Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 1

Welcome Wagon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2006 on UPN
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Veronica begins college with Logan, Wallace and Mac, but is immediately drawn back into old detective habits when Piz, Wallace's new roommate, gets all his stuff stolen. Meanwhile, Keith helps reunite Kendall with an old love, recently released from prison.

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  • Season Three Starts Off Strong

    Veronica begins college with Logan, Wallace and Mac, but is immediately drawn back into old detective habits when Piz, Wallace's new roommate, gets all his stuff stolen. Meanwhile, Keith helps reunite Kendall with an old love, recently released from prison.

    If there is one show this show always did well, it's first episodes that start long storyarchs being nothing short of perfect television. Everything just seems like it flows well. Veronica's first couple of minutes solving the crime case in six minutes was actually really good. I like that opening a lot and I thought it was funny that she really does always seem to rub people the wrong way the first time that she mets them. The most interesting dynamic in this episode was the relationship between Veronica and Logan. They are back together again in college and things seem to be moving very well all things considering. Veronica's Dad is none to happy that they are off together, but he at least seems to ebe content with it. We are introduced to a new character named Piz. I'm glad that they didn't try and bombard us with a new cast right off the bat, though I must say I hate the new theme song with a passion. Piz seems like he is going to turn into a main character and the small confrontation between Logan and Piz seems like it could turn into something a little more drama-related sometime in the future. Keith's storyline was okay, but it was the worst of the episode. The ending to the story was good, it was getting there that kind of made the flow of the episode go away for me. All ready a different feel with Veronica being away at college insted of high school. I have a feeling Keith may have his own season long story this year while Veronica is off solving a campus related rape case.

    Overall - amazing episode to open the season and I am very excited to see where the show goes from here.moreless
  • kinda of what i expected

    the starting scene at veronica s first whole class was great i mean once we hear the line"i know who did it" wow

    she got my attention!oh a complain: why does vinnie has to break in everytime we are having fun with veronica? ok that sounded wrong... i m a girl not a guy...ok that soundes even more wrong!! what i mean to say is that vinnie

    is not excacly the way a season would start...

    piz:nice guy , puppy face too innocent to be true...i like this guy!! oh and dicks act on the stage..very dramatic.. as veronica sayed: is exacly like we never left high school"

    and another fact: logan and veronica are so good together why are they always split and back again? it kinda gets boring it reminds me af my fellow students in high school.

    logan and veronica can have fun together the sex thong is abviously great so why stack with a puppy???

    well the episode is very good but when it comes to keiths investigation: kind of boring if i may say.

    I liked the welcom wagon case and veronicas new reputation

    shes once again armed and dangerous...well not armed but dangerous!!!...moreless
  • Veronica begins college with Logan, Wallace and Mac, but is immediately drawn back into old detective habits when Piz gets all his stuff stolen. Meanwhile, Keith helps reunite Kendall with an old love, recently released from prison.moreless

    Veronica begins college with Logan, Wallace and Mac, but is immediately drawn back into old detective habits when Piz, Wallace's new roommate, gets all his stuff stolen.

    Meanwhile, Keith helps reunite Kendall with an old love, recently released from prison. i love piz..chis lowell was really adorable in this episode
  • Collage start new friends start and new mystery's start.

    This season is gonna be good i can tell.She might even break up with her boyfriend and end up with the new guy because he's really into her.Max later gets with this guy that loves animals and protest and everything.Later verionca dad freaks out because her thought she was pregnact but turns out it was blackmail.She finds out who it was and the reason why she did it so this girl wouldn't have this baby.She said since that was her best fiend and that those guys that could of been the father were horrible.She of course is mad that she sent her a drug that got rid of her baby.moreless
  • Boom Goes the third season!

    This episode is one of Veronica Mars's finest episodes. Clean good humor, Veronica’s wittiness, Tina Majorino finally got into the credits. The episode starts off with Veronica’s first college day, her voiceover is still there funny as always! She meets up with Logan, then later Mac and also meets Mac’s new roommate – Parker. She has to help Wallace’s new roommate recover his stolen stuff. Logan must help Dick after he gets really drunk. The episode ends with a great cliffhanger. When I watched this episode I thought – WOW! This is going to be the best season… Soon I discovered how I was wrong… This episode is defiantly one of my favorite episodes.moreless
Jason Beghe

Jason Beghe

Cormac Fitzpatrick

Guest Star

Cher Ferreyra

Cher Ferreyra

Fern Delgado

Guest Star

Jesse Fremont Allis

Jesse Fremont Allis

Rat Boy

Guest Star

Brandon Hillock

Brandon Hillock

Deputy Jerry Sacks

Recurring Role

Ken Marino

Ken Marino

Vincent "Vinnie" Van Lowe

Recurring Role

Patrick Fabian

Patrick Fabian

Professor Hank Landry

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Veronica's new Saturn have the same 6BLA504 plates as her Le Baron used to have.

    • Vinnie manages to drop a bug in Keith's briefcase without his knowledge, but in the season two episode Donut Run, he played that same trick on Veronica and she didn't fall for it. Veronica is supposed to have learned everything she knows about detective work from her father, but in this respect the student seems to have surpassed the teacher.

    • This is the second time Brigadoon is mentioned in the series, the first time being in "You Think You Know Somebody" (1.05).

    • This is the first season premiere to not contain a single flashback to help tell the story (or inform us what happened over the summer).

    • The shirt Veronica gives Piz to wear (which belonged to Duncan) is seen on both Duncan and Logan in episode 6 of season 2, Rat Saw God.

    • Veronica: Here we are in front of the Empire State Building.
      (they look at a picture of the two of them in front of a building with the address "405")
      Keith: That's the Chrysler Building.
      Keith is, in fact, correct. The Empire State Building's address is 350 Fifth Avenue, New York; the Chrysler Building's address is 405 Lexington Avenue, New York.

    • This episode was broadcast over the web in full without commercials starting September 26, 2006, one week before its official airdate.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Mac: You worked in a coffee shop. How can you not know that an Irish coffee has whiskey in it?
      Veronica: At Java the Hut, it meant a latté with a little shot of Irish Cream syrup.
      Mac: That explains the first one you ordered.
      Veronica: They were magically delicious. And they served me. Boo-yah!

    • Logan: (to Veronica) I bet you know there's no one else. I only want you. You ought to know that by now.

    • (after Veronica asked to enter the mentoring program)
      Timothy: You can take your pick. All of them have juvenile records. Most of the girls, it's shoplifting, fighting, chronic truancy.
      Veronica: Wait. Just because I'm a girl, that means I have to mentor a girl?
      Timothy: Yes.
      Veronica: That's just in case they get their period or something, right?

    • Veronica: So gang, are we ready to rock?
      Mac: No.
      Wallace: Not particularly.
      Veronica: That's the spirit!
      Parker: Woo hoo!

    • Veronica: Hi, Dad. Nope, he's heading home right now, as a matter of fact.
      Keith: All right, honey. Give Logan my regards as you're shaking his hand good night, and I'll be sure to call unexpectedly again.

    • Veronica: (to Logan after sex) Woof! You should seriously consider going pro in that.

    • Wallace: Took this side. I hope that's cool.
      Piz: Yeah, no sweat. I rarely wear clothes indoors, I hope that's cool.
      Wallace: (chuckles, then stops abruptly) That's not cool at all.

    • Veronica: (voiceover) Here it is, first day of college. What do you say, Veronica? New school, fresh start. How about you try not to piss anyone off this time around?

    • Veronica: I track down the bad guys, call you, you make the bust. You know what that makes everyone, Sacks? (pauses) A winner.

    • Keith: Veronica, there are a few things in life to which you will have to defer to my age and experience. And that, sweet child of mine, is the Chrysler building.
      Veronica: Hmm... senility... that comes with age, too, right?

    • Keith: How was your first day? How does it feel being a college student?
      Veronica: Ooh, it's exhausting. I had one whole class today.
      Keith: You make any friends?
      Veronica: Lord, no.
      Keith: Enemies?
      Veronica: Eh.
      Keith: Yeah, well. It is a day that ends in a "Y".

    • Logan: Here, a bonus birthday gift.
      Veronica: You got me a bow? A bow! How did you guess?
      Logan: Open it smarty pants.

    • Keith: I hate you.
      Veronica: You love me.
      Keith: Yeah, but it's all instinct.

    • Piz: Well, a Saturn for a Mars.
      Veronica: In Neptune! Yeah, the planets really aligned for this one. Now, move Uranus, the mercury is rising.

    • Veronica: (to Piz) Breasts or the holy grail guitar?

    • Veronica: Qu'est-ce que c'est 'Frak'?

    • Dick: Ass like Marky-Mark, and the entire Funky Bunch.

    • Veronica: And you call yourselves college men. Where are the posters of beer and half-naked ladies?
      Wallace: Oh, it's behind the case of porn and my shot glass collection.

    • Piz: This girl, she's our age? And she's a detective? Is she also a cartoon?

  • NOTES (12)

  • ALLUSIONS (13)

    • Veronica: They were magically delicious.

      This is the catch phrase of Lucky the Leprechaun, the mascot for Lucky Charms cereal.

    • Character Name: Donald Fagan

      It may be a reference to the character Fagin from Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist. Both men used a gang of young men to steal for them.

    • Veronica: Some girl going wild? As I understand it, it happens all the time in college.

      Girls Gone Wild, a video series targeted towards adult male audience, shows college girls and young women often drunk and performing lewd activities captured on camera.

    • Veronica: You mess with the bull...
      This quote and Veronica's coinciding hand gesture are an homage to The Breakfast Club's Principal Vernon. The full expression is: "You mess with the bull, you get the horns."

    • The person who tries to sell Piz back his guitar is named Donald Fagan. Donald Fagen, who along with Walter Becker formed the band Steely Dan that was very active in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The allusion is flawed however, because Donald Fagan was the keyboardist/vocalist and Walter Becker was the guitarist for the group.

    • Veronica: Boom goes the dynamite!
      This catchphrase comes from Brian Collins, a college student whose abysmal turn as a sports news anchor led to a phrase that will go down in Internet history. Collins agreed to fill in as a sports anchor for a student-run TV newscast and let his nerves get to him on air. Throughout the broadcast, Collins became more flustered; tripping over his words, holding awkward silences, and eventually, during a clip of the highlights of a basketball game, blurting out "and boom goes the dynamite!" The clip was immediately uploaded to the Internet and reached pop culture fame.

    • Vinnie: What do you say? Wonder Twin Powers, activate!
      The Wonder Twins were two DC Comics characters who activated their powers by touching and saying, "Wonder Twin Powers, activate!"

    • The large banner shown in the first scene of the show reading "Take Back the Night" refers to the first "Take Back the Night" rally held in the United States in San Francisco in 1977. These rallies are common occurrences on college campuses and are designed to empower women against violence and other sexual offenses through "taking back the night" from rapists and other offenders who prey on women by night.

    • Veronica: You a bounty hunter, boy?
      Logan: I really shouldn't have pushed for the Clint Eastwood marathon.

      This is from the Eastwood movie The Outlaw Josie Wales, a western set during the Civil War. In the film the line "You a bounty hunter?" leads to the more known quote "Dying ain't much of a living."

    • Parker: You know you should watch Top Model with us tonight.

      America's Next Top Model is a reality show aired on the CW every Wednesday at 8/7. The show is hosted by Tyra Banks, a former model.

    • Logan: Hey, uh, people are saying Dick's a mess, on account of his brother 'Greg Louganis-ing' off the roof.

      Greg Louganis is an American Olympic athlete who has won gold medals in diving events. He is probably most remembered for winning a gold medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympics after hitting the diving board with his head on one of his dives.

    • Keith: Hot dog!
      Veronica: 'Hot dog'?
      Keith: It's an expression of excitement and enthusiasm. Joe and Frank Hardy and I used to say 'hot dog' all the time while we were waiting for the carhop to bring us our malteds at the drive-in.

      Joe and Frank Hardy are fictional teenage boy detectives, popular throughout the 20th century. The books were written by various writers under the pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon beginning in 1927.

    • Veronica: Where are you from? Brigadoon?

      Brigadoon is a musical, first produced in 1947 starring Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse. It tells the story of a mysterious village in Scotland, which appears for only one day every hundred years.