Victoria Wood As Seen On TV

Season 2 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 1986 on BBC Two



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  • Quotes

    • Miss Babs: What was that noise? It sounded like a tray of coffee being dropped on someone who had just been electrocuted.

    • Victoria: Did you know sex is going out of fashion? It's a little trend I've started.

    • Reporter: How does it feel to win one million pounds?
      Winnie: It hasn't sunk in, really. It was like that when our dad died. That didn't sink in until a couple of months later. The council came round and said we'd have to bury him.

  • Notes

    • Presented in this episode:
      • Victoria Wood Monologue: Old Moore's Almanac
      • Susie Blake 1: Sports
      • Tattoo Parlour
      • Susie Blake 2: Axing of Acorn Antiques Characters
      • Acorn Antiques 12
      • Documentary: "Winnie's Lucky Day"
      • Song: Count Your Blessings
      • The Waitress
      • Susie Blake 3: Final Comment

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