Victoria Beckham: Coming to America

Monday 9:00 PM on NBC Premiered Jul 16, 2007 Special


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  • Ug, why did I waste an hour of my life.

    I never really like Victoria, but I watched this show hoping she would change my opinion of her. I always thought she was quite snobbish and spoiled, well atleast she didn't change my opinion on that. I wasted my life watching an hour of her wearing (and I don't care who made them and how much they cost), clothes that looked very uncomfortable and ugly, never cracking a smile outside her house (since she keeps saying she's got a sense of humour I still never saw), and thinking that a bunch of older, very obvious ladies with face lifts, are great people (which in her circle they probably are), I felt sick after watching this program on how the rich live, she may of not wanted to mention money, but she knows how to use it. Atleast David smiles and waves to the cameras. One of the things that disgusted me was when the obvious nice Personal Assistant came and Victoria said she basically better be homely, because it's all about me, ug, I should of known to turn the TV off then. And I like David Beckham, he's cute and talented, but what's up with whenever someone mentioned him, she got so defensive? Give me a break, I will not be watching anything from her in the future.