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Tori Vega is an aspiring singer who attends a performing arts high school. She leads a normal life, but when her sister has a medical accident on the night of their school's annual talent showcase, she steps in and takes her place. After being recognised for her talents, she gets offered the chance of a lifetime - an invitation to attend the elite Hollywood Arts High School.

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  • How did I ever like this show...

    For whatever reason, I used to like this awful show. Now I realize that this is like every other Nick show: awful acting, plots, humor, and characters. I mean they've got Tori, a brat, Cat, a complete idiot, Beck, who has girls flocking over him WHEN HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND, Robbie, who has a PUPPET (how pathetic can they get), Jade, a goth bully who happens to be Beck's girlfriend, and Trina, who is extremely annoying. I'm glad this show was cancelled.moreless
  • So So

    This show is okay l, I guess. I just think they try way too hard to be different from other tv shows. They make all the characters as weird as possible, which just ends up making them look ***ed.

    There are no normal characters on this show. Maybe Beck, but that's about it.

    The rest of them are weird, stupid, mean, and annoying as all hell. Trina, especially, is fucking irritating.moreless
  • Awesome

    This show is simply awesome and hilarious. From the characters to the acting to the storylines, it's the perfect view of a performing arts school and the lives of its students. Almost every episode is clever, creative, and enjoyable. It serves its purpose which is to entertain the audience. Even though some episodes are less good than others, but that's obviously common and prone to happen. I didn't find any episode to be bad except for a thousand berry balls, april fools blank, brain squeezers, and maybe cell block. It's just as good as iCarly. One is not any better than the other, although this show doesn't always seem to focus on a problem or something bad happening like in iCarly. Rex is funny and I like that they added a puppet to the show, but he's often rude and I don't always like that about him. On one hand I think the show would've been better off without him because it sort of ruins Robby's reputation which is why he doesn't have a girlfriend and people think he is weird and strange and nerdy, but on the other hand he's just trying to be funny and he definitely is and that's why I like Rex. If this were real life and Robbie eventually ditched him, having a puppet for the time being in school may be OK, but again it's hard to form a permanent opinion about it. But what I for sure don't like that he says it's not a puppet though and treats him as if he's an actual person even though he knows he's not real and that's just sad. Yes Cat got dumber in season 2, but that's what makes the show funny and I like it. Except for a few instances where she just talks irrelevant nonsense and can be kind of annoying and wish she could have kept her smarter more charming personality from season 1. And yes I wish they kept her real voice because it was better and think it's a bad idea to change it for no reason, but I don't find the fake one annoying. I mean it is compared to her real voice, but not in itself and I still like it so it's OK. Overall, an awesome show that ended too early just because of Nickelodeon's stupid ridiculous unfair 60 episode limit that makes no sense. Should've gone as long as iCarly because it was just as good and that's why they did iCarly over 100 episodes. Apparently they didn't think so. End of review.moreless
  • Thee best

    All there is to it, thee best. Just wish it had a proper ending
  • It would fit my Top 10 shows overall

    Victorious is not the best show I've watched but it's at least watchable compared to some other shows. I kinda feel bad for the cast. I think Cat could have been a little smarter but I think she could still get asked out on a date but I think she should have dated Robbie. Tori was a very likable and sweet girl and very attractive (all main character women were attractive, even Trina who just needs to show better signs that she is pretty) other times she is stressful, I feel bad for her that she has to take care of a lousy bragging sister who no one likes. Andre I had NOTHING against him. Beck too likable and doesn't deserve Jade. Jade is the most EVIL, DEVILISH, And scariest character of all Nickelodeon shows, and the worst part is she is all attractive so boys who don't know her get tricked by her. But it is still good to look at Jade on the show since she is attractive. I wish she would have treated cat better though. Robbie STOP HANGING OUT WITH A STUPID PUPPET and maybe you would be more likable I wish you and cat would have made a couple.. Rex no offense but your little puppet life means.. NOTHING. Sikowitz I really can't blame you for not liking Cat. Sinjin: All I'm gonna say is WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?moreless

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