Season 1 Episode 19

A Film by Dale Squires

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2011 on Nickelodeon



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    • Tori: You said you put all our names to begin.
      Andre: I did, Dale must've taken them off.
      Dale: Thank you!
      Tori: He is taking all the credit?
      Dale: Thank you all so much! Yeah!
      Tori: He is taking all the credit!
      Andre: I cannot believe this.
      Cat: My face still hurts!

    • Tori: Hey, what time is it?
      Jade: I'm not your clock.

    • Robbie: There it is.
      Beck: There "she" is.
      Robbie: Oh, right. Cars are called she.
      Beck: Not just cars.
      Robbie: Not just cars?
      Beck: Also boats, airplanes... my "Uncle Barbara".

    • Trina: I created this photo of me and Johnny Depp together so you could see what we might look like as...
      Tori: On Santa Clause!
      Trina: Bladder infection!
      Teacher: Out!

    • Cat: One time I ate a hamburger and then like an hour later I started sneezing. But I don't think it had anything to do with the hamburger.
      Jade: Maybe your red hair dye seeped through your scalp and into your brain.
      Cat: Can that happen?!

    • Teacher: Tori, could make your sister leave?
      Tori: Trina, stop embarrassing me or I'm gonna embarrass you.
      Trina: Don't threaten me.
      Tori: When Trina was six, our family went to the mall just before Christmas.
      Trina: Don't say it!
      Tori: And she peed...
      Trina: Tori!
      Tori: On Santa Clause.
      Trina: Oww! (runs away)
      Teacher: Thank you, Tori.

    • Tori: Ok, if you had to give up the Internet or one of your feet?
      Cat: Foot.
      Andre: Foot.
      Jade: Foot.
      Beck: See ya, foot.
      Tori: Really? You all would give up a foot to keep the Internet?
      Beck: Totally.
      Cat: Wouldn't you?
      Andre: You love the Internet.
      Tori: I know but a foot is a part of my body. And the Internet is... bye, foot.

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