Victoria Wood As Seen On TV

Season 2 Episode 7

Victoria Wood As Seen On TV - Special

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 1987 on BBC Two



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  • Quotes

    • Victoria: This programme is what the BBC call a Special. That means it's ten minutes longer than usual and I've splashed out on a new bra.

    • Woman in queue: Never touch prawns. Do you know, they hang around sewage outlet pipes, treading water, with their mouths open?

    • Woman in queue: )(about her hairdresser) She's colour blind. She once tottered into a brothel thinking it was a police station.

    • Announcer: Sunday, of course, is very much a day of contemplation, religious observance, prayer and worship. We, in television, choose to ignore this completely with a mad whirl of antiques programmes, lunatic tenors and hard-hitting thrillers.

  • Notes

    • Length: 40 minutes

    • Presented in this episode:
      • Susie Blake 1: Forthcoming Events
      • Victoria Wood Monologue: Soap Operas
      • Advertisement: The Man's Bra
      • Self-Service
      • Video Advertisement
      • Coronation Street
      • Doctor Who
      • Susie Blake 2: Employment
      • McConomy
      • Song: "I Don't Need You"
      • Real Life
      • A Woman In Specs
      • Susie Blake 3: Sunday Television
      • Antiques Roadshow
      • The Anorak Song
      • The Mayflower Hotel, Nottingham
      • Documentary: "The Making Of Acorn Antiques"
      • The Chippy
      • Susie Blake and Andrew: Epilogue

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