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  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Ronnie learns that Bryce is cheating on her again, but can't find it in her heart to leave him. Leo breaks more bad news that Ronnie's body is not what it used to be and is no longer suitable for appearing on the company packaging. Ronnie's halfhearted attempt to get in shape fails, so, as a last resort, young female models are brought in so she can select the body she'd least mind seeing her head pasted on top of. After a tabloid story about Bryce sleeping around hits the papers, reporters stake out Veronica's Closet trying to get a scoop on Ronnie's and Bryce's rocky romance. Unwilling to act on Olive's and Pat's advice to get even with Bryce by having affairs of her own, Ronnie instead sets up a faux romantic dinner for her and her husband to fool the press into believing the two are still happily married. But the discovery that Bryce slept with the model who's soon to be her body double finally puts Ronnie over the edge and gives her the courage to come clean and walk out on him.moreless
    • Veronica's Woman Friend
      Perry writes a press release with a made-up word in it, because he can't think of a synonym for "increase." Josh is bothered when Ronnie believes Perry's new word is real, but he completely loses it after the word spreads throughout the media. Her impending divorce aside, Ronnie returns to her roots as the 'Queen of Romance' by helping Leo propose to his girlfriend, Tina. Ronnie needs help of her own from Olive after she begins to miss Bryce. Olive tells Ronnie now that Bryce is gone, she has more time to spend with her women friends, but Ronnie's comment that she doesn't have any women friends upsets Olive as much as Perry's gibberish words have been upsetting Josh. Leo picks a less-than-opportune time to propose - he asks Tina to marry him while she's in the middle of an orgasm. Ronnie realizes her friendship with Olive is lacking due to faults on both of their parts; Ronnie is self-absorbed and Olive doesn't like to share things about herself. When Ronnie tries to make things up to Olive because she wants to have a woman friend, Olive invites her over to her place after work to get to know each other better. Tina accepts Leo's hand in marriage after he asks her again while they're not doing it.moreless
    • Veronica's Husband Won't Leave
      When Leo thinks one of the company models is carrying around some baggage in her pants, Perry admits he once dated her and sets out to prove he didn't make out for twenty minutes with another guy. Bryce sneaks into Ronnie's apartment and tries to win her back, but she throws him out. After Ronnie turns away the press in regards to their trial separation, Bryce goes on national television and milks sympathy like there's no tomorrow. Ronnie has a change of mind after USA Today conducts a poll where 73% of the country was gullible enough to want her to take Bryce back, and she schedules an interview with Entertainment Tonight to tell her side of the story. Perry feels Ronnie should beat Bryce at his own game and cry a few crocodile tears for the press so the public sympathy vote will tilt in her favor. She can't cry during the interview, though, making Ronnie believe she is over Bryce. Olive weasels a private office bathroom out of Ronnie, but it's not very private after the builder knocks out the waterline to the main restrooms, forcing everyone on the floor to use Olive's executive washroom.moreless
    • Veronica's Not Happy About the Book
      Bryce stages an all-out power play after Ronnie surprises him with a copy of his forgotten prenuptial agreement - which he wishes he hadn't gotten her to sign as he hasn't worked in the past decade, and Ronnie's been the breadwinner since then. First, Bryce maxes out all of their credit cards and empties out their joint bank accounts. Then, Ronnie pays Bryce back by calling up the police and reporting his car stolen. Finally, after Bryce gets out of jail for heisting his own car, he retaliates by filling Ronnie in on his plans to write an embarrassing tell-all book about their marriage. Knowing Bryce has got her where he wants her, Ronnie pleads with him not to write the book, but he'll only agree to that if she'll tear up the prenup. After bartering with each other, Bryce allows Ronnie to pick five humiliating things he'll leave out of the book in exchange for her beach house. Leo confides to Olive that he'd like to design lingerie, but his designs are so awful, Olive tells him he needs to dress like a woman before he can design clothes for a woman. At first resistant, Leo soon gets into ladies' panties more than anyone (including Olive) expected.moreless
    • Veronica's First Date
      Love is in the air in a very special episode of Veronica's Closet. Josh dates a model, Carolyn, but wants to call things off when it dawns on him that there's something missing from their relationship. That something being a penis. Josh postpones the breakup after he's introduced to her rodeo cowboy brother, Tom, whom Josh becomes infatuated with. Josh hatches a plan to get to know Tom better by fixing him up with Ronnie and double-dating with Carolyn, but it backfires when romance blossoms for Ronnie and Tom, and the pair want to spend an evening alone. Rather than be stuck by himself with a girl he wanted to dump, Josh drags Carolyn over to Ronnie's apartment to crash their dinner and see Tom. The 'Queen of Romance' finds herself turning into the 'Queen of Dating Jitters' as Olive helps Ronnie cope with her nervousness. Although Tom is a perfect date and then some, everything he does reminds Ronnie of Bryce, making her wonder if it's too soon for her to see other men. Pat takes a liking to Ronnie's new housekeeper, Louisa, and the two begin a relationship of their own. Now that Leo is engaged and can't ogle other women anymore, he starts living through Perry and his liaisons.moreless
    • Veronica's Best Buddy
      Ronnie and Bryce have a custody battle over Buddy. Bryce's secretary, Pepper, cures Buddy's handicap. Ronnie thinks Pat is senile.
    • Veronica's a Doll
      Olive's college roommate, Karen, is the C.E.O. of a toy company that wants to create a posable Veronica Chase doll as part of a collection of real-life, contemporary female role models. Ronnie longs to be depicted as a Barbie, and doesn't see eye-to-eye with Karen's and Olive's role model vision when the Veronica Chase prototype doll rolls off the assembly line with hips bigger than Cleveland. Leo warns Perry about "dating a family" in regards to Suzanne, though Perry insists he's ready to be a father. Pat and Ronnie have it out when Ronnie gets jealous after he starts dragging Louisa along with him on Ronnie's rides. Olive convinces Ronnie not to back out of her agreement by convincing her that little girls are going to love her doll, and will learn to be strong and independent from it. But that couldn't be further from the truth when a focus group of children hates playing with the miniature Ronnie. As evidenced by the fact that she's having a bastard baby in the first place, Suzanne isn't ready to enter into a long-term commitment and ends things with Perry. Pat puts his differences with Ronnie aside and comforts her after the test group response causes the toy company to eighty-six her doll.moreless
    • Veronica's First Thanksgiving
      Ronnie's Thanksgiving plans are crushed when Bryce's grandma shows up, unexpectedly not knowing of Ronnie and Bryce's separation. Bryce and Pepper then must show up, and Bryce announces to his grandma that Ronnie is pregnant.
    • Veronica's Brotherly Love
      Ronnie wants to go out with Olive's younger brother, Griffin. Olive tries to stop Ronnie, feeling she's too emotionally unstable to have another relationship while on the rebound. After Ronnie gets upset, Olive feels bad and arranges a date between the two. The tables turn after Ronnie finds out what a pretentious, long-winded bore Griffin is, and Olive wants Ronnie to continue dating Griffin after she finds out how much Griffin likes Ronnie. Pat teaches Leo how to drive when Tina's parents get them a car for a wedding present. Pat, a former negotiator, thinks Leo deserves a huge pay hike from Ronnie because he's getting married. After Ronnie turns down Pat's request for a 25% raise, Pat leads Leo out on a strike. Leo lies to Ronnie that he doesn't really want to strike and is only doing so because it means so much to Pat. Ronnie buys it and gives Leo his raise - for Pat's sake. Ronnie turns to Perry for advice on how to get Griffin to break up with her. Perry suggests using reverse psychology on Griffin, but it only succeeds in boosting Griffin's ego and making him like Ronnie more. Ronnie finally confesses to Olive that she can't stand Griffin, bringing Olive to share details about Griffin's troubled childhood.moreless
    • Veronica's Christmas Song
      Veronica and Olive audition to sing at Lincoln Center and Bryce comes on to Josh.
    • Veronica's Got a Secret
      While attending a benefit, Ronnie and Olive meet two guys - Campbell, a Scotsman clad in a traditional kilt, and Alex, a veterinarian. The four of them agree to double date, unsure of who will be going out with who. Ronnie snags Campbell since she finds his accent sexy (even though she thinks he's Irish), but wants to trade with Olive when Campbell again wears a kilt on their first date. Tina's old-fashioned mother is in town, so Leo temporarily moves in with Josh to make Tina's parents believe she and Leo are not living together before marriage. But after enjoying Josh's gourmet cooking, Leo doesn't want to return to Tina. Ronnie runs into Alex while at work and begins subconsciously flirting with him. He responds to her mixed messages by grabbing her ass in the elevator. Ronnie has her fill of Campbell after he shows up for his second date in a ladies' skirt...that Ronnie happens to own the very same one of. Tina turns bitter with jealousy once she hears how good Leo's got it with Josh. Ronnie is afraid to tell Olive what Alex did as the same thing happened to her in high school with her best friend, and she wound up being called a slut. She finally shares her secret - two days after the fact - and Ronnie and Olive break up with Campbell and Alex. Josh also breaks up with Leo, so to speak, and sends him home to his fiancée.moreless
    • Veronica's Fun and Pirates are Crazy
      Due to a loophole in their prenup, Bryce's lawyers send Bryce to work for Ronnie in an attempt to gain a chunk of Veronica's Closet for him. Even though he doesn't actually do any work, Ronnie has no choice but to keep Bryce around as he's on the board of directors. Olive participates in the big sister program and brings her little sister, Elena, to work to try to convince her to be a powerful female businesswoman, but Elena is only interested in being a model. Ronnie goes crazy after Bryce turns the break room into a recreation room. She also feels like Bryce is trying to steal the rest of her friends away from her once Perry, Leo and Josh begin hanging out with Bryce. Desperate to win them back, Ronnie responds to Bryce's themed Hawaiian Day by setting up Pirate Day, but it bombs and leads her to believe the others don't find her fun. Olive tries to talk Elena into doing anything besides modeling - until Perry gives Elena a makeover, and everybody discovers firsthand how empty-headed Elena really is. Bryce does something genuinely helpful for the company when he suggests covering their costs by selling their summer leftovers in Australia. Ronnie and Olive have a falling out since Olive thinks Ronnie should take up Bryce's suggestion. Perry, Leo and Josh reassert their friendship with Ronnie by declaring Bryce a fake. Ronnie decides to accept Bryce's idea for the good of the company, which the judge finally rules falls under the prenup. Thus, Bryce can take a hike.moreless
    • Veronica's Night Alone
      Unable to get a date, Ronnie tries to give away a pair of ballet tickets, because she considers it too humiliating to go out alone. Olive's advice that there's no shame in women enjoying their own company inspires Ronnie to go to the ballet by herself and write a column about her night alone for the next catalogue. Ronnie recants her acceptance of solitude after learning that Bryce will be taking his new date, Cindy Crawford, to Ronnie's charity event - which she will, yes, be attending alone. Desperate for a famous escort to rival Bryce's, Ronnie is relieved to hear Perry managed to snag Kevin Costner. What Ronnie doesn't realize until it goes to print is that her unfortunately worded article, "Romancing Yourself," makes it sound like she's the self-appointed master of masturbation. After being put through more humiliation than she ever imagined, Ronnie tries to rescue her public image. Then she tries to rescue her date after Costner's publicist cancels on the little self-pleasurer. Along the way, Ronnie accidentally reveals to Leo that Tina dated Perry before him. And Olive accidentally reveals that Tina not only dated Perry, but made out with him at the Christmas party. Leo jealously confronts the two, wanting to know why they kept it a secret from him. Tina angrily reminds Leo that she can't tell him about her other affairs, for every time she tries, he covers his ears and shouts, "I'm the man!". Leo eventually comes to terms by allowing Tina to discuss her past love life, and Ronnie goes solo to the event.moreless
    • Veronica's $600,000 Pop
      Ronnie calls a plumber, only to find out it's Nick, a lecherous guy she went to high school with and had a secret crush on. Nick uses Ronnie's recent separation to make his move on her. Just when she's about to score, Ronnie's lawyer visits with the news that the judge has thrown out the prenup. As soon as he hears that Ronnie is dating again, he warns her that his whole argument hinges on how Bryce is a womanizer, while Ronnie hasn't had sex with another man in years. Since Ronnie is a horrible liar, it doesn't bode well for her case to stand trial if she hasn't been faithful. But poor, deprived Ronnie will have to choose between finally getting a piece of Nick, or losing her case - and upwards of $600,000 - to Bryce. Perry is grossed out by his girlfriend's insistence on wearing old, torn panties, and gives her some new underwear. Upon seeing that she's still wearing the same old tattered knickers, Perry confronts her. She confesses that they're her lucky panties, and bad things happen when she's not wearing them. Perry tells the others about his crazy girlfriend's panty superstition, but Leo reminds Perry that he's got an obsession of his own - he can only get dressed if he puts his clothes on in a certain order. Ronnie eventually gives in to temptation and sleeps with Nick. Lucky for her that he's a plumber; he was so bad in bed, she basically flushed $600,000 down the toilet.moreless
    • Veronica's a Drag
      Veronica's a Drag
      Episode 15
      Ronnie becomes the subject of public embarrassment when a drag queen dubbing himself Moronica Chaste begins impersonating her on his cable access T.V. show. Ronnie is infuriated, but everyone else finds it hysterical. Ronnie plans to call up her lawyer and sue Moronica. Olive instead suggests meeting the guy to show him that she's a real person. Olive goes with Ronnie for support, but Ronnie's teary childhood story only serves as the subject of more on-air mockery. Olive does an about face when the Moronica Chaste Show gets a hungry special guest, Olive Loaf. During some chaotic preparation for a spring fashion show, Ronnie has more trouble when her star model cancels on her, and the replacement, Katrina, is a kleptomaniac who sticks everything around her into her purse. Moronica's drag queen fans picket Veronica's Closet after his program gets shut down by the station while the lawsuit is pending. He shows up in person and begs Ronnie to drop her suit, but she won't. Leo prepares to lower Ronnie from a giant pink bra for the show's grand finale. Ronnie finally has enough of Katrina's five-finger discounting after Katrina steals Ronnie's heirloom. While in the middle of a catfight, Katrina stomps on Ronnie's foot before storming off, leaving her without a leg to stand on - and no supermodel. Moronica saves the fashion show by assuming Ronnie's place on the big pink bra.moreless
    • Veronica's Divorce Papers
      Ronnie's trial comes to an end when a settlement in her favor is reached, and the judge prepares the divorce papers for her and Bryce to sign. Pepper, who recently followed in Ronnie's footsteps and dumped Bryce, shows up at the office to look for another job. Ronnie throws Pepper's résumé in the trash, saying she's too much of an idiot to work there. When Perry tells her it's unfair to snub Pepper just because she's good-looking, Ronnie allows him to hire Pepper as his assistant. Perry has to eat his own words after Pepper turns out to be even more incompetent than Ronnie thought she was. At Leo's urging, Perry tries to fire Pepper, but instead ends up sleeping with her, and then realizes he can't fire her for fear he'll be sued for sexual harassment. In the middle of dividing their belongings, Bryce asks Ronnie if they can become friends after the divorce. A trip down memory lane is all it takes for Ronnie to fall under Bryce's spell again. Olive freaks out after discovering the two made out, as she knows Bryce is just trying to fool Ronnie into not signing the papers. Olive and Pat set up a Ronnie watch to prevent her from being taken for a ride, but Olive's getting held up during her shift is the perfect opportunity for Ronnie to go to bed with Bryce. Olive had nothing to worry about, though - when Bryce wakes up in the morning, he is shocked to find out Ronnie signed the papers anyway.moreless
    • Veronica's Blackout
      Following the finalization of her divorce, Ronnie celebrates her new life by inviting Olive with her to Atlantic City. Soon after, she meets Alan, a guy whom she thinks is her soul mate, and makes plans with him instead. After Olive gets upset, Ronnie cancels her date with Alan. While in Atlantic City, Ronnie and Olive get hammered. Then, when Ronnie wakes up in her apartment the next morning, she finds a strange man in her bed. After investigating, Ronnie is horrified to learn that, in her drunken stupor, she celebrated her divorce by getting remarried to a total stranger. Unlike Ronnie, Edwin, her new husband, remembers everything, and considers their marriage a match made in heaven. Ronnie is revolted by Edwin, however, and uses every means to get him to go away. He tries to persuade her to stick around, but their marriage puts a big damper on Ronnie's plans to romance Alan. Supposed soul mate Alan puts a bigger damper on those plans when he confesses to Ronnie that he only thinks of her as a rebound date. Perry gets Josh to challenge him in a basketball video game. Josh doesn't know what he's doing at first, but after Pepper teaches him, he gives Perry a taste of his own medicine by whupping his ass. Perry starts playing for money in a frantic attempt to beat Josh, but winds up losing $3200. Unable to come up with the dough, Josh makes Perry carry him around the office for a day as payment.moreless
    • Veronica's Bridal Shower
      Ronnie holds a practice bridal shower for Tina, complete with toilet paper wedding gowns. Perry attempts to befriend his girlfriend's son, Aaron, but the lad is more interested in figure skating and operettas than sports. Seeing Aaron has far more in common with Josh, Perry asks Josh to tutor him in Aaron's interests. While in a bind, Olive is aided by an officer named Brian, who invites her on a date afterwards. Perry is excited to hear his girlfriend wants him to talk with Aaron about his newfound interest in girls - until he finds out that the girls in reference are old Hollywood starlets. Olive, meanwhile, is excited about the prospects of dating a cop - until she finds out that Brian isn't a cop, but a stripper Ronnie hired for Tina's bridal shower. After Perry flunks his lessons in the arts, Josh tells Aaron that there are people out there who don't share the same interests as they do, and Aaron should try to flatter them. So Aaron does just that, and asks Perry to take him to a hockey game. Olive contemplates breaking up with Brian, because it's uncomfortable for her to date a stripper. Ronnie, Perry, Leo and Josh go with Olive to see Brian in action at his club, where Olive decides that, stripper or not, Brian is way too hot to dump.moreless
    • Veronica's Man in a Suitcase
      Ronnie returns from vacation with a stranger's suitcase. While pawing through its belongings that document one man's exciting life as a world traveler, Ronnie finds herself falling in love with him. After Tina causes Leo to miss a Jets game, she makes it up to him by surprising him with a football jersey signed by his idol, Keyshawn Johnson. Leo is as excited as a schoolboy when Tina shares the story of how she met Keyshawn - so excited, in fact, that he doesn't find it the least bit suspicious that Keyshawn is regularly inviting Tina out for coffee. David, the stranger with the suitcase, stops by Veronica's Closet to pick up his bag, and gives Ronnie exactly what she wanted - a date. After going out, Ronnie confesses to David that she read his journal. Since she's been so honest with him, David confesses something to Ronnie in return - his entire life is a sham, he's nothing more than a boring carpet salesman, everything is in the suitcase was faked, and his schtick is to fill several pieces of luggage with a lot of intriguing stuff, then leave them all at the airport in hopes that women will accidentally take his "interesting bags" home and fall in love with him ... just like Ronnie did. Ronnie demands David tell the truth from now on, and insists women will love him for who he is, but the minute David starts babbling about rugs, Ronnie begins fantasizing he's Indiana Jones. Leo freaks when Tina brings Keyshawn to the office to meet him. Josh catches Tina and Keyshawn kissing after Leo leaves...moreless
    • Veronica's All-Nighter
      Josh tells Perry about Tina and Keyshawn. They confront Tina, who begs them not to tell Leo as she swears it won't happen again. Ronnie celebrates the completion of the company's Memorial Day catalogue, but three months of work go down the drain when Saks Fifth Avenue beats them to the punch with a catalogue featuring the same concept. Ronnie frantically sets up an all-nighter to reshoot it with a new concept get it to the printer's the next morning in time for the holiday. After running through various ideas, Ronnie decides on "Summer," featuring a male lifeguard and a bunch of chesty babes in lingerie. On short notice, Olive finds the male, Tony Tony, for the reshoot, yet can't locate any chesty babes. Perry is able to lure six female models away from another model's party. Unfortunately, all six of them arrive stoned from "special" brownies they were enjoying at the party. When she sees that Tony Tony has become so out of shape she can't use him, Ronnie turns to Perry for backup. With one problem solved, Ronnie finds the female models all passed out and won't wake up. Against Tina's wishes, Perry and Josh confess to Leo what happened. Leo goes to see Tina, discovers she still has feelings for Keyshawn, and returns with some unpleasant news - they've called off the engagement. After the gang comforts him, Leo unknowingly provides Ronnie with a brand-new concept just when everybody's ready to throw in the towel: Perry becomes the sandman who made all the models fall asleep.moreless
    • Veronica's Mole
      Veronica's Mole
      Episode 21
      A rival underwear company, Pandora's Boxers, starts stealing all of Veronica's Closet's designs and marketing them first. Ronnie and Olive believe there's a mole in the ranks who's been leaking secrets. Ronnie becomes paranoid and snoops around the office trying to find the culprit. Perry attempts to cheer Leo up in the aftermath of his split by going with him on the honeymoon cruise Leo booked. Leo upsets Perry by spending the entire time on the cruise - which bears more than passing resemblance to a nursing home - complaining about being single and thinking about Tina. Ronnie meets with the smug head of Pandora's Boxers, who admits he's not only been swiping her ideas, but plans to expand his local chain and go national with them. Olive discusses with Ronnie how to beat him by expanding as well, but they aren't in the financial position to do so unless Ronnie sells a chunk of Veronica's Closet to a hands-off silent partner. Ronnie isn't sure if she wants to have a partner ... until she hears that Pandora's is running obnoxious ads offering trade-ins on her bras. A rich businesswoman, Millicent, is interested in becoming that silent partner, so Ronnie goes to see her to work out a deal. To welcome Millicent into the company, Josh presents her with a present gift wrapped with drawings from Ronnie's sketchbook. It's then that Ronnie learns who the mole is - Josh sent out Christmas gifts to all the competitors, including Pandora's Boxers, wrapped in Veronica's Closet's conceptual designs.moreless
    • Veronica's Silent Partner
      Millicent agrees to go with Josh to an Amish quilt festival after everyone else turns him down. Olive is upset that Veronica's Closet's softball team is men only. Pat allows Olive, Pepper and Virginia to sign up anyway, which pleases Olive, but not Perry. Ronnie flips her lid when Josh tells her that he and Millicent have been spending an awful lot of time together. Ronnie is left worried that Millicent could cancel their deal if her relationship with Josh doesn't work out. Josh insists he doesn't even have a relationship, and the two are just good friends. Perry is surprised when Pepper and Virginia turn out to be good players. And then there's Olive, who sucks. To compound that problem, while at the plate, Olive accidentally flings a bat at Perry. Josh discovers Millicent wants from him what Ronnie thought she wanted from him. When Josh turns Millicent down, she thinks he's - surprise, surprise - gay. To show her he isn't, Josh has sex with her four times, and is so good in the sack that he kills her. Perry lashes out at Olive after he returns from the hospital with a broken arm. Ronnie and Olive attend Millicent's funeral to try to find out if Millicent signed the papers before she kicked the bucket; after having spent enough of Millicent's money to bankrupt them, they are relieved to find out she did. The relief is temporary, though, as Millicent's meddlesome son, Hunter, inherited her portion of the company, and has wasted no time in taking over. Ronnie's silent partner is no more.moreless
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