Veronica Mars

Season 1 Episode 5

You Think You Know Somebody

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2004 on UPN
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  • Episode Summary

    After a night in Tijuana, Luke, Logan and Troy find themselves in a tough situation when their car is stolen and need to turn to Veronica for help. But what she finds changes her relationship with one of her closest friends. Meanwhile, Keith and Rebecca begin dating against Veronica's wishes, and Veronica makes another shocking discovery about her mother.moreless

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    • An episode filled with dramatic moments and a big twist.

      This episode takes everything we've been introduced to in the show up until this point and sort of flips it on its head. Whether or not you'll enjoy this or go along with it all depends on how you feel about the show up until now. I personally think that the twist at the end is one step too far in the wrong direction, but depending on how the follow through is, I can go along with it… for now.

      The episode follows us as Veronica attempts to find Troy's car after it's jacked after he goes to Tijuana with Logan and Luke, a new friend they made. As it turns out, not only will Troy's dad be furious about the lost car but Luke had hid a slew of steroids inside of the back of the car in a pinata that they snuck across the border. Veronica helps, mostly to help Troy, but to also keep Luke from being beaten to death by a bunch of roided up freaks.

      Besides the typical case that Veronica usually has to work, she's also trying very hard to figure out just where her mom is hiding. She starts resorting to sending untraceable phones to different relatives as a sign that she won't try to find her mom, and we also get a series of flashbacks that help us understand a bit more (but not much) the relationship between Veronica and her mother. Meanwhile, in the present, Veronica is frustrated with the fact that her father is dating her guidance counselor, especially when her mother is still out there, alive.

      I thought the episode was good up until the end, when we learn that Troy is actually some giant jerk that has been doing some long con on his group of friends since the beginning of the show. Why in the world would the writers build up Troy's character only to leave him in the dust? I'm not saying I'm on the guys side, because what he did in the episode was insane. But why have him do that in the first place? That's my question. I hope we see him get a chance to get some sort of redemption, because this felt like a lame write-off to a character who could've potentially been interested.

      Other than that, I was pleased with the episode and I look forward to seeing Veronica get closer to finding her mother and learning what her connection to the Kane family is.moreless
    • In my Top 5.

      You Think You Know Somebody is definitely one of my all time favorite Veronica Mars episodes. Veronica has to track down her boyfriend's car before his parents get home. There is also the matter of a pinata full of steroids that have gone missing with the car. You Think You Know Somebody plays as a perfect Veronica Mars episode. The comedy and drama complement each other well. Veronica's personal stake in this weeks investigation increases your interest. Veronica's mommy issues ground episode in the overall series long arc and add an emotional pull, while giving us our first glimpse at a more selfish Veronica. But what really helps this episode is Aaron Ashmore as Troy. Veronica's very cute, likeable and understanding boyfriend who turns out to be the crook. It is a very thrilling moment when it's revealed and it's even better when you see that Veronica was a step ahead of him. You Think You Know Somebody is an outstanding episode of Veronica Mars and a great example of how good the show is.moreless
    • It is a revealing epsiode of Veronica Mars.I love it.A surprising conclusion!

      The episode is great itself because it is in Tijuana and is somekind different.I love the investigations of Veronica and the writing.The episode has some great one-liners.And the clifthangers are typical for Veronica Mars.You think you know what happened but it iturns out to be totally different from the real story.It is the same with Troy's story.Rob Thomas is great and the writers too to make him look adorable and so good in the first epsiodes and here too but in the end,it was shocking to everybody to see the good boy Troy in a whole new face.

      The other plot is Keith dating Rebecca and Veronica being afraid taht she will replace her mother's place.Actually she finds a secret about her mother and is ready to see her father dating another girl.But he thinks of Veronica's feelings and ends the relationship.Totally series classic and great episode.moreless
    • Review

      Most of the time I tend to go right along with the rankings, but this episode didn't really do it for me. Troys four episode story arch comes to an end and for some reason I just wasn't feeling the conclusion to that story. I'm not going to say he was "out of character" in this episode because it seems like this whole thing was a con to begin with. I kind of knew when Troy wasn't on the "main stars" list that something was going to happen to him, I just feel so unsatisfied with the way he is now written off the show. I think they could have done much better with that. Veronica and her father had a lot of scenes together in this episode and I liked most all of them. I felt that her Dad ended things pretty abruptly with the woman he was dating. I hope that she does come back into the show at some point, but once again ending it right there felt very forced and very underdevoloped. I think they needed another couple of episodes to get me into it emotionally. The case in this one was touched upon earlier, obviously, as it revolved around Troy and the things that he was keeping behind Veronicas back. I did like that Veronica got the better of him, but as I said I thought the whole episode was just an array of endings that I wasn't ready for. Not so much a "twist", but a dissatisfied ending. I did like the final scene, with Veronicas mother calling her and leaving that message. Decent episode, just not my favorite. Ranked 4 / 5 actually right now.moreless
    • Dude, where's my mother?

      This is the first "regular" episode(not counting the pilot) that's a 9+ worthy for me.

      First of all, great start.

      Had a certain "feel good" factor to it. And after you see the conclusion the whole thing just makes alot more sense.

      Alot of reviewers complained that certain characters were acting out of character. I disagree, although I have to admit some of the character moments were a bit dodgy, mostly Keith's. He was too easy on the dating, it was way too fast, however even this show requires a certain level of disbelief suspension .The point of the whole storyline wasn't the fact that Keith's dating... the point was how Veronica would handle it after finding out that her mother might have had valid reasons to leave.

      However I've to say I was a bit disappointed a bit how the writers conviniently chose to ignore the photos for now. This doesn't mean it won't be explored in future episodes, but still, I wish there was a bit more exploration on that matter.

      But that's really not a biggie as the the mystery of the week was really fun and the conclusion was shocking.

      Once again we had some flashback scenes, they were good. Especially the one where Veronica tells her mother she's dating Duncan. Her mother didn't seem to be very happy about it... hmm.

      So, many people say this episode wasn't great because it was out of character. Because of Troy. Well, I don't think so...

      I mean, yeah, he was a nice guy wasn't he? But we only had him for like what, 3 episodes? As HE pointed out it takes time for someone to share his/her "dark" secrets. I expected him to have some skeletons in the closet. But I also thought the writers would stop there... Heck no. They literally turned him into a bad guy!

      And oh it was brave and maybe it requiries a bit disbelief suspension once again, but it was really well done. The scene at the end was well done and Veronica outsmarting Troy put a smile on my face for sure.

      I also liked Ziggy getting caught on the Mexican border, nice call back to the beginning of the episode. And then there's the very ending with Veronica's mother leaving a message for Veronica. Well it was a bit cryptic but that's what you must expect so early in the story. Good way to close a superb episode.

      Overall, not perfect, but very entertaining and offers some really nice twists in the end.moreless
    Paula Marshall

    Paula Marshall

    Rebecca James

    Guest Star

    Sam Huntington

    Sam Huntington


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    Deron McBee

    Deron McBee

    Hank "Ziggy" Zigman

    Guest Star

    Aaron Ashmore

    Aaron Ashmore

    Troy Vandegraff

    Recurring Role

    Corinne Bohrer

    Corinne Bohrer

    Lianne Mars

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • The website that Veronica visits in this episode,, redirects you to the UPN/Veronica Mars page.

      • Veronica logs into the P.I. website using her own name, but she doesn't have a P.I. license yet.

      • When Veronica drops the boys off and remains in the car to talk with Troy, she has her sweatshirt draped across her shoulders. During Troy's close-ups, however, you can see that she is wearing only her t-shirt.

      • When Hank Zigman is trying to cross the border and the border patrol guard rips the paper Veronica faxed them off the bulletin board, the paper underneath reads as follows:
        Raphael Bruno 500 000p
        All this stuff is supposed to be in Spanish; however, the person who usually translates for us is on vacation, so just act like this is Spanish.

      • When Veronica is yelling at Troy about his past, he closes the locker at one point and the scene cuts to her right after and she says "Don't even!" but the locker is still open. Scene cuts back to Troy and the locker is closed again. In fact, you can even hear the locker slam on the part where we can see it open when it cuts to Veronica.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Veronica: I don't mind dating a guy that rides a bike.
        Troy: How do you feel about dating a guy who is being sent to Catholic School in Albuquerque?

      • Veronica: Time for a chat?
        Logan: Well, you'd think if Hell froze over, maybe it'd be on the news.

      • Luke: I can't do this, I mean you have no idea what I went through to get this ball. You have no idea what it's going to be worth when he retires.
        Veronica: (holds her hands like a scale) Luke, a ball or your life... You do the math.
        (Luke hesitates)
        Veronica: (snaps) It's a ball!
        Luke: Yeah...

      • Veronica: Your monkey's gonna have to ride in the back.
        Logan: Nice car. God, it must've been a huge cereal box.

      • Veronica: Dude, where's your car?

      • Veronica: I talked to my buddy Earl yesterday at the impound yard.
        Troy: What do I love more? That you actually have a buddy named Earl or that he works at the impound yard?
        Veronica: I'm guessing both.

      • Keith: Yeah. Wow. That's some cake.
        Veronica: Isn't it, though?
        Keith: I love it. Did you ever notice that everything you make just tends to lean a little to the left?
        Veronica: I do that on purpose.

      • Veronica: (added context) You know those people who can predict when change is coming in their life? I'm not one of them. Change has a way of just walking up and punching me in the face.

      • Logan: Thanks for the ride. Does this mean you're gonna play nice now?
        Veronica: Walk in front of the car. We'll see.

      • Troy: My parents come back in five days. If the car's not back before then, I'll be singing hymns and doing rosary beads faster than you can say The Passion.

      • Luke: These border checkpoints, man, they always freak me out.
        Logan: Maybe you shouldn't volunteer for the full-cavity search.

    • NOTES (5)

    • ALLUSIONS (7)

      • Veronica: So don't. I get it. Companionship, needs, yada yada yada.

        TV show success Seinfeld turned "yada yada yada" into an expression replacing "et cetera", "and so on and so forth" and such, when George's new girlfriend Marcy's extensive use of it in the episode The Yada Yada becomes a main concern for the Seinfeld-gang.

      • Veronica: Haven't you heard? I've got friends in low places.

        Veronica uses the title of Garth Brooks' first single Friends in Low Places, from his 1990 released second album No Fences, to describe her connections with some people less likely to care much about the letter of the law.

      • Logan: Wow, you suck at this Nancy Drew stuff.
        Originally created in 1930 and written by various writers under the pseudonym "Carolyn Keene," Nancy Drew is the original teen girl detective.

      • Veronica: And I need you to do some of that voodoo that you do so well.

        This is a line from the 1939 Cole Porter song "You Do Something to Me" from the musical Fifty Million Frenchmen. However, it was made famous by Doris Day when she sang it in the 1951 film Starlift.

      • Wallace: Alright then Velma, why don't you see what you can find on... say me.
        Veronica: It's Daphne. Thank you very much.
        Veronica: Rut-roh! Somebody got their license suspended last year.
        Wallace: I got it back. Bet you it doesn't say that.
        Veronica: Wait, if I'm Daphne, what does that make you? Fred?
        Wallace: Oh, no. If I gotta be any of those white boys, I gotta be Shaggy all the way, baby. Shaggy's got mad flavour.
        'Daphne' and 'Velma' are two of the crime fighting crew originated from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!. 'Velma' being the brainy one and 'Daphne' being the beauty. "Rut-roh!" is one of several 'Scooby-Doo' catchphrases, and the last two characters in the gang is 'Shaggy' and 'Fred'. Veronica and Wallace make sure they cover all their bases while referring to their theme of the day. Later the Scooby-Doo universe have been portrayed in a bunch of different shows as spin-offs and with different characters present.

      • Logan: I don't know. Maybe it's like Brigadoon. Come back in a hundred years and it'll be right back in this spot.
        Described by its authors as "a whimsical musical fantasy", Brigadoon is set in a magic Scottish village which comes out of the Highland mists once every hundred years, only to disappear after one day.

      • Veronica: Dude, where's your car?

        Reference to the 2000 movie, Dude, Where's My Car? starring Ashton Kutcher.