Victoria Beckham: Coming to America

Monday 9:00 PM on NBC Premiered Jul 16, 2007 Special


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Victoria Beckham: Coming to America
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Victoria Beckham's soccer hunk husband David is joining the Los Angeles Galaxy team, and the migration from Europe to Southern California has been a long process fraught with intense mansion-hunting, numerous exhausting shopping trips on Montana Avenue, and endless appearances outside some of L.A.'s hottest restaurants. Thanks to NBC's cameras, the world will be able to experience all the action alongside this special Spice Girl and her genetically-blessed family.
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  • Victoria Beckham is such a fabulous person. She's living the good life if you haven't noticed.

    Victoria is one of my all time favorite celebs. She is a talented singer and such a fashion guru. She's an inspiration. I love her hair. I wish mine was as pretty as hers. Even though she's too thin, I think she's a great person. Perez can backoff. She is NOT a total robot. Victoria is just the best!! If you don't like her that's your problem. But if you do like her then you rock! Victoria has such a great life with 3 precious kids, a smokin' hot husband, and a great career. I hope she doesn't ruin it like how Britney and Lindsay did.moreless
  • Rubbish, completely rubbish.

    Attempting to capitalize on the success of reality shows like The Osbournes or The Simple Life. Here comes another one, and there's a twist, it's british. It lacks the fast cuts of american reality shows, but this show is so slow and so pointless. We're supposed to watch Posh Spice adjusting to her life in the US. This is enough to make me not want to see another reality show. It's a bad concept, poorly executed and the main subject is overly self indulging. She's stepping on Nicole and Paris territory. Those brats are enough to end reality shows about rich people. We don't need another one.moreless
  • I just love the Beckham's

    I just would like to say how proud I am of the American public in the way we have supported and welcomed the Beckham's to our country. I watched the show "Victoria Beckham Coming to America" and I just loved it. She is soooo funny as well as beautiful. She seems so down to earth, not at all what I expected. I wish the Beckham's nothing but the best and I hope, for as long as Victoria will do it, the show will continue. Please be very careful in California, you know,, I loved that...

  • Somehow Victoria remainds me of I love Lucy. The show it's a must see. Good to laugh with.

    I watched it yesterday night at 9:00pm. It had me laughing through the entire show. She is very funny and the people that she met were FABOULUS! I have got to say that she is unique. I loved the show so much that for the first time I’ve decide to write a review for a show. I am going to definitely tell my friends and family to watch it. I also thought that the mermaid lady was hilarious. I think the peculiar situations that Victoria gets into are marvelous and she somehow overcomes all the hurdles. She definitely gives the Hollywood spotlight a different light. This show is a must see. I will be watching this show every week.moreless
  • Ug, why did I waste an hour of my life.

    I never really like Victoria, but I watched this show hoping she would change my opinion of her. I always thought she was quite snobbish and spoiled, well atleast she didn't change my opinion on that. I wasted my life watching an hour of her wearing (and I don't care who made them and how much they cost), clothes that looked very uncomfortable and ugly, never cracking a smile outside her house (since she keeps saying she's got a sense of humour I still never saw), and thinking that a bunch of older, very obvious ladies with face lifts, are great people (which in her circle they probably are), I felt sick after watching this program on how the rich live, she may of not wanted to mention money, but she knows how to use it. Atleast David smiles and waves to the cameras. One of the things that disgusted me was when the obvious nice Personal Assistant came and Victoria said she basically better be homely, because it's all about me, ug, I should of known to turn the TV off then. And I like David Beckham, he's cute and talented, but what's up with whenever someone mentioned him, she got so defensive? Give me a break, I will not be watching anything from her in the future.moreless
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