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  • Great fun to watch

    Like others have said, not too original, but it was fun to watch! Was really hoping for more episodes - sad they appear to have ended it. Loved the last season especially.

  • Not terribly original but oh so funny!

    I only wanted to watch the first series (three episodes), because I absolutely love and adore Lucy Punch, and she was well worth my every minute watching "Vexed". But then I got really hooked and thought to myself, what the heck, might as well watch the second series. And I'm awfully glad that I did, because I have to admit, DI Georgina Dixon works just as perfectly with DI Armstrong, maybe even better. Miranda Raison is just perfect as the little up tight, by the book copper, who is paired with probably the most lazy and self indulging cop you'll ever see on television. But their relationship doesn't get annoying due to stereo typed lines and premises, no, there's always a little twist around the corner, that makes sure you'll keep your eyes glued on the action and that you'll return the next week.

    Also, the humor and comical elements don't necessarily draw their strength form well set up punch lines, it's got more to do with well placed bits and pieces that are spread out throughout a whole episode.

    Like angeland8 mentioned already, "Vexed" got very mixed reviews in the UK, something I didn't get at first, not at all, but now I think, this might be due to "Vexed" taking its place somewhere in the middle of serious crime show and utter non sense. So maybe the British critics cannot wrap their respective heads around this concept? I don't know. All I know is that I really like this show, because of two amazing personae, who play perfectly off of each other.

    As I said in the title, the overall concept of the show might not be too original in the end, but both the writers and the actors are keeping things fresh and going. I think it's well worth a try for folks who enjoy crime shows and the funny stuff.
  • Odd-mix cops investigate crimes but spend at least as much time just being annoying to each other.

    It is, of course, tremendously derivative - the hackle-raisingly annoying oddball man and constantly irritated take-charge woman are straight out of "Moonlighting", and might writer Howard Overman have seen the mid-70s cop movie "Freebie And The Bean", too? - and its jokes are deliberately in the worst possible taste. Political correctness - never heard of it. This can easily prove more tiresome than amusing, and one can understand people hating the show. But... it's got something. What it's got, primarily, is the teamwork of Lucy Punch and Toby Stephens. Jack, the Stephens character, is an infantile, barely competent, self-centred buffoon who couldn't care less about his job, makes dreadful mistakes and still somehow always lands on his feet. Kate, the Punch character, works hard and really cares and is always getting into terrible situations. This set-up might go nowhere, but the actors are terrific.
  • Brilliant show about two cops who do their best to catch criminals and to work as a team.

    I cannot believe this show got bad reviews in British press. Too bad there are only 3 episodes, they certainly need more.
    Toby Stephens plays a naughty detective Jack Armstrong who is lazy and yet charming. Lucy Punch is absolutely adorable as his partner Kate Bishop who tries to get the work done (which is not easy with Jack by her side) and to make her marriage work (which is not easy either). This show somehow reminds me of 'Keen Eddie' that had great humor, fantastic characters and very good plot. So don't believe bad reviews, give this show a chance, it's totally worth it.