Season 1 Episode 19

A Film by Dale Squires

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • pretty sure these people have never wanted revenge on someone before

    Dale Squires, a director who used to go to Hollywood Arts, agrees to help make a short film with Tori and her friends. However, he does very little, if any work, yet when the film premieres he takes all the credit. So Tori and her friends set out to teach him a lesson.

    It was OK. Cat was random and not very funny I think. It seems with Cat's characters, the writers think 'OK, let's have her be as random as we can, because randomness is always funny!' Eh. It can be funny but not when every line by a character is random. Then, In my opinion at least, it's annoying.

    And the ending… have Tori and the rest of the gang ever tried to get revenge on someone? How is having Andre's fat cousin attack Dale 'revenge'? If anything, it should've been written so Dale wouldn't have revealed he took credit, and then he was tricked into it by Tori or something. That would have made sense as 'revenge'. But how is he getting attacked by a fat cousin actor of Andre 'revenge'? This, and Cat, made me dislike this episode. D or so as a final grade