Veronica's Closet

NBC (ended 2000)


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  • Started out strong but wound up failing miserably

    I really enjoyed this show the first season. The second season started out pretty rocky & the third season was wretched. Turning Josh gay was the worst storyline ever. I know Hollywood is uberliberal but adding their gay touch on this show wrecked it. Even homosexuals felt that storyline was asinine. It's a shame that they twisted what was once a really great sitcom into a show on coming out just to please the liberals.
  • VG Underappreciated show

    From the same creators of FRIENDS, this was a very good show that could have been a great one if not for some bad casting choices and replacements. Kirstie Alley was absolutely fabulous here. Extremelly funny, and Kathy Najimy was no less great:) As for the rest of the cast, I think they were OK, being the most notorious Wallace Langham. As for bad casting choices, I HAVE to name Daryl Mitchell. On the contrary, BIG KUDOS to Lorri Bagley for playing a character that was really funny on season 3. Sadly, the show couldn\'t survive:( Personal favourite forever:)
  • They fine-tuned this show and made it into Fat Actress.

    It's too bad they couldn't make this show work, it had all the elements to be really funny. Kirstie Alley was a bit schitzo at times, but the rest of the cast pulled her through it. Stand outs were Dan Cortese and Daryll Mitchell as staff members of Veronica's Closet lingerie company. I see the irony of Kirstie playing the CEO of a lingerie comp, but that didn't bother me so much. It wasn't a stellar show, but I feel like it wasn't given a chance to grow the audience it could've. I mean, if you're going to premiere a show on Must see TV Thursday, then give it all you got.
  • i think it is hilarious

    i think this show is really funny. i only started watching repeats recently when i was off sick. i like ronnie, olive, josh and perry. i also like leo. i love the stories and obviously the characters. i haven't seen very many episodes but the ones i have seen were very good. i love how they all think josh is gay. i have realised that it is all the same people in everything. for example wallace langham ( josh ) is in csi and i have seen dan corsete in things as well, like 8 simple rules. i really like this show
  • Good to start, not so good afterwards

    This post Cheers vehicle for Kirstie Alley certainly looked good. There was good lines, as there usually is in US network sitcoms, and a superb supporting cast (Kathy Najimy, Wallace Langham, the sexy Dan Cortese etc.). But the second series killed it for me, Robert Prosky(Ronnie's dad Pat) disappeared & in came Ron Silver as a possible love interest for Ronnie, the on screen chemistry seemed invisible to me. The third series ressembled a sick animal in need of destroying.
    My guilty pleasure is the original theme music by Jeffrey Osborne, it's catchy & better than Moby's.
  • A wonderful show that should not have been canceled so early.

    A great show, undoubtely. I am not a great fan of comedy shows, usually I watch dramas and police shows. My reason to watch this show at first was just to see Kirstie Alley(I love her), but in the end I surely didn't regret it. The actors were very well chosen, and were in great sintony. The episodes, at leats most of them very interesting and very well written. It was a great comedy, and especially, an INTELIGENT comedy, that we can hardly see around nowadays.
  • Pitiful. Plum Pitiful.

    Many in television talk about the so-called Seinfeld Curse. The Seinfeld Curse is about the cast members of that show bombing out when going onto shows of their own. I'm not sure about the existence of any Seinfeld Curse but there damn sure is a Cheers curse. With the exception of Kelsey Grammer who played the same character on Frasier as he did on Cheers, every Cheers cast member has bombed out doing another show. Ted Danson, George Wendt, Shelley Long, and Rhea Pearlman all had clunkers but the biggest clunker of all was Kirstie Alley's Veronica's Closet.

    Veronica's Closet was one of the lamest and most unfunny sitcoms of all time. It was garbage from day one. Only the presence of the short-lived (and even worse) Brian Benben Show prevents Veronica's Closet from winning the title of worst sitcom of the 90's. What's most amazing about Veronica's Closet was that it actually managed to last for three seasons on NBC. Living proof that either TV viewers have no taste or the NBC programming department ran out of ideas and had nothing else to replace the show with. Co-star Ron Silver wisely departed the show after two ill-fated seasons. He probably wishes he'd never signed onto the project in the first place. As for Kirstie Alley, the show was her jump the shark moment. It destroyed her career and she went on an eating binge and gained about 200 lbs. Maybe she can do another sitcom and call it Fat Actress. Oops, wait a minute, she did. Well I guess if Ms. Alley will do trash like Veronica's Closet she'll do anything.

    Flush this one down the toilet where it belongs.
  • Great, fun show that could've gone on longer...

    This show started out quite good. Kirstie Alley's character, Veronica, was very light in terms of substance but her personality carried the show. The show started out well with two good seasons. Sadly the third and final season introduced a sexier younger female co-star that grated rather than titilated and really made the show suck! The final season also focused on Josh's sexuality way too much. The show was called Veronica's Closet, but by the end it had turned into When's Josh Coming Out Of The Closet, 'who cares' audiences replied and it got the axe! It's certainly worth checking out seasons one and two if they come out on DVD or re-air. Recommended.