Victor and Hugo, Bunglers in Crime

ITV (ended 1992)


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  • Victor and Hugo was a classic! It is too underated, they never really gave it a chance... I say bring it back!

    Victor and Hugo was AMAZING. OK, not as good as DangerMouse, or Count Duckula, or any other Cosgrove Hall shows, I'll give you that, but all the same, it was fantastic. I mean, it was just crazy, and just looking back on some of the quotes still make me giggle. "Bon." "What?" "Good." "Oh..."

    People, however, do have different tastes. If you like Cosgrove Hall (I mean the old - and good - ones) then you'll probably love Victor and Hugo just the same, even if it did have a short lifespan. Those who haven't seen many C-H cartoons before, well, you might like it. The best thing about V&H is that, like all other C-H cartoons, they don't care about whether it's politically correct or not!

    They never gave it a real chance to get a number of fans, and the fact that only one episode has been released on DVD is just appalling. Those who know and love Victor and Hugo, like myself, pine for more episodes. Perhaps Fremantle media should stop sitting on their thumbs and give us back Victor and Hugo!!