Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 3

Witchita Linebacker

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2006 on UPN

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  • veronica is a crazy jealous girlfriend....but her and logan are sooo cutee...more please!!!

    without trying not to ruin it for anyone...veronica helps a school football player find his stolen play book. Weevil returns...pretty much the same subtract his gang, and add his attempt to work, which veronica helps him out with. The issue with the girls getting raped at the university continues...which i think will be the major mystery of this year, not as instence as lilly death or the bus crash..but still good, and has alot of room to get better, i think. But the interesting storyline is between logan and veronica, who have some difficulties, but they work it out its really nice to see them together as an actual steady couple, although i miss logans baddas* ways sometimes, and he doesnt seem to be as funny as he use to be. but besides that, i love them together, they are officially my favourite TV couple! I hope we get to see a jealous logan too this season!
  • Not again…The show is building up to a Veronica-Logan split.

    Veronica and Logan have their first fight of the season, but that's not what worries me. Remember the season premier? Remember Pizz (Wallace's good guy new room-mate) in Duncan's argyle sweater? Add to that Logan's rude speech to Veronica, from this episode and you get: a ticking bomb.

    The fact that they made up by the end of the episode doesn't help the situation at all, since that's just part of the "break-up equation".
    And what if "Veronica Mars" doesn't get a new season, or even a full season. Will they end up separated after all…?

    Ok, let's not jump the gun. Let's see how things go. But the truth is, right now, things aren't looking so good.

    And get Wallace a girlfriend, or at least a love interest. Poor guy is wasting all his good looks :) Dick is as fun as ever, I'm really happy they kept him.
  • Veronica's detective prowess is again used on campus when Piz's football friend loses the team playbook and Veronica must get it back before the game. The Dean threatens to expel Veronica if she doesn't reveal the source of her newspaper article.

    Veronica's detective prowess is again used on campus when Piz's football friend loses the team playbook and Veronica must get it back before the game.
    The Dean threatens to expel Veronica if she doesn't reveal the source of her newspaper article.
    Meanwhile, Keith hires Weevil to work in the office, and Logan's antics catch up with him.
  • Veronica really needs to learn some trust

    Great episode!
    I especially loved that we finally got see some more of Weevil, I really missed that guy. Also, it was hilarious when he was working for Keith, but I loved it even more that Veronica got him that job with the Dean.
    "The trust thing doesn't come naturally", Veronica said and it seems that she has a point in this season. She's having trouble trusting him, which I don't understand after everything they have been through together. The trust question must have come up earlier, now it's really annoying me. But in the end of this episode, it seemed like it would be okay. Let's hope it's gonna stay this way!
  • This season is great so far!

    To tell you the truth, I didn't like this episode a lot. Atleast the football parts of it. It just didn't interest me and I didn't even follow it. I loved the Dean, I think the show needs a character like the high school principal, honestly, he reminded me of him quite a bit. I loved that whole storyline with him and Veronica. Weevil working at Mars Investigations was like awesome. I really missed Weevil and i'm glad they waited 2 episodes to bring him in. I loved his storyline. He gained a lot of weight this summer. I'm getting really bored with the Logan/Veronica relationship. I miss the season 1 relationship.
  • Maybe it\'s just because I\'m a huge LoVe fan, but this episode was what Veronica Mars is all about!

    Living in Australia I don\'t get the chance to watch a lot of good shows, channels put them on at random time slots then alternate between repeats and new episodes, we haven\'t even finished season 2 here yet! And I hardly like watching shows on youtube, it\'s too disjointed and spread out, but this show, I make an exception for. In this weeks episode Veronica is continuing her reign over the college campus and has to investigate the dissapearance of a play book by a football jock. This leads her through many encounters with some pretty funny senarios/ quotes- such as the hitler one. Anyway meanwhile Weevil- who seems to have put on a bit of weight too btw- is struggling to get a job afterbeing released from prison over assaulting Thumper back in season 2. Keith takes him on as a detective, but with Weevil, you never know when things are going to go wrong- and they do. In the way of continuing storyline the addition of more female characters and yet ANOTHER rape mean that it\'s getting more and more hectic- picking up the pace towards what we can only hope will be a climatic story-arc mid-season. No sign of Parker or Mac this week either, although they are mentioned. I loved this episode because of the mystery storyline, also the moments between Logan and Veronia. They seem so genuine now and it\'s nice to see they\'re not at each others throats like in most of the previous seasons, although Veronica suspecting Logan of something he didn\'t do seems to me to be getting a little old. And Dick! I love Dick he is one of my favourites on the show, I hope we see more of him, since there hasn\'t been as much.

    Great episode, hope the ratings reflect that in the USA and keep them coming!
  • Veronica helps a football player find who stole his playbook. Meanwhile keith hires Weever as his assistent in order to keep him from going back to jail

    So, what can I say about this episode of Veronica Mars, well it was intellegent, well written, witty and everything you love about VM, nothing special though, and this eppy has no prograssed on the overall season mystory, which I'm still trying to figure out, I'm guessing its going be the rapes. A football player hires Veronica's help to find who stole his playbook, his whole collage scholership relays on the playbook and he could get kicked out of the school if he doesn't find it. One thing that Irked me about this episode is No WALLACE. I love wallace, his like the best character on the show in my opinion and lately he hasn't been around as much, and he hasn't been helping veronica on solving the case like he use to in the first season and some of the second season, he just kinda dissappeared. Overall it was a so-so episode.
  • Veronica trys find a missing playbook for a football player, is threatened about getting expelled,helps Weevils out.

    I liked how they had two similar story lines contrasting each other for two different couples. The main storyline,is with the football player who gets his playbook stolen and veronica trys to help him find it.It turns out its his girlfriend that steals it because she wants him to be off the team, she hates the way the coach treats him. She just really cares about her boyfriend and wants better for him. Then there is the storyline where veronica goes a little stalker. Logan lies to Veronica about where he is spending his time, so she tracks his cellphone to find out where he is at. She finds him involved in an illegal gambling thing at the school. They get into a fight. Logan tells her he will going surfing on the weekend. veronica finds out he maybe lying again and puts a tracking device in his car. When I saw her doing this, I was like, I can't believe she is doing that! In the voice over she tells her self most people don't put tracking devices in there boyfriends car because they don't have the capability, but they would if they could. After this Veronica talks to the girlfriend of the football player and she talks to veronica about how she just blew her relationship. She says she really cared about her boyfriend and should have have let him decide that he wanted off the team himself. After this veronica decides to take out the tracking device on logans car. I think she realized she didn't want to blow it with logan. I like how they did these two story lines together. My

    My favorite storyline was with weevil though. I was so glad that weevil was back. He looks like he's gained some weight. I really liked him working with keith. I wish he would have not lost the job though, but it did fit his charachter that he would go all vigilante on the case. I don't want to see weevil as a janitor/mechanic, I think he's meant for greater things. I think he would make a great detective. I hope in the future he helps keith out some more on his cases. Maybe keith will give him another chance in the future.

    I loved the make-up kiss at the end of the episode with logan and veronica, I've always thought, there make-out sessions were hot!!! I'm totally looking forward to next weeks episode,their should definetly be more logan veronica screen time.
  • Jock loses playbook, Weevil works for Keith?

    In the 3rd episode of the 3rd season of Veronica Mars, Veronica is called to aid a football player who has lost his playbook. If he doesn't find the playbook, he'll lose his scholarship and be kicked off the team. We see the return of Weevil after his absence from the first two episodes of this season. Weevil if found to be working at a carwash in order for him to make parole after he was cleared of murder and just given assault charges. Weevil claims that working at the carwash doesn't sound as fun as the song does. Weevil threatens his boss and leaves work from the carwash. A good natured Veronica decides to help Weevil by asking her father Keith to give him a chance to work in the office. Keith thinks that Weevil would make a great Private Det. after his first solo investigation but is later fired by Keith because Weevil assaulted an abusing boyfriend hits a child that Weevil was investigating. Meanwhile there is a potential glitch between the relationship of Logan and Veronica as Logan seems to be avoiding spending time with Veronica. He is later caught gambling in one of the dorm rooms. Veronica doesn't seem to trust him so she plants a tracker in his car. Overall the episode was pretty interesting even though Parker and Mac were absent from this episode. Dick as always was funny. Piz also appears in the episode.
  • Great!

    Well... Pizz hopes to join the radio show thing... and there is like this case where Pizz helps the girl who can hire him's boy friend by getting veronica to help them. The thing is... the soemone stole the play book of the quarter back... veronica's first guess was teh room mate of the football player but it wasn't him... she then later thinks it is the girlfriend... and it was... but when the girlfriend hopes to return it... it happens that someone stole it from her... it's some artist that has a crush on her... veroncia and loga rock!
  • Veronica must find a missing playbook, find a job for Weevil and find out what Logan's up to.

    Last week I was commenting on how television doesn't do an accurate job of portraying college life. Well this episode changed my mind. The rapes and getting called to the dean office (way high school) weren't making Veronica being in college believable. But getting on the radio station and playing Guitar Hero (in my case it was DDR), that is what college ought to be. If only I had made out in the library, this episode could have been my life.
    I loved seeing Weevil...finally. I really wanted to see him stay working for Mars Investigations.
    Where were Mac and Wallace? Why can't everyone be in the same episode?
  • Veronica jealous of wittle Logan?

    This episode was great, if not only to see Weevil back again, even if he was washing cars in order to stay out of jail. He's still his bad self at the car wash, but when Veronica tries to help him out by setting him a job at Mars Investagations, it turns out that he might not be good for the job. Keith doesn't want him to work there anymore due to certain *cough* circumstances, but Veronica knows just what to do. I was so proud of Weevil at the end of the episode, because it shows him that he can make amends. Meanwhile, when the top dog of Hearst College threatens to expel Veronica due to her NOT telling him a specific source of the rape mystery, it brings us back to old times. (Mr. Clemons anyone? :) And once again the rapist strikes again, with a blonde girl named Claire. Even the stolen playbook story was interesting. But the real story was jealous Veronica. You know, she does the whole track-down-Logan deal to see why he stood her up, and we find out that maybe he's his old self again. But at the end of the episode, both try to put aside their little ways to make it work. A definite episode for LoVe fans!
  • I loved Ryan Devlin in this eppi!

    I loved Ryan Devlin in this eppi! I hope they can bring him back to do another guest starring role as Merser! Who, alright, maybe a humongous jerk, but a really really hot humongous jerk! I love him as himself in (or is it on) ET on MTV, well the host, anyways! I wish he was the host on the regular ET (Entertainment Tonight) show! I try to catch every eppi (I love them both so much)! I love VM 2! It is 1 of the best shows ever! Ryan is sooooooooooooo unbelivablly hot! Which to me just about any "Ryan is Smokin' hot!
  • More Veronica and Logan Please!

    This episode was pretty good at least Logan and Veronica spend a little more time together than the last 2. Not only that but Weevil is back. He looks a little puffy though. Who cares I still think he's awesome. Hopefully we will see more of him too. I really don't want V and Logan to break it up and it seemed like in this episode some trouble was bruing. They did make up at the end of the episode, but still I know they will probably break up some time this season. And where were Wallace and Mac? I need my weekly doses of them too!