Season 3 Episode 5

Andre's Horrible Girl

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2012 on Nickelodeon
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Andre's friends are shocked how poorly his new girlfriend treats him and find out why he is dating her.

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  • Not Great but Good/O.K

    This episode was mediocre in terms of what I expect for a Victorious episode. However, I gave it a 7 because it was not a bad episode. I also gave it a 7 because the song at the end was good and original. Also, the plot wasn't that good.

  • It was by no means perfect but the episode was great to watch though

    I thought that this was a great episode of "Victorious". So far, this season has been the weakest but not like super weak though. Just a little weak and hopefully it picks up. I hope Dan Schneider isn't beginning to lose his touch because he sure made the 5th season of "iCarly" a disappointment. So hopefully, this season won't be like that and I hope it doesn't since I love this show. Anyways, I thought that this episode was great but it does have its flaws that lowered my score. For make it short, the flaws that I had with this episode was Andre's girlfriend being a completely rude and awful, some parts apparently getting dragged, and the return of Mrs. Lee (from the Season 1 episode "Wok Star"). The reason I didn't like her return was because you know that she is still mad at Tori for having her daughter dangling and I especially didn't like it when she told Tori "Oh don't worry, I will soon plan revenge". I really hope they DON'T make an episode where Mrs. Lee has her revenge on Tori and Jade because it wouldn't be good at all and I'm most likely to hate it if they do. I also didn't like a whole lot in this episode either. I laughed 3 times in the main plot. The subplot made me laugh 3 times as well so both plots gave me an equal share of laughs. The funniest part of this episode was when everything in that man's mansion was destroyed and Cat was about to get in trouble until an earthquake comes which saved the situation for Cat..... I thought it was both clever and hilarious. I also laughed hard when the earthquake knocked Andre's mean girlfriend in a coma and that's one of the laughs in the main plot by the way. So yeah, it could have been better but the episode is enjoyable enough to watch again. Overall, a great episode of "Victorious". 8/10moreless
  • Andre's Horrible Girl

    Not a series classic by any means, and not even a good song featured here tonight, but certainly a serviceable episode of the show and one that had me laughing throughout. Nearly anything Jade says these days has me laughing and Andre doing his best Kel impersonation throughout the episode certainly did not hurt.

    It was a little stupid, what with Trina ambushing a waitress and an earthquake saving the day, but it's a show on Nickelodeon and considering that I enjoyed it.moreless

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    • Jade: Did you know your mom's boss has an antique human skull in his room?
      Cat: Please put that back. I'm not supposed to touch anything here.
      Jade: Touching things is a part of life.
      Cat: But I'm pretty sure we're not supposed...
      Jade: Look, I'm touching Elvis' guitar. See? (imitates Elvis' voice) I'm Elvis Presley and I'm touching my guitar. That's right, baby. I touched the boss's skull and I'm touching my special guitar. (normal voice) See? I touched the guitar and nothing bad happened.
      (the guitar breaks off one of its support cords and swings through a window)
      Jade: That guitar was not properly hung.

    • Beck: When he gets up here, we'll just explain that... (an earthquake strikes)
      Robbie: What's happening?
      Jade: Earthquake!
      Cat: Earthquake!
      Beck: (grabs Cat) Okay! Everybody, duck! Cover your heads!

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