Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 19

Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 22, 2007 on UPN

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  • This week it's Wallace/Weevils turn to come back!

    Ok, so I have yet to see the series finale but having just watched this episode I feel rather underwhelmed by it. I just feel as though the finale (based on how I felt about this episode) isn't going to be that amazing. I hope I'm wrong... but the writing for this episode wasn't anything amazing yet it certainly was enjoyable (I need to rewatch). Maybe it was because I was semi-spoiled thus I sorta knew beforehand about the Piz/Logan smack down and the sex tape. However, having thought about it this episode was vastly better than any of the other stand alone episodes! Which is why it gets a 9.

    What I did love however was Dick, wonderful Dick emoting once again. It's an odd day when Dick made me cry yet again! I'm really pleased Cassidy's death has been acknowledged since the events of Not Pictured have been largely ignored which has IMO, been one of the greatest failings of this season. If Veronica can't deal with her rape issues - (she should have some) then at least we got Dick dealing with Cassidys death. I liked the parallel to the Pilot with Wallace flying the plane on the beach... seeing as though Logan was verbally angry with Veronica/Piz it reminded me a little of the scene in Leave it to Beaver - the beach scene between LoVe. Having Wallace and Weevil back wasn't enough to make this feel like an old school episode but it definitely helped! I'm sad that there were no Logan/Weevil scenes since those are absolute gold, but his scenes with Ronnie were awesome. I didn't realize just how much I missed both those characters until this episode. One complaint which felt glaring was the way Logan has been written this year, he feels wholly different to the boy we met in S1-2. I'm possibly more sad that I won't see his effeminate charismatic sarcasm ever again (except on S1-2 DVDs!). On a shallow note Jason Dorhing looked ridiculously cute when he was sitting with Piz/Veronica at the beach. Though Logan looked like a lost little boy which made me sad for him, I want him to have a happy ending dammit! As the femme fatale of this show he deserves to get the girl, or run away with the money or something else femme fatales do. Although, I do think Logan was more his season one self in this scene. He was bitter and verbally aggressive. I loved it! Piz/Veronica actually made me cringe for the first time, I'd found them very sweet and watchable until this episode. But that whole phone call before they had sex was so fake and out of character. Veronica was way too comfortable being cutesy and that's not the person she is, where's my hardboiled cynical loner? I think KB overplayed it which is a shame, but whatever. The mystery itself was ok... I do think college wasn't the best setting for Veronica Mars as a neo-noir concept and I definitely miss the overarching mystery-story's presence. I don't think this show works as in a standalone format. Well for the penultimate episode it was good in its moments for the most part, but the mystery wasn't great. Oh and the Logan/Piz beat down was a thing of beauty. Rob Thomas is a whore indeed.
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