Season 3 Episode 1

A Christmas Tori

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • perfect way to start out the 3rd season

    All i can say about this episode is Awesome! first of all the plot was amazing i loved it so much it was creative and funny. i also loved Andre's song it defintidly proved his music teacher wrong! i also loved the idea of sikowitz yodeling with whoever gives the worst secret santa gift. i had no problems with the episode whatsoever! this is also one of my favorites in the series

    GRADE: 11/10 A+++


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    I love Tori, love Jade, both of these two are going to be big stars one day, but right now we get to enjoy these fine actresses grow and make us laugh on a weekly basis. Great lines by them as usual tonight.

    Even Cat had me genuinely lol'ing with her nonsense, so that was a good sign. If I had to say something I will say that the song was a little bit disappointing, we've become accustomed to catchy music from this show, and this was not that.

    Otherwise, a nice holiday special, not too over the top, but definitely funny.

  • You wanna know what is a wonderful way to start off Season 3 of "Victorious"?... A Christmas episode with many laughs to be brought


    Well.. after an almost 2 month break of airing new episodes of "Victorious". We are back with a brand new season which is Season 3 and the new season starts off with a Christmas episode which I enjoyed very much. Although, I hate Jade so much but I can actually let her slide in this Christmas episode since she wasn't that bad so I won't take away any points. Other than Jade (who wasn't that irritating surprisingly), this was an excellent Christmas episode of "Victorious" and an excellent Season 3 Premiere. "iCarly" hasn't had new episodes since October but I honestly have forgotten about "iCarly" for the past two months and since I don't care too much for that show then it really isn't an issue for me. It's all about "Victorious" so I'm glad that Nick is airing more new episodes of "Victorious" than "iCarly". Also, Season 2 was a short season but Nick was better about the airtimes WAY better than the short season 4 of "iCarly". Well yeah so now on to my review. The whole storyline with the Secret Santa was very interesting and fun to watch. Sikowitz told the Hollywood Arts students that they must participate in the Secret Santa competition in order to bring up their spirits and if that student doesn't get a good gift then that student gets to spend Christmas Eve with Sikowitz and go Christmas yodeling with him. There were a lot of parts that made me laugh such as when Robbie got Cat the cotton candy machine with a man who will serve her as much cotton candy as she wants for a week, Robbie telling Beck "You bought me a girl", Beck drinking coffee to stay awake because that cricket is giving him sleepless nights, Sikowitz and the strangers Christmas yodeling door-to-door at the very end of the episode (that literally cracked me up), and more. I also enjoyed the Christmas song near the end of the episode and Cat sure looked HOT as (bleep) in her suit and her reindeer antlers. Why does Cat (Ariana Grande) have to be gosh darn hot and cute. Anyways moving on, this episode was very enjoyable and I'm sure fans will enjoy this holiday episode with many laughs to be brought. Overall, an excellent Christmas episode of "Victorious" that was also a wonderful way to start off Season 3. 10/10