Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 19

Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 22, 2007 on UPN

Episode Recap

Hearst College, food court - Veronica and Mac are waiting in line to pay for their frozen yogurt. Veronica is talking about how Piz is mopping around because of her internship at the FBI and the fact they will be apart for 12 weeks. Mac suggests that Veronica let Piz know she feels the same way. Campus security arrives to take away the girl at the front of the line because of a problem with her student id card. Hearst College, HR office - Weevil is talking to a Russel, a HR rep, about his application for workman's compensation for his injured knee. He hurt his knee while moving a busted washing machine across campus. The HR rep is skeptical because the maintenance men are known for playing basketball on their lunch breaks. Russel will pass the claim on to the review board and Weevil should have an answer in about a month. A noticeably limping Weevil is told to do his best until then. Piz's dorm room - Veronica and Piz are studying. Veronica talks to Piz about the internship and the fact she will miss him while she is gone. They end up making out on the bed. Sheriff's office - A Hearst security officer is talking to Keith about the problem with fake student id's at Hearst. The student ID cards are like money and can be used to buy stuff anywhere on campus. Two students have been caught with fake cards and placed on probation by Hearst and their families have agreed to replace the stolen funds. He wants Keith to pursue the person the students' claim they bought the ids from since he is not a Hearst student. The two students pick Weevil out of a lineup. A sympathetic Keith talks to Weevil in the interview room. It's not looking good because Weevil is an ex-con who was identified by two students on the Dean's list. Weevil asks for and gets his one phone call and uses it to call Veronica. Mars Investigations - Veronica checks the answering machine to find a message from Weevil asking for help getting out of jail. Sheriff's office, holding cells - Veronica visits Weevil. He is being accused breaking into the bursar's office, making fake student id's and putting money on them. He says they pinned it on him because he is an ex-con. A lot of people know he is an ex-con because he told his story in Veronica's criminology cl@ss at her request. Veronica remembers and feels a little guilty and embarrassed about it. Hearst College, bursar's office - Veronica flashes her PI badge at Karin, the bursar, who has trouble believing she is a real PI because she is so young. Karin explains the student ID cards work like debit cards. Each term, a student adds money to their account which vendors can debit. She collects the cash and infuses the cards with the new limits using the only machine on campus that can program the cards. The machine is leased to the college and if the machine breaks down or needs servicing they have to send it back to Marietta Georgia to get fixed. Veronica takes picture of machine. Karin knows Weevil has access to the office because he let her in once when she locked herself out. The scam was discovered by a food court worker who noticed a number of suspicious names on the cards. Russel comes over and accuses Weevil of filing a bogus workmen's compensation claim. Hearst College, food court - Jalisa, the food court clerk, got suspicious because of the names on the student IDs - Niels Boar, Sylvia Plath, Honus Wagner, etc. Veronica asks Jalisa to contact her if any of the other names show up, but Jalisa says after Sylvia Plath and Honus Wagner got busted, the other names stopped showing up. Veronica finds this odd. Hearst College, library - Veronica is working the desk at the library when Abigail (aka Sylvia Plath) asks about an e-mail she just received saying she has $50 fine for a lost book she has never heard of. Veronica tells her she's actually there to answer some questions about how she meets Weevil. Abigail say last Thursday she went to pay for lunch and the teller told her she was out of money. Later that afternoon, a guy approached her offering to sell her a $1K card for $100 dollars. The guy took her money, asked for a fake name, and told her to meet him in basement of History building at 1:00pm. She showed up and he handed her the card. She hated turning in the janitor guy since he probably has a family to support. Hearst College, hallway - Wallace throws away a piece of paper into a trash can. As he walks away, he notices that it is picked up by a guy who seems to be following him. Hearst College, library - The second student busted with a fake id shows up asking about library fines and is also questioned by Veronica. Sheriff's Office, holding cells - Veronica returns to talk to Weevil about what she has found out. Weevil tells Veronica he is not trying to get even with Hearst because of the battle over his workman's compensation claim. And he spends his lunch break at 1:00 pm napping in his car and has no one to vouch for him. Keith arrives to release Weevil but he has bad news. A second machine used to program the student cards was found in an empty locker next to his at work. Hearst College, engineering Lab - Veronica is watching Wallace working on a scale model plane for his end-of-term project. He mentions some dude is always following him around and he has no idea who the guy is. Veronica suggests he drop some tantalizing bait and then double back and watch him. They go to talk to Professor Winkler when they see he is ready for them. Winkler's office - Winkler is telling Veronica it is not easy to fake a student id because of an encrypted signature that is put on the magnetic strip along with the name, student id and the amount of money on the card. You would need a supercomputer and specialized knowledge of cryptology but having an actual machine would greatly simplify things. Winkler suggests she talk to Leon, a grad student, who just had his cryptology paper published. Mars Residence - Piz and Veronica are kissing on the couch when Keith comes in without knocking. They quickly move to separate ends of the couch and straighten up. Piz ask Keith if he would appear on his radio show the next morning because he is doing an election special on the Sheriff race. Keith agrees when he hears that Vinnie has already agreed to appear. Veronica asks Keith to buy a new answering machine for the office, comparing the old answering machine to technology that Amish people would be allowed to use. Keith tells Veronica the id machine that was found was dusted and only Weevil's prints were found on the box. Hearst College, computer lab - Veronica talks to Leon about making counterfeit student id's. He goes to show her his research papers but they have been stolen. Hearst College, radio booth - Vinnie panders to the students by promising not to enforce the drinking age in local bars. His priorities are enforcing the important laws like murder and terrorism. Keith gets a lot of hostile and sarcastic comments from students calling into the show. Hearst College, library - Wallace is studying and notices the guy that has been following him is sitting at another table watching him. When Wallace leaves his desk, the guy goes to see what Wallace has been working on. In the meantime, Wallace doubles back and goes to where the guy was sitting. He finds a file on himself, with pictures, basketball stats, cl@ss schedule, etc. The guy interrupts Wallace and tells him he has been tapped for admission to 'The Castle'. He can't tell anyone or his invitation will be withdrawn. Hearst College, somewhere on campus – According to Veronica, assuming Weevil is being framed, the people framing him only had about 24 hours to get his fingerprints on the box. Weevil objects to the word 'assuming' and says he is being framed. Veronica wants to retrace his movements the day before he got busted and shows him a picture of the box they are looking for. Weevil does not remember seeing or touching anything like that. Their first stop is the radio studio where Weevil had to fix a blown fuse. Hearst College, radio studio - Keith is still taking grief from students calling into the show. Weevil and Veronica enter and Weevil checks under desk for clues. Keith challenges Vinnie's suggestion that he had some influence on the 20% decrease in crime across US military bases when he was in uniform. Keith asks if that was before his dishonorable discharge. Vinnie accuses him of going negative and retaliates by saying the question is not whether Keith can clean up Neptune but whether he can clean up his own household. Keith was cited 6 times for various offensives while Veronica was arrested twice. Veronica retaliates by pushing Vinnie's head into his mike which amuses both Piz and Keith. Hearst College, HR office - Next stop is the HR office where Weevil went to make his workman's compensation claim. Russel threatens to call security because Weevil is not suppose to be on Hearst property but hangs up when Weevil suggests he knows Russel's home address. Hearst College, dorm room - Weevil was there to fix a problem with the sink. He looks under the sink and tells Veronica, when he was there, there was a lot of stuff he had to move before he could fix the sink. A lot more than there is now. He didn't pay attention to what he was moving so he could have touched the box without knowing it. A second student enters who Veronica recognizes from her criminology cl@ss. Veronica tells the student she likes her hair and asks to take a picture of her for her stylist. When they leave, Weevil questions why Veronica took the picture. Hearst College, library - The real reason Veronica took a picture was because there was a picture on the wall behind the girl that grabbed her interest. It's a group picture of some students in Aspen on a skiing trip. In it is the girl from her Criminology cl@ss, Abigail who picked Weevil out a lineup, and Leon who knows how to program the cards. Veronica has a plan to identify the other students in the picture. Neptune Grand, Presidential Suite - Logan is on the phone talking to Parker. A drunken Dick comes in and interrupts to ask a question about Cassidy. Dick has been spending Happy Hours with his Dad and is feeling guilty about the way he treated Cassidy when he was alive. Dick agrees to Logan's suggestion they go surfing tomorrow to clear their heads. Hearst College, hallway - Jenny and another student see the flyer Veronica put up asking for help identifying the people in the Aspen ski trip photo. The flyer says she wants their names because she met this great group of people from Hearst skiing over the Christmas break and wants to track them down. Jenny, who is in the picture, is worried. Dog Beach - Piz, Mac, Wallace and Veronica go to the beach to test out Wallace's airplane. Logan and Dick are also at the beach surfing. Wallace's plane takes off but doesn't fly for long before the engines stop and it crashes into the beach in front of Dick and Logan. Wallace needs some alone time to fix the plane and leaves everyone else to hang out together. It's awkward for everyone. Mac leaves to help Wallace and Dick follows her to apologize for the way he behaved when she was dating Cassidy. Mac pushes Dick away when he clumsy attempts to kiss her. Piz tries to make small talk with Logan but he gets snippy. Logan says Piz is salt-of-the earth working cl@ss guy while he just frittered his days away. Piz and Veronica leave when Wallace's plane is once again flying, leaving Logan by himself. Hearst College, library - Veronica has identified more of the people in the picture and is researching them online. Her research on Patrick Nickerson's shows his dad works for the company, Magneta-corp, that makes the machines used to program the student ID cards. Patrick and Jenny approach Veronica and ask her to follow them to meet some people. They enter a room in the library where all the people in the picture have gathered. After some small talk, Veronica phones her dad to turn them in. They ask her to hang up and offer her a student id of her own - an everlasting gobstopper of spending money. Veronica says they are lying - they don't have a machine, they used the second one to frame Weevil. They say there is a third one that is programmed and ready to go. And this time they will use generic names and won't get caught again. Veronica turns them down and then replays their conversation back to them from her cell phone. She tells them to turn themselves in to campus police and clear Weevil before tomorrow noon, or she will turn the conversation over to her Dad who will not be as lenient - particularly when he finds the third machine in one of their dorm rooms. Jenny lets it slip it's not in their dorm rooms. Veronica leaves and phones Weevil and tells him to search the engineering lab for a third machine before they can move it. Neptune Grand, Presidential Suite - Dick comes out of room to reluctantly show Logan a video that he was emailed. The video is of Piz and Veronica in Piz's dorm room. Dick makes a comment about Veronica's body that suggests she is naked in the video. Dick says the video is being sent around campus. Hearst College, radio studio - Piz is on the air when Logan enters and starts beating him up without saying a word. They fight with Piz getting the worst of it. Mars investigations - Keith tells Veronica that Weevil has been cleared because the Hearst students all turned themselves in for using fake ids. He also has a new answering machine for the office. Weevil calls Veronica to say he didn't find the machine while Veronica tells him he has been cleared. Hearst College, Engineering lab - Weevil is holding the third machine in his lap. Mars investigations - Keith calls Veronica into his office to ask about a strange message on the old answering machine. It's the conversation that Veronica taped at the library. Veronica says it's a confession, but Keith corrects her and says he didn't hear anyone confess to anything. Veronica was bluffing when she threatened the Hearst students. Logan enters looking for Veronica. He is battered and tells Veronica there is something she should know.