Veronica's Closet - Season 2

NBC (ended 2000)


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  • Veronica Says Goodbye
    Ronnie agrees to a romantic weekend with Justin. Alec counters this news with some of his own - he's moving to Japan for good. Chloe misunderstands Josh's marriage proposal.
  • Veronica's Night at the Theater
    Justin knows the producers of "Cabaret" and can get Veronica all the free tickets she wants. Josh begs Ronnie for a pair so he can take Chloe, and she eventually relents. Alec jealously plans to break Ronnie and Justin up by asking Justin to see him on the same night he was supposed to take her to "Cabaret." Justin chooses Alec over Ronnie and tells her to take someone else and go without him. Justin is understandably confused when he finds out why Alec wanted to see him: to offer him his half of Veronica's Closet. Alec comes clean and lets Justin know his only reason for doing this is to make Justin miserable and working with the woman you love day in and day out is sure to do that. Veronica gives Justin's ticket to Olive, but Olive's enthusiasm for the musical diminishes after she recognizes a man performing on stage as an old boyfriend who ran out on her without saying goodbye. While gossiping about the guy, Ronnie and Olive annoy Josh so he makes a bogus report that they stole items from the theater's concession stand and an usher throws them out. Olive intends to tell off her ex when he leaves the theater, but is unable to say the words when the time comes. Ronnie becomes furious when she finds out Alec offered his half of the company to Justin. After being confronted, Alec pretends that the incident never happened and Justin is a liar. As it turns out, he is so convincing that Ronnie believes this.moreless
  • Veronica's Little Ruse
    Perry becomes frantic upon hearing that Nicole, his hairdresser, no longer works at the salon he used to go to. Josh recommends Perry just use his hairdresser instead. Perry reluctantly does, but delusionally believes that Josh's guy botched him. Veronica is annoyed with Alec for failing to call her while he was on vacation in Japan. When he returns, Ronnie cancels their date to attend a charity ball together, claiming that she made arrangements with somebody better. Alec sees her story for the crock it is and says he plans to go stag, just in case Veronica gets "stood up" and needs a backup. Alec follows through and is mortified to see Ronnie at the ball with a real date, Justin. Ronnie manipulates her handsome escort to make Alec jealous, but Alec thinks that's all it is - a charade to make him jealous. With a little detective work, Leo is able to track down Nicole's home address. Perry rushes right over to her place to have her cut his hair for him, but begins to have second thoughts when she violently confesses to him why she left the salon - she was fired for being looney-toons. Josh convinces Alec that Ronnie and Justin actually are in love with each other. The realization eventually takes its toll, and Alec leaves. With Alec gone, Veronica comes clean with Justin about the real reason she invited him. Even though she lied, Justin is attracted to Ronnie anyway. Alec apparently has a change of heart and returns to the ball, only to catch Veronica and Justin making out.moreless
  • Veronica's Big Homecoming
    Ronnie's hears that her hometown in Kansas is naming a boulevard after her, and arranges to fly out there to give a speech in her honor. She tells everyone else about her bad reputation while growing up and explains why most of the town hated her. When Ronnie arrives in Kansas, she sees they still do. Olive gets it off her chest that she was the one who bought the boulevard and named it after Ronnie to make her feel better. Ronnie feels better all right - so much so that she rips down her own street sign. Despite the fact that the entire boulevard is a trash dump, police arrest Leo for the "crime" of vandalism, figuring he's the only black man there so he must have been the one who did it.moreless
  • Veronica's Big Date
    Veronica's Big Date
    Episode 18
    Alec tries to get Veronica to go out to dinner with him. As she doesn't want the others to see them together, she invites Alec over to her place for a secretive dinner instead. The date turns into a disaster when Alec tries to conduct business; Veronica gets upset, and Alec storms out. Perry and Leo find out that the two are going out and let Olive in on the news. Josh is shocked to receive a BMW as a two-month anniversary present from Chloe - and even more shocked to find out that she can afford it because she's rich. Josh is mad at Chloe for keeping this secret from him all this time. Chloe feels bad and says they both should make a list of the top five things they haven't told each other, and then share what's on them. One of Chloe's things frightens Josh enough that he changes his tune and agrees that some secrets are better left that way. The day after their date, Alec is apologetic about ruining Ronnie's dinner so he invites her to see "La Boheme" with him. She willingly accepts, but they continue to fight. Perry, Leo and Olive gossip to Josh about what an awful couple Alec and Ronnie are, unaware that Alec and Ronnie are listening. When it finally dawns on the former lovebirds that they are an awful couple, they agree to call things off.moreless
  • Veronica Falls Hard
    Veronica Falls Hard
    Episode 17
    In light of the previous sexual tension between them, a smitten Veronica tries to coax Alec into going out with her, but Alec a firm believer in not mixing business with pleasure. He eventually changes his mind and tells Veronica he will take her on a spontaneous romantic getaway, only it doesn't turn out to be so spontaneous or romantic when she finds out he booked the flight three weeks in advance ... and with no particular woman in mind. Then, Chloe makes Josh meet her two blue-collar transit cop brothers for a round of drinks on St. Patrick's Day. Since Josh is less than thrilled with the prospect, he decides to play Everyday Joe in an effort to be "one of the boys." And the reception area at Veronica's Closet gets a makeover, which is good for Olive - who gets to check out all the cute painters' butts, but bad for Veronica who knocks herself unconscious after slamming head first into scaffolding while fighting with Alec.moreless
  • Veronica's Little Tribute
    A charity banquet is held in Alec's honor. Ronnie's not happy when Alec doesn't invite her and lets him know. Against his better judgment, Alec says Ronnie can make a speech if she wants. Rather than give a speech, Ronnie does an awful impersonation of Alec, in the process embarrassing him, herself and everybody else who attended. Olive tries to hook up a recently divorced - not to mention horny - friend with Perry.moreless
  • Veronica's Favorite Year
    Ronnie hires Tim, a former boyfriend, to handle the photography for an Italian magazine that Veronica's Closet is affiliated with. Alec is ticked off when Tim - who's now an incompetent lush - single-handedly destroys the shoot and makes the company look bad. The magazine's editor, a man, flirts with Josh.moreless
  • Veronica Plays House
    Alec buys a new apartment and Veronica begs him to let her redecorate it. He reluctantly agrees, but gives her the pink slip when things don't work out and hires a swishy professional interior decorator as her replacement. Veronica is less than thrilled with the new development and takes it upon herself to get rid of the guy behind Alec's back. Josh dates an honest-to-God woman, but dreads the thought of having to have sex with her.moreless
  • Veronica's Wedding Bell Blues
    The photographer's story (episode 27) turns out to be for real when Bryce announces he's getting remarried and invites Ronnie to his wedding. She decides to go just to start trouble. Bryce has a little trouble of his own in mind - he comes on to Ronnie. Seeing Bryce is up to his old tricks again, Ronnie pays a visit to his soon-to-be wife at her hotel room to inform the woman that the man she's planning to marry is a no-good womanizer. The bride is horrified and calls things off. Later, Ronnie discovers she went to the wrong hotel room, wrecked some other couple's wedding, and didn't stop Bryce from marrying his fiancée. Leo's pet snake eats a kitten Olive planned to give to her nephew.moreless
  • Veronica's Desk Job
    Veronica's Desk Job
    Episode 12
    Alec refuses to let Josh see "The Lion King" so Josh pushes Alec's buttons in return. Alec tells Josh he doesn't want to see his face until he apologizes; Josh threatens to quit instead. Veronica tries to smooth things over between the two, but Alec says he won't forgive Josh until he gets his apology. When Josh refuses to, Veronica makes him take a temp job as Perry's P.R. assistant. In the meantime, Ronnie does all she can to make sure Alec does not fill Josh's old position. Olive hooks up with Jimmy, an old political beau from college, but is disappointed to find out he no longer stages protests or helps fight causes anymore - and that he's basically a fraud. He attempts to convince Olive there's no point in trying to make a difference these days. To show him that there is, Olive "liberates" all the animals in a petting zoo and hides them in her apartment to spare them from cruel petting. She gets arrested and irrationally thinks that will help her cause. Josh finds Perry's job a complete joke, so Perry puts Josh on the spot and has him handle one of Perry's P.R. clients for him. Josh learns the hard way that his complete lack of tact and inability to brown-nose makes him thoroughly unsuitable for what Perry does. Weighing the options, Josh throws a B.S. apology in Alec's direction and takes his old job back.moreless
  • Veronica's From Venus; Josh's Parents are From Mars
    Veronica's book about surviving through divorce, "When Love Goes," is published to favorable reviews. Josh's parents, who are in town for his birthday, read it and agree - they tell Josh it inspired them to get divorced. Josh hates Veronica after hearing this news and guilts her into convincing his folks that her book was a sham, she's a fraud, and they should stay together. When Ronnie meets with the constantly sparring couple and sees how much they hate each other, she goes against Josh's wishes and reaffirms that they were right to call it quits. While Perry and Leo hunt for affordable apartments, Olive tells them that her friend is giving up a great one for a budget price and they can move right in. The catch is that it's an illegal sublet so the landlord can't find out. Perry and Leo love the apartment - until they meet a quartet of mean-spirited old neighbors who blackmail the two into doing gross favors for them or else be reported to the landlord. Unable to stand rubbing senior citizens' backs and giving them sponge baths, Perry and Leo have no choice but to move out. After seeing them at each other's throat, Josh understands that his parents' divorce is for the best, and he makes up with Veronica.moreless
  • Veronica's Secret Santa
    Ronnie goes Christmas shopping and gives herself the gift that keeps on giving: a whole night of sex with a department store Santa. If he didn't know when she's been naughty before, he probably does now. She loses the Christmas spirit in a hurry after finding out that Jolly St. Nick is Hunter. Ronnie returns to the store to make sure Hunter doesn't breathe a word of what happened to Alec and things culminate with the two of them having sex again. Alec finds out anyway and uses the opportunity to laugh at Ronnie. Tina leaves Leo a message, but he accidentally deletes it before he can listen to it. Josh is able to secretely restore it and hears the news: Tina called to say she's marrying another man. Leo feels the time has come to let Tina go and Josh decides it's best not to let Leo know what it was she said.moreless
  • Veronica's Cheating Partners
    Ronnie suspects that Alec wants to quit Veronica's Closet to work elsewhere. Olive looks for ways to end her May-December relationship so she can start dating her boyfriend's father. Leo is turned off by his girlfriend's name, Peri.
  • Veronica's Thanksgiving that Keeps on Giving
    During Thanksgiving dinner, Alec receives mixed signals from Ronnie. Perry and Leo bet on the outcome of a football game.
  • Veronica's Breast Effort
    A complaint is filed against Veronica's Closet after a woman swears one of their sports bras made her boobies numb. Ronnie and Alec disagree over how to resolve the problem. Olive finds out an employee of the company has a secret crush on her. Ronnie thinks Olive should not go out with the guy in light of the fact that he's practically half Olive's age ... and still lives with his daddy.moreless
  • Veronica's on the Herb
    Olive's herbal remedy causes excessive hair growth for Ronnie and herself. Alec is not thrilled that Perry is dating his ex-wife.
  • Veronica's Crushed
    Veronica's Crushed
    Episode 5
    A tabloid photographer takes an embarrassing snapshot of Alec and Ronnie, then has it published. The guy later confronts Ronnie, springing the unpleasant news on her that Bryce has plans to marry a former Veronica's Closet supermodel. Due to the public exposure they've gotten because of this incident, Ronnie tries to sort out her mixed feelings about Alec. Perry wants to live alone again so he kicks Leo out of his apartment. Josh takes Leo in, and instead of being happy he's now alone like he wanted, Perry gets jealous.moreless
  • Veronica's Dog Day Afternoon
    Alec is angry when Ronnie calls her vet during an important meeting. Ronnie takes Buddy to work and discovers that Alec was traumatized by a dog when he was a child. Olive tells Perry that his sex life reminds her of George from "Shampoo." Perry sees the film for the first time and is upset that Olive would make such a comparison. Olive tries to console Perry and winds up kissing him, something both regret later.moreless
  • Veronica's Great Model Search
    Ronnie and Olive hunt for a new model to put on the cover of the company catalogue. A la Calvin Klein, they come up with the idea of using an average woman so as to get female lingerie shoppers to identify more with their covers. Unfortunately, they have a bit too much to drink during the selection process and hire somebody who is - to put it mildly - a touch less than the "average woman." Josh reunites with an old friend, Scotty, who is planning to get married. Despite the fact that he's even more effeminate than Josh, Scotty swears he's straight, all the while insisting Josh should come out of the closet. Josh eventually gets Scotty to confess that he is gay, but Scotty cannot get Josh to do the same.moreless
  • Veronica's a Partner Now
    Sharing isn't caring as Ronnie and Alec despise having to work together while occupying the same office, and Alec's assistant moves in and takes over Josh's desk.
  • Veronica Gets Her Closet Back
    Now that he's assumed leadership of Veronica's Closet, Hunter gets to work undoing everything Ronnie had done. Alec, Hunter's stepfather, drops by to check on Hunter and winds up asking Ronnie out on a date. The date doesn't work out. Neither does Hunter who fires Olive after the pair get into an argument. Infuriated, Ronnie tries to get Alec to make Hunter sell back his half of the company. Alec meets with Hunter and delivers good news and bad news. The good: Hunter decided to sell after all. The bad: not to Ronnie, but to Alec - and Alec wants to keep it.moreless