Season 1 Episode 19

A Film by Dale Squires

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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The gang help a boy make a film but he doesn't give them credit and they soon look for revenge. Meanwhile, Beck fixes Robbie's car.

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  • pretty sure these people have never wanted revenge on someone before

    Dale Squires, a director who used to go to Hollywood Arts, agrees to help make a short film with Tori and her friends. However, he does very little, if any work, yet when the film premieres he takes all the credit. So Tori and her friends set out to teach him a lesson.

    It was OK. Cat was random and not very funny I think. It seems with Cat's characters, the writers think 'OK, let's have her be as random as we can, because randomness is always funny!' Eh. It can be funny but not when every line by a character is random. Then, In my opinion at least, it's annoying.

    And the ending… have Tori and the rest of the gang ever tried to get revenge on someone? How is having Andre's fat cousin attack Dale 'revenge'? If anything, it should've been written so Dale wouldn't have revealed he took credit, and then he was tricked into it by Tori or something. That would have made sense as 'revenge'. But how is he getting attacked by a fat cousin actor of Andre 'revenge'? This, and Cat, made me dislike this episode. D or so as a final grademoreless
  • Decent

    This actually came on Nick today and I watched it as I had never seen it before.

    It was a fairly funny episode....the main plot was anyway. I never really like Beck or Robbie/ it was sad and annoying that they had the subplot...2 of my least favorite characters are working on fixing a car and Robbie fails at trying to impress girls.

    In the end his car randomly gets stolen by some thugs on the run from the cops

    The main plot was pretty good...Dale was a cutie and the storyline was fun. Jade slapping Cat was the highlight of this episode along with Andre's cousin who was whooping a lot of butt at the end

    On a side note:

    Cat is usually funny but in this episode she was rather...corny and lame

    Every comment she says doesn't need to be random. They really should develop her character more

    The revenge was kind of weak as was the subplot which is why i rated this an 8.5moreless
  • Cat: Once at the beach, I made a sandcastle, and named it "Cat's castle". True story.

    Sooo, a famous producer comes to Hoolllywood Arts, and decided to make a short film with the main cast and some extras. But yeah, he nver appeares atr the reharesals and filimgn, and when he does, he usually just slacks off. Then, at the presentation, the guys find out by the hard way that Dale Squires edited the credits to leave only HIS name.

    They ask Dale to change it but as he says "that's how the filming world's like", so they decide to get revenge and find a perfect opportunity when they find out that he'll hgave an interview on tV. So they hire Andre's cousin to get revenge on him. But then Dale actually gives them credit, and they try to stop the cousin, but she misunderstands and beats the crap outta him.

    Oh and there was this unfunny subplot of Robbie & Beck fixing a car, woth girls coming over to watch BEck & Robbie trying to impress them. It almost made me disliked this episode.

    Overall: It was a really fun episode, one of the best this season. Cat was on a roll here (the emotion, the hair, the burger, Cat's castle, the politian joke), Jade0's creative comments beigng deleted, Trina being locked in the bathroom., and her bladder infection. So yeah, Robbie plot aside, 10/10.moreless
  • 119

    Not the most exciting episode of Victorious but we still got classic interactions and some funny gags which was what made this episode good. I think the best scene was when Jade slapped Cat, that was just hilarious. The actual movie they had produced looked really good, I was interested in watching actually.

    The plot itself was predictable though. The director was obviously going to take credit for all of the group's hard work. Even Dale Squires' confession in the end was a bit predictable unfortunately, but the great interactions over came that on the bright side.

    The thing that really bothered me though was the 2 story lines that had nothing too do with each other and it hurt the continuity. It seemed like the Robbie/Andre scenes belonged in an entirely different episode, but that's just my two cents. Good episode overall.moreless
  • Almost perfect episode of "Victorious"

    I thought that this was a very funny episode of "Victorious". Some of the jokes are a little cheesy but the jokes aren't as bad as "iCarly" (the show has the most unfunny jokes ever). I thought Robbie and Beck's plot when Robbie tries to impress the girls by fixing the car with Beck was hilarious. It was also hilarious when Trina keeps telling Dale Squires that she would be perfect in a film with Johnny Depp and then Tori had to tell an embarrassing moment about Trina if she doesn't leave and she told everyone that when she was six years old, she went on Santa's lap and pee on him. The things that Cat were saying was also funny. It was funny when Rex said "Jade" because she was intense and then Jade hits Rex. Cat is such a beautiful girl and so adorable, pretty much anything she says in the show is cute and funny because she is one of my favorite actresses on Nick. The only thing that made my score a little low was that Dale Squires was taking all of the credit that Tori, Cat, Andre, Jade, Robbie, and Beck did because they did most of the work. I was happy that Dale Squires mentioned Tori, Cat, Andre, Jade, Robbie, and Beck that helped him with the movie at the end of this episode and the ending was also hilarious when Andre's cousin was attacking Dale Squires during the talk show and then the talk show host says "This is entertaining" or something like that. Anyways, despite that tiny little problem I had with this episode. This was an almost perfect episode of "Victorious" for the most part. 9.5/10moreless

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    • Tori: You said you put all our names to begin.
      Andre: I did, Dale must've taken them off.
      Dale: Thank you!
      Tori: He is taking all the credit?
      Dale: Thank you all so much! Yeah!
      Tori: He is taking all the credit!
      Andre: I cannot believe this.
      Cat: My face still hurts!

    • Tori: Hey, what time is it?
      Jade: I'm not your clock.

    • Robbie: There it is.
      Beck: There "she" is.
      Robbie: Oh, right. Cars are called she.
      Beck: Not just cars.
      Robbie: Not just cars?
      Beck: Also boats, airplanes... my "Uncle Barbara".

    • Trina: I created this photo of me and Johnny Depp together so you could see what we might look like as...
      Tori: On Santa Clause!
      Trina: Bladder infection!
      Teacher: Out!

    • Cat: One time I ate a hamburger and then like an hour later I started sneezing. But I don't think it had anything to do with the hamburger.
      Jade: Maybe your red hair dye seeped through your scalp and into your brain.
      Cat: Can that happen?!

    • Teacher: Tori, could make your sister leave?
      Tori: Trina, stop embarrassing me or I'm gonna embarrass you.
      Trina: Don't threaten me.
      Tori: When Trina was six, our family went to the mall just before Christmas.
      Trina: Don't say it!
      Tori: And she peed...
      Trina: Tori!
      Tori: On Santa Clause.
      Trina: Oww! (runs away)
      Teacher: Thank you, Tori.

    • Tori: Ok, if you had to give up the Internet or one of your feet?
      Cat: Foot.
      Andre: Foot.
      Jade: Foot.
      Beck: See ya, foot.
      Tori: Really? You all would give up a foot to keep the Internet?
      Beck: Totally.
      Cat: Wouldn't you?
      Andre: You love the Internet.
      Tori: I know but a foot is a part of my body. And the Internet is... bye, foot.

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