Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 1

Welcome Wagon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2006 on UPN

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  • Season Three Starts Off Strong

    Veronica begins college with Logan, Wallace and Mac, but is immediately drawn back into old detective habits when Piz, Wallace's new roommate, gets all his stuff stolen. Meanwhile, Keith helps reunite Kendall with an old love, recently released from prison.

    If there is one show this show always did well, it's first episodes that start long storyarchs being nothing short of perfect television. Everything just seems like it flows well. Veronica's first couple of minutes solving the crime case in six minutes was actually really good. I like that opening a lot and I thought it was funny that she really does always seem to rub people the wrong way the first time that she mets them. The most interesting dynamic in this episode was the relationship between Veronica and Logan. They are back together again in college and things seem to be moving very well all things considering. Veronica's Dad is none to happy that they are off together, but he at least seems to ebe content with it. We are introduced to a new character named Piz. I'm glad that they didn't try and bombard us with a new cast right off the bat, though I must say I hate the new theme song with a passion. Piz seems like he is going to turn into a main character and the small confrontation between Logan and Piz seems like it could turn into something a little more drama-related sometime in the future. Keith's storyline was okay, but it was the worst of the episode. The ending to the story was good, it was getting there that kind of made the flow of the episode go away for me. All ready a different feel with Veronica being away at college insted of high school. I have a feeling Keith may have his own season long story this year while Veronica is off solving a campus related rape case.

    Overall - amazing episode to open the season and I am very excited to see where the show goes from here.
  • kinda of what i expected

    the starting scene at veronica s first whole class was great i mean once we hear the line"i know who did it" wow
    she got my attention!oh a complain: why does vinnie has to break in everytime we are having fun with veronica? ok that sounded wrong... i m a girl not a guy...ok that soundes even more wrong!! what i mean to say is that vinnie
    is not excacly the way a season would start...
    piz:nice guy , puppy face too innocent to be true...i like this guy!! oh and dicks act on the stage..very dramatic.. as veronica sayed: is exacly like we never left high school"
    and another fact: logan and veronica are so good together why are they always split and back again? it kinda gets boring it reminds me af my fellow students in high school.
    logan and veronica can have fun together the sex thong is abviously great so why stack with a puppy???
    well the episode is very good but when it comes to keiths investigation: kind of boring if i may say.
    I liked the welcom wagon case and veronicas new reputation
    shes once again armed and dangerous...well not armed but dangerous!!!...
  • Veronica begins college with Logan, Wallace and Mac, but is immediately drawn back into old detective habits when Piz gets all his stuff stolen. Meanwhile, Keith helps reunite Kendall with an old love, recently released from prison.

    Veronica begins college with Logan, Wallace and Mac, but is immediately drawn back into old detective habits when Piz, Wallace's new roommate, gets all his stuff stolen.
    Meanwhile, Keith helps reunite Kendall with an old love, recently released from prison. i love piz..chis lowell was really adorable in this episode
  • Collage start new friends start and new mystery's start.

    This season is gonna be good i can tell.She might even break up with her boyfriend and end up with the new guy because he's really into her.Max later gets with this guy that loves animals and protest and everything.Later verionca dad freaks out because her thought she was pregnact but turns out it was blackmail.She finds out who it was and the reason why she did it so this girl wouldn't have this baby.She said since that was her best fiend and that those guys that could of been the father were horrible.She of course is mad that she sent her a drug that got rid of her baby.
  • Boom Goes the third season!

    This episode is one of Veronica Mars's finest episodes. Clean good humor, Veronica’s wittiness, Tina Majorino finally got into the credits. The episode starts off with Veronica’s first college day, her voiceover is still there funny as always! She meets up with Logan, then later Mac and also meets Mac’s new roommate – Parker. She has to help Wallace’s new roommate recover his stolen stuff. Logan must help Dick after he gets really drunk. The episode ends with a great cliffhanger. When I watched this episode I thought – WOW! This is going to be the best season… Soon I discovered how I was wrong… This episode is defiantly one of my favorite episodes.
  • Great Episode

    I really dug this episode, what a way to start the 3rd season!!!!

    I will not give a thing away, but man it was a good'en. The Kendall cliffhanger was revealed and resolved nicely, so that was good way to kind of, end the High School years, and start college.

    The way the episode went, I was most impressed with the way Rob Thomas wrote the episode almost, as a second pilot. People who have never seen the show could jump in VERY easy with this episode. They really needed to do this because with The CW starting, Veronica Mars needs good ratings, and a way to keep the Gilmore Girls lead in, is to start a new.

    And boy did they.
  • First episode of the new season, and already Veronica is back into her old habits.

    First episode of the new season, and already Veronica is back into her old habits. Overall, this episode is very informative, it fills in on the gap between the season 2 finale and the present. It then carries on in a very Veronica Mars fashion, which is good, and to new viewers this episode has the capacity to get anyone hooked.

    Although season 3 has already had some reviews of not being the same, or having the same feel to it, I don't see much difference within the tone of teh show. However, i would make a point in saying that it seems Veronica Mars has had to change something, as it's future hangs in the balance still and has only been given a 13 episode grant at the time being.

    As for the first episode, it's still full of the unique Veronica sarcasm, and wit. Logan is still on the scene, and many of the old Neptune High students are attending Hearst College.

    In this episode we are introduced to Piz and Parker. (Wallace and Mac's Roommates). Overall the episode was ok for a season pilot show. But hopefully, the next few episodes will get everyone back into the swing of Veronica Mars.
  • Great way to start off the new season!

    I loved this episode. the new characters are great, especially 'Piz'. hes soo sweet and it was a brill idea to bring a character like him into the show. i can totally imagine Parker because shes so like people i already know in real life. was extremely glad to see logan and veronica back together and happy together for once. the end of the episode was soo sweet. i knew dick could be nice when he wanted but i also love his oneliners. i laso liked finding out why keith didnt show up at the airport and that veronica did go to new york even if it was on her own. personally i think she should have took logan with her
  • Awesome!

    The first episode of the new season! It was so cool! I loved it! Way awesome!!! Veronica and Logan are in the same college... cooL! Dick is also with them... not so cool! But Mack is there! Way cool! Anyway... there's a new guy... Pizz... Pizz is wallace's new room mate.. he's kind of goofy though... mack has a room mate aswell... her name is parker... you think they'd take it easy on the mysterys on the first episode... but no chance... mr casblancas leaves jail and kendel dies... wow! Mr mars gets shot on the leg... I wonder what's going to happen
  • Awsome!!! I wonder who did it!

    As we know, Veronica Mars is the one show that really throws you for a loop when it comes to the season finale! I did not even have a clue that Beaver was the bomber. So this season if they go for the out of the blue choice for the rapist, I say Piz or Rafe. The obvious choices are The teacher's assistent in the Criminalogy Class or the teacher of that class or the big suspect Dick.
  • It was missing something -

    Maybe the lack of ...the WoW factor!... is due to the incredibly powerful series finale of season 2 however i found that it wasn\'t an overly \'gotta pull ya in\' episode. The day visit to Herst in season 2 gave away that no matter how much she fought it she would return there in the following season which was only confirmed further when Veronica skipped out on her last exam to watch Aaron Echolls verdict.

    The two new characters \'Pizz\' and \'Parker\' do allow for new twists, along with the new opening credits (which doesn\'t feature Duncan...Is this because he doesn\'t feature...or simply is never returning?)

    Overall it\'s an ok start for those returning fans however not really one that jumps out and grabs those flicking channels.
  • I really love this show it's like my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love veronica mars it is such an awesome show i own the second season on dvd and it's awesome i thinks it's cool that veronica is back with logan!! LoL i have like never missed an episode of veronica mars on season 1.2.OR 3 so far lol i hope that everyone watches this show if u don't u should ! i'm like the number 1 FAN !!!!!
  • Holy Frak!

    Warning: This review contains spoilers not only for this episode but also of major plot twists throughout season two.

    After the Neptune High graduation ceremony last season, Rob Thomas, the show creator, takes the opportunity to change the direction of the show this year with a fittingly more mature tone in comparison to the teen-crazy mood seen in the past two years. This is first evident from the new title credits - a darker, noir-esque version with a sombre remix of the Dandy Warhol’s “We Used to Be Friends”. Yet despite the subtle changes in tone, there’s still plenty of space for all the witty humour and sarcasm that makes Veronica Mars what it is.

    “Qu’est-ce que c’est frak?”

    The season three premiere picks up a few months after the events of the gripping season two finale. It’s Veronica’s (Kristen Bell) first day studying Criminology at the local Hearst College instead of Stanford (viewers will remember her walking out of her final exam last season to attend the verdict of Aaron Echolls’ trial). But as is always the case, someone needs her help. Thus, we are conveniently introduced to the first of the show’s two new characters. Piz (Chris Lowell), Wallace’s (Percy Daggs III) roommate, gets his possessions stolen, including a “holy grail” guitar that he absolutely adores. Though barely any character development of Piz comes in this episode, which is perhaps surprising since he’s one of the central characters here, you can still easily warm up to him with the impression that he’s a really nice guy.

    The second is Parker (Julie Gonzalo), a party, guy-obsessed girl and roomie of Mac (Tina Majorino). Unfortunately, the pair don’t fully get along due to a complete contrast of interests, with Mac being an introvert, but in a hugely predictable yet aghast twist, the bubbly, carefree Parker becomes the latest victim of the serial rapist. Like all the others before her, she finds herself screaming at the sight of her shaved head. Both Gonzalo and Thomas pull it off making the girl likeable enough to leave you feel horrified at the deed in the space of forty minutes; her cheery, loving, and enthusiastic personality manages to bat away any stereotypical “bimbo” thoughts.

    “Mac’s friends are my friends!”

    Aww, rarely have I seen such a heart-warming person in real life. But while the two newly-introduced characters and the harrowing unsolved mystery shows plenty of promising for what lies ahead, the mini-case in Welcome Wagon isn’t particularly strong, reminiscent of season two’s weak opener. It’s your standard fare of obvious red herrings and questioning, but it’s certainly understandable to ensure not to make it overshadow what is effectively an introductory episode of Veronica’s university life.

    Enrico Colantoni also reappraises his role as Veronica’s father, Keith Mars. The episode’s B-story follows on from Kendall Casablancas’ (Charisma Carpenter) intriguing proposition to him at the end of last season - causing him to initially miss the father-daughter holiday to New York. This week, the details are revealed as he escorts Cormac Fitzpatrick to a hideout where Kendall is staying, reuniting the couple. Things, however, turn out for the worse, as Cormac has other motives for meeting up. Unfortunately, not enough was shown about the Fitzpatricks last year, which subsequently dilutes the impact of the twist somewhat. Still, you are bound to want to find out what happens next.

    Ryan Hansen returns too as Dick Casablancas. However, while he acts like a jackass for much of the episode like last year, we see a different side to him towards the end of the episode. Upset that nothing has gone right since finding out that his younger brother, ‘Beaver’, was the one who killed everyone on the bus, the revelation that he was molested by Mayor Woody Goodman and got Chlamydia from him, and that he chose to jump to his death rather than serve time all revealed in the climax of the second season, he cries on Logan’s shoulder seeking reassurance and comfort. For once, viewers can sympathise with the character.

    One character who didn’t show up in the premiere though is Eli “Weevil” Navarro, portrayed by Francis Capra. Questions still surround what happened after he was unfortunately wrongfully arrested during the graduation ceremony by the rather unpopular local sheriff, Don Lamb (Michael Muhney), for the murder of ‘Thumper’. Hopefully, they will be addressed before too long. And if there is one character that viewers shouldn’t overlook in Welcome Wagon, it’s Logan (Jason Dohring), Veronica’s boyfriend. He has finally matured into a worthy man - a gradual U-turn from the inconsiderate guy he was as Veronica Mars fans will know all too well. Examples include being there as a friend for Dick and his kind act of giving Veronica his room key. Isn’t love sweet?

    “Here, a bonus birthday gift.”
    “You got me a bow? A bow! How did you guess?”
    “Open it, smarty pants.”

    All in all, this is a sound opener to the third season of Veronica Mars. The rather lacklustre mini-case is easily redeemed with added character development, intriguing mysteries, a new setting, and new characters to familiarise with - all of which adding to the promise of what’s in store this year. Sure, Duncan may be in Australia now, much to the grief of ‘Duncan-Veronica forever’ fans, but Logan isn’t half-bad now, is he?

    “Boom goes the dynamite.”
  • Veronica begins college with Logan, Wallace and Mac, but is immediately drawn back into old detective habits when Piz, Wallace's new roommate, gets all his stuff stolen. Keith helps reunite Kendall with an old love, recently released from prison.

    I've officially seen this episode FIVE times. It was released on MSN and I watched four times there and once on TV. I was sure to watch it live (I have TiVo) because I didn't want it to get cancelled! Anyway, I loved the introduction the rape of Parker at the end of the episode. Also, the thrilling story arc with Keith was really intersting. The first two times, it didn't make sense but finally the third, fourth, and fifth times it made sense. I guess I'm just stupid that's all. Anyway, the Veronica/Piz interaction was great. I'd be happy if they got together even though Logan is great with her. That doesn't matter because the episode was just...AWESOME!!!!!!!
  • Great season premiere!

    Veronica is now in college, with Logan, Wallace and Mac. In this episode, Wallace's new roomate; Piz's stuff gets stolen out of his car. The people who stole it said they would watch his car and that they were part of the 'Welcome Wagon' Committee. In this episode you find out the new overall case that Veronica is going to take on! It is going to be a great season!!
  • very cool

    i loved the episode, different setting, new characters.. sure.. but i thought that it still had the same jazz about it. i love veronica's style, and her personality as well as her method.

    Her style, funky, cool... different from most of the other people around her, but not totally weird or showing too much sikin. i like the new ounce of sophistication they've given her clothes for the college look.

    Her personality... different, a bit more than most people, yet not too over the top to be believable. shes a likable character.

    Her method .. is one i can only describe as 'the veronica method' i like the originality of the whole process.

    All up, another great episodes, i'm glad shes not trying the whole 'im going to college lets stop everything ive done in high school' thing, i like that shes continuing at what she does best. oh, and the first bit, in her criminology class... was classic. And great to see Wallace and Logan back. :D the new characters are also brilliant.
  • Veronica goes to college, but it doesn't have the same pizazz like the previous episodes.

    From Veronica Mars, I expect greatness. I expect the best "teen drama" imaginable. The premiere episode of Season 3 just didn't deliver. I fell in love with Veronica Mars for the wit and play (which is still present) but especially for those moments that just tug those heartstrings perfectly and leave you with a Wow-feeling. It's still smart and funny (the bit about the Clint Eastwood Marathon and how Veronica is so manly), but it's lost something. It's something about the lighting and the environment around Hearst College that doesn't have the same ring as Neptune High. Or it might be because I watched it streaming online on MSN video (a la Jake Kane?). The first episode didn't put the BAM into the show it needed to get me ultra-excited and giddy for following episodes. The storyline with Keith's prison buddy and Kendall is extremely confusing, but it doesn't make me want to care much more about it.

    Veronica and Logan will remain adorable and heart-warmingly cute, and Piz will inevitably try to get between them. Hopefully that plays out well.

    I'll definitely watch this most-beloved show over the next few weeks, but it's got to pull itself together.
  • VM goes to collage and solves 1st case. But were was the grand opening? An more average episode.

    The long awaited 3rd season. Veronica finally goes to collage and still lives at home. Her first case was nice written - VM as we know it.

    But since we all knew the rape was going to be the mystery this first 8 episodes, it did not come as a surprise. Nothing really breathtaking happened this episode. Not one moment to stand up and scream "wooow". I love Veronica and Logan together - but a bit more sparks would not hurt. The bow thing was kind of cute :-) I missed that we did not learn anything about the summer they spend together.
    The new characters Parker and Piz are great. But where was Sherif Lamb.

    Only open question after this episode is: what happend to Keith?
  • This is a good eposide one which starts the major case for the season which is why I wasn't expecting anything major.

    Sitting down on the computer I was excited to watch this eposide I expected to be good not great or really bad, I knew this eposide would be almost like a Pilot introducing us to Piz and Parker and also introducing us to the major case.

    Overall I was pleased it gave everything I expected but I take me hat off to Parker nicely played out near the end when she discovered she'd been raped.

    I also enjoyed Keith's and Veronica banter between the two you could actually believe they were father/daughter duo.
  • This show is not doing it for me anymore

    I am starting to say "ho hum" when I watch this show. It's like the hook that got me in is no longer exciting - a girl detective. Ok that's interesting but I can see this disintegrating into your typical teen show very easily. This practically had panty raids in it. and enough with the bands! The OC shows that it does not work.

    More story, less window dressing please.
  • I found it difficult to categorise this episode - it was another good solid Veronica Mars episode but something was missing for me. It was good, not excellent. Contains Spoilers.

    I am a huge fan of Veronica Mars. I watched the first season in a week. This was the show that I was looking forward to most coming back.

    And while it was a good episode, it felt somewhat anti-climatic. Maybe my expectations were too high. I can't recall what I thought of the season opener for 2, as I watched a couple of episodes back to back.

    Don't get me wrong, I still loved it, it still had some great Mars moments and some great setups for the season. But something was lacking.

    Maybe it was Logan-Veronica - I've always been keen on them being together but maybe there was more spark when they weren't? At the same time, I'd hate to see them split up by having Logan mess up again (I thought once or twice in this episode they were going to show him with another woman). I'll watch how that plays out.

    As for the revamped theme tune - I loved that.
  • I don't care what anyone says, the series premiere was great! Unlike many others that were so disappointing…

    The episode was typical Veronica Mars! A mystery is solved while another is just begging to unfold. A new possible love interest (wearing Duncan’s clothes) announces future trouble between the reunited Logan–Veronica couple.
    All more or less typical stuff, but that makes me really happy the series didn’t end.

    The plot and the dialog are as fun as ever, and I have to say this was the only show that I was fan of last year and that didn’t have a totally boring season premiere. I’m definitely watching next week’s episode!
  • Good episode! The storyline has been set up for what is shaping up to be on Veronica's best seasons :D

    After reading some of the reviews and how people are a little disappointed but come on. Give it a chance! I think that this episode has set up alot of things for season 3. It wasn\'t one of the best episodes but it wasn\'t crap: it was well written (of course it would be it was written by Rob)! I like both of the new characters and I think things are going to get interesting for both of them. I like how the whole Kendall thign turned out but whats really going on there? Will Keith make it out unscathed? Also the how the rape thing itsn\'t going to come back into the story line is really cool.
    So people give it a break it was one episode and keep watching all you new viewers cos then you\'ll see why it is hailed as the next hottest thing since Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (said by creator of BtVS Joss Whedon)!!
    WHOOOOOOOO go Veronica...lvoe you girl :D
  • alright

    no matter how much i love this show it wasn't that good. but atleast the shows back on i hope it picks back up. their not going to lose me as a viewer but the plot has got to get better! and it was pertty funny other than that its hard to wirte it but i think it was lees than average sorry VM :}
  • Totally overrated show and overrated episode

    This was the first time I had watched this so I guess it\'s understandable why I would be lost but still I fail to see how this could be hailed as such a great show. Or episode for that matter. I didn\'t think it was anything special at all. I mean, it was okay, there were some interesting storylines, but nothing anywhere near the love you people keep pouring on it. I mean sure, the characters are likeable, some of its kind of funny, but it seems to me more like a mediocre mystery with a little romance crap thrown in for kicks. Maybe it\'s just not my type.
  • Good episode but still a lot of unanswered questions.

    This is one of my favorite shows and I haven't seen an episode yet that I haven't liked. I really liked this episode and I understand what the writers were doing with the no flashback thing, to hook new viewers in, but what about us, the loyal viewers, who were wondering what the after effects of "Not Pictured" were. Like for instance, never once in the episode was Aaron Echolls' death mentioned. It was like it never happened. Even when Logan hated his father he was still affected by what was going on with him, and now his dad is really gone and the subject was never touched on. And Weevil, hi, he was in the opening credits, but no where was it mention what was going on with him. I was just wanting more resolution from last season, but whatever. As for this season I'm just hoping that they keep Logan with his attitude and don't turn him into a mush ball because he's a loyall, sweet, boyfriend. Because his wit cracks me up. I like the Piz character, I just don't want him with Veronica, or to be in some cheesy love triangle that has been done in every other TV show in the history of television. I like that they paired Mac with a bubbly, complete opposite, but I think the rape may change her and that's a little disappointing for the character development aspect of the to roomies. I'm also upset about the Kendall thing. Poor thing pined for this guy and did all she could to be with him again and he screws her royally. Well I'm hoping the next episode answers some question for the 'from the beginning' viewers.
  • I liked this episode, but Veronica in college is something I'm gonna have to get used to.

    I was really excited to see Veronica Mars return to our screens. I thought that this episode was smart (like it usually is) but I think it will take me a little while to get used to her in college.

    I also find this episode wasn't well explained about who Keith was in the car with. I'm glad that they didn't do the whole flashback thing that they did for the first episode of the first and second season. But the episode definitly left you wanting more, after Kendall being supposedly dead and Mac's room mate woken up raped and her head shaved.

    All in all - 8.9
  • gr8 start! getting hotter n hotter

    once again she started to orbit around my head.,... veronica is nw more sexier n logan got to compete with pizz to earn veronica pretty soon... gudd awsom start!good to see all other regulars are back in the show specially mac who acts like Q for james bond. the new hottie also impressed me.keith seems cool as ever also. wanna know what happen to weevil cause he is another part of veronica mars everyone likes.Dunkan or his daughter is not coming to act n thats kool cause i dont like dunkan with veronica.
    any way gr8 start! guud work! n keep it UP!
  • Another fine example of why I love this show. The third season starts off with a bang as Veronica starts her Freshman year of college.

    Twist and turns. Humor, sadness, and a hint of evil. Yup, "Veronica Mars" is back with a bang.

    The first ep is delightful. Loads of witty banter as well as realistic fallout from last season's ending. There's also great continuity with the head shaving rapist from last season.

    Veronica starts out her Freshman year at Hearst College with possibly the best teaser ever. She vows not to piss anyone off this time, and yet manages to do just that in her first class. Intro to Criminology. They get to solve a mystery and she manages to do just that - all without leaving her desk.

    You just gotta love Veronica.

    Her first mystery is pretty basic. Wallace's roommate, Piz, gets all his wordly possessions stolen from the Hearst "Welcome Wagon" - thus the name of the ep. I won't give anything away - since some people may not have seen this yet - but trust me, it's fun. :)

    Mac, Wallace, Dick, and Logan are all back in this ep. It looks like we'll see plenty of other familiar faces judging by the credits. The credits are also new this year. They've changed the look and the song sounds just a hair bit different. I like it.

    Veronica also has a new set of wheels this year, courtesy of her Dad's guilt for bailing on her Graduation Trip last season. She gets to drive a Saturn. She's a Mars who lives in Neptune. The planets totally aligned for this. Possibly one of the best lines ever - especially the Uranus part since everyone knows I totally rule Uranus. :D (see my blog for more info)

    The gang is feeling plenty of fallout from Beaver's meltdown and death from last season. Especially Dick, who is really going off the deepend. Part of which is funny - he does a halfnaked dance with a blowup doll at one point - but it's mostly distructive for him.

    There's also a reference to "Battlestar Galactica" for all the fans out there. You know who you are. Vinnie also makes a return in this ep and is his usual charming self. You gotta love the sleezebag. Okay, no. You really don't.

    Keith has a new case, and we get to find out what Kendall wanted when she popped into his office.

    Oh, I could go on and on about this ep but I really don't want to spoil things for anyone more than I already have. If you haven't watched this yet, what the frak are you waiting for! Go watch it, now! :)
  • This episode was good but not great

    I watched this episode on the net a week ago, but I think I can still remember enough to write a review. Ok, Veronica and virtually all of the returning stars are freshmen at Hearst College and Wallace's roommate gets his stuff stolen by a phony "welcome wagon" personel. Anyway, Veronica takes the case and we see her and Logan go through all of the "grown up" stuff and Dick grieve over Beaver's death by being mean to Logan and Mac. Keith reunites Kendall with an old flame which turns out to be trap and now he's left out in the cold of the night with a murderer waiting to kill him. Did I cover it all? Oh yeah, there's a rapist who likes to shave girls' heads. Basically, I liked the episode but I didn't love it. The writing was good, the storyline set the stage for the season but it didn't blow me away. I think this season will be fine once they get back in the swing of things, with Weevil and more lovely sarcasm and one-liners. I like the more grown up edge to an extent, so overall I have no complaints but no rave reviews either.
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