VH1: All Access

VH1 Premiered Jan 06, 2003 In Season


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  • Very annoying

    All access is a annoying show about celebritys rather boring lives. Of course the title is wrong to begin with as All access would give me all of the facts, which this doesn't. All this seems to be is a mix of pictures, newspaper headlines and "pundits". These sterotype nobodys only make me hate the show more. Of course if these people actually had anything to say it may be different but they have no new information on the people in the program. Also if I were famous I would find it uncomable to here people saying things that may not be true. Thats way I dont like the show. The next time it comes on, why not take a walk, it would be better use of the time.
  • really good

    VH1 All Access is VH1's original series about everything going on. From rock & roll, money to fashion to feuds and more, this show dishes all the dirt on celebrities and pop culture.

    I see this show on VH1 all the time, and it is really good and informative. It tells you a lot about lifestyles of the rich and famous. Not to mention the commenters are really funny. I also love to see the famous commenting. It makes it really juicy when they talk about other famous people. VH1 All Access is a really good show that the whole family can enjoy.