Victoria Wood As Seen On TV

Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 1986 on BBC Two



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    • Victoria: If a gibbon could talk, it would be an attractive version of Norman. He's embraced the idea of the plunge neckline and applied it to the back of his trousers.

    • Victoria: (about Oberon, the builder) He's just not very bright. His lips move when other people are reading.

    • Victoria: The neighbours, they're a nuisance. They're sex counsellors. They bang on the bedroom wall if you're not doing it.

    • Jean: (explaing the manifesto of the Jean & Barbara Party) Libraries. More large print novels, especially Jackie Collins.
      Barbara: That's for my grandad. He likes smut and he can't focus.

    • Graham: I was in the Guides and the we went camping, and someone spotted my underpants and I was sent home. I was unpopular at boarding school because I had my mother with me. I was ostracised at Oxford.
      Reporter: Why?
      Graham: Possibly because my bike had stabilizers.

  • Notes

    • In the credits of Acorn Antiques the names of Victoria Wood and Celie Imrie are mistakenly given as Victoria Woods and Celia Impie.

    • Presented in this episode:
      • Victoria Wood Monologue: The Builders
      • Countrywide Local
      • Advertisement: Chocolates?
      • Jean and Barbara: Partly Political Broadcast
      • Susie Blake 1: Breakfast TV
      • Margery and Joan 2: The Holiday
      • Susie Blake 2: Birthday Parade (1)
      • Acorn Antiques 11
      • Song: "A Day At The Seaside"
      • Susie Blake 3: Birthday Parade (2)
      • The Garden Hose
      • Documentary: "Flatmates"

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