Veronica's Closet - Season 3

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  • Veronica Checks Out
    Veronica Checks Out
    Episode 22
    Ronnie and Perry encounter trouble in their new relationship and break up. Later, Perry confesses that he did not really want to break up with Ronnie, and they get back together. Brian and Josh move in together. Olive persuades June to sell her half of the company, and now Olive and Ronnie are partners.moreless
  • Veronica's Doing the Nasty with Perry
    Veronica invites Perry over to tell her about his sex life in hopes that this will give her inspiration for her third book. After they've had one too many, they fall into bed together. Later, Perry tells all to Leo but refuses to reveal the identity of his new lover. Leo guesses that its June. Ronnie thinks that Perry is sleeping with June from rumors that she's hearing. Perry goes to her to explain, and they end up sleeping together again. Josh tries to impress Brian by learning to play basketball but only succeeds embarrassing Brian front of his friends.moreless
  • Veronica Loses Her Olive Again
    Ronnie's and Olive's feud continues when Olive returns to clear out her stuff. Olive discovers Neil exaggerated about his business; it's actually located in his parents' restaurant. Ronnie screens replacements for Olive, and subconsciously fills the position with an Olive lookalike, Olivia. Josh tries to get Ronnie to make up with Olive. Ronnie treats Olivia as if she were Olive, and Olivia gets so freaked out by Ronnie's drinking buddy manner with her that she quits too. Disappointed with her new job, Olive soon realizes she wants to return to Veronica's Closet. Josh meets with Olive for lunch and relays this news to Ronnie, who's busy looking for yet another C.F.O. replacement. Just when Ronnie and Olive are ready to work out a deal where Olive would quit working for Neil and return to work for Ronnie in exchange for a part of the company, Neil announces that they've been bought out by a conglomerate - to the tune of 20 million dollars for each of them. So Olive quits Veronica's Closet a second time. Meanwhile, after Leo accidentally telephones Naomi Campbell but doesn't remember what number he dialed, he keeps her on redial in hopes of hooking up.moreless
  • Veronica's Clips
    Veronica's Clips
    Episode 19
    In this flashback clip show episode, Olive contemplates quitting Veronica's Closet to become business partners with Neil, the owner of an Internet apparel company. Olive's announcement angers Ronnie to the point where she tries to bully Olive into staying. In the process, Ronnie manages to make Olive's decision for her - she quits. Also, Josh takes delight in sharing with Perry and Leo the tawdry details of his new homosexual lifestyle after he and Brian return from their trip to the Bahamas.moreless
  • Veronica Sets Josh Up
    Chloe bids adieu to Josh. Against his will, Ronnie and Olive compete to set Josh up with their available gay friends. Perry and Leo send out an inter-office memo to the rest of the company stating that Josh came out. Josh has enough of everybody's prying and goes straight again. Perry and Leo send out an even more humiliating retraction memo trying to fix things. Sparks fly when Ronnie and Olive play matchmakers, just not between Josh and either of his two dates. Brian seeks sympathy from Josh when his "girlfriend" breaks up with him, and Josh helps Brian work out a coy way of following him out of the closet. With somebody to make him feel comfortable now, Josh proudly reaffirms to the gang what he said at his wedding.moreless
  • Veronica Helps Josh Out
    Leo confides to Perry what he saw. Perry wants Leo to let it go. Josh, still confused about what happened, nervously insists to Brian that he isn't gay. Brian declares he isn't either - because he has a girlfriend. Never mind that he kisses other men all the time. And takes baths with them. June, who recently broke up with Roger, makes Perry a very happy man by asking him to accompany her to Josh's and Chloe's wedding. A hurricane hits the city and Josh's parents can't make the flight to New York to be there. Ronnie gets choked up when Josh asks her to fill in as his surrogate mother. With June on the rebound, Perry schemes to make his move on her by pretending to be a sensitive guy in search of a long-term relationship. Leo is unsuccessful in trying to put a stop to the wedding. June crushes Perry's dreams of bagging the hot blonde when she tells him she's just looking for a casual fling and he's so committed that she'd only break his heart. Ronnie flips out after Leo lets her in on the secret between Josh and Brian. She, in turn, confronts Josh in a last-ditch effort to convince him that he is as gay as the day is long and should call things off. At the last minute, God sends a sign, Ronnie's speech sinks in, and Josh has an awakening causing him to blurt out two words other than "I do."moreless
  • Veronica's Girls' Night Out
    Brian arranges Josh's bachelor party and invites his conservative college glee club buddies, The A Cappella Fellas. Chloe asks Perry and Leo to sex things up a little, so they hire a female stripper to go with the singing. Ronnie and Olive attempt to entertain Chloe with a bachelorette party of her own, but Chloe is not enthused with their choice of male stripper (otherwise known as the pizza guy). That's until she gets buzzed on one beer and drags the girls along for a wild night on the town. The already wild Pete and Chris crash Josh's party. The female stripper, Stacy, shows up next, only to recognize Perry and remind him that he used to baby-sit her when she was little. Suddenly, Perry isn't much in the mood for that XXX striptease he paid for. Chloe ends up so hammered she makes a scene of herself at a bar, then quietly disappears with Ronnie and Olive left to worry what Josh will think when he finds out they lost his fiancée. Josh is disappointed that nothing was as he'd hoped it would be and Brian consoles him. Pete and Chris cuff Perry so the strip show can go on. Chloe, looking quite the mess, finds her way back to Ronnie's apartment. Leo catches Josh and Brian sharing an unexpectedly intimate moment...moreless
  • Veronica's Sleepover
    Ronnie freaks out after Tom invites her to dinner at his place as she doesn't think she's ready for that step. (Why not? She was ready for it with Alec - and what a great couple they were...) Perry burns down the kitchen in his and Leo's apartment, leaving them in need of somewhere to stay. June mentions she has one vacancy available. Perry beats Leo to the offer and believes this is his chance to get her into bed. Ah, Perry - always Mr. Gracious. Chloe is out of town so Josh lets Leo shack up with him for the time being. Leo seeks to be Josh's best man after his first choice bails, but Perry doesn't feel Leo is that good a friend to Josh. Good friends should, after all, push each other out of the way so they can be the one to snag the first apartment offer that comes along and stuff. Brian pays Josh an untimely visit, at least for Leo, as it happens smack in the middle of his subtle attempt to sway Josh into asking him to be best man. Apparently, it was too subtle; Josh thinks Leo suggested he ask Brian and Josh plans to do just that. Ronnie discovers Tom's apartment isn't so much an apartment as a college frat house. Strike 1. And he has a Harley Davidson look-a-like roomie called, appropriately, Spaz. Strike 2. Perry isn't any happier to meet June's roommate, Roger, since the two are sleeping together and that puts a bit of a damper on Perry's plans to sleep with her. Leo learns at dinner that he really doesn't know Josh better than Brian does, so he graciously forfeits the race. Ronnie and Olive go to Tom's rowdy beer keg party where only Olive enjoys herself. June and Roger have a falling out after he convinces himself she's riding the hobbyhorse with Perry. Perry starts to use the opportunity to be the rebound guy with June, but her crying brings out some actual sensitivity - or something - in him. Ronnie's freaking out concludes when Tom shares all the other unromantic, juvenile dates he has in store for her if they remain a couple. Strike 3. Tom's out!moreless
  • Veronica's New Bookshelves
    Veronica bumps into Tom again, realizes she regrets dumping him and wants to rekindle old flames. Tom finds out Ronnie is in the market for new bookshelves so, rather than have her buy them from a catalogue, asks if he could build her a set. Veronica doesn't need to think too hard about that one. Perry talks Leo into going half on an expensive DVD player for Josh and Chloe's wedding present; that way, Leo can finally be the one who gives the cool gift. Josh and Chloe are eaten up with jealousy when they hear Kevin is coordinating other weddings besides theirs. Later, they are eaten up with disgust upon opening Perry and Leo's gift - a used dictionary wrapped up in a DVD player box. Josh's and Chloe's obsession with Kevin becomes a bit too scary, culminating in Kevin washing his hands of the two of them. Josh confronts Perry and Leo about their insulting gift, letting Leo put two and two together that Perry (who bought it off a less-than-reliable street dealer) pulled a $600 boner. While Josh and Chloe try to win Kevin back and Perry tries to get Leo to forgive him, Tom works day and night at Veronica's apartment providing her with ample opportunities to get him into the sack. Ronnie then wants to give Tom the sack when he presents her with a bill. For $10,000 a confrontation arises and the two on-again, off-again, on-again lovebirds agree on a compromise; she can pay him whatever she wants to. Olive advises Veronica that Tom billed her not for what the shelves are worth but for what his sexual services are worth, leaving Ronnie wondering whether Tom was $10,000 good in bed or not.moreless
  • Veronica's Candy Panties (a.k.a. Veronica's Sticky Situation)
    Veronica can't shake an obsessive, deranged blind date whose romantic gifts include chocolate roses, raw meat and dirty videos of himself. A rival lingerie company comes up with a Valentine's Day gimmick of musical panties that play "My Funny Valentine" when you stretch them. Leo suggests to Ronnie that Veronica's Closet should outdo this by putting out candy panties with a heart-shaped surprise in the middle that's "a little snackage for your package." Josh suffers anxiety attacks when Chloe springs the news on him that her father is entering the witness protection program and their marriage will have to take place within two months. Veronica finds a nest with a pigeon's egg outside her window ledge and brings it inside. Olive flips out when she sees Ronnie touching an unhatched egg and makes herself surrogate mother to save the bird from abandonment. A story on the Internet gives Olive the idea to incubate it in a strange place - between her boobies. The candy panties don't turn out so sweet when their little heart-shaped surprises (made of chocolate and conveniently placed in the panties' backseat pouches) had to ride over in a very hot delivery truck, melting them and making it look like someone ... well, you know. Olive has to go to an important meeting and gets June to breast-sit for her, but a fowl version of the Baby M story results after June goes into labor, hatches the young pigeon herself and wants to keep it. In an effort to stop Josh from having a nervous breakdown, Chloe hires Kevin, a crackerjack wedding coordinator, to take some of the weight off. Perry acts as mediator in the bitter bird custody battle and Leo saves face with Veronica and redeems the company when he comes up with a new Valentine's Day novelty: the break-up panty.moreless
  • Veronica's Tattooed Man
    Veronica's muscular romantic interest, Mark, seems to be perfect in every way. This makes Josh wonder what's really wrong with this one since something's wrong with every man Veronica has ever dated. Nothing ... except the fact that he was previously involved with Olive. Once Ronnie finds that little tidbit out, she wants to wash her hands of the guy (whom she now considers tainted) but Olive convinces her there's nothing left between them and Ronnie shouldn't feel uncomfortable sharing something she previously did the lowdown and dirty with. Veronica takes Olive's advice to heart and tries to make out with Mark but something kills the mood -- a gigantic tattoo of Olive's face on his chest. Perry and Leo become the targets of a pair of practical jokes from payroll and need Josh to help them out in the comeback department. Josh needs some help of his own after June buys a pony to cheer herself up and uses Veronica's Closet as a temporary stable. As it turns out, Josh has a phobia of the furry four-legged creatures stemming from a traumatic childhood experience riding one.moreless
  • Veronica's Record
    Veronica's Record
    Episode 11
    Veronica is bumped from the Guinness Book of World Records after somebody beats her childhood one for the World's Longest Paper Airplane Flight. Desperate to be the best at something, Ronnie tries to reclaim the record, only to discover she can no longer throw paper planes as far as she previously could. Perry doesn't want to visit his senile grandfather in a nursing home since he doesn't recognize Perry anymore. After Leo tells Perry he should go anyway because it's family, Perry makes Leo go with him. His grandfather still doesn't know Perry from Adam, but he does remember Leo - as his long-dead wife who's "come back to him." A noise-sensitive guy moves into the apartment below Josh and Chloe and makes sure to let the two know how much he hates noise by banging loudly on the ceiling and yelling at the top of his lungs to keep it down. Josh is atypically spineless; Chloe deliberately stomps on the floor to tick their new neighbor off. After she's irritated the situation as much as possible, Chloe forces Josh to confront the man. Perry resorts to drastic measures to let his grandfather remember him ... he wears his childhood ducky hat and breaks into a round of "The Quack Quack Song" that his grandpa sang to him as a kid. The equal and opposite reaction: Gramps instantly recognizes Perry but no longer "knows" who Leo is. Josh is relieved to find out the angry neighbor is a virtual clone of himself - right down to a girlfriend who tells him what to do - and they get even with the bossy females by faking a violent confrontation. As Veronica unsuccessfully looks for new records to break, June convinces Ronnie that she is funny and should impress Guinness with her sense of humor. Ronnie comes up with the not-so-bright idea to tell the most jokes in record time. She almost accomplishes this one, but blows it in the final minute when the judge rejects what would have been the record-breaking joke (one of Veronica's own painfully-unfunny creations) as a pun. Furious at the judge that she has to wait another year to try out again, Ronnie flings a stream of curse words at him. This gets her into the Guinness Book ... as the World's Most Vulgar Woman.moreless
  • Veronica's Perfect Man
    Veronica has a crush on Enrico, an actor friend of Josh's. When she finds out the two of them are taking a yoga class together, Veronica suddenly develops an interest in yoga and decides to tag along in an effort to see him again. A magazine wants to do an interview with Veronica's Closet as one of the top companies run by women, so Veronica arranges a party at her place to entertain the reporter and staff. June is excited about the event, but Veronica wants her to stay away and not embarrass the company by showing the interviewer that the president is inept. Veronica's skepticism rubs off on June, who asks Perry and Leo to help her learn about the business when she fears she is in fact too dumb to handle the interview. Josh is humiliated when Veronica acts up in class after someone anonymously cuts the cheese during stretches. At least Josh gets to have the last laugh after he finds out it was not only Enrico who had the flatulence problem, but that thunder struck twice on his date with Veronica, so much for perfection. Olive arranges a blind date with a guy who answers the phone at Veronica's Closet's office supply company. He turns out to be a midget - and a loud, obnoxious one at that - but when the first date leads to a second, Olive is afraid to call things off with him for fear of it looking like she's breaking up with him for being 3 feet tall.moreless
  • Veronica's New Year
    As if it isn't news enough to find out that June has booked Isaac Hayes to perform at her big New Year's Eve bash, Mr. Hayes entertains Veronica's wish to sing a duet together. Ronnie begs Josh to play piano for the song, which she wrote for her and Isaac years ago in hopes of such an occasion, but its double entendre-ridden lyrics about a beef patty's special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun nearly scare Josh away. Perry worries that he can't finish all his 1999 New Year's resolutions in time, one of which is mastery of his 2-iron swing. Tiger Woods he's not, though his handicap at golf proves successful on one level when he scores a hole in one with Veronica's head. Doctor's orders are not heeded when Veronica is determined to sing her tune, concussion and frightening-looking head brace contraption clamped onto her skull and all. Leo has a problem with his girlfriend Lana's excessive public affection and asks her to save it for the bedroom. Leo's girlfriend has a problem with Leo's asking her to cut back on her excessive public affection and tells him he can spend New Year's by himself. In order to win her back, Leo decides to do the romantic serenade-like thing -- shave "I (Heart) LANA" into the back of his head. Unfortunately, he shaved it courtesy a mirror and Lana isn't a palindrome.moreless
  • Veronica's Sliding Doors
    The gang's airline flight to a Miami trade show is depicted in two very different scenarios: what could have happened, and what did happen. In reality, June spills coffee on Veronica's blouse causing everybody to miss their flight and have to book a later one when Veronica takes too long to change. Suffering in coach, Ronnie gets stuck sitting next to June while intermittently being stalked by a loon who confesses to once stealing her panties; Josh must endure harassment from a very bitter Pete Rose; Perry struggles to get his taxes done in time but has no one to help; and Leo is bullied by a big, mean stewardess. In fantasy, June doesn't spill coffee on Veronica's blouse, they make their intended flight on time, snag seats in first class, and get to spend the trip with their dreams come true - Veronica with her high school crush who needs someone to help change his mind about his vow of celibacy; Josh with his idol, ice skater Tara Lipinski; Perry with a mathematical savant who has a knack for doing taxes; and Leo with the gorgeous stewardess who turns out to be an old flame wishing to rekindle.moreless
  • Veronica's Got All the Right Stuffing
    The gang doesn't have much to be thankful for as each and every one of their Thanksgivings is ruined. Josh would rather have dinner alone with Chloe, but instead has to cater to her two immature brothers whom she took the liberty of inviting. They're not the only unwelcome guests as June invites herself to Veronica's against Ronnie's wishes. Leo, the only other guest of Veronica's who doesn't cancel out on her at the last minute, is stuck spending his holiday watching Veronica and June engaged in a hair-pulling, furniture-throwing catfight. Olive tries to help Perry get over his traumatic childhood fear of Thanksgiving parades by making him watch this year's with her out on her balcony. His phobia probably isn't cured when a gigantic King Kong float goes astray and traps Perry against the wall of Olive's building.moreless
  • Veronica's Long Walk Home
    June arranges a 10K charity walkathon for needy children to be sponsored by Veronica's Closet. The prospect of the media being there makes Veronica suddenly want to "help the children" by taking part in it, though her plan backfires when she's caught on national television taking a taxi to the finish line. Veronica blames this on her shoes, but June doesn't buy it and thinks Veronica was just too old to walk. To show her, Veronica accepts June's dare to double the stakes - by walking 20K. As a joke, Perry and Leo write a sheet filled with $10,000 of faked celebrity pledges, which poses a problem when Olive discovers it and takes it for real. Josh lets Chloe stay at his place after a pipe bursts in her apartment and has second thoughts when he finds out Chloe likes to help herself to his wardrobe.moreless
  • Veronica's New Cat
    Veronica's New Cat
    Episode 5
    When Veronica's unpersonable birthday gift to Olive doesn't go over very big, Veronica promises Olive that she bought her a second, thoughtful gift as well. She didn't, so she sends Josh out to get something last minute, but he comes home with cat supplies. When Olive sees them, Veronica lies again and tells Olive she bought herself a cat and the kitty stuff is for her. Of course, now Ronnie needs to get two things: that second, personable gift ... and a cat. June shows Josh naked photos of herself, but won't let Perry and Leo see them unless they both promise to show her their naked photos first.moreless
  • Veronica's Office: Bigger, Longer and Cuter
    June unveils the remodeled Veronica's Closet and proudly shows off everything - except her office. June's secrecy leads Veronica to believe June has given herself a better office than she gave Veronica. But when June says Ronnie is welcome to choose whichever of the two offices she wants, Ronnie can't make up her mind. Perry's friendship with Leo is in jeopardy when he shows everybody an embarrassing video of Leo's against his wishes. Josh has trouble coping with his new desk, which is high enough to be a lifeguard's chair.moreless
  • Veronica's Construction Worker
    June gets Veronica's Closet a complete makeover, convincing Veronica that she's losing her influence on the company. Not all bad comes out of it, apparently, as Ronnie begins dating Tom, the handsome foreman assigned to the renovations. The honeymoon almost ends prematurely when she finds out that Tom has a daughter, who just happens to be June, but second thoughts make Veronica wonder if dating daddy might be the perfect way to wreck a certain someone's life. Guess who. Dead set against having to resort to using the ladies' bathroom while the men's' is closed down, Perry devises ways so his female co-workers won't know what business he's accomplished in the toilet. It's all for nothing, though, as his white-top loafers make him a dead giveaway on the throne. In the midst of Perry's potty dilemma, Leo comes up with his own plan -- borrowing Perry's shoes to visit the pink porcelain bus. Leo's shoe scheme soon becomes a big hit at the office as everyone and his mother wants to wear them to powder their nose, thus giving the impression that Perry may be having certain... problems. Getting away from all this bodily turmoil, Olive volunteers at the Braille Institute reading to the blind, but her 15-year-old patient would like to hear something a little raunchier than the classics.moreless
  • Veronica's June Swoon
    June's inheritance of 51% of Veronica's Closet upsets Veronica, who wants everybody to be especially mean to June in hopes that she'll quit and leave Ronnie with full ownership of the company again. Perry and Leo have no problems obliging, but Olive ends up taking a liking to the naive, young boss and begs Ronnie to allow June a say in running the business, which entails giving the green-light to June's proposed suggestion box. Meanwhile, Josh is forced to go golfing with Chloe's father and her two brothers so he can fulfill their time-honored family tradition of asking dad for his daughter's hand in marriage. Only it's dad who ends up with the hand as Josh once again goes a bit too far trying to fit in.moreless
  • Veronica's New Boss
    Veronica blames herself after reading about Alec's tragic death while on vacation (a vacation she was supposed to take with him, but didn't because the two couldn't get along.) Could Alec have loved Ronnie? Would an unrealized romance between Alec and Ronnie have worked out? Did Alec throw himself into a volcano because he couldn't have the only woman he ever loved? And why is that blonde bimbo at Alec's funeral claiming to be Mrs. Alec Bilson? What could be more shocking but the news that Josh is marrying short-time girlfriend Chloe? Isn't Josh gay? Could this mean that Chloe is a beard? Or a lesbian? Or maybe Chloe is straight and Olive is the lesbian? And just who is Veronica's new boss?! For the answers to these questions and more, tune in next week...moreless