pursue him is also left unanswered.
    the sheriff elections also makes an interesting twist in this episode.
  • A good season finale, but a bad series finale

    Well, it was a very good episode, but they left soooooooooo many questions unanswered. If the show doesn't come back, which they say it won't, how are those questions going to be answered? Does Keith go to jail? Who does Veronica end up with? Does she take the internship? It's just very frustrating. Don't get me wrong, it was a great episode, and I enjoyed watching it very much, but a little closure would be nice. I just started watching Veronica Mars when it came on the CW. I liked it so much I went on EBAY and bought the first 2 seasons! And now, a short season later, it's kaput. Veronica Mars, RIP.
  • Yeah Weevil gets to be in an episode! I just wish they would have him doing something besides getting framed or being a janitor. Good Episode though! I really hope Veronica Mars gets renewed for another season or I'm not watching CW again!

    Weevil gets framed for making fake school ID cards. His one phone call at the sheriffs office he calls Veronica to help him. She eventually finds out its a group of students, when the whole group confronts her and tries to make a deal with her and she pretends to tape their confession. At the beginning of the episode Piz and Veronica get more intimate in his dorm room. At the end of the episode Dick shows logan a video of Veronica And Piz getting naked, that was emailed to him.
  • Veronica Mars helps out Weevil after being arrested for selling fake student debit cards.

    Oh, my gosh this episode got me pumping. Seriously, hate when privileged kids try to get away with things. Like for instance setting up a wrongful accused ex-con. I couldn't believe it when Logan bashed up Piz. Seriously, the dude still has it bad for Veronica. I so loved Logan & Veronica together. I know he means well but he can't help it. Poor Piz! Oh, how I love to watch Veronica out smart these peps. Thinking that they are smarter than her & can get away with it. But think again when you plan to cross paths with her!
  • This week it's Wallace/Weevils turn to come back!

    Ok, so I have yet to see the series finale but having just watched this episode I feel rather underwhelmed by it. I just feel as though the finale (based on how I felt about this episode) isn't going to be that amazing. I hope I'm wrong... but the writing for this episode wasn't anything amazing yet it certainly was enjoyable (I need to rewatch). Maybe it was because I was semi-spoiled thus I sorta knew beforehand about the Piz/Logan smack down and the sex tape. However, having thought about it this episode was vastly better than any of the other stand alone episodes! Which is why it gets a 9.

    What I did love however was Dick, wonderful Dick emoting once again. It's an odd day when Dick made me cry yet again! I'm really pleased Cassidy's death has been acknowledged since the events of Not Pictured have been largely ignored which has IMO, been one of the greatest failings of this season. If Veronica can't deal with her rape issues - (she should have some) then at least we got Dick dealing with Cassidys death. I liked the parallel to the Pilot with Wallace flying the plane on the beach... seeing as though Logan was verbally angry with Veronica/Piz it reminded me a little of the scene in Leave it to Beaver - the beach scene between LoVe. Having Wallace and Weevil back wasn't enough to make this feel like an old school episode but it definitely helped! I'm sad that there were no Logan/Weevil scenes since those are absolute gold, but his scenes with Ronnie were awesome. I didn't realize just how much I missed both those characters until this episode. One complaint which felt glaring was the way Logan has been written this year, he feels wholly different to the boy we met in S1-2. I'm possibly more sad that I won't see his effeminate charismatic sarcasm ever again (except on S1-2 DVDs!). On a shallow note Jason Dorhing looked ridiculously cute when he was sitting with Piz/Veronica at the beach. Though Logan looked like a lost little boy which made me sad for him, I want him to have a happy ending dammit! As the femme fatale of this show he deserves to get the girl, or run away with the money or something else femme fatales do. Although, I do think Logan was more his season one self in this scene. He was bitter and verbally aggressive. I loved it! Piz/Veronica actually made me cringe for the first time, I'd found them very sweet and watchable until this episode. But that whole phone call before they had sex was so fake and out of character. Veronica was way too comfortable being cutesy and that's not the person she is, where's my hardboiled cynical loner? I think KB overplayed it which is a shame, but whatever. The mystery itself was ok... I do think college wasn't the best setting for Veronica Mars as a neo-noir concept and I definitely miss the overarching mystery-story's presence. I don't think this show works as in a standalone format. Well for the penultimate episode it was good in its moments for the most part, but the mystery wasn't great. Oh and the Logan/Piz beat down was a thing of beauty. Rob Thomas is a whore indeed.
  • So, Weevil is still there ;-)

    Yet another nice case to solve for Veronica and now finally Weevil was involved again. I missed that guy, even though I didn't like the outcome. Is he really keeping that device to do what he was accused of all along? Stupid Weevil...
    I liked how Veronica solved the case. There were so many hilarious moments like for instance when Weevil asked Keith for Veronica's number :D
    I also liked Piz and Veronica. Yeah, I know, you may bite off my head for saying that. But they were actually kinda cute. Logan's behaviour on the other hand was really stupid.
    Can Keith win this election? It's weird how they always come running back to him, but when it's election time suddenly he doesn't seem to be enough. But seriously: if Vinnie wins this thing, that would be ridiculous!
  • Piz: "Rob Thomas is a whore."

    & one who knows what we want. Maybe it was an ominous feeling he had that the show was in trouble, but whatever the case, RT decided to shell out the goods for the last time by giving us fans what we wanted.

    Namely: More Weevil. More Wallace. A Dick and Mac heart to heart; Logan revealing he still has feelings for Veronica; and an ole fashioned love interest showdown.

    The Beach scene brought most of the characters we've come to know and love all together again, reminding us of what made the show so great to begin with: the relationships Veronica had with the supporting cast (i.e. all of her friends).

    & while it's a terrible shame that this is one of the last episodes of what was an amazing show, the gasp-worthy ending is at least proof that it managed to stay fresh for a little bit longer, rather than petering out like a lot of past-their-prime shows are wont to do.
  • Not your grandma's episode.

    I think this episode was good, not great. Weevil, again, was falsely accused of doing something wrong. Why do people always like to pick on the felon? lol. Anyway, He hires Veronica to find out who framed him and of course she does. Wallace is being "stalked" by a person who taps him to bea pledge for The Castle, and Piz Veronica and Logan have an uncomfortable moment. Towards the end of the episode, Dick shows Logan a video he got from an email which shows Piz and Veronica almost having sex. logan assumes Piz did it and procedes to go and beat the stuffing out of him- literally. Afterwards Logan goes to see Veroncia and tell her what was going on. All in all a good episode, very solid. Not an outstanding piece of work, but it isn't any Farmer Wants A Wife either. Definately see it.
  • Weevil is arrested for selling fake debit cards and comes to Veronica once again for help. Vinnie and Keith debate each other on Piz's radio show.

    Weevil comes to Veronica after he his fingered by 2 students who claim he is the one who sold them fake id cards. As it turns out a number of fake ids had been flagged by the school's cafeteria and Weevil is arrested as the culprit. Weevil comes to Veronica to help clear his name. Once again the deck seems pretty stacked against Weevil. We also see Wallace beginning to get stalked by a mysterious man who appears to be a stalker but turns out to be much more as he is part of an illustrious society called "The Castle". Veronica's investigating eventually leads her to the room of a girl in her criminology class who obviously sat in on Weevil's speech earlier in the year regarding his former lifestyle. Meanwhile at the radio station the campus students let Keith know what they think of his stance against underage drinking and Vinnie tries to sweet talk and kiss up to them and they clearly seem behind him instead of Keith. Eventually Veronica sees the girl and the 2 students are all connected to a group of wealthy students whom set up Weevil to take the fall for their scam. Veronica records their conversation and even though they didn't actually confess to anything on the tape she scares them into turning herself in. Meanwhile Dick shows Logan a tape off Veronica and Piz having sex that has surfaced on the internet. Furious Logan attacks Piz fisciously. Logan presents the disc to Veronica but she tells him to leave.